Shadow Box Ideas

A photo is said to be able to capture a thousand moments in one frame. Actually, the shadow box can do the same. In fact, shadow box gives deeper meaning because it has a real shape of the captured object. Moreover, you also can find many Shadow Box Ideas that give you more options to create this unique artwork.

A shadow box is basically used to boost the meaning, value, and beauty of the object you put inside. Therefore, we said it like the box that can capture the moment like a photo. This is also the reason, why the shadow box isn’t only interesting to look. The process to create it is also fun to experience.

So, do you want to know more about the shadow box? Do you also want to try to make one for your own collection or as a gift to your friend or beloved one? Here, we have several Shadow Box Ideas you can use. Copy it as it is. Or, you also can use them as your inspiration to create your own shadow box style. Here are the ideas you can try.

1. The Eternal Wedding

This shadow box uses all kinds of accessories and object found on the owner wedding ceremony. This is one of the most romantic Shadow Box Ideas. It is like you preserve the magical moment of your wedding in one frame. Then, you can always remember that time when you grow older by looking at this shadow box.

2. A Gift to The Newly Wed

Staggering shadow box mounting ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Do you want to give a special gift to your friend who just got married? You can try to give them a shadow box. This one is a great example. Add some wedding-themed object inside. Put flowers and meaningful words to appreciate their special wedding moment. And, you have a nice wedding gift for your friend.

3. Love Commemoration

Terrific shadow box ideas for fathers day #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Using the wedding invitation you receive from your friend, you also can try unique Shadow Box Ideas like this one. It shows the important moment at your friend’s wedding moment. It works both ways, actually. It also can become a good art for decoration after your wedding.

4. Shadow Box Invitation to The Special Moment

Wonderful ironman shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Inviting your friends and colleagues to your wedding with a simple paper or even online invitation is a common way. This one is unique because the creator uses a shadow box to create a wedding invitation. It needs more money. But, as one of the unique Shadow Box Ideas, this one is the best.

5. Wedding Collection

Eye-opening shadow box layout ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

There are many unique wedding-related objects you can find when you are having a wedding ceremony. You can collect and put them all into a box to create nice artwork with a wedding theme. This one is the perfect example of that. It shows the sacred meaning of your wedding.

6. The White Rose Shadow Box Ideas

Delight shadow box project ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

White rose represents purity and innocence. You also can use it to display the sacredness of a certain moment. A wedding is one of them. And, the Shadow Box Ideas to put many white roses in a frame like this make it has more artistic value and meaning. Give it to your friends that have a wedding, and it will become a perfect gift for them.

7. The Love Journey

Astonishing nature shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

As you can see, there are numbers in the image. It shows the history of love. It is starting from a wedding invitation and it ends up at the flower that represents the two souls that have become one. One of the most romantic Shadow Box Ideas you can find.

8. The Marine Shadow Box Ideas

Brilliant rainforest shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

After you retired from your duty in the Marine Corps, this shadow box is a great way to commemorate your duty when you were in the Marine Corps. Place all kinds of object related to your past duty and you can create nice Shadow Box Ideas like this one.

9. Power Up Your Life

Awesome shadow box molding ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

When your girlfriend has some problem, you can try to make her happy with these kinds of Shadow Box Ideas. The flower represents your love. Add some beautiful quote on the shadow box, and guaranteed she will be able to keep her spirit up and never give up.

10. The Military Shadow Box

Spectacular arrow of light shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Your grandfather was a soldier and you want to give him the best gift for his birthday. You can try the Shadow Box Ideas like this one. We believe by giving him the militarily related object, he will be happier and treasure it. It is like a display of his struggle when he defends this country during his time in the military.


11. The Adventure Shadow Box

Marvelous shadow box painting ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Have you just finished your traveling to many countries? Do you want to make some memorable artwork that can remind you of your adventure? This traveling type shadow box is the one you should try.

