DIY Pencil Case

Pencil case is crucial, not only for students, but also for some professionals who are dependent on stationaries such as teachers, librarian, etc. However, it is not always easy to find a pencil case that suits your need and, of course, your style in general.

Now, thinking about a DIY pencil case? Well, here are some ideas you might use. Make sure you check them all!

1. Pencil Pouch

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Sometimes it’s easier if you have a soft pouch to load all you need at once. So, instead of that old-fashioned boxy DIY pencil case, you might want to have a pouch.

However, this pouch we are going to make is in medium size. You can increase the size by proportionally adding the area of the fabric you are using. This is how it’s made.

What you’ll need:

  • 12” square Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine (if you don’t have one, you can hand sew this)

Okay, let’s begin!

a. Cut out a 10” inch square fabric

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b. Grab a zipper and keep it facing down the fabric. Sew in well.

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c. Fold the fabric and get the remaining zipper edge joined with it.

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d. Now you have made a tube-like shape. Flatten it. Keep in mind that this is going to be inside out. So, no need to worry too much about making mistakes, it’s not visible anyway.

e. Get the zipper halfway open and sew the remaining edge.

f. Pinch every corner and sew across with 1 inch distant from the corner

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g. Now, turn your pencil case inside out.

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h. That’s it, enjoy your new pencil pouch

Please note that you can use any fabric as long as it’s thick enough to help the pencil pouch form itself. But, to get a nice and sturdy look, leather is strongly recommended.

2. Simple Flat Pouch

You don’t want to have that big bulk pencil pouch in your bag? Fine, we can have the simple and flat version of the pouch. Please note that this kind of pencil case may not fit too many things. So, in order to keep things organized, you need to make two or three of this DIY pencil case.

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Let’s get to the making process.

a. Cut out 4 pieces of fabric with the same size but different type (2 for lining and 2 for outer), about 10 inch by 5 inch. The length (10 inch) is actually adjustable depends on the zipper length.

b. Now, take one outer fabric and one lining fabric. Place the lining fabric face up on the table. Then, put a zipper facing up on it. At last, put the outer fabric on the top of the zipper.

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c. Stich the edge and turn the zipper out. In this way, one side of the pouch is ready.

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d. Now, it’s time make another side. Get the other side fabric, which is a pair of lining and outer fabric and repeat step b and c.

e. Both sides are now ready. You can now join them together.

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f. Once they’re joined, you can pull the bag out of the hole in the middle of the lining. Now, basically you are done! But, if you want to have sharp corners, clip the corners before you do it!

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And that’s it! Your DIY pencil case is simply done!

3. Zippered Bottle Pencil Case

Sometimes, it’s nice to utilize trash into something useful, such as pencil case. This one is using a plastic bottle. It can be any plastic bottle as long as it’s long enough to fit the pencil.

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What you will need for this DIY pencil case:

  1. Two Plastic Bottle
  2. One Zipper
  3. Knife
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue Gun

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Okay, let’s get started!

a. Cut one bottle into two pieces. When cutting, you might want to go 3:4 piece proportion bottom up. Do not cut it halfway or you will end up with a too short pencil case. Throw the ¼ part away, you are not going to need it.

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b. Now, cut another bottle the same way, 3:4, only now do it top down. Keep the bottom ¼ part.

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c. Take the zipper and glue gun the fabric part.

d. Attach half of the zipper on the circumference of the top of the first bottle.

e. Attach another half of the zipper to another piece of bottle that you kept.

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f. Now you’re done!

g. Remember, you may not like the color of the plastic bottle. So, make sure you do all the painting before the entire process of making this DIY pencil case.

Well, now you have saved the environment by making an amazing DIY pencil case.

4. Slim Pouch with Zipper Tag DIY pencil case

This type will give you another pouch. But, this one is easier to sew using the professional French seams that will finish the sides really well. Plus, the zipper tabs give you something that you can hold while zippering it in use. This is something most people forget about while making a DIY pencil case.

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What you’ll need:

  • Outer fabric: one 12″ x 14″ rectangle
  • Lining fabric: one 12″ x 14″ rectangle
  • Zipper tab fabric: two 1″ x 3″ rectangles
  • Medium-weight interfacing or fusible fleece: one 12″ x 14″ rectangle (optional)
  • 12″ (or longer) zipper
  • Water-soluble glue or pins
  • Matching thread
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Sewing machine (if you don’t have one, you can hand sew this)

Now, let’s begin the process:

a. If you want to use fusible fleece, you start by fusing it to the outer part of the fabric. It will give make your pencil more durable.

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b. Prepare your zipper tabs.

