3 Shower Panel Design Ideas 2022

Do you like to stand under the shower after a long stressful day and just let it all wash away? Is your idea of starting your day is to jump into the shower first thing in the morning? If you are not a bathtub person and prefer the shower instead, you need something more than just a shower head to enhance the experience.

While bathtubs can be luxurious, spacious, or even soothing like a spa, a shower does have many aesthetic options. Your showerhead can be state-of-the-art, but no one will notice that when they enter your bathroom. However, your shower panels definitely would!

Using shower panels instead of tiles in your bathroom can bring that luxury feel and aesthetic appeal. With a little extra effort and investment, you can find the perfect shower panel for you that can double up as a massage facility for those tired muscles.

Why Shower Panels

Are you still not convinced to invest in a shower panel? Wondering if it would be a waste of money and a simple shower would suffice. Here are some reasons why a shower panel could be a wise investment:

Easy Repairs – When your shower has some trouble and needs to be repaired or replaced, it can involve quite a bit of work. If you have to change the plumbing, you will have to tear down the wall covering the shower pipeline. On the other hand, a shower panel will cover the wall behind which the pipeline runs. You won’t have to redo the wall in case of a repair. You can cover the damages with the shower panel.

Appeal – Shower panels have an instant aesthetic appeal. When there is not enough room for a bathtub, you can still make the room look luxurious with the right shower panel.

Multi-Tasking – A shower panel with multiple functions can do so much more than just deliver water for you. You can enjoy these functions without compromising on the space as showers don’t take much space.

Shower Panel Ideas

Are you looking for some unique shower panel designs or ideas? Here we have some interesting and unique ideas to change how your bathroom looks in no time!

Multiple Functions

Shower Panel Ideas


If you don’t have a bathtub in the bathroom, you need a good shower to relax in. it should be able to soothe you down as a warm bath would. Today, many brands have shower panels with multiple functions.

A shower panel can have multiple jets to spray water with force. They are strategically positioned to hit the right spots in your body. It can take care of tires achy muscles. A long shower with these body jets can help you go to bed relaxed and calm.

Some models even allow you to use all the functions together and get the best from your few minutes in the shower.

Rain Shower

If you are not keen on spending big money on a shower panel but still want something luxurious, a rain shower can do the trick. The waterfalls softly, just like rain. The wider the showerhead, the more you will feel like standing in the rain.

While these rain showers can be soothing, they may not be enough for a quick or a strong shower after a long day. Models come with a hand shower where you can use different showerheads. You can adjust the water flow or force in these showerheads.

So, you can get both the luxurious rain shower and forceful water jet without having to spend on an elaborate shower panel.


With everything getting interconnected and going “smart,” brands have come up with shower panels to connect to your smartphones. You can listen to some music or even attend that important call as you rush to work. You don’t have to worry about touching your phone with wet hands or missing that important call.

On a day you want to just take a long shower and relax, switch on some tunes on your smartphone and hear it through the speakers fitted into your shower panel.


As everything gets modern, unique, and multi-functional, shower manufacturers have caught up too. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming when you want to change your shower. Look at the brands’ offerings and decide which matters the most to you when you are in the shower. These new shower panel ideas for 2022 are bound to take the shower experience to a whole new level.

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