6 Clever Ways to Keep Pet Supplies Organized

Fur parents know too well that keeping pets in the household can entail many items, such as food, accessories, supplies, toys, grooming kits, and other essentials. These items can take up unnecessary space when left unorganized and can clutter the areas inside the house. 

It is important to think of ways to organize and store these items correctly to avoid a mess and possibly waste supplies due to carelessness. Take note that dogs can bite and chew on random things; we don’t want that to be their stuff.  

With that said, provided in this article are solid ways to organize your furbaby’s things:

Create A Pet Station

Make use of the unoccupied spaces and make a pet station where all supplies that are used daily are easily accessible. The station could be a do-it-yourself cart, an empty cabinet, or any storage that can hold many objects. 

One-Stop Cabinet

A small boxed piece of furniture may suffice in holding treats, vitamins, small grooming stuff, a compact water or feeding bowl, or some leashes. It can be an art or furniture project. You can make it from light wood, then attach it to the walls with adhesives or nails to any enclosure. 

Pet Drawer

Whether in the entryway or the garage, designating a drawer for pet needs can help minimize clutter and maximize space. To occupy these areas, shop for dog supplies and other pet needs. 

Utilize Smart Space-Saving 

There are areas in the house that can cater to multi-tasking activities. Pet owners can transform empty shelves or unoccupied spaces underneath storage into something for fur babies. 

Shelf Organizer

Utilize any space with a small shelf or racks containing food, treats, leashes, any garment, or toys for when going out. Organizers can also be made from any resource, like wood, cloth, or metal, depending on the items placed in them. The heavier things are placed in it, the heavier the materials should be. 

Tucked Under Sleeping Space

For cabinets with built-in table areas, the space below can be transformed into a pet’s sleeping quarters. Just place a cushion or a bed on it, and it’s ready to be slept on. 

Draw-In Food Bin

In the kitchen or the pantry, there would always be extra space in the drawers or cabinets. Use those to store pet food by building retractable bins.

Multi-Use Furniture and Pet Space

Instead of letting the beds, crates, and other items of pets eat the space, alter them by making it a multi-purpose furnishing. Adorn it with small plants, and make a shelf by placing some books, decor, or pictures. 

Put Items Where It’s Used

In organizing the items, make sure to put the things where pets should use them, or else they will never be seen and utilized. For instance, bathing must be in the washroom, toys should be near the door or in the garage, and other items should be kept in the storage area. 

Organizing units can come in handy when segregating the accessories by their usage. Here are some ways to store pet products:

Pet Grooming Tote

A bag or tote that contains all grooming needs, such as shampoos, soap, nail clippers, combs, and many other items. It has many pockets and compartments that can hold as many objects as possible.

Catchall Box

This small organizer is ideal for stacking or sliding on a shelf or a small space. It has partitions that arrange and separate the things placed in it. Most likely, only portable stuff is placed in its due, but varying sizes can sustain big items.

Store Items That Aren’t Needed

Pet owners surely stock up on their supplies, but there is no need for them to take up space or place elsewhere. Just take out a sufficient amount of everything, and place it where it needs to be. Other than that, the extra supplies could go to the storage area, where fur parents can refill them when the displayed stocks are empty.

Don’t Store Everything

Pet essentials like beds, crates, cat towers, and partition metal wires naturally take up space in the house because pets use them daily. Aside from that, those are big objects that they cannot hide because it will be impractical to put them out of sight. Avoiding clutter by hiding it or placing it in an unutilized space helps make the area appear neat. 

Don’t Hoard Unnecessary Items

Only buy a few supplies, as they will only end up eating storage space or occupying an important area just because there’s nowhere to put them. Do an inventory every month o track how much food to buy or what supplies are running out. 

It also helps in better budgeting and cost-friendly habits that relieve pet owners of accidentally buying too much or duplicating something they already have. 


Taking care of a pet is a responsibility in itself. However, proving for these animals, buying their necessities, and finding ways to store them in the household is a different type of duty. Creating room for the fur baby’s supplies can get challenging, but look around and see spaces that can be transformed or maximized.

Start with making a spot where daily needs are all together, like a drawer space or a small cabinet. Keeping everything sorted together is the best way to be organized. Fur parents need not go elsewhere to look for what they need because it’s all in one place.

Being smart in shopping and keeping track of the number and volume of supplies can help keep spaces tidy. Knowing how much food, vitamins, treats or grooming supplies to buy helps save space and the stress of finding out where to store them. 

You can take the extra mile to build or buy organizers that could give pets more space or for their supplies to have more room. At last, put these organized items where they need to be for easy access and save time in finding the pet items.

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