How Your Reston, VA Home Can Foster Better Health

Most people want to lead a long and happy life. The pursuit of happiness is in the Declaration of Independence, after all. How we pursue that happiness is up to us. We can all probably agree that one of the keys to happiness is being in good health. Generally, if we feel good physically, it is a lot easier to be happy. 

But being healthy isn’t always easy. First of all, many people have different definitions of what health is. Also, life can get incredibly busy and make it difficult to prioritize wellness. For this reason, we need to take advantage of every opportunity we have to care for ourselves. 

Owning a home in Reston, Virginia is one of those opportunities. You may not realize it, but the house you live in and its condition can have a huge impact on both your physical and mental wellness. Let’s talk about some ways that your Reston, VA home can foster better health for yourself and/or your family. 

Natural Lighting

It is amazing how little things can impact our psyche so much. One aspect of a home that may seem insignificant but has a big impact on mental health is the availability of natural light. If you find yourself in your home in the middle of the day and relying on lamps or artificial lights to see, then you are doing something wrong. Sunlight can boost our mental state, so if your home is not letting enough of it in, then your health could suffer. There are many ways to maximize natural lighting in your home. You can use reflective surfaces like mirrors or glass to increase the reach of the light. Lighter-colored surfaces such as walls, carpets, and furniture can minimize light diffusion. For a more drastic step, you can always install larger windows or a skylight. 

Outdoor Living Space

Nothing beats fresh air and sunshine on our skin in terms of physical health. It is the reason why the end of winter is so exciting because we can spend more time outside. Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of sitting out in the yard. Then you need an outdoor living space. This “room” is like an extension of the interior spaces into the outdoors, forming a combination of the two. A great example is a screened-in porch. If you want it to feel more like the interiors, keep the screens down while you still enjoy the fresh air. If you are in a more outdoorsy mood, then you can have the screens up for more outdoor exposure. A great screen porch builder can get this type of project done the right way. 

Open Floor Plan

Part of health is being physically safe. Any parent of a young child will tell you that safety is a huge concern for toddlers who are learning how to crawl and walk. They always seem to be getting into places they shouldn’t, leading to dangerous situations. If you are forced to do other tasks while watching the kids, it can be hard to keep an eye on them when you have separate rooms downstairs. An open layout puts more of the house within your sightline so you can have a greater awareness of where those little ones are. That way, you could be doing dishes in the kitchen or vacuuming the dining room while still knowing what the kids are up to so they stay out of dangerous situations. If you have an interior wall that is not load-bearing, you might be able to knock it out for an open layout.

Home Gym

Obviously. Exercise is a major component of both physical and mental health. A sedentary lifestyle can quickly cause your health to deteriorate, so it is important to keep moving and engaging in physical activity. If you are not a fan of getting out of the house, or you find it hard to do so, then a home gym could be the solution. It does not have to be fancy to serve its purpose. A simple extra bedroom with some basic workout equipment like weights, a yoga mat, and a resistance band could be enough for some. If you have enough room, a treadmill, elliptical, or weight bench could be beneficial as well. Putting up a large mirror would allow you to observe your form for certain exercises.

Prioritize Your Health Right at Home

People spend more time at home than they ever have, largely due to the aftereffects of COVID-19. As a result, many people lost focus on their physical health. Fortunately, owning a home in Reston, VA means you can design the home to support your wellness. Increasing natural light, creating an outdoor living space, implementing an open floor plan, and designing a home gym are all options you have to make health a part of your home.

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