Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper rolls are often away once you are out of paper. But do you know that there are actually tons of DIY projects to do with the rolls? These rolls can be turned and transformed into beautiful and functional stuff. They can help you with proper home management so your house can be tidier.

If you have spare time and you have plenty of unused rolls, there are some handy and functional toilet paper roll crafts to make. They are easy to create. The equipment is simple – you mostly make use of the things around the house. And if you are dedicated and thorough, you can enjoy the magnificent outcome.

Desk Organizer

Have you dealt with constant mess and chaos on the desk? Do you always struggle to find small items and pieces? Why not make your own organizer from the unused rolls? Besides the rolls, you only need a box (whatever the size is) and some rolls. You also need glue or a staple, a paper wrap, and some decorative items (the latter one is optional).

Start with covering the exterior part of the box with the paper wrap. And then line up those rolls inside the box. A word of advice, though. Make sure that the height of the box and the height of the rolls is the same. It will create a neat and attractive finish. Once you have lined the rolls, then you are done! You can store each cable, paper clips, and anything inside the rolls. What if you want to add a lid to hide the contents? Feel free to do so.

This container isn’t only great for desk storage management but also for the inside of your drawers. It can be used to keep the accessories and even underwear. But if you are going to make an underwear container, make sure that the rolls are bigger.

Toilet Paper Cables and Chords Manager

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Toilet Paper Roll To Organize Your Workstation

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Kitchen Note Taking

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Small Gift Boxes

Do you know that you can actually make gift boxes from these unused rolls? This is one of the toilet paper roll crafts that aren’t only cute but also helps you save up money. For real! You can use the boxes for chocolates or small knick-knacks. And the process to make one is also fun. Some of my friends say that the process is therapeutic for them – it makes them relax.

You only need the rolls, various tissue papers in different colors and patterns, scissors, ribbons, and glue (preferably the glue stick). The tissue paper should be long enough so it can cover (and go around) the rolls three times. Don’t forget to add an inch wide on each side. Make sure that you apply enough glue so the rolls are covered well with the tissue paper. For the end of the roll, carefully press the extra (tissue) paper inside it until the paper is tucked nicely. Don’t forget to glue it.

On each end, press it to fold. You should see that it will have a half-moon form where the end bends slightly to the center. You can place the gift inside. Close it and use the ribbon to seal the gift. The ribbon should go around the tube and then go over one side to another. Don’t forget to make a bow in the center. Voila! Your gift box is ready and it looks super cute.

Gift Boxes Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Gift

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Wearable Crafts

The rolls can be turned into catchy and inexpensive wearable stuff that your kids will love. For instance, it can be used as superhero cuff – you know, like the big bracelet-look-alike things that Wonder Woman wears. Feel free to make any superhero cuff that you like – whether it is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others. You only need to prepare some colored papers and glue.

If you want to make a Wonder Woman cuff, you need to prepare gold papers. Cover the rolls with the gold paper. Add some Wonder Woman decorative symbol and you are good to go. If you want to make Batman cuff, cover the rolls in gray and then add the Batman symbol in black or in black and yellow. You can make a neat cuff by cutting the ends or smooth them out.

What about making your own watch? You can cut the rolls into several round pieces. Attach a face of time and you are good to go. If you want to decorate the watches into different colors, decorations, or even shapes, feel free to do so. Ask your kids to do the craft with you. They will have a blast in making different kinds of watches.

Cuff Bracelets

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Fire Breathing Dragons

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This is another fun toy for the kids. They can blow to one side of the roll and the effect will look like a fire breathing dragon that is ready to get in action. You only need some colored papers, some tissue papers in different colors, pom-poms, and googly eyes. Attach the googly eyes to the pom-poms to make the eyes. One pom-pom can be cut in two smaller pieces to create the nose effect. Then cut some strips of the tissue papers. Don’t forget to alternate the colors. For instance, you can make 4 red strips and 4 yellow strips. This is only an example, you don’t actually need to have similar numbers or colors.

Then attach those strips to the inside side of the roll. Make sure that you attach them on the side that is opposed to the one you glue the eyes. Let the glue dry and ask your kids to blow through the end where the eyes are located. The air will move the paper strips, making an effect as if the dragon were blowing a fire breath. Your kids will have fun! The process is also fun and they will have a blast

Honeycomb Wall Décor

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If you have an empty wall (at home or at your office’s cubicle), why not decorate it with the honeycomb? Of course, you will need the bee as well to make the wall décor look cute and attractive. To make the toilet paper roll crafts, you can use as many rolls as possible. In this example, I only use 2 rolls because I won’t be making too big honeycombs. One roll can be cut into several parts, but make sure that the size is even – they should have the same big dimension. Once they are cut, you can paint them. Since it is a honeycomb, you should paint them in yellow, orange-ish, or gold.

Form each cut into a hexagonal form. Once they are all set and dry, manage them on the wall to form a honeycomb design. You can use a glue gun or a double tape. Just make sure that they are well attached to the wall. Another alternative: You can glue each of the hexagons together and then glue them on the wall. If you don’t want to damage the wall, you can glue the honeycomb to a piece of cardboard and hang the cardboard like you hang a painting.

