Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit is Leaking Water

Air conditioning systems make our lives comfortable by eliminating warmth and extra humidity in the air. As the air conditioner removes the moisture from the air, it makes condensate within your heating system or air handler. The water goes to the piping into the drain of your system.

Sadly, a failure or a residue buildup may lead to the pipes becoming clogged. When it happens, water goes up again in the drain pipe. It can spill into your house.

Here are some possible explanations of why your air conditioner is leaking water and how to repair the problem. These problems often need expert assistance; Dring Air Conditioning and Heating are ready to serve you any time. We deliver fast and reliable AC repair in Carrollton, TX, and surrounding cities. So, when you need AC repair in Carrollton, TX, Dring Air Conditioning and Heating is the in-house name for you. 

There are clogs in the condensate drain

When warm air goes over the evaporator coil, water vapor develops on the frozen metal. The liquid drain goes into the condensate and the pan under it. As the cycle proceeds, the condensate heads off before the pan leaks.

But, residue, dirt, and other deposits can make a drain full. It stops the condensate from draining correctly. Let us do the unclogging process; Dring Air Conditioning and Heating ensure that we do our job right without creating more expensive damage.

The condensate pump is not running

Some AC units have a condensate pump to clear out the water. Even though there are no clogs in the drain, water may accumulate in the pan and leak if the pump is out of order. You can double-check the pump. If it is not the problem, you should contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to find and fix the problem.

The evaporator coil is full of dirt or damage

If you notice leaks instead of water pools around your AC, water could be coming from the evaporator coil. It could occur if the evaporator coils are dirty. Or it could also take place if fissures in the insulation near the evaporator coils. The best method to avoid this from happening is to schedule yearly AC maintenance.

The evaporator coil is freezing

Icy crystals may form on the indoor coils, which splatter onto the ground as they melt. If you experience this, switch off your AC unit immediately to avoid cooking the compressor. The evaporator coil can harden due to decreased airflow. To prevent this, set up a new filter before it turns full. If that does not work, there might be other issues like low refrigerant. You will need an expert HVAC technician from Dring to fix the problems and assess the repair expenses.

The air filters are dusty and dirty

When your AC air filters become filthy, the airflow gets limited, and the evaporator coils do not receive the right ventilation. It leads the evaporator coil to get too cold and finally freeze. As the ice thaws the evaporator coils, water will leak, causing the drip plan to flow out and eventually leak. 

It is common for a working air conditioner to give a bit of condensation at times. The more your air conditioner is on and working, the more condensation it will have. But, when excess water is always leaking from the air conditioner, you do not want to disregard it. If you see that your air conditioner has water leaks often in a day, call the Dring specialist to conduct an air conditioner inspection immediately. 

Low refrigerant

When the refrigerant of an air conditioner leaks, it decreases the pressure inside your air conditioner. It freezes the evaporator coils creating the same excess of water in the drainage pan. 

Can this issue be fixed? 

Now you have the idea of the common reasons why your air conditioner has water leaks; you must be thinking about how to fix this problem? Well, to answer this question, it depends on the damage that has occurred. You can solve these problems yourself. Yet, some other reasons for the water leaks or no draining of water can be resolved only by an expert and skilled technician. 

How to repair the common water leaks problems? 

As said earlier, the common problems can be acted upon and manageable. Let us know the things we can do for your air conditioner. 

  • Re-installation: If you learn that the issue is due to an incorrect AC installation process, you must contact the AC technician for a comprehensive inspection and a re-installation if needed. 
  • Unblocking the clogged drain pipe: If you have a clogged drainage pipe, use a wet pump to remove the clog. It will free the clogs and let the water to drain evenly. 
  • Change of the drain pan: if the drain pan has damage or breaks, get it changed as soon as possible. 
  •  Clean the air filter: You have to clean the air conditioner air filter more often. Every month, you must get the air filter and clear it off under running water. 

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