How to Motivate Yourself When Nothing Helps

Amid the recent years’ events, which result in such a sharp change in our lifestyle and uncertainty about the future, many people are experiencing a decrease in embracing their work and a lack of happiness. Moreover, symptoms of anxiety and depression have become more frequent.

Although the world is gradually adjusting to the new normal, and the dark times seem to recede into the past, the loss of motivation is still a hot issue. One of the most widespread reasons behind the lack of drive is fatigue and overwork — the problems we often fail to notice and detect early. If you don’t get enough sleep and physical activity, if you are always hooked to work and have not taken a vacation for a long time, you are sure to overwork badly. Lack of rest deprives our brains of critical thinking and prevents us from keeping things in perspective.

But thanks to mutual support and a desire to solve this problem, we have the power to change the situation and implement some ideas for increasing motivation outlined in this article.

how to motivate yourself when nothing helps


Absorb Every Little Piece of Positivity

Probably, it is worth starting with the fact that each of us should become a source of inspiration for ourselves. You need to try and notice something good about your body or personality every day. Give a smile to your reflection in the mirror, and let it be a daily ritual to kick off a cascade of good vibes. Pay attention to the beauty around you. Any little thing surrounding you can spark an interest and trigger a positive impulse in the brain, be it a cool e-book design, cute kitten, or funny song. Positive thinking will benefit the body processes (especially in the brain, which will help generate new ideas and desire to work).

Remove As Much Negative As Possible

Speaking of the positive, it is necessary to understand the following: If a person has great difficulty motivating themselves, their life is most likely overflowed with negativity. It will be smart to analyze all the actions and things that affect your mood. These can be books, magazines, TV programs, or whatever. If rooms stuffed with crap or dust on the shelves cause annoyance, you should do something to remove the nuisance.

Television is often the main source of bad news. In the best possible case, you should refrain from watching the news, or you can at least reduce viewing it. When choosing a book for reading, try to prefer something inspiring rather than overwhelming with fears, depression, or pain. Also, you can find some motivational slogans in books. Choose the best one and create pictures using a slogan maker design that will decorate your room and inspire you every day. Choose stories with a humorous twist if motivational psychology is not for you. The same goes for movies – it is better to avoid watching cruel and disturbing films and switch to comedies and pictures in which good triumphs over evil.

It is important to let plenty of laughter, joy, and vivid emotions into your life while trying to eliminate fear and anxiety.

Visualize Your Goals

The more often people are reminded of their goal, the more inspiration they source to move towards it, and the closer they get to success. Fill your space with motivational symbols. Print out pictures somehow related to your purpose, make posters with motivating messages to always see them in conspicuous places, and even install a spirit-stirring desktop wallpaper design for a better effect.

Take a Quantum Leap

If the above tips don’t work for you, there is another way out, although radical. If you cannot achieve the goal of losing motivation is important, it makes sense to “leave no escape for yourself”. Yes, it is easy to say, hard to do, but you still need to try and move forward.

This could mean dismissal from a job you don’t really like, ending an unhappy relationship, moving to a new place of residence, or, for instance, publicly declaring that you are quitting a bad habit. Such a drastic change allows you to create conditions that leave no other choice than to move towards your goal. This is an intentional challenge to your motivation because until you don’t burn your bridges, you feel, on the subconscious level, that it is possible to retreat.

Some difficulties interfering with your plans make you give up further actions toward your life purpose. Thus, it is important to leave yourself no opportunity to step back.

Final Word

Sometimes you cannot even start a task just because it seems too difficult and the steps to complete it seem incomprehensible. Do not be afraid to split the whole process into smaller tasks. Each step can be divided into a series of mini-actions, which will be much clearer to you. Focus on the idea that bad times always go away. Add a little effort, and soon, you will see yourself full of strength and energy to build your life.

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