Awesome and Brilliant Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Tires Using DIY Projects

If you own a car then chances are that you have enough old tires that are spoiling the decor of your home. Although, it is a dilemma as to where to put these tires, we have curated special steps using which you can easily reuse around the house and put these into good use.

There are numerous ways in which you can easily use these old tires for your furniture restoration ideas and projects. For instance, these can be used for creating chairs, dog bed, swings, etc.

How the best furniture restoration ideas can work wonders for your benefit?


recycle old tires


It is often observed that old tires are often discarded or left to gather dust in the corner of the garage. Although, these cannot be used for planting edible plants as these may release toxins into the plants. However, the same can be effectively used in the form of a recycle furniture project. So, irrespective of the fact that you have one or more tires then you can repurpose these to get the right interior or exterior decor projects.

Outdoor furniture restoration ideas using tires

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  • Tire climber

The best idea to create furniture restore ideas for your kids is by recycling the old tires into the climbers and then paint these in exciting shades before you opt to stack these up to create an outdoor play area.

We suggest that you bolt these all together to make a safe and secure play area. This is an entirely cost-effective solution that can be used to create a fun and exciting play area for the young kids.

  • Easy furniture restoration ideas

Instead of leaving the garden hose out at night and causing the same to be damaged, we suggest that you use the furniture restoration ideas using the tires to create your own affordable caddy.

You need to simply coil the hose inside the half-cut tire. To make the same seem neat and clean, paint the tire in the shade that matches with the garden shed. As a result, you can camouflage these and hide these away from the ground.

  • The planters for balcony

There are numerous furniture restoration ideas and one of the prime ones is the use of the tires to hold your flowers. However, you may need professional services to get the desired results. Similarly, you can use many tires to create a hanging decor idea that can be placed on outdoor space, porch and even garden to get the best results.

Using tires, ribbons, etc. you can create stylish and functional outcomes for your home.

  • The obstacle courses

Put your tires to good use by bringing the best furniture restoration ideas. You can opt to use these ideas to create an obstacle course using recycle furniture. This helps you to get the best results for your kids. You can opt to paint these tires before affixing the same on the open space.

Indoor DIY furniture restoration ideas

old tires


  • Rustic ottoman

Are you interested in making actual furniture restoration ideas using old tires then you can opt for creating the Ottoman made from the rope? You will need a round board of the same to create the top. Then the same can be covered using the rope to cover the entire stuff up. This makes a beautifully rustic decor idea that is perfect for use both inside and outside the home.

  • Horse swing

Instead of looking high and low for newer or expensive furniture restore ideas, you can instead use tires to create beautiful swings that your kids will love.

Use old tires and few accessories to create a horse swing. This idea takes much less time and money. So, create a pattern, cut the tire and use the same to create a mane and then hang using the ropes.

  • An old table

Using an old table, rope and few dowels for legs, you can easily create furniture restore ideas. You can easily cut the plywood in round shape and fit the same on top and bottom and then use dowels to create a perfect table. Then you can paint the rope to make the same more colorful and rustic decor.

The other expensive furniture restores ideas

diy old tires recycle


  • Garden pond

If you have always wanted a garden pond, then using the special kits may burn a hole in your pocket. A simple way is to use old tires and similar products to create the perfect pond.

Aside from the tire, you need to have garden foil, aluminum foil, gravel and pebbles. You will similarly need sand and plants that can be bought online or from local gardening store

  • Sand Box

You can opt this design to thrill the kids. They can work best if you have tractor tires as these are larger than the regular ones. Simply paint these and then add sand to them. This becomes the perfect place for your child to play and is one of the easiest furniture restoration ideas that can be made from the tires.

  • Stool chair

Using old tire, add little paint and cushions, you can create the perfect stool recycle furniture on a budget. You simply need to create a cushion center and then use the same to use as a sitting area for kids and friends. Use round plywood board to handle the cushioning area. Use multiple colors to brighten up your outdoor seating area and make the same appear more organized and efficient.

  • Creating a trug

A trug is a garden basket that is extremely easy to create using old tires and you only need a little piece of rubber to make these from leftover projects. Use water and soil as the same does not impact the rubber and makes it a durable and aesthetically pleasing design. What is more, it is easy to make and takes merely a couple of hours to do the job.


You can opt to use these ideas and create a new home decor idea that catches the fancy of all present. Thus, you can achieve the desired results on a shoestring budget itself.

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