12. The First Moment in This World

Unbelievable shadow box scrapbook ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Your baby was just born. You want to commemorate a special moment. The answer is simple. Use this shadow box. Include all kinds of the newborn baby stuff, such as feet stamps, your baby fist cloth and many more. It’s beautiful.

13. Shadow Box for Newborn Gift

Breathtaking shadow box ideas with flowers #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Packing the gift for friend’s baby shower is too ordinary. Why don’t you try the Shadow Box Ideas like this one? It doesn’t only look different. But, it also can become a nice way to give something to your friend.

14. Mr. & Mrs. Memories Shadow Box

Excited shadow box ideas for miscarriage #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

When you become a Mr. and Mrs. it shows that you have experienced one of a special moment in your life. It’s the wedding. This shadow box represents that moment. It holds many precious objects that you have when you start your day as Mr. and Mrs.

15. Best Day Ever Shadow Box

Remarkable shadow box photo ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

The Shadow Box Ideas also can help you to create a simple but meaningful gift like this one. Using a bunch of flowers, you can show how you feel gratitude towards someone you are going to give this shadow box to.

16. Natural Wedding Invitation with Flowers

Fantastic shadow box ideas for sister #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

There are many Shadow Box Ideas you can use for a wedding invitation. This one is one of the best choices. Using the natural style and the fresh flower, plus some of the invitation cards, it is the whole package of unique and artistic invitation you can use.

17. Ex-Sports Maniac

Unique shadow box ideas with pictures #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Love to watch your team match? But, now you are retired from that crazy time? You can collect your tickets, put it inside the box, and use one of Shadow Box Ideas like this one to create a commemorate artwork for your wall. You can watch this shadow box while remembering the fun time going to the stadium and support your team.

18. Beer Bottle Cap Shadow Box

Sensational shadow box ideas for grandparents #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

You had a lot of drink, don’t you? You can use the bottle cap to create the nice Shadow Box Ideas like this one. It likes to tell you how many beers have you drink. So, in the future, you can hold yourself back. This is also a good way to help you to be freed from being addicted to alcohol.

19. The Antique Shadow Box Ideas

Extraordinary shadow box ideas for grandma #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

This one has a lot of antiques inside. Using a smaller frame inside, the Shadow Box Ideas is like telling the story of those antiques inside. Place it in your room, and it will become great decoration.

20. Tickets Shadow Box Ideas

Uplifting unique shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Movie Theater maybe is the witness when you and your partner love were bloomed. So, why don’t you commemorate that moment with the shadow box? This one is the best Shadow Box Ideas you can try.

21. Toy Cars Shadow Box

Life-changing nautical shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Collecting toy car is indeed fun. But, you don’t have a place to display it. The answer is simple. The toy cars Shadow Box Ideas like this one will save your space, plus it also creates a unique way to show your collection.

22. Vintage Jewelry Display Shadow Box

Unbeatable shadow box ideas for fishing lures #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Traveling to all states and collecting the unique jewelry from those states seems to be the hobby of this shadow box owner. And, the owner chooses the right way to display it. With the shadow box, the collection becomes more special.

23. The Baby Shoe Growth Chart Shadow Box Gift

Striking shadow box on wall ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Do you want to commemorate your baby’s first time to be able to walk properly? The baby feet growth chart Shadow Box Ideas produces a nice result like this one. Using your baby’s shoes he/she wear from the early day to the time when your baby can walk on it, create a really meaningful display.

24. Wedding Shoe Shadow Box Ideas

Wondrous shadow box ideas with dried flowers #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

25. bottle cap collection shadow box

Perfect 3d shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Giving a simple gift like shoes to your friend’s wedding seems that you disrespect her. But, using the Shadow Box Ideas like this one, you can avoid that problem. It looks beautiful, elegant, and special.

26. Arranged Toy Cars Collection Shadow Box

Epic infant shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Placing your toy cars collection in shadow box doesn’t automatically make it looks great to display in your room. So, try to arrange it in circle manner like this shadow box. Guaranteed, your toy car collection will look more appealing.

