How To Make A Cover for Home Furniture

There is no such thing as forever home furniture. After all, even the most expensive and exclusive sofa wears out daily during your free time. Also, do not forget that the negative factors can include pets and ideas. They, because of their interest in bright furniture, can damage it, thereby making it visually less appealing to both owners and guests. The ideal solution in this situation seems to be slipcovers for loveseats. Such products are not difficult to order in the United States. There are a large number of stores and specialists who will be happy to create a cover for the client, even with the most unusual requests. At the same time, the prices of premium quality slipcovers slightly discourage those homeowners who do not have the extra budget for such purchases. As a result, a handmade cover remains the only suitable option.

The algorithm of actions that you need to perform looks as follows:

  1. You choose the fabric. For practice, any old sheet will do, which in case of failure will not be sorry to throw away. If we talk about the material for the finished cover, it is best to consider velour, microfiber, cotton or flock. As practice shows, the fabric made of these materials will last longer than the owner, and its quality will surprise all your guests.
  2. Make sure you have all the materials you need to create the cover. We are talking about fabric, sewing machine, scissors, needles, marking tools, etc.
  3. Take measurements. If you have a sofa without handles, this procedure is done in just a few seconds. It is desirable to put the measurements in a notebook, so that later you do not forget about them. Also, professionals leave 20 centimeters extra, which are used for overlapping.
  4. Cut the fabric according to the given dimensions. This is the stage where you need a practice sheet, allowing you, if anything, to work on your mistakes.
  5. Sew it with a sewing machine. If everything is done correctly, then after this step you will have a ready-made cover that you can start using.

If you can figure out all the nuances, then you can make new covers on a regular basis. After all, the couch is not the only home furniture that needs protection from external factors. We are talking about chairs, chairs and so on. In general, if you understand the algorithm, it will take you no more than 2-3 hours to create one cover.

In what store can you buy a cover

Today, there are a huge number of stores that are engaged in the production of covers for home furniture. Not a bad option seems to be the brand Mamma Mia Covers. The company has been on the market for several years, and in that time it has understood exactly what the target audience needs. It has covers for all types of home furniture. Despite the premium quality of the covers, their price is relatively low. In any case, it is several times cheaper than new furniture, and therefore can save you money for a while. Moreover, such protective fabrics allow you to update the interior, adapting the sofa to the renovation of the room. It is not necessary to refuse such a purchase, as it will increase the life of the furniture.

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