DIY Phone Stand

The phone stand is an important item because you can still use the phone without holding it. For example, you can use a phone stand to record a video where you are involved in the video. Moreover, the phone stand helps you a lot while driving because you can see a specific application such as Google Maps.

Even, you can also send a message to someone with a more handy way. This item is also useful to use when you are recharging the phone. You can find a variety of phone stands in the market from the cheap to expensive. Instead of buying it, you can start a DIY phone stand project.

Interestingly, the materials to create a phone stand are easy to find and some of them are free. Let say, it is possible to create a phone stand with mini sticks, cardboard, pencils, paperclips, and many more. The process is also easy and it takes a few minutes to finish the project and then use it just like what you want.

Sometimes, you can easily use the materials for a phone stand because the model is good to put your beloved phone. The function is also the same as the phone stands available in the market. Creating a DIY phone stands is a brilliant way to recycle used materials at home to be more useful. We give you the list of the unique and simple DIY phone stands you can do at home from the materials around you.

The explanation shows to you how easy to create a functional phone stand just like what you want. In the end, you can put the phone in the stand steadily and use the phone without holding it because you have a new phone stand now. Just check out the detail and start the simplest phone stand project you can accomplish.

1. DIY Phone Stand with Red Mini Sticks

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Don’t throw the used mini sticks because it can be used as a phone stand. The red mini stick phone stand above is the example in which it needs around 4 to 6 sticks. 5 of the sticks are used for the triangle or the horizontal and 1 stick is for the vertical position.

That’s it! You can put your beloved phone horizontally or vertically. It is a great DIY phone stand if you need a safe holder while recharging the phone.

2. Wooden Phone Stands

Staggering cell phone stand for desk #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Do you have used wood? Take a small part of it based on the size of your smartphone. Just measure the length and the thickness of the smartphone. It is the simplest DIY phone stand you can try at home. Create two wooden phone stand for the horizontal and vertical position.

3. Octopus Phone Stand

Terrific wooden stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

This is a unique phone stand because it looks like the part of octopus. It seems that the tails are trying to take your phone. Octopus phone stand is an eye-catching item so you can put it in your office table.

4. DIY Phone Stand Made of Cardboard

Wonderful samsung wireless charging stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you want to have a cheap phone stand, you can just take this cardboard phone stand. You just need to create the design and paint the cardboard to make it more interesting. The key is choosing thick and strong cardboard to hold the phone.

5. Pencil and String Stand for Tablet

Eye-opening iphone charging dock #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

This is a brilliant DIY phone stand where you just need 6 pencils and some strings. The design is similar to the foundation of an Indian tent. When it is ready, test the strength of the phone stand.  If it is able to hold the phone, it means you have a new and the most unique phone stand. The most important, it is free!

6. DIY Triangle Cardboard for Phone Stand

Delight best car phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you don’t want to create a complicated design with the cardboard, this triangle cardboard phone stand is the best option. You just need triangle cardboard and rectangle cardboard. Just make slices on both sides of the triangle cardboard and make sure that the size is enough for the rectangle cardboard. Now, you have simple cardboard for the vertical and horizontal position.

7. Do It Yourself Tripod Phone Stand

Astonishing best cell phone holder for car #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

You don’t have to buy an expensive tripod to create a great video or photo. The DIY phone stand with plastic above can facilitates your need well. The plastic material is strong enough to hold the phone. Then, you just need to adjust the position of the phone based on your need.

8. DIY Paperclips Phone Stand

Brilliant mobile phone stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

You might not realize that the office tools are able to use as a phone stand. Besides pencils and strings, you can also use paperclips. You just have to use the medium or big size of paperclips to make sure that it is strong enough to hold the phone. In a few seconds, you have a new phone stand on your office table.

9. DIY Phone Stand Made of Card

Awesome magnetic phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Don’t throw away your expired card. For a creative person, it is not a waste because you can reuse it as a phone stand. Just fold the card into three parts until it looks like an S or Z shape. Then, use it as a phone holder. Just make sure that you fold the card perfectly so it doesn’t move when you put a phone there.

10. DIY Phone Stand Made of Cups

Spectacular iphone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Be creative with your waste! Let say, you have some unused cups at home. Just take three of them. Make a medium hole in two of them and slice for the last cup. Unite it by inserting the cup with a slice on the hole for both sides. That’s it! Put your phone in the middle and you have a perfect phone stand from cups.

11. DIY Popsicle Stick Phone Stand

Marvelous cell phone stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Popstick is also a great waste to keep because you can create something from it. Take around 10 popsicle ticks and glue them just like what you see in the picture. This material is strong enough to hold your phone. Indeed, the phone stand is free and works just like what you are expected.

12. DIY Wooden Table and Tablet Holder

Unbelievable iphone stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you want to have a Japanese phone stand, try to modify a wooden table you have at home. Just add some small wooden sticks and then glue it on the table. When the glue is dry, you can put your beloved phone there and now you have a lovely Japanese style table with an addition of a phone stand. What a simple DIY phone stand idea, right?

13. Fancy Chair Phone Holder

Breathtaking iphone car mount #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

It is really a stylish phone stand and you can put in your office table. The fancy chair phone holder can be made of used wire. You may design the chair just like your office chair. Now, you can sit in your chair and let your beloved phone sits in its phone holder.

