Where is the Safest Place to Install a Safe in Your Home?

What’s the Best Place in Your House to Install a Safe? There are plenty of locations where you can keep your home safe, but installing it in a secure and undiscoverable place is important. Having a safe in your home provides you with a dedicated space to keep your valuables, including money, jewelry, documents, and even guns. No one wants their valuables to get stolen, so why not put your mind at ease and invest in a strong safe for your home? A report from Safe at Last states that on average nearly 2.5 million burglaries occur annually, of which 66% are break-ins. 

Therefore, it’s essential to install a safe in a spot hidden from the eyesight of potential thieves.

What’s the Best Place in Your House to Install a Safe

First things first

Once you’ve made up your mind to buy a safe, you will first have to do some research as to which safe would be most suitable for your needs. For example, if you have lots of valuables, you won’t want to purchase a safe that’s too small. 

Inside a closet

If you’re interested in buying gun safes or regular safes to keep all your valuable possessions, you can think of installing them inside your closet. Having the safe inside a closet will help you to access it easily. Secondly, your home may have many different types of closets, so the thief has to search through each and every closet to find your safe, thus making it harder to steal. Moreover, when you have guests over, they won’t usually look in your closets, so it’s less likely they’ll chance upon your safe.

What’s the Best Place in Your House to Install a Safe

Take care to measure the space inside your closet before installing the safe to ensure that there is enough space to put all your valuables. 

In the basement

The basement is an excellent place to install your safe, providing great security for your precious valuables. The basement is a popular safe-siting location because it is usually an area hidden within the home. Moreover, basements often have plenty of spare space to store your safe, thus enabling you to purchase one exactly according to your needs. 

When installing a safe in the basement, you need to ensure that it has a light-up keypad, as basements often have low light. If you have a concrete floor, you can also bolt the safe to the ground as an added security feature. 

Inside the wall

Installing a wall safe is another great idea. Based on the reports of USA Safe & Vault, wall safes are a very secure location for storing all your valuables as they can be easily concealed behind any piece of furniture, such as a sofa, picture frame, bookcase, or cabinet. Moreover, wall safes come with a variety of advanced locks and security features that make them a popular choice among many homeowners.

What’s the Best Place in Your House to Install a Safe

If you’re choosing a wall safe, never install it in front of a window, because you run the risk of it being spotted by an onlooker. As far as size goes, bear in mind that wall safes are generally smaller, so might not be the best option if you have lots of valuables to store. 

Under the stairs

You might think that hiding a safe under the stairs only happens in sci-fi movies, but it’s actually a great spot for a safe! 

However, this option is quite costly and may not be affordable for everyone. Under-stair safes require advanced machinery to operate and can be quite challenging to install if you’ve already built your house. It’s much easier to install one in a new-build, of course.  


No matter where you install your safe, ensure that its surroundings are not too humid. Humidity can cause the air trapped inside to condense and damage your belongings. Open your safe from time to time to allow the moisture inside to escape. Also, keep moisture-absorbing products within.

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