22 List of Exotic Animals That Start With E: Cool Pictures & Interesting Facts

ANIMALS THAT START WITH E – On this web page you’ll discover a list of incredible animals beginning with e, along with images and intriguing realities regarding each animal.

1. Eagle – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The eagle is a (generally) big sized predator significance that the eagle is one of the most leading predators in the sky. Eagles are most generally located in the North Hemisphere including Europe, Asia as well as North America. Eagles are additionally found on the African continent.

There are greater than 60 different types of eagle worldwide with just 2 of these eagle types being found in the USA and Canada. However, one of these eagle species is just one of one of the most common types of eagle, the bald eagle. Regardless of its name, the bald eagle has a full head of plumes yet their intense white colour makes the hairless eagle extremely distinct. The golden eagle is the only various other species of eagle found on the American continent.

The dimension of an eagle is dependent on the varieties of eagle. Eagles could vary in size from 40cm to over 1m in height. The wingspan of an eagle tends to go to least double the size of the eagle’s body. Eagles have feathers on completions of their wings which the eagles go up as well as down to assist them when flying.

Eagles are leading killers and are referred to as predators. Eagles feed off smaller sized birds and bats overhead and also small animals and also fish on the ground. The eagle is well known for its incredible eyesight. An eagle’s eyesight is so good that an eagle can obviously see a mouse on the ground when the eagle is still high in the sky.

2. Earthworm – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

Earthworms are long, tubular invertebrates (animals without backbones). Their bodies are covered in bristles that anchor into the planet as the body contracts and presses, enabling the worm to relocate with the soil.

Earthworms don’t have lungs (they ‘take a breath’ via their skin) or eyes (they have light-sensing cells in their skin).

An earthworm is both male and women, and lots of earthworm types don’t require 2 parents in order to create spawn.

3. Earwig – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The earwig is a little sized insect that is located in a selection of habitats all over the world. There are nearly 2,000 different species of earwig that are located throughout the American, Australian as well as Eurasian continents.

The earwig has a little body dimension, that is split right into three parts in a similar means to various other insect types. The earwig has sharp pincers on its abdomen and also huge wings that normally continue to be concealed against the body of the earwig. Although earwigs have the ability to fly, they often do not.

Earwigs are nocturnal animals that usually conceal in little, wet gaps throughout the day, and are active at night. Damages to foliage, flowers, as well as various plants are generally condemned on earwigs but they also eat specific insects that damage them.

The earwig is an omnivorous animal meaning that earwigs will certainly consume practically anything they could locate. Earwigs invest most of their time eating a wide range of other bugs and plants including blossoms, fruits as well as leaves.

4. Eastern Coral Snake – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The eastern coral snake is a poisonous serpent found in the southeastern United States. On its body is a pattern of vast red as well as black rings that are divided by narrow yellow rings.

The poison of the eastern coral snake contains neurotoxins that influence nerve cells. Because of the serpent’s fairly small dimension (up to 1.2 m/ 4 ft.) as well as the relatively percentage of poison injected per bite, attacks are hardly ever deadly. Nonetheless, this types should be treated with care.

5. Eastern Gorilla – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: gorillas-world.com

The eastern gorilla is just one of 2 gorilla sub-groups discovered roaming in the jungles on the African continent (the other being the western gorilla). The eastern gorilla is less usual than the western gorilla and also is also the biggest primate on the planet.

The eastern gorilla is discovered occupying the tropical forests and woodlands of parts of eastern as well as central Africa, in addition to lowland swamps and also second woodlands. The eastern gorilla is located in the trees in throughout the countries of Rwanda, Uganda as well as eastern Congo.

There are considered to be 2 separate sub-species of eastern gorilla which are the eastern lowland gorilla and also the mountain gorilla. Although only a little various in look, both eastern gorilla types vary in their numbers with the hill gorilla being rarer in the wild today than the eastern lowland gorilla.

The eastern gorilla is an omnivorous animal, but the majority of its diet regimen is comprised of consuming fruit which the eastern gorilla is known to take a trip substantial distances with the woodlands to discover. The eastern gorilla also eats leaves, nuts and also berries, in addition to bugs as well as occasionally small animals such as reptiles as well as rodents. The eastern gorilla has likewise been observed using standard tools in the wild in order to better gather food.

6. Echidna – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

Echidnas are known better as spiny anteaters, although they are not related to them, besides that both anteaters and echidnas eat ants as well as termites. The echidna is located partially of New Guinea and also Australia.

The echidna has a long tongue around 18cm lengthy that can whip in and also out of its mouth at incredible rates. This aids the echidna to forage for ants an termites.

The echidna was named after a monster in Greek folklore! The echidna could dig unbelievably well because of its lengthy claws, suggesting that echidna have the ability to escape threat by excavating straight down.

