11 Fun Projects for Your Outdoor Shed

Do you have a run-down shed in your backyard that you’re unsure what to do with? Sheds were traditionally designed to store garden tools and lawn equipment. However, you may not need the shed for the added storage if you also have a garage or basement. The great thing about outdoor sheds is that they can give you more liveable space. Check out these fun projects.

Home Office

Move your home office to a more remote, quiet location with an outdoor shed. If your home shed has power and heat, you can move your computer and work equipment to it. You won’t have to worry about loud kids or barking dogs getting in the way of important meetings. You can also use the extra space to store physical products if your business requires it.

Craft Room

If you’re crafty, you may enjoy your own craft room. A shed is the perfect place to store your sewing or painting materials. Your own craft room may even inspire you to turn your hobby into a career. You can use your extra space to take professional photos of your craft items to sell online. Invest in shed door replacement to secure your business and design it creatively.

Kids Playroom

Clear up some free space in your home by designing an outdoor kid’s playroom. Declutter your home and move your kid’s toys and games to the shed. Older children will love the privacy of hanging out with their friends, but you’ll love that you always know where they are. Equip the room with video games or board games for your teenagers.

Home Gym

Fulfill your fitness goals with your own home gym. Equip your outdoor shed with a treadmill, body weights, and resistance bands. Put a few mirrors on the walls and hang a few speakers so your favorite playlists can motivate you. You could also use your home gym to accommodate unique fitness exercises, like a ballet barre or Peloton bike for cycling.

Photography Studio

Perfect your photography skills by building your own studio. Use the room to store your photography equipment or show off your paintings. Create a photogenic backdrop and use it to capture other’s family photos without ever having to leave your home. A photography shed is also perfect for storing your favorite photographs.

Yoga or Meditation Studio

Clear your mind and expand your meditation skills by designing your own yoga or meditation studio. Redesign the area with calm, neutral colors and create a sound system for relaxing tunes. Decorate the room using your favorite inspirational sayings or meditation tools. Don’t forget to stock up on relaxing pillows or blankets.

Gardening Center

Use your outdoor shed to store your gardening tools. You can also use the room to store plants you don’t want to bring indoors safely but aren’t yet ready to be planted. You may even turn the room into a greenhouse with heat lamps encouraging plant growth.

Reading Room

Turn your outdoor shed into your own personal reading room. Line the walls with bookshelves and fill them with your favorite books, plus the ones you want to read. Don’t forget about a large, cozy chair and plenty of natural light for reading.

Sports Den

Get as loud as you want while watching your favorite sports in your own den. Install a large-screen TV with surround sound speakers. Don’t forget about a couch or chair where you can relax and take in the game. A mini fridge is also perfect for keeping your beverages cool.

Entertaining Space

Keep the house clean and tidy by designing an outdoor entertaining space. Host parties or game nights with friends in your outdoor shed. Decorate the area with a TV, snack counter, and all your favorite games. Make sure you have plenty of seating for all your guests.

Guest Room

Easily handle last-minute guests by turning your outdoor shed into a guest room. Your friends and family will love staying in their own private suite. Add a comfortable bed and a relaxing couch or chair for them to unwind. If possible, run water for a small bathroom or kitchen. If you can make the shed fully liveable, you could even turn it into a vacation rental to earn money.

Don’t let your outdoor shed go to waste. Clean it up, add a new shed door, and then redesign the area to serve a better purpose. Outdoor sheds offer additional space where you can entertain or expand your business. Children also enjoy the added privacy of an outdoor shed, where they can have their own room to play or entertain.

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