How To Incorporate Your Personality Into Your New Home

It can be quite a stressful time to move into a new home. Whether you have bought a new home or are renting, you will have a lot on your mind. A big part of this involves packing up your goods and unpacking in the new home.

This gives you a chance to change up the design and layout of the things you own, and could allow you to showcase more of your personality. This article will explain just how you can incorporate your personality into your new home, so continue reading to get started.

Purchase Characteristic Furniture

One of the first things that you should do when moving into a new home is address the furniture situation. If you are renting, then the place you’re moving into may be partially furnished, and if you’re buying, you will need to supply more of this furniture yourself.

It will also be possible that you already have some furniture from your previous home or something that you’ve collected over the years. While this will be helpful for moving in and setting up your new home, it could be a fun time to start fresh with your furniture.

Instead, you could look to purchase some characteristic furniture that can show off more of your personality. This could be a leather sofa, a jazzy rug or something simple that suits your needs and is of your favourite colour. Find something that stands out to you and run with it.

Add Artwork

A great way to incorporate your personality into a new home is to find some artwork that resonates with you. Artwork doesn’t just mean traditional abstract paintings on your walls. It could mean displaying some art pieces on shelves and tables, or even things like sculptures.

There are a few benefits of having wall art d├ęcor in your home. For example, it’s a great way to add a splash of colour into your home without going overboard with it. This allows you to add colour without overshadowing a room’s main colour scheme.

These art pieces can also bring more of an atmosphere into your home. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with the desired effect, you could go for something bold or moody. Of course, you can also go for classic abstract pieces or even reproductions of famous pieces.

Overall, the main purpose of adding artwork into your home is to try and express your personality in a more unique way. Every home you enter will likely have different artwork on display for this exact reason, as everyone has different taste and a different personality.

Use Personalised Materials

One of the more effective ways in which you can showcase your personality after you’ve moved into a new home is to use personalised materials. There will be a few different ways to do this, and it’s possible you may already have some personalised materials. They could be personalised pillows showing your family and pets, or just displaying your family pictures around the place in general.

There will also be goods and products you can purchase personalised. Commonly, these may come in the shape of personalised glasses or wine bottles. You could have this put away for when you want them out, or you could have them on display at all times.

Something that could be personal to you could have come from travelling. It could be some travelling you did alone or a family trip of some kind. It will be nice for you to display these pieces around your new home to show them off and add some of your personality to the new home.

If you have a bookcase or a display cabinet, you could utilise them by putting up a photo album on display. These travel photo books can be purchased from places such as Photobox, allowing you to choose the photos you want in the album and choose the design of the cover that suits you. Of course, you will then be able to personalise it to your own specifications, allowing you to create the perfect travel album ready for your new home.

Decorate With Your Favourite Colour

You can showcase your personality and character more by using your favourite colour during the decoration stage. This doesn’t just mean painting the walls or changing up the flooring, it could mean using throws for your furniture that are your favourite colours or using your favourite colour for your furniture needs.

You don’t want to overdo this with your favourite colour, however. If you use this colour too much, it could ruin the effect you’re trying to go for and come off as garish. Sometimes less is more when it comes to using your favourite colour, and the desired effect could arrive much easier with minimal effort.

You should be able to find inspiration online when it comes to decorating with colour if you’re unsure on where to start. Once you understand more of the basics and how they could work, then it will be easier to get started.

Display Your Accomplishments

If you want to show off your personality more directly, you could consider displaying your accomplishments. This could include framing your degree or displaying trophies you’ve won throughout your life. This helps make your new house feel more like your home, as it’s got a direct link to your accomplishments.

If you don’t have anything that could be considered a traditional accomplishment, then consider making do with what you’ve got. If nothing else, this could help push you to chase down some dreams and gain some accomplishments. It doesn’t have to be life-changing, but you will be able to find something that you can achieve.

Decorate Using Your Favourite Things

All in all, it will be beneficial for you to use more of your favourite things when decorating. Moving into a big empty home can make you feel quite sad and disassociated with the building. This is why you should try to have a think about your hobbies and things you enjoy so that you can incorporate them into the design of your new home.

This could be something like using artwork or posters related to your favourite movie series, or even hanging up some sports memorabilia. Again, you can be minimal with your approach here or go louder with it.

Being minimal allows you to slowly incorporate some elements related to your hobbies or favourite things without it coming across as too much or even too obvious. This could mean that guests who visit you won’t even realise what it is that they’re looking at, to begin with. This gives you the satisfaction that you know what you’ve got going on in your home whilst still looking modern.

Of course, the alternative here is to be louder with it. This means being more obvious with your design, showcasing your favourite things without trying to hide it. This approach is a more confident and direct approach, but depending on the things you wish to decorate, this could be a more fun way to go about it. At the very least, this will put more of a stamp down on your personality.

Whatever approach you go for, you should experiment around with it. It’s very unlikely that you will be happy with the first approach you take to decorating your new home, so trying a few different designs and decorations will be the way to go about it.

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