The echidna is a small creature and the echidna has a long nose that serves as both the mouth and nose of the echidna. The echidna has no teeth and the echidna feeds by tearing soft logs apart and then utilizing its long, sticky tongue to eat the ants as well as termites that inhabit the log.

The echidna is an extremely unique mammal as well as, along with the platypus, the echidna is the only other egg-laying creature in the world. The echidna lays eggs that have a soft covering and also are kept in the pouch of the women echidna till the eggs hatch in a number of weeks. The young echidna continues to be in the bag of the female echidna for around 50 weeks, when the child echidna has actually grown spikes. The mother echidna after that moves the young echidna to a baby room burrow as well as returns every few days to feed the infant till it is around 7 months old.

7. Edible Frog – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The Edible Frog is a species of Frog located across Europe that is also known as the Typical Water Frog and theS Eco-friendly Frog. The Edible Frog is a fertile crossbreed of 2 other European Frogs, the Swimming pool Frog as well as the Marsh Frog, that bred when populaces where isolated near to each other during the glacial period.

The scientific name of the Edible Frog implies both “mud” as well as “guardian” as they are known to never stray far from water, nearly securing the muddy financial institutions. It wased initially defined in 1758 and also has adopted its name as the “edible” Frog as a result of that they are now considereded as a culinary delicacy in France, especially the legs.

The Edible Frog is a tool sized Frog expanding to around 9cm in length. Ladies tend to be larger than males as well as have actually been understood to obtain approximately 12 centimeters long. Adult Edible Frogs are primarily environment-friendly in colour with light patches of brown on their backs, yellow eyes as well as a white underside, covered in a couple of dark places.

There are number of unique differences between males as well as ladies consisting of that men become much lighter (and also greener) throughout the mating season. Male Edible Frogs additionally have singing cavities on the outside of their cheeks as well as additional skin patches on their feet, both of which are largely for breeding.

The Edible Frog is located throughout central Europe and as much north as Germany and Estonia. Southern populations of the Edible Frog are discovered from Croatia, with north Italy and also right into the south of France. There are likewise separated populaces in Sweden and Bulgaria which are believed to have actually migrated from the countries close by.

Edible Frogs invest every one of their time either in or extremely near to water and are most generally discovered in calmer components of rivers and also streams, where there is a slow yet consistent circulation of fresh water. They are claimed to like even more open areas and also can additionally be frequently spotted around lakes, fish ponds and marshes.

8. Eel – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: ScienceNews.org

Eels are fish in the order Anguilliformes. Eels are long and also snake-like. Fins leave a lot of the size of the upper and also reduced sides of their bodies.

Eels thrust themselves through the water by moving their bodies in waves. They can also swim in reverse in this manner. Most eels are located in the sea, yet some stay in freshwater as well as just return to the ocean to generate.

9. Eider (Common) – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

Eiders are big sea ducks located in north Europe, The United States and Canada as well as Siberia. They breed in the Arctic. Eiders have thick down feathers that form a cozy insulating layer against the cold. The women plucks her own to make a lining for her nest. Eiderdown is also used by humans to make bedding and clothing.

10. Eland (Common) – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The common eland is a types of antelope discovered in southerly and also eastern Africa. It is discovered in meadow and savanna habitats.

The usual eland is the 2nd biggest antelope, the biggest being the gigantic eland Taurotragus derbianus. Both elands have long, spiraled horns.

11. Electric Eel – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: sciencemag.org

Electric Eels are located in the waters of South The U.S.A., as well as can generating a 500volt electric shock through 28ft of still water. The shock that the electric eel generates suffices to hurt any huge animal, including humans.

Electric eels could grow up to 2.5 metres as well as only need to emerge for air every 10 mins due to the eels intricate blood circulation system. Electric eels have the tendency to reside in muddy beds in tranquil water, eating fish and little creatures.

Despite the name electrical eel, the electrical eel is actually relevant most very closely to a catfish and also not the common eel fish and also lots of electrical eel adults have the tendency to be smaller compared to their eel fish counterparts.

The electrical energy that the electrical eel makes use of to shock its victim, is created in sets of organs that are located in the abdomen of the electric eel. These electrical power producing body organs take up around of 80% of the body of the electric eel leaving only 20% of the electrical eels body totally free to hold the electric eels crucial organs that it has to make it through.

12. Eleonora’s Falcon – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pinterest.ca

Eleonora’s falcon is a mid-sized raptor (predator). Like all falcons, it is a fast as well as active leaflet that takes its prey in the air. Eleonora’s falcon is found on the shores of southerly Europe in the summertime. It wintertimes in Africa.

13. Elephant – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

No list of animals that start with e would be full without the elephant. There are three types of elephant. From largest to smallest they are the African bush elephant, the Eastern elephant, and also the African forest elephant. The African bush elephant is the world’s largest land animal.