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  • Sometimes it’s easier to deal with zipper once you have them well pressed for your DIY pencil case.
    Fold both zippers into two and press them. It will create a visible middle line, which makes you easier to match with the fabric later on.
  • Get both zippers and unzip them halfway. Now, glue the zipper tab next to the metal ends. Now, let the zipper tab open. Then, stitch it in the middle line. Sew slowly and with full attention as you will sew across the zipper teeth.
  • Now, cut the excessive zipper.

c. Now, time to prepare the fabric

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  • Get the lining and outer fabrics together. Place the outer on the top of the lining, both facing down the table.
  • Place the zipper you’ve just made in between them.
  • Sew the top half of the zipper
  • Now turn back the lining and the outer fabric. Press them together away from the zipper. It will create the default fold.
  • Reach the loose end of both fabrics and stich it to the other half of the zipper. Sew slowly and carefully.

d. After both ends are sewn well to the zipper, it’s time to shape the DIY pencil case.

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  • Open the zipper halfway and place it in the middle of the outer and lining fabrics.
  • Line up the top of the zipper with the top of both fabrics and glue or pin it in place. If the zipper is closed, the zipper pull will be on the right.
  • Line up the fabric in your sewing machine foot so the needle is ¼” over from the raw edge.
  • Sew them carefully
  • Turn the pouch so that the outer fabric is placed inside
  • Now, with the zipper closed, take the inner fabric out carefully so now the position is right.
  • Press gently to give the shape of the pouch from the outside.
  • Sew along the zipper to give a nice look and durability.

e. French line finish

This is the unique part of the entire process of making this DIY pencil case. Some people don’t like the sharp edge. So, in order to get rid of that, we’ll do the French finish. Follow the steps

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  • Turn the pouch inside out
  • Sew the edge of the lining fabric (right and left)
  • Turn it back again outside in.
  • You’ll have the blunt edge as you desired

This step is optional, though. Sometimes you might like the sharp edge.

Well, that’s it. You got the nice slim pouch you’ve always wanted.

5. Cardboard DIY Pencil Case

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Most of the time, we might want something more sturdy to store our stationary. This allows us to think what could have been the material for the pencil case. Anyway, cardboard is one of the best answer. Not only is it sturdy enough, it’s also easy to get and we can use it as a recycling process.

Now, grab one of your cereal box or anything you think big enough to use as DIY pencil case. And let’s begin!

What you’ll need:

  • A empty cardboard
  • 1/4 yard of patterned cotton fabric
  • 1/4 yard of felt
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • Pencil & Ruler
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Craft knife

Now, this is the process:

  1. Cut one side of the box estimating 7″ X 11″ and two pieces estimating 1.75″ X 3.25″ from the opposite side. Overlap and wrinkle the square shape at following estimations from the best 3″ – 4.25″ – 7.25″ – 8.5″. Shape the sides of the front side of the case utilizing scissors if desired. Cut the side boards as appeared with 0.25″ on sides and base for collapsing.
  2. Cut the texture pieces so that it gauges roughly an inch bigger than the cardboard pieces.
  3. Apply stick on the side of the huge cardboard piece and paste the texture to it. I utilized E6000 for one case and cheap paste for another (Just to test). The two works extraordinary.
  4. Within, stick the corners as indicated first and after that paste the various sides. Rehash a similar technique for the side cardboard pieces as well
  5. Connect the attractive fasten to the front base of the case and cut the felt for within the case with similar estimations diminishing around 0.1″ all sides. Append the other piece of the attractive fasten to the felt piece. Ensure that the fasteners are joined at the ideal spot to guarantee shutting when the pencil case is finished.
  6. Stick one side of the side boards to the sides as appeared and the paste inward felt piece. When it is dry, stick the base and the opposite side of the side board to the principle piece. Use fastener clasp to hold it set up and after that you are finished. When it is dry, your new square pencil case is done!

6. Embroidered DIY Pencil Case

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Regardless of whether you’re planning for school year kickoff time or simply searching for an approach to store your pens, this weaved pencil case is anything but difficult to make and will keep your provisions sorted out in style.

The flower weaving looks wonderful on a material pocket, yet this DIY is effectively adaptable with different examples or customized with a name. Also, it closes up overly brisk!

Peruse the majority of the directions before beginning, at that point snatch your provisions and you’ll have your very own weaved pencil case in a snap.

Coming up next are what supplies you ought to have available for this venture:

  • Linen – 1/6 yard
  • Fusible interfacing – 1/6 yard
  • Embroidery floss
  • Dark knitting cotton – 1/6 yard
  • Hammer-in snap
  • Iron
  • Transfer pen or other exchange technique
  • Embroidery loop
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Optional: rotating shapper and tangle
  • Pins
  • Optional: sewing machine

Perfect denim pencil case ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

You can utilize any weaving example you like for your pencil case, so the style can fluctuate incredibly.

On the off chance that you need to include the flower configuration appeared, download the example page and alter the size as required. The bigger theme ought to be close to 4 inches wide. In the completed model, it is roughly 2.5 inches wide.

For the flower configuration, attempt these hues from DMC: 4210 (Color Variations), 352, 922, 728, Blanc, and 839.

a. Fasten the enormous bloom with glossy silk join petals and French bunches for the middle. Structure the minor blooms with two straight fastens for every petal and a French bunch for the middle.

Work the branches with back line. Structure the loopy blooms and the circled branch with segregated chain fasten. For the majority of the minuscule spot blooms, utilize free French bunches.

