How to Make Concrete Driveway Look Better & Do It Like a Pro

Modern, cheap, and stylish. You must incorporate these words into designing your driveways. You may think that your driveways do not need much decor since their sole purpose is to carry massive loads of vehicles. Aside from that, it carries you to your properties.

With that said, don’t you wish that as you drive the ordinary wheels, you could, for once, experience an extraordinary entrance! Whether you are installing a new concrete driveway or are dealing with concrete driveway resurfacing, this upgraded driveway will undoubtedly add style and value to your home.

No need for cameras and lights for your entourage! Have a seamless drive to your dream entrance with today’s article. Modern and stylish concrete driveway ideas, these, and more are coming ahead!

Types of Driveway Design

Designing a driveway is not a daedal job if you know what makes a good shape, frame, texture, and surface appeal. Here are the design principles you need to apply to your properties’ entrances.

Let’s get on to the details.

Popular Driveway Shapes

If this is your first time thinking about the design of a driveway, then knowing popular shapes often used in several properties is a good starting point.

  • Straight 

A straight driveway is probably the one that you got in your mind. Aside from it being a practical choice, it got practical benefits for you too. Flirt is the design. Linear shapes are easy to utilize. It easily fits and adapts to any form of environment.

Next is its practical to install. Having a linear outline, the installs will have nothing but pour on the concrete driveway mix, and voila! You are good to go.

But do not underestimate the linear-shaped driveway. Straight lines mean that they are clean, modern, and sleek. You will never get out of style with this driveway patten.

  • L-Shape

You probably have a straight entrance already. Now you might want to spruce it up by taking it a notch higher with how it looks. Consider an L-shaped driveway.

The fundamental consideration for having an L-shaped entranceway is when you have a narrow path leading to your properties, and the garage are4a is located on either its left-wing or right-wing.

Most of the space for this driveway design is reserved for the car parking spot. The rest of the path has enough space to concretize the surface and does not have enough landscaping.

For this shape, the best way to design the surface is with decorative concrete.

  • Circular

Circular driveways often take shape among massive hotel entrances. This caters to a constant flow of vehicles. The circular shape is also what you see among mall entrances and other commercial properties.

While taking the measurements with a circular shape is complex, it provides more space for design and material innovation.

You can play around with different materials. Combine brick pavers as a centerpiece on the driveway surface while seamless concrete surrounds it. Or have it the other way around.

The circular shape gives a curb appeal’s visual intricacies. If you got a massive driveway, design a circular-shaped entrance that can play with the visitors’ visual preferences.

The shape of driving in circles also gives a relaxing effect to the ones who drive.

Popular Driveway Material

There are two popular driveway materials—concrete driveway and paver stones. However, you will not need to compare these two. You can combine and innovate a design. If you got an existing concrete driveway, you can resurface it and add touches of paving materials.

Experts of driveway installation highly recommend a more practical concrete repair Denver driveway application with resurfacing. The method is better than replacement.

Also, you have previous concrete flooring for this part of your home’s exterior. What you can do is upgrade it with new material. Have a more cost-efficient option when you retore concrete outdoor floors with modern decorative concrete techniques.

To finish up your driveways, here are popular materials that will beautify the dream entrance you are planning to have:

  • Cobblestone Driveways
  • Brock Driveways
  • Brick Pavers
  • Slate Stone Pavers
  • Asphalt driveways
  • Textured – Gravel or Crushed Stone Driveways
  • Textured- Exposed Aggregate

Be familiar with those types of materials. You may combine two to three of them. The result will satisfy you if you get to choose the materials you have.

It’s a breeze to have several options. Ask your local driveway contractors if they can get you material. If not, then now you have the basic knowledge of each, so you can go to your construction market and seek those types.

Here are essential descriptions of each.

Concrete Driveways

With concrete, you can come up with multiple custom designs and use various decorative techniques and elements. When you think of concrete driveways, there are two popular options.

  • Stamped Concrete Driveways

Concrete stamping does not fit more perfectly than the driveways. You can innovate classic designs of stamped concrete. What is highly recommended for driveways are cobblestone patterns and bricks.

Medallion stamps are also exclusive for driveway surfaces. Nowadays, there are custom medallion or compass designs that you can stamp on your driveway floorings.

  • Stained Concrete Patterns

Concrete staining is not anymore for indoor floors alone. Nowadays, stained concrete is combined with heat resistant coating to make it stand outdoors.

Stained concrete driveways use acrylic floor coating. The acrylic helps the concrete finishing repel or resist heat. Acrylic expands under exposure to the sun.

Textured Concrete 

You can achieve textured finishes using concrete and other mixes of aggregate. The surface with this finishing results in distinct textures that add form and function to the driveway’s surface.

Have a closer look at each type of textured concrete:

  • Exposed Aggregate Finish

The exposed aggregate finish uses the comniantion of sand, gravel, pieces of stone, and shards of glass. In a way, you make the exposed aggr3eaget your eco-friendly choice.

If you got access to discarded glass shards from old construction projects, then you can add that to your driveway finishing.

  • Crushed Stoen or Gravel Texture Finish

Have you tried a white sandy vibe going to your driveways? If not, then use the gravel finish. This comes in finely textured stones that come out like sand. You can use this to coincide with a beachside theme in your properties. This design will also look fabulous for driveways in hotels bay the bay or beach resorts.

  • Cobblestone and Pebbled Finish

The final design to try in your driveways is the cobblestone finish. If you want to incorporate a classic look to your property’s entrance, these are the materials that you can use.

Cobblestone will look best on your circular driveways. Pebbles and cobbles stones have soft edges that you can put side by side and still come out seamless and polished looking.

These are the type of materials you can use if you want to make a seamless curve for a luxe-looking curb.

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