How To Choose A New Wardrobe for Your Bedroom?

Feeling overwhelmed by the task of picking a wardrobe for your bedroom? Fear not! In this guide, we will dispel all your doubts and provide you with valuable information on selecting the perfect bedroom wardrobe. Check some tips that will simplify the process and enable you to make a good decision. 

Understanding your storage needs

The first and most important thing to consider when buying a new wardrobe is your storage needs (look into the old wardrobe and check what is missing). A built-in wardrobe takes up less space in a bedroom than any freestanding wardrobe but offers more (almost like storage facilities). It’s astonishing how much space you’ll have for your stuff.

Explore different wardrobe options. Consider factors such as the amount of clothing (however, don’t base your decisions on his wardrobe), accessories, and personal items to determine the size and configuration of the fitted wardrobe.

When assessing your closet storage needs, consider the following questions

Do you need more space to store large things, small compartments for small accessories, or space to hang your clothes? How many items do you have that you rarely take out of your closet, so they can be stored in less accessible places? The answers to these questions will help you define what you are looking for.

Assess available space for a new piece of furniture

Start by carefully measuring the space you allocate for the wardrobe. Try to use a free wall, or a recess in it. When planning space for your wardrobe, consider things like:

  • hard-to-develop places in the room that can be covered with a wardrobe (diagonal walls, corners),
  • the method of opening the door and its type (doors and wardrobes should match each other).

Look for fitted wardrobe solutions that offer customization options. Consider features like adjustable shelves, hanging rails, shoe racks (have you changed her wardrobe to have more space for shoes she has?), drawers, or maybe a built-in mirror tailored to suit your specific needs.

Arrange the wardrobe yourself in terms of all dimensions: height, depth, and length, as well as the number of components. Personalize your wardrobe (or her wardrobe if you plan to buy a wardrobe for your woman) which suits you. It is good to choose wardrobes for the bedroom in neutral colors, which harmonize with other equipment.

Fitted wardrobes are pricier than their freestanding alternatives. However, this means you can pick your style and that complements perfectly your bedroom decor. Think about what style you feel best.

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