What about the bee? You can use orange paper that is cut in a circle. Draw a face and then use a black ribbon or tape or whatever to make the antenna and the black body stripes effect. Make some bees so you can attach them inside the honeycomb and outside. And voila! Your honeycomb wall decor will spark up your wall in no time.


Animal Crafts

One of the simplest ways to turn the unused rolls is to turn them to animal forms. If you want to make the bat, for instance, you cover the roll with a black paper and make the ears. By using a white paper, you can create the mouth, nose, and other facial parts. Use the googly eyes to complete the look.

The roll can also be crafted to a ladybug. You only need black and red colored papers. Cover the roll with a black paper and attach the googly eyes. By using the black paper, create the antenna. Cut a circle on the red paper and then divide the circle into two. They will be used as the wings.

Cute Owl Toilet Paper Roll

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Blue Shark

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Cute Snowman

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Cute Ladybug

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A Treat Bucket

An unused roll can be cut into several parts in different sizes and then made into a bucket. One roll can be cut into two major pieces: a bigger piece and a smaller one. The smaller one will be used as the handle while the bigger piece will be used as the bucket. For the bigger piece, made some slices on the bottom so you can combine them together and glue them.  You will get a bowl-like construction. It is up to you whether you want to trim the top area so the bucket won’t be too tall.

For the smaller piece, cut it into a handle. Then glue it to the bucket. You already have the bucket form. You can decorate it by drawing faces or attach some stickers to it. You can also paint the bucket but be sure to let it dry completely before you can use it. If you want to use a paper wrap or use the colored papers to cover the bucket, do the wrapping at the beginning of the process –BEFORE you cut the roll.

So, what is the use of the bucket? Your kids can use the bucket for playing.  The bucket itself can be handy during Halloween for trick or treating. You can also use the buckets to keep small items so they won’t be scattered around.

The Wall Slots

The idea is similar to making the office desk organizer but instead of placing the organizer on the top of a desk, you need to hang it in a vertical mode.  You will need a box and several rolls. Cover the box and ALSO the rolls with the paper wrap. When you arrange the rolls inside the box, you need to glue each roll and make sure that they are firmly attached to the box.

On one side of the box, add a rope or a ribbon. Make sure that the rope or the ribbon is strong and not easily snapped. Simply hang the box and you can use the slots to store your items. You can make several boxes and storage containers and have your small items kept there. Want to know the fun side of making the toilet paper roll crafts? You can make several boxes in different patterns and variants.

Fun and Cute Binoculars

Have so many unused toilet paper rolls? Why not turn them to fun and cute kids’ toys that they will love? Even better, why not asking them to make the binoculars with you so all of you can have fun together? With these binoculars, they have new toys to play with and you won’t have to spend money on buying new ones. It’s a win-win for everyone, right?

You need 2 rolls for each binocular, paint or colored papers, glue, decorative pieces or bits (like stickers, tapes, etc), and ribbon. The steps are pretty simple, really. First, you need to paint the rolls. If you don’t have any paint, cover the rolls with colored papers. Then, glue or staple the two rolls together. Afterward, staple or glue one end of the ribbon on the roll and the other end on another roll. Remember, you are trying to make a binocular so the two rolls should be connected and attached to each other. At this point, you can start decorating the rolls in any theme or way that you like. Make sure that the glue or paint is dry perfectly before the binoculars can be used.

The greatest thing about this craft is that you can have any theme, color, or decoration that you like. The kids will have fun and be excited with their own creation. And for you, you can finally make use of the rolls instead of having to throw them every time.

Others Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Not only them, here are other inspiration for your toilet paper roll crafts.

DIY Napkin Holders

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Trending craft ideas using toilet rolls #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Yarn Holder

Awesome craft using tissue roll #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Car Garage For Kids With Toilet Paper Roll

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Cool diy toilet paper roll cover #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Organized Your Scarves

Beautiful crafts out of tissue paper #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Seed Starting Container – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Wonderful craft making using paper #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Making iPhone Speaker

Amazing batman toilet paper roll craft #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Honeycomb Wreath – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Colorful craft to make with toilet paper roll #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Bird Feeder – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Lovely crafts for toddlers using toilet paper rolls #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Pumpkins – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Popular art projects using toilet paper rolls #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Confetti Poppers Made from Toilet Paper Roll

Trending cool toilet paper roll crafts #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Cute Calendar

Best cute toilet paper roll crafts #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Heart Stamp

Wonderful crafts made out of paper towel rolls #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Bird Feeder Made from Toilet Paper Roll

Amazing diy tissue roll holder #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Stamped Frames

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Toilet Paper Roll Pen Holder

Popular easy toilet paper roll crafts for toddlers #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Calendar

Latest craft ideas on paper #toiletpaperrollcrafts #diytoiletpaperroll #toiletpaper
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There are definitely myriads of crafts that you can make from the unused rolls. So, what toilet paper roll crafts that you are going to make next? Is it for you or the kids?

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