27. Medals Race Shadow Box

Phenomenal shadow box ideas for him #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Collecting medals can be really difficult to avoid some of it will lose because of your carelessness. So, why don’t try Shadow Box Ideas that can keep your medals in one beautiful and artistic place like this one. It also helps you to display it easily in any room.

28. The Pregnancy Memories

Amazing easy shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Pregnancy period is one of the hardest periods of women’s life. So, it’s not wrong to try to capture the struggle that you had at that time. This shadow box is one of the best examples you can use to capture the pregnancy moment. The photos, the wrist band, baby clothes, feet stamps give this shadow box special meaning.

29. The Proof that You Are The Best Runner

Unforgettable shadow box ideas for police officers #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Do you want to boast to your friends that you are the best runner on the track? How about show them your running medal. But, it becomes troublesome and difficult to do, if you show the entire running medal that you have one by one. The solution is using a shadow box like this one. Just place all of your running medals in it.

30. Love Journey of The Pin In A Shadow Box

Glorious shadow box engagement ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

You can use pin for many things. It’s not only a tool to keep your cloth intact each other. But, it also can create a nice story that shows the journey of you and your loved one. From the time you met your loved one, having relationship, have baby, and become a full family, are displaying in this shadow box.

31. A Shadow Box Gift for The Best Husband

Fabulous shadow box ideas for sports medals #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

You want to deliver your feeling to your husband that you really love him? Try the Shadow Box Ideas like you can see in this picture. Using superhero character, you can say the best points that your husband has.

32. The Gamers Shadow Box Ideas

Surprising nursery shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

For gamers, joystick is one of the important tools that they can’t leave every day. This shadow box is perfect for the real gamer. It shows every part and component of the joystick, which represents that gaming isn’t only playing. It’s deep and meaningful. Gaming is the way of life.

33. Dice Collection In A Shadow Box

Incredible usaf shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Life is like gambling. You need to gamble when you make decision. Therefore, the luck Shadow Box Ideas is perfect way to display that. This is one of the best luck shadow box you can find. Using four leaf clovers, which is known as rare type of clover, plus a lot of dices, the luck feeling ooze out from this shadow box?

34. Lovely Seashell Shadow Box

Astounding shadow box ideas for seashells #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

You met your loved one when you have a vacation to the beach. Now, why don’t you try to create shadow box that can remind you of that moment? It looks like simple shadow box with many seashells inside. But, behind its simple Shadow Box Ideas, lie the meaningful journey when you found your love.

35. Grandkids Miniature Shadow Box Ideas

Unleash navy military shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Do you want to create a special and memorable gift to your beloved grandma? Try this shadow box. Using unique and cute doll that represent the grandchildren, it will make your grandma happy. Plus, there are the names at the bottom part of the shadow box, which make your grandma easier to notice the character inside the shadow box.

36. The Guitar Shadow Box Ideas

Gorgeous new baby shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Keep your guitar in its bag is actually a good way to keep it safe. However, it’s also not wrong to display your beloved guitar with a shadow box like this one. It boosts the greatness of the guitar that you’ve been using for long time. It will become even special, if your guitar also has the signature of your favorite musician.

37. The Keys of Memories Box

Famous shadow box ideas for high school graduation #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

This is one of the unique Shadow Box Ideas that use keys. It looks like that the owner are collecting the keys. It doesn’t look that special. However, each key seems to have history and story that is written on the bottom of the key that hang inside the box. You also can use this method with other object. So, use it for your inspiration to display your collection.

38. The Shadow Box for Lego Lover

Stunning 50th anniversary shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

For those who play Lego block a lot or it become their hobby, it’s easy to make anything from this playful block. One of them is using it for shadow box display, like this one.

The human shape is similar to the human character in the Lego block. So, basically, it represents the Lego toys that the owner played a lot. Actually, you also can use it for other toys.

