Key Areas in Your Kitchen That Are Worth Upgrading

In the UK, we spend on average 17 days a year in our kitchens. As such, having a kitchen that is not only nice to be in but also works around you is key. Here are a few things in your kitchen that may be worth upgrading if you are planning to change it up.


When it comes to appliances, these are likely to be the first thing on your list of upgrades as the goal is to make your life easier and help your kitchen run more smoothly.

One of the easiest upgrades is to replace your frying pans with newer models. If you have non-stick pans that are over 5 years old, the coating is likely damaged which can cause ingredients to stick to the pan and burn. As such, investing in new pans will look much better, as a matching set is always much more pleasing to the eye, and they will make cooking much faster.

You may also look to upgrade your refrigerator which can make your kitchen more comfortable and functional – but they can set you back a couple of thousand pounds. A new dishwasher could be a great investment to make your life easier as you will spend less time washing up by hand. If you do choose to upgrade this, opt for an energy-efficient model which will also help to keep your bills down.


While granite worktops used to be trendy 20 years ago, if you want to instantly feel like your kitchen has been upgraded, you may want to consider replacing them.

If you want a brighter look for your kitchen then white or light, neutral laminate worktops can be a great idea, but wooden worktops remain popular and add a rustic vibe to your home. Worktops are a great investment and will add value to your home if you look to sell it in the future.

If you rent your property, your landlord may not want you to change your space permanently. However, self-adhesive vinyl can be an amazing way to add some personality to your home that can easily be removed when you leave the property.

The layout

A smart layout will have your kitchen feeling like a totally new space. Not only does a well-considered layout make things easier for you when you are in the kitchen it can help you to make the most of your space – especially if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

You should ensure that all appliances and cabinets are fully accessible without doors and drawers crashing into one another. While it may take some time to configure this, it is worth it in the long run!


Cabinets are often the first things people see when they enter a kitchen, whether this is a prospective buyer, a friend or yourself! As such, upgrading your kitchen cabinets can be one of the most impactful elements.

You are unlikely to need to demolish the cabinets and start from scratch, so it may not be as big of a job as you think. You could look to paint the front or add some new stylish fixtures that you can easily purchase online or from a local homeware store. This can bring a whole new feel to your kitchen space and can be as simple or complex as you want to make it!

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