Real Estate in Business Bay As A Unique Option to Gain Excellent Profits

Apartments in Dubai and other Arabian real estate are one of the most promising areas for investment with minimal risk of depreciation. Even with a slight decrease in prices, the object will retain its value and will not depreciate to zero. With regard to the emirate, we are talking about a permanent increase in prices. 

Among all the luxurious locations in Dubai, Business Bay appears to be a unique place for reasonable investments and gaining significant profits. Apartments for sale in Business Bay in 2023 are available for foreigners right in the heart of Dubai surrounded by modern well-developed infrastructure. 

Features of a beneficial property

When a buyer wants to perform the real estate transaction successfully and get only positive experience, footage of the property and surrounding facilities are worth attention. It is extremely convenient to have a residence in close proximity to: 

  • shopping centers, supermarkets, stores and markets;
  • medical facilities;
  • educational institutions;
  • landmarks;
  • restaurants and entertainment venues.

A few words about Business Bay

The neighborhood of Business Bay is located alongside Dubai Creek. It stretches along the territory from Ras Al Khor to to Sheikh Zayed Road and covers more than 64 million feet. 

To get the full picture of the neighborhood, it is important to examine the following characteristics:

  • sector of commercial real estate; 
  • sector of residential real estate; 
  • surrounding territory. 

The area contains residential, commercial properties and properties for business purposes. As it is obvious from the name, the developers see Business Bay as the locality targeted for business officials and meetings. The neighborhood intends to become the major business center in Dubai hosting multiple head offices of international corporations. 

The sector of residential real estate is developed as well. Fully furnished apartments of different footage and design are offered to foreign buyers. Whether you choose property in Business Bay as an investment project or for relocation and conducting your own business, you get a winning ticket. .

On top of all this, the area is full of beautiful greenery, landscapes of gardens, and a concrete network of proper transportation such as roads, pathways, and canals. The vision of the Business Bay area Dubai was part of the collective efforts of the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum.

To understand why real estate in Business Bay is ideal either for personal usage or for gaining profits, look through the following highlights. 

Proximity to main Dubai’s attractions

Real estate in Business Bay is on the doorstep of Downtown with all its fascinating attractions. Proximity to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall Fountains, and other breathtaking sightseeing appears highly beneficial for long-term residents and owners of rental real estate. 

Professional working hub

Business Bay itself, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Healthcare City and the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) are all areas in Dubai that a multitude of professionals travel to every day. Part of the recently announced Dubai 2040 Master Urban Plan is to further reinforce DIFC and Business Bay as the epicenter of all things financial within the city. 

Looking at the increase of the workforce coming to the city, the demand on high quality residential units will only grow. For this reason, many sagacious investors have already put their money into the evolving real estate market in the neighborhood. 

Important social hotspot

Business Bay hosts plenty of famous restaurants and nightlife venues. Nearby is the city’s thriving arts and culture center, the Dubai Design District (D3), which attracts art and fashion lovers from around the world with its wide selection of art galleries, fashion salons, and local cafes and eateries. While Meydan puts Dubai in the spotlight thanks to the annual Dubai World Cup race, this event attracts the attention of millions of sports and fashion lovers from all over the world.

Strategic location

Considering the fact that most of the neighborhoods of Dubai are under the ongoing construction, Business Bay is one of the most well-connected areas. It is accessible from main roads, serviced by two metro stations and multiple buses and taxis. You will be able to get to and from your home in Business Bay to any part of Dubai at any time. 

To conclude

Business Bay is a neighborhood with huge potential. Due to ambitious plans of the developers, the neighborhood may become the most popular area in Dubai in the near future. The extensive collection of luxurious comfortable real estate is represented in the website AX CAPITAL. The real estate agency provides not only apartments of unique designs and exceptional furnishing, but professional help at any stage of the deal. Contact the real estate agents to get in-depth information about the real estate in Business Bay.

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