Three Interior Design Trends for The New Year

There’s no denying that settling on an interior design trend for your home can seem overwhelming, especially when new trends are constantly emerging and older trends are coming in and out of fashion again.

No matter what design style you choose, you must make your home somewhere that you love, as it’s the place where many of us spend most of our time, and interior design has even been shown to affect our mental health

If you’re looking for ideas on how to refresh your space, here are three up-and-coming interior design aesthetics to consider.


One design trend making a big comeback is the rattan décor trend. Along with other woven materials such as wicker, rattan furniture, and accents are once again popular. With people increasingly wanting to use natural materials in their homes and looking for ways to add depth and texture, rattan décor offers the perfect solution.

Rattan can be used to make a statement, with oversized pendant lights, or to add subtle texture to a room, with a rattan headboard or cupboard doors. Rattan and wicker mix well with other natural materials in the home, such as wood finishes on furnishings.


Japandi style is another hot design trend right now. This mashup of traditional Japanese interiors and Scandi interior design has a minimalist vibe that is both peaceful and functional. Like the ancient Japanese interiors it derives from, a Japandi home aims to help its owners enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

This style features a neutral, earthy palette and natural materials such as wood, stone, and cotton. Though the Japandi style is relatively minimalist, making the most of clean lines and uncluttered surfaces, accessories, and accents are allowed. However, these should be natural wherever possible, such as dried flowers and houseplants and ornaments should be functional as well as beautiful, for example, books and teapots.


Many people confuse coastal interior design for nautical or tropical but coastal design is all about laid-back beachy interiors. A coastal home is heavily influenced by nature and that includes the colour palette and the materials used for furniture and soft furnishings. Think jute rugs and neutral décor with pops of blue and white.

Coastal interiors should also make the most of natural light, for that outdoor-indoor feel, so think carefully about window coverings and opt for light, flowing curtains, and linen blinds that will allow natural light into the space.

When it comes to accents in a coastal home, less is more. By all means, incorporate shells, glass bottles, and wicker baskets to your home’s décor but resist the urge to go overboard with seaside-themed accents, as this can create a cluttered feel and make your coastal-themed interior veer into kitschy territory, rather than the calming, natural look you’re aiming for.

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