5 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Backyard for Your Family with 3D Exterior Rendering Services

A backyard is a sacred space. Whether spacious or tiny, it’s a family’s private little haven. And if it’s not yet your haven, why not turn it into one? Don’t worry if you’re not a gardener or don’t have the creative skills of a landscape artist, you can avail yourself of exterior 3D renderings service to create a beautiful backyard that you and your family will love.

You don’t need to escape the city on weekends to enjoy the great outdoors; you can use 3D exterior rendering services to create your own little piece of natural beauty and tranquillity.

What are 3D exterior rendering services?

Exterior rendering services are the provision of computer-generated images in 3D of the external environment and objects in it like houses, office buildings, gardens, and entire suburbs. The images portray the outside of buildings and the environment they are in, in stunning realism.

Architects, designers, and landscape artists create 3D exterior renderings to help their clients visualize the final project. Now, with 3D exterior visualization services, you will be amazed by what the designer can show you. You will be able to experience your new backyard before it is built.

Here are some tips for creating the backyard of your dreams with 3D exterior rendering.

1. Know your site

A professional working at a 3D exterior rendering company is not a botanist and won’t be able to tell you what plants will work in your space. Go prepared to the designer. Know the quality of your soil, the amount of rain you get, and when and where sunlight hits the garden. Once you have analyzed your site, choose plants that will thrive in the space.

2. Choose a professional 3D exterior rendering company to work with

Professionals who develop 3D exterior renderings must be highly skilled in design, and the latest rendering technology. They should be trained in computer-aided design, and 3D modelling and should be able to produce detailed exterior visualizations.

Choose a 3D exterior rendering company that produces 3D renders that are virtually indistinguishable from professional photographs.

3. Visualize the function of your space

The beauty of 3D rendering is that the software allows you to see your vision in real life. Do you want to create a cozy spot to have afternoon tea and drinks in the evening, or a patio complete with a table and chairs for extended family meals?

Whatever you have in mind, 3D exterior visualization services have access to 3D rendering software that has an extensive object, material, and vegetation libraries to bring your ideal backyard to life.  The software allows the designer to:

  • Populate your garden with trees, shrubs, grass, flower beds, and groundcovers
  • Import garden furniture and other garden features from the object library
  • Add a pool, deck, barbeque, or patio
  • Create an outdoor kitchen

To save time, the designer can simply drag and drop any of these elements into the design. If the client is not happy with something, it can easily be changed on the fly, avoiding costly mistakes.

4. Make full use of the 3D rendering software to create a stunning garden

The 3D rendering software that 3D exterior rendering services use have extensive vegetation libraries that will have the plants you have chosen for your garden, and suggestions for similar plants. The software makes it easy for designers to import or remove any tree, shrub, a patch of grass, wall, paving or any other element, so clients can see for themselves what works best.

But that’s not the best part. 3D exterior rendering software has a growth simulation tool that is magic. It shows how different plants grow over time – how tall they will get, how much space they will take up in a couple of years, and how they will affect the plants around them. This feature is invaluable for the long-term planning of a garden. In addition, the software will be able to show you exactly how your backyard garden will look in every season and weather condition.

5. Avoid expensive mistakes

The growth simulation tool plus the photorealistic 3D renderings are a powerful combination for the avoidance of expensive mistakes. 3D exterior design rendering services provide inspiring images of the planned garden. Anything that doesn’t look right can be changed in time before any trees or plants are removed unnecessarily. Use the 3D Exterior services to avoid disappointment and save time and money.

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