9 Products You Need For Effective Car Upholstery Cleaning

A car is a safe haven, where one can stay comfortable in their own space as they travel. However, clean your client keeps the interiors and exteriors of their vehicle; it is not impervious to dirt and debris. This is why your services as a car cleaner are important because you ensure the car remains spotless. However, you can only do that with the right products. Listed below are 9 such products that you will need. 

1. Handheld vacuum cleaner

One of the most important car upholstery cleaner machines you need for cleaning the car interiors is the handheld vacuum cleaner. These allow you to keep the interiors of the car clean by reaching tough spots in the vehicle with ease. Running these first is a great option to remove debris. Click here to know more. 

2. Cleaning gel

Cleaning gels are great when you wish to clean your car’s vents and interiors without needing water while ensuring it is germ-free. These are easy-to-use; simply spread evenly on the surface and pull the gel away. With the use of premium-grade material, this product is toxins-free and safe.

3. Cleaning brush

A cleaning brush is always handy when you have a messy car to deal with where a simple round of vacuuming won’t suffice. With a brush that has strong bristles, you can easily clean the fibres of the upholstery or dust away any stubborn debris. The best part is you can use it across different surfaces within the car.

4. Cleaning solution

The next thing you would need is a cleaning solution. These would come in handy when dealing with stains from food, grease, pets, and more. You need to be careful with this one because you have to ensure the product you choose suits the upholstery fibre in your car.

5. Cleaning sponge/glove

Cleaning sponges or gloves are another must-have in your toolkit for upholstery and car cleaning. These will help you clean your car when using water or when dealing with any liquid as it will absorb the liquid before any damage is caused to the electrical components.

6. Dashboard dresser

A dashboard dresser allows you to shine up your car interiors with ease. Most such products are made without any grease content, meaning they will give a matte finish to your interiors while protecting the surface from fading. With regular sun exposure, this is a much-needed product for your car.

7. Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is a classic when it comes to cleaning any surface. With its soft surface, it reduces the chance of abrasions, leading to a thorough clean without any fear of scratches. These are also durable and extremely washable, making them perfect for repeated use.

8. Leather/vinyl cleaner

Leather or vinyl cleaners are another product that is not to be missed from your upholstery cleaning kit. These can be used to clean the upholstery, dashboard, doors, and interiors. Since this product doesn’t contain solvents, acids, and ammonia, they are safe to use.

9. Car interior cleaners

Car interior cleaners are yet another important product. These keep your car interiors clean and free from odour and mould growth. The best part is that these products are generally CFC free, making them safe to use to clean upholstery, leather seats, and more.


Car upholstery can easily get dirty with regular use. This is why keeping it clean inside a car is essential. A few tools that will help with this effort include cleaning brushes, solutions, and microfibre cloth. Together, the nine products mentioned above will give you car interiors that are immaculately clean.

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