Ideas to Decorate your Bathroom Precisely for a Brighter Look

As the smallest room in any home, the bathroom also seems to be the darkest and dreariest space in any house or apartment. The bathroom may be built small, but it does not need to look that way. With a few easy decorating hacks, your space may look bigger and brighter. The key is to use light of all possible sorts, whether from a window or a lighted LED mirror, to create a brighter look in a room where light is often limited. These ideas to decorate your bathroom will take the room from drab to fab.

Wisely use daylight through bathroom window

No matter the size of your bathroom window, it is an optimal source for light to stream through into your space. All windows are not built the same, but no matter what style of window you have, it can be optimized for maximum brightness.

Right Placement


Choosing the placement of your window has most likely been done for you, but if you are building a home or are touring new places to rent or buy, take note of what side of the house the bathroom windows are on and what direction they face. Windows on the east side of the house will see a stream of light as the sun rises and windows on the west will get natural light as the sun sets. Having sun shine directly into your bathroom at some point during the day will add an extra dimension of brightness.

Frosted glass for privacy

frosted glass privacy bathroom

If your bathroom looks right into a neighbor’s home or out into your yard, privacy is key. Instead of shuttering your window or adding in a curtain to close off the window and, in turn, darken the space, simply use frosted glass window instead. Frosted glass will block anyone from seeing into your window without blocking the light from entering.

Perfect nighttime lighting

nighttime bathroom lighting

Unfortunately, the sun cannot shine all day. Make sure you are compensating at nighttime with overhead, recessed lighting and a lighted LED mirror to provide additional illumination once the sun sets for the evening.

Frosted glass shower enclosure for brighter look

glass shower ideas

Having a shower curtain in your bathroom, no matter what color curtain you have, is like adding a room divider to chop your space in half. Especially if your window is attached to the wall of your shower area, having a shower curtain will either block light from entering your room or create clutter when the curtain is bunched up and pulled to one side. To keep your bathroom bright and neat, install a frosted glass shower door in place of a curtain to add structure and allow light to reflect throughout the bathroom whether the shower is being used or not.

Bright-colored bathroom flooring and walls

bright-colored for beautiful bathroom color

The color of your bathroom is a make or break factor when it comes to brightening your space. Avoiding dark colors in your bathroom whenever possible; and always make use of light colors on the wall to brightening up your bathroom space. Whether you are painting the walls or retailing the tub, you want to select colors that are light and airy. Pale blues, light greys and bright shades of white will give the illusion that the room is bigger and brighter than it really is. If you are looking to select a wallpaper, it’s important to skip detailed designs. Patterns of all kinds will create a busy look that will make the bathroom look smaller, darker and more cramped.

Vanity LED Mirror for a brighter reflection

Mirrors are a critical design piece for making spaces appear larger than they are. Adding a vanity LED mirror into your space will not only expand the impression your bathroom, but also provide additional light to the room.

Vanity Mirrors

vanity mirrors with lighting

An LED wall mirror comes in countless shapes and sizes and it’s important to choose one that fits your space. The size of your bathroom will impact the design you can choose. Space for a vanity just above the sink is the opportune space for a small circular mirror with LED light frame or a rectangular vanity mirror with LED lighting built into the vanity frame.

Wall Mirrors

wall bathroom mirrors ideas

With a large wall space, your options expand for an LED wall mirror. A mirror that spans the length of the wall will instantly enlarge the size of the bathroom and make it appear more spacious. The bigger the mirror, the more space there will be for built-in LED lighting which will add additional brightness to the space. Select a mirror that is as large as possible to fill any empty wall space for maximum lighting.

Lighting style

vanity mirrors with simple lighting

The LED light settings in your vanity mirror should be an important factor when making your selection. White and yellow lighting will impact brightness and how you see yourself. Select a mirror that allows you to toggle between the two. Choose a mirror that has dimming ability so that you are given the light you are looking for whenever you need it. Bright lights will help you get a close shave or detailed makeup look and dim lights allow you to see how you’ll look in a darker space for a night out.

Glass shelves for having storage space with brightness

bathroom glass shelves

A brightly painted space, open windows and a vanity LED mirror are not the only options for brightening your bathroom. The storage you have in your bathroom will be a big factor in how bright of a look you create. The see-through nature of glass allows light to shine through and avoids shelving and cabinetry that is dark or looks cluttered. Mount glass shelves above your toilet or on other free wall space to stack towels or products you cannot fit anywhere else. Add a rod under a glass shelf to maximize space by hanging your hand towels right underneath soaps and lotions. Simplicity is key for creating a cleaner, brighter space. The more products that can be stored in a cabinet under the sink or in a hall closet the more open area you will have in your bathroom for the light to shine.

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