39. The Pianist Shadow Box Ideas

Miraculous sports jersey shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

In order to be able to play piano really well, you will need very long learning time, determination, patience and hard work. If your friends or your kids have successfully make achievement as pianist, you can give them a gift. The pianist shadow box like this one is perfect choice for that purpose.

The piano keys and score, in this shadow box show really strong pianist feeling. It also represents the hard work that the recipient had done.

40. Lost and Found Shadow Box

Staggering xmas shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Have you ever found interesting object when you are walking around the city where you live? You can pick it up and throw it away to trash can. But, you also can use it as a nice content for unique Shadow Box Ideas.

This one is the best example for that. It has a lot of simple and seems useless objects. But, with nice arrangement inside the shadow box, it becomes nice artwork to hang on your wall.

41. A Shadow Box Gift for Graduation

Terrific shadow box ideas memorials #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Do you want to create beautiful souvenir for the graduation? This shadow box can become the best souvenir you can use. It is simple. It also doesn’t need too much hard work to make it.

What you need is the photo and several objects related to the graduation. Place it in certain manner, and voila, you have nice shadow box for graduation gift. You don’t need pro help to create Shadow Box Ideas like this one.

42. Baby Shower Gift

Wonderful shadow box keepsake ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Why don’t you try to give something different for baby shower? The shadow box like this one is the best choice you can try. The most important thing here is how you arrange the gift inside the shadow box.

However, if you also have bigger size gift like that Teddy Bear, you don’t need to put it inside the shadow box. Just give it along with shadow box. That’s enough to create nice gift for baby shower.

43. Family Tree Shadow Box Ideas

Eye-opening shadow box ideas for law enforcement #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Family is the place where life begins and love will never end. The Shadow Box Ideas for that quote is represented strongly in this shadow box. In fact, you also can read the quote written at the bottom part of the box.

This one is specially made for grandchildren. However, you also can change it, if you want to create shadow box for other family members.

44. Shoe House Shadow Box

Delight shadow box ideas for veterans #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Telling a story to your children will be much easier, if you have a tool that can help you to do that. Using this shadow box, you can tell story about boy that live in house that looks like a shoe.

But, you don’t need stop from that point. You also can use other Shadow Box Ideas to create other story using shadow box. You will need to use your creativity here.

45. The Best Chef Shadow Box

Astonishing shadow box ideas for wedding invitation #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

Your friend is really good in cooking. One day, he made one of the delicious meals you’ve ever had in your life. So, it’s not wrong to give him a gift to appreciate his creation. This shadow box is perfect for that gift. Using the unique artwork to create the painting of a chef, it portrays the ability of your friend to create delicious meal.

46. Button Art Shadow Box Ideas

Brilliant shadow box ideas for valentines #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

47. Photo Album Shadow Box

Awesome shadow box ideas for girlfriend #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

48. The Big Apple Art Shadow Box

Spectacular varsity letter shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

49. Paper Hot Air Balloon Shadow Box

Marvelous shadow box ideas for arrowheads #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

50. Paper Fruit Shadow Box Ideas

Unbelievable vintage shadow box ideas #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

51. Paper Dress 3D Shadow Box Frame

Breathtaking shadow box ideas for dad #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

52. Butterflies Spread Love Shadow Box

Excited shadow box ideas for a lost loved one #shadowboxideas #giftshadowbox #shadowboxideasmilitary

As you can see above, there are so many Shadow Box Ideas you can find and try. All of them are easy to make. You don’t need professional help to create them. Just use your time and little bit effort, and you can create a beautiful as well as meaningful shadow box like what you can see on those pictures.

Moreover, if you want, you can even commercialize the shadow box that you’ve created. So, what you can get here isn’t only the Shadow Box Ideas to create your shadow box. But, it also can become a promising business opportunities you can try. And maybe, you will get nice financial and income solution.

Lastly, all Shadow Box Ideas we explained to you has one purpose. They are helping you to get better life. It could be a way to support your loved one. You also can use them as the way to make you never give up to the situation. And of course, they also can become your income source. So, do not hesitate to try them all.

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