Let’s Get Cozy! 8 Fall Tips for Homeowners

The coziest time of year has arrived! You can do many things to ensure that you’re making the most of the fall season in your home, from preparing your home for the cooler weather with seasonal maintenance to redecorating your space with warm colors and lighting. If you’re looking to maximize the coziness in your home this fall, try these eight simple tips:

1. Clear Your Gutters

As those leaves start falling, your gutters will likely begin filling up, too. Clogs can cause a range of issues, including flooding in your basement. Clean your gutters to avoid dealing with potential water damage and other issues when the temperatures drop to keep your home fall-ready. 

2. Check Windows and Doors for Air Leaks

With the cold months of the year on their way, you will want to ensure your home can retain its heat as effectively as possible. Do this by checking your windows and doors for air leaks. You will want to seal any with weather stripping if you find any. This will not only keep you and your family warmer and cozier through the winter but also help reduce your utility bills.  

3. Get the Heater Ready

There’s always a period as summer transitions to fall when you’re not sure if it’s time to turn your home’s heating system on. Sometimes, a sweater and some thick socks will do the trick, but at some point, you will need more than warm clothes to stay cozy. 

When that time comes, you’ll want to ensure you’ve prepared your home to use your heating system. This preparation includes checking that your smoke and CO detectors are working, clearing your furnace or heater area of any dry or flammable items, and scheduling an inspection and tune-up for your home’s heating system.

4. Do a Deep Clean

It’s always a good idea to opt for a more extensive home cleanup every few months or so, and it can make the most sense to do so as the weather transitions. Not only can you prep your home for adding decorations, but a fresh start for a new season can make your home feel even more welcoming during the fall months.

5. Break Out the Autumnal Decorations

Once you’re confident that your house is protected and ready for fall weather, you can bring in some autumn fun by decorating for the fall season. Add fall staples to your home, like hardy mums, pumpkins, and gourds. You can also change your doormat, redecorate your mantel, and dress up your front steps with seasonal decorations.

6. Bring in Blankets and Pillows

One of the best ways to add an element of coziness to your home is by incorporating blankets and pillows in your living area. Swap out the thinner, lighter blankets you had over the summer season for thicker, warmer, and more comfortable fabrics.

7. Apply an Autumn Color Palette

The overall cozy feel of the fall season can be evoked more quickly if you’re surrounded by the shades and tones that most remind you of autumn. Transition your space from the vibrant colors of summer by going for more subdued and earthy reds, browns, oranges, and yellows, and your home will feel much more festive.

8. Incorporate Warm Lighting

Soft, warm light like a crackling fireplace can bring in that inviting fall appeal. You can add new lamps with different color options, change out the bulbs in your current lamps for those with warm color temperatures, or use candles throughout your living room or other spaces.

Candles offer both cozy lighting and the appeal of autumnal scents. The inviting smells of cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, and more can engage the senses, give you a feeling of warm nostalgia, and ensure your home is the coziest place to be all season long.

Make the Most of Your Fall Season With a Cozy Home 

Autumn is a special time of year, and having a cozy home to enjoy the season in can make your fall one to remember. Following these easy fall tips ensures your home is ready to welcome the cooler months.

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