The African bush elephant’s conservation standing is Prone, and the Asian elephant is jeopardized. (The African woodland elephant has not yet been assessed.).

Elephant Foot Facts

  • The foot of an elephant has 5 toes that are hidden in the flesh of their feet, with not all the toes of an elephant having nails.
  • The foot of an elephant is created in such a way that when elephants walk, they are effectively strolling on idea toe.
  • The beneath of elephants feet is composed of challenging and cellulite that acts a shock absorber so that elephants can stroll extra quietly.
  • The elephant utilizes its enormous feet in which to gather small amounts of water and to collect origins out of the tough ground.
  • The foot of an elephant has to do with half the size of its shoulder, so researchers are able to tell the dimension of the elephant by looking at the footprint.

Elephant Teeth Facts

  • Elephants have 26 teeth in total which includes 24 molars in the mouth of the elephant and also the elephant’s tusks which are in fact 2 incisors.
  • The molars in the mouth of the elephant change themselves 6 times throughout their lives with the brand-new molars being larger than the old ones.
  • The changing molars in the mouth of the elephant push the old molars ahead to allow the new molars expand at the rear of the elephant’s mouth.
  • The elephant utilizes its tusks for digging, tearing bark from trees and also foraging, as their tusks are essentially no various from typical teeth.
  • The teeth of the elephant are made from ivory, a solid compound that people seem to have a lust for, yet it has actually suggested that many elephants have been killed for their teeth alone.

14. Elephant Shrew – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: ZooChat.com

The elephant shrew is a small-sized animal that is found exclusively in Africa. The elephant shrew is likewise referred to as the leaping shrew, as elephant shrews could jump like bunnies using their lengthy back legs.

Elephant shrews could be located inhabiting forests, forests, grasslands and also dense timberland all throughout Africa. There are nearly 20 different species of elephant shrew, all which differ in both colour and also size.

Elephant shrews are referred to as insectivores as they survive on a diet plan that is solely consisted of pests. Regardless of their name and comparable look, elephant shrews are not believed to be directly related to their shrew relatives in various other parts of the globe.

Elephant shrews are very energetic animals and are always out searching for food during the day. Due to the diurnal lifestyle of the elephant shrew, it has learned to live it’s life in one of the most successful ways feasible. Elephant shrews are really cautious as well as well masked animals, and also are able to flee from threat extremely rapidly.

15. Elk – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The elk is the 2nd largest types of deer worldwide, although the sambar, which is discovered in Asia, can get to comparable sizes. (The largest varieties of deer is the moose.) The elk has several subspecies, and is located in North America and Eastern Asia.

16. Emperor Penguin – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin. It is discovered in Antarctica. The emperor penguin makes up for not being able to fly by being the globe’s inmost diving bird. It is also the only types to reproduce throughout the Antarctic winter season. The male solitarily incubates the egg for two bitterly cold months.

17. Emu – Animals That Start With E

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Image source: pixabay.com

The emu is a big flightless bird found just in Australia. It is the globe’s second biggest kind of bird after the ostrich. The emu is found in a selection of habitats, most often in woodlands and also timberlands. The emu eats plants and pests.

18. Eurasian Beaver – Animal That Start With E

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Image source: naturfoto.cz

The Eurasian beaver is the largest rodent found in Eurasia (the landmass that consists of Europe and also Asia). It is a little larger compared to its North American counterpart.

The dams made by the Eurasian beaver create environments that sustain a wide variety of various other varieties.

19. Eurasian Red Squirrel – Animal That Start With E

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Image source: animalsbirds.com

Likewise known as the red squirrel, the Eurasian red squirrel is a mid-sized rodent located throughout Eurasia. Its fur is chestnut-red, and also it has distinct tufted ears.

The intro of the grey squirrel from North America into some locations of Europe (notably the UK) has brought about the red squirrel’s decline in those regions.

20. Eurasian Wolf – Animal That Start With E

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Image source: canislupus101.blogspot.com

The Eurasian wolf is just one of the 37 identified subspecies (kinds) of gray wolf. All 37 subspecies are basically the exact same animal; the Eurasian wolf can have pups with any of the various other grey wolf subspecies.

The Eurasian wolf is among the largest wolf subspecies, as well as the biggest sort of wolf discovered outside of the Americas.

21. European Common Frog – Animal That Start With E

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Image source:

The European common frog, additionally called the common frog, is discovered throughout Europe. An amphibian, it invests the very first component of its life in the water before creating lungs as well as limbs and also becoming able to travel ashore. The European common frog is a mid-sized frog with a body size of 6 to 9 cm (2.4 to 3.5 in.).

22. European Yard Snake – Animal That Start With E

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Image source:

The European turf serpent is a non-venomous serpent discovered throughout much of Europe. It is a strong swimmer and frequently discovered near water. It preys generally on amphibians.


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