Tips to Choose RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Are you thinking of purchasing RTA cabinets? First, learn the tips and tricks to buy the best RTA kitchen cabinets for your house.

Here we have mentioned the things that you need to consider while searching for cabinetry. These tips will help you find a product with a long life expectancy. So, read more to get an idea.

Be Realistic about What you Want

Black painted, or dark stained wood kitchen cabinets may look gorgeous and decent when you visualize them, but will they suit your poorly-lit kitchen? Of course, design and style matter, and they are important considerations when planning a remodeling project. However, you need to keep in mind that cabinets are something that you may have to use for years if you are not planning to replace them.

In fact, if you are planning to sell your house anytime soon, these cabinets should be good and durable enough that the next homeowner can use them.

So, in other words, you can be creative add some bold designs to your kitchen. But it should be in a way that enhances your kitchen’s overall appeal instead of hurting its ambiance. Do remember, when it comes to cabinets, and you are in doubt, go with traditional options.

Focus on Material

If you want to purchase the best RTA cabinets, you need to focus on the material before finalizing your decision. This is true for any type of cabinets you are purchasing, whether it’s RTA, stock, or other types of kitchen cabinetry. Although most cabinets come in a diverse range of wood, such as bamboo, pinewood, and oak wood, you can look for more options in the market.

Thermofoil, stainless steel, and laminate are a few materials that are in the trend. The reason for their increasing popularity is their durability and quality. People also purchase them because of the value they get for the money. But here is the catch: both laminate and stainless steel are heavy materials than conventional wood RTA cabinets. So, think about the material and whether you can deal with it or not before purchasing one.

Measure the Dimensions

This is another most important thing that people usually forget when buying kitchen cabinetry. Measure the dimensions before even searching for the cabinets. The standard size of cabinets may not fit perfectly into your space.

It is also important to note that the dimension you will measure might not be completely accurate. While experts can take the exact measurements, you don’t necessarily need to contact them. The ideal option, in this case, is to take the approximate dimension of your area. Once you do that, explore cabinets in sizes that are close to your measurements until you find the ideal size with beautiful design and features.

Consider Durability

Okay, let’s debunk the most common myth about the RTA cabinetry that it is not durable. Well, like all the other cabinets, you can find some premium-quality products from the best brands. They are highly durable kitchen accessories and offer you a long lifespan. In case you don’t know, manufacturers use plywood, solid wood, and other materials in these cabinets, which are exceptionally durable. You just need to find the right company that offers you premium-quality cabinets.

Apart from this, you also need to know that the best kitchen cabinets make use of ½” or above cabinetry grade plywood. Hence, the cabinetry can endure heavy weights and pressure. Another key element that makes the RTA cabinetry durable is that they come with maple frames, drawer fronts, and doors. Maple is durable and hardwood. You might also want to know that they are popular for their shock-resistance ability. Just make sure that the frame and other components of your cabinets have a durable material.

Request Door Samples

So, you have finally picked a cabinet style and thinking of placing an order. You need to wait. Ask if your chosen brand offers you to order a sample before purchasing the entire cabinetry. Make sure to avail of this offer. This way, you can check the quality of your favorite cabinets before investing money in them.

In addition to it, you can also check the design whether it’s complementing your space. You can easily notice if the cabinet is complementing the other kitchen hardware. Hence, you can visualize the overall feel and ambiance after installing your cabinets much better once you get a sample.

Look for Cost

One of the perks of purchasing RTA cabinetry is that it saves you a substantial amount of money. This is because these cabinets cost you less than the assembled cabinets or custom cabinets. Wondering how? First, as they come disassembled, they cover less space while shipping, which means less shipment cost. Secondly, you don’t need to spend your money on labor costs. Homeowners can easily assemble and install them in their kitchen without any professional help.

However, you need to purchase something that fits your budget. So, always compare the prices of different brands. And look if any high-quality brand is offering your desired product at a low price. You also need to keep in mind that cost can vary significantly depending on the material, complexity, finishing, design, and hardware. So, if you want a premium quality product, you will need to spend some money on it.

Bottom Line

You need to look for certain factors, such as durability and quality, to find the best RTA cabinets for your kitchen. Besides that, taking the right dimension of your space before purchasing a cabinet is also vital. This is because you need cabinets that fit well in your kitchen.  You can begin your search for the perfect cabinets at Walcraft Cabinetry.

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