Iron the fusible interfacing to the back of the cloth. This will give your pencil case a touch of required structure and security.

Imprint out a 5 x 18-1/2 inch square shape on the texture. This will be the size of the board you’ll work with, yet you would prefer not to trim it yet. Having the additional texture around the edge makes it simpler to put in a weaving loop.

Epic cool diy pencil case ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

b. Follow or move your example inside the square shape. Collapsing the closures in will give you a thought of the situation for the front and fold. Keep the plans in any event 1/2 inch from the checked square shape.

c. Utilize a revolving shaper and ruler to trim the cloth square shape and cut a coordinating piece from the dim texture (dim texture is less inclined to show marks from pencils).

Phenomenal cardboard pencil case ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

On the finish of the square shapes that will be the fold, trim 1 inch from the corners at a 45-degree point.

d. Spot the two sorts right sides out and stick the edges. Sew around the sides with a 1/4-inch crease stipend, leaving a 3-inch opening for turning it right side out. This procedure is quicker on a sewing machine, however you can line it by hand in the event that you’d like.

Amazing pencil case sewing ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

Trim the corners to diminish mass, at that point turn the pocket right side out. Roll the creases open with your fingers and iron the board. Ensure that the opening crease recompense is squeezed in so the edges are even.

e. Overlay the straight wind up, framing a 7-inch front for the pencil case. Stick the sides. Utilize three strands of weaving floss and running fasten to sew the sides and top-join the fold. Begin at the base and work all around the top fold and afterward during the time side, sewing 1/8 inch from the edge.

Unforgettable homemade pencil case ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

Overlay the top down and join the snap to the fold and the front of the pocket, following the producer’s guidelines. Ensure the two snap sides coordinate.

Glorious cool pencil case ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

It’s useful to fill the pencil case with pencils to get a thought of how far you need the fold to overlay down. On the off chance that you crease it down nearly to the extent it goes, it will just hold around 12 pencils. In the event that you raise the fold a little, more will fit.

Now, grab some pens and pencils and get back to school!


7. No Sewing DIY Pencil Case

As you prepare school or work supplies for the year, consider how you can add energy and character to your rigging that will light up your (or your kid’s) school day. A straightforward fly of shading or novel plan will carry grins to everybody.

Attempt this adorable DIY pencil case to invite fall and an energizing new school year with style. Anyway, this is going to be very easy and quick since you don’t need any sewing at all. So, you can put your sewing machine aside for now.

Fabulous pencil case design ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

What you’ll need

  • 1 bit of texture, slice to 8 crawls by 12 inches
  • 7 inch zipper
  • Fabric stick
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape

Now, follow these steps to get started. Be careful when you are dealing with glue for your DIY pencil case. Once they spill on an unwanted surface, you might find trouble getting rid of it.

a. The shading and plan of your texture and zipper are totally up to you. You can utilize denim, upholstery texture and even old T-shirts for a creation. Trial with hues to locate your preferred mix.

Surprising pencil case ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

On the off chance that your bit of texture is huge, utilize your ruler and texture scissor to chop it down into an 8-inch by 12-inch square shape. Scrap texture from a neighborhood second hand shop works incredible for this venture as you needn’t bother with a whole yard from the texture store.

It’s most effortless to do this on a gridded tangle. On the off chance that you don’t have one, utilize a pen or marker to draw a straight line on your texture for you to pursue when you cut. With this technique, you’re certain to get a bolt straight cut with no rugged edges, which is nice.

b. Lay your texture on your workspace face down-which means the side you need to show up outwardly of your pencil case ought to face down with within looking towards you. Utilize your fingers to make a 1/2 inch overlay on the shorter, 8-inch sides of your texture.

Incredible pencil pouch sewing ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

Contingent upon the sort of texture you pick, an iron might be useful to immovably press the folds. A snappy swipe with a hot iron ought to work to make fresh edges in your texture.

c. Spot your 7″ zipper face up amidst your texture square shape like appeared. At that point, include a liberal measure of texture stick at the edges of the zipper. Make an effort not to get any paste on the metal pieces of the zipper-else, it might be hard to open. Be careful, this is the tricky part!

Astounding pencil pouch decoration ideas #DIYpencilcase #pencilpouch #zipperedpencilpouch

d. Take the 8″ sides of your texture and crease them each towards the zipper in the center. Press each side onto the texture stick on the zipper and tenderly pat them down. Enable this to dry for a couple of hours before moving to the subsequent stage. And you’re done!

So, that’s 7 DIY pencil case ideas that you might use. Each of them has their own merit. You can choose either based on your bag fit or your own favorite that suits your own personal style.

However, when it comes to DIY pencil case project, it is important not to force yourself too far beyond your limit. Well, if you do, you might end up unhappily doing things that can cause mess. Remember, if you fail, you can always try again, with similar or different type of pencil case.

That’s it for now. Have fun doing one of those ideas and whatever you got as the result, share it with others as they might also be interested in your DIY pencil case.


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