Smelly Pet? Here’s How to Deal With the Odor

Pets aren’t just your friends. They’re valued members of your family who love you unconditionally (provided there’s enough kibble in the bowl)! But despite your mutual adoration for each other, they’re not pros at taking care of themselves. That’s your responsibility, and it includes knowing to keep them from getting smelly and spreading their odor throughout your home. Here’s how you can deal with the occasional nasty pet odor:

Bath Time

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and you can apply that same concept to your pet’s cleanliness. Regularly bathing your pet is essential to keeping odors out of your home. Of course, only some pets will be as willing to participate in sudsy fun, even if it means improving their hygiene, so it’s not a cure-all for every pet owner. Additionally, a bath is, at most, a temporary fix. It doesn’t do much if the odor is lingering throughout your home.

Dietary Changes

It’s typically only advised to change your pet’s diet with approval from your vet, especially if they have food sensitivities or allergies. That said, there are some instances in which changing what you feed your pet could influence how its coat smells. These changes can often be more beneficial and permanent than bathing, too. But again, it’s important to remember that they may not work for every pet.

Wash Fabrics

Be warned, pet owners: No fabric or upholstery is safe when you have a home full of pets, and that means keeping up with all of your fabrics is essential. Your pal’s scent can get easily trapped within the fibers, potentially overwhelming a room. 

Washing blankets may be relatively simple, but that isn’t always the case for cleaning upholstery. Still, do your best to maintain a level of cleanliness for your furniture by using cleaning solutions that are safe to use on them.

Clear the Air

If you’re struggling with pet odors in your home, you can try opening windows for some temporary relief if the weather allows it. This method works exceptionally well if there’s a nice breeze or you haven’t let fresh air in for a while. Using ceiling or box fans to your advantage is even more effective, but of course, it’s important to note that this generally won’t do much for more intense odors.

Sweep, Mop, and Vacuum

One part of your home sees a lot of action from your pets: the floors. Between prancing over them with mud on their paws or lazing about in their favorite sunspot, the floors in your home are highly susceptible to pet odors. Consistent sweeping will deal with the pet hair that can contain odors, mopping will clear up any smells from stains, and vacuuming is there to handle the rest.

Steam Powered Cleans

Pet odors seep into the fibers of your carpet or the grain of your wood floor, and a simple mop or vacuum won’t do enough. Steam cleaning can help in these situations, but that usually requires renting a steamer. It’s not necessarily tricky to do or use, but it’s often more time-consuming and cost-effective to have a cleaning service take care of things for you instead.

Professional Intervention

On the topic of calling in the pros, this angle can prove particularly effective if you have multiple pets or have already exhausted all of your other options. It’s also excellent if you simply don’t have the time to address the issue yourself or if you have a lot of ground to cover.

Love the Pet, Not the Smell

At the end of the day, pets are still animals. They’re unaware that they can smell rather unpleasant at times, and especially that you aren’t the biggest fan of their smell getting caught in the curtains. 

Most times, they can’t always help it. But that’s okay: with simple tips listed above and even more heavy-duty approaches from industry professionals, you can eliminate odors from your home and focus on everything else you love about your furry family member!

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