Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes Your Family Will Surely Love

It’s not easy cooking for a family. You’ve got several mouths to satisfy, but that’s the least of your worries. What’s the most challenging is thinking up a new dish to cook every single day. If you’re running out of ideas, then you might want to consider these amazing simple recipes instead.

Mac And Cheese

You can never go wrong with mac and cheese. It’s a true simple meal that’s filling. It’s also something that kids are bound to love. You’d first want to cook the macaroni in cream or milk. Once done, you can pick from a selection of cheeses to add to the dish. However, the most common combinations include cheddar and mozzarella.

dinner recipes quick and easy mac and cheese


You can take things up a notch by adding bacon crumbs into your mac and cheese. This adds both texture and flavor to the dish. You can also put some bread crumbs on top and then place them in the oven for a good crust on top as well.

Black Bean Soup

One of the defining factors of an easy-to-cook meal is that it can be done in a single pot. If that’s what you’re after, then this instant pot black bean soup from https://www.corriecooks.com/instnat-pot-black-bean-soup/ might just be what you are looking for. It’s the perfect hearty meal for the family to enjoy.

dinner recipes quick and easy


A good black bean soup should be made with quality ingredients. Aside from the black beans, you also need some herbs and spices such as chili powder, oregano, and bay leaves. As for the soup base, beef or chicken stock is a good option. Just throw the ingredients in an instant pot and watch the magic happen.

Beef Stew

During those cold nights, nothing beats a bowl of hot beef stew served with rice. One of the top tips for a tasty stew is to first fry the beef. Let it turn brown and crispy for that extra flavor. Another tip is to have patience.  Good stews are cooked for hours so that the meat becomes soft and tender.

Cooking the dish itself is easy. After frying the beef, sauté some garlic and onions till they become aromatic. Next, add your beef stock and a selection of veggies. Good veggies for flavor are carrots, potatoes, and celery. Let it cook for hours until the soup turns into a nice thick gravy.

Beef Pepper Rice

This is a very popular dish in Asia, and it’s really easy to make. Start by making the signature sauce first. Just mix soy sauce, oyster sauce, ground black pepper, honey, and cornstarch. Let it simmer until a thick sauce forms.

In a separate pan, sauté some thin beef slices and add cooked rice and corn. Once you are happy with the tenderness of the beef, add the honey sauce, and you’re good to go. Toss in some scallions for crunch and presentation.

These simple recipes are bound to be loved by you and your family. They’re certainly worth the minimal effort put into making them, so try them the next time you dine in.

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