Know When Not to DIY: A Few Jobs You’ll Want to Hire a Contractor For

Maybe you’re good at fixing things around the house. If the door starts squeaking, you know exactly where to squirt the oil to make it stop. Or, maybe you can fix a broken fence board with quickness.

These are both great skills, however, they won’t help you with the bigger jobs that many home repair books convince you that you can do yourself. In fact, many homeowners waste a lot of time and money every year trying to perform home repair or remodeling work by themselves, with little to no skill whatsoever.

Bigger jobs require a bigger skillset. And, the people with these skills are known as residential contractors.

No matter your project, if it’s something that you don’t feel comfortable with getting into, hiring a contractor is your best bet. Residential contractors are skilled and have a contracting license. But if you’re seriously into doing your own home repairs, there’s nothing stopping you from getting your license in your state.

Here, we’ll explore a few jobs that are perfect for residential contractors to perform, and they won’t need a DIY book to do the job.

Bathroom Remodels

So, you’ve owned your home for a long time, maybe even more than a decade or two, and you’re just not happy with your bathroom. Maybe it’s too small for you or for your growing family. Or, maybe you just don’t like the flooring.

Regardless of the details of your remodel, a bathroom remodel has a lot of hidden elements that can be easily damaged if you begin a job and you don’t know what you’re doing.

Your bathrooms have plumbing, and if you’re switching out tubs, shower stalls, sinks, or even cabinetry and flooring, you’ll need to know how to facilitate a remodel while not damaging the plumbing work.

Residential contractors know the in’s and out’s of bathroom remodels, and they also know local plumbers to contact when they need to reroute any pipes or modify any hardware.

Home Additions

Any time you’re considering adding onto your home, this can be an exciting idea. Maybe you’ve been wanting an upstairs addition, a gameroom for the kids, or even a spare room for your in-laws whenever they come to visit.

No matter what the addition consists of, this can be a huge undertaking when you’re not familiar with construction or architecture.

Residential contractors understand how to safely build your addition. In addition to this, they also know the local laws and ordinances required for building home additions. A residential contractor will be able to acquire permits and will have a license to perform the tasks safely and efficiently.

Don’t keep your in-laws waiting. Have a residential contractor build your addition so everyone will be able to sleep soundly at night, even when you’re frustrated.

Pathways and Driveways

You might have seen your neighbor’s gorgeous pathway winding through the yard, connecting the backyard to the front porch enveloped by fragrant overhanging florals. Or, perhaps you have a driveway that’s become cracked or otherwise unsightly, or even unsafe.

Driveways and paths might seem like a simple building process is involved, but think again.

Driveways and paths take meticulous planning, and a working knowledge of how concrete and other pavement materials behave under various conditions. For this job, time is also a factor. You have to know how long it will take the material to set under certain conditions of ambient moisture.

Residential contractors who specialize in masonry and concrete work will know exactly how to plan out your path or driveway, and they will be able to execute the construction process with little difficulty.

So, instead of having a blob of unformed concrete in the middle of your yard, hire a professional residential contractor to take on the job, and get it done right the first time.


All in all, there are many jobs you can still perform around the house if you’re the DIY type. And if you’re serious enough about it, you can get licensed yourself and perform the work on your own. But until then, instead of suffering through a laborious process and wasting time and money, hire a processional residential contractor to take care of all of your large scale jobs.

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