14. Luxury Phone Stand for iPhone

Excited iphone car holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

A luxury phone holder doesn’t mean that it is expensive. You can create it from used wood material. Give the material varnish as the finishing touch to make it shinier. Use two thick wooden materials and adjust it just like what you see in the picture. Add some additional items to make sure that the stand is safe enough to hold the phone.

15. Creative Wooden Phone Stand

Remarkable cell phone car mount #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you think a wooden phone stand is a common thing, you can just modify it. Just paint the wooden phone stand you have with black or grey color. Soon, the wooden stand looks like a big rock. Wait until the paint is totally dry and it seems you have a phone holder made of rock. You may add some small items such as plants or flowers miniature to make it looks real.

16. DIY Phone Stand Credit Card and Binder Clips

Fantastic phone case with card holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

It is also a brilliant DIY phone stand. You just need to use an expired card and binder clips. You don’t have to fold the card at all. Instead of folding the card, just pinch the sides of the card with two binder clips. Use the part of the binder clips to hold your phone.

17. DIY Key Chain Phone Stand

Unique charging phone case #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Do you have an old wooded key chain? Before changing it with a new one, just think of reusing it. You may create a small slice on the key chain. The slice has to be fit enough with the thickness of your phone. Try to use it to hold the phone and if it is strong enough to hold it, you are successfully reusing the old key chain into a phone stand.

18. DIY Cassette Tape Case Phone Stand

Sensational cell phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

You can also reuse your old cassette case into something useful. Open the case until you can stand it. You may give some additional accessories to make it more interesting to see. When it is ready, you are giving a new function to the old cassette case into a beautiful phone stand.

19. DIY Bamboo Phone Stand and Charging Station

Extraordinary card holder for phone #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

This bamboo phone stand looks fabulous in your office or working table. The bamboo material gives a touch of Japanese style. It is a great phone stand for modern home design. You are about to have a simple design phone stand but it is effective enough to hold important items including mobile phones.

20. Cute Chair Phone Holder

Uplifting phone popsocket #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Chair models can be inspired to create a cute DIY phone stand. You may use a round or hanging chair as the model. A wire can be a simple material to create this chair phone stand. Try to create the chair phone stand similar to the real model. Now, you can put the phone there and let it relaxes for a while.

21. DIY Wood Cell Phone Holder

Life-changing iphone wallet case #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Wood is one of the favorite materials for a variety of items including a phone stand. The biggest reason to use this material is to create a simple and stylish phone stand. The material is also durable and strong enough to hold your phone safely.

22. Phone Stand Craft from Toilet Paper Roll

Unbeatable phone mount for car #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Can you imagine that a toilet paper roll can be used as a cute phone stand? Just follow the DIY phone stand above where you can design the toilet paper roll crafts like a lovely cat. You can also design it with your most favorite pet. It is better to paint to toilet paper roll to make it adorable to see. Put your phone there and it is really cute to see them, right?

23. Dramatically Do It Yourself Gift Card Phone Stand

Striking phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

You can use any kind of cards as long it is thick enough to hold a phone. An expired gift card is a perfect option. If you don’t have any additional accessories, just slice the card and make sure that the slice is fit with the phone. Put the phone on the slice and your phone stand is ready!

24. Simple Wooden Phone Stand

Wondrous cell phone holder for car #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

The wooden phone stand above is a good example of an item for modern home or office design. The design looks simple but it can be used more than just a phone holder. The hole is a good place to put some small items such as an earphone or any kind of office tools.

25. Sticky Tape Phone Stand

Perfect wallet phone case #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Do you need a phone stand for urgent situations? Just find a sticky tape because it is a good option to hold your phone. It is not a stylish phone holder but at least you can use the sticky tape to hold a phone anytime and anywhere you want, especially in an urgent condition where you don’t bring a tripod.

26. Wine Cork iPhone Stand

Epic car phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Wine corks are stylish enough for a DIY phone stand. You need around 6 wine corks as the base and the holder. Glue three of the corks and create a place for the phone. Then, glue the rest of the wine corks as the back holder of the phone. It is a really cool phone holder for a modern house or office.

27. DIY Pallet Phone Stand

Phenomenal phone stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

This palette phone holder is an artistic product. The natural texture from the palette makes the holder looks amazing to see. You may add a finish if you like it to make it shinier. The palette phone stand looks perfect with your beloved phone.

28. DIY Hard Paper Phone Stand

Amazing mobile phone holder diy #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you want to have a phone stand with simple material, you can start to create this paper phone stand. What you need to consider is choosing a thick paper which strong enough to hold the phone. It is a great design because you can use it not only to put the phone but also to recharge it.

29. DIY Pencils Phone Stand

Unforgettable diy mobile holder for car #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

This is another DIY phone stand from pencils and strings. You need around 5 pencils. Use three of the pencils as the based in which you are creating a triangle base just like an Indian tent. Then, use the two of the pencils to hold the phone. Just make sure that you tie up the pencils perfectly to create a strong phone stand construction.

30. DIY Wooden Phone Stand Plans

Glorious diy smartphone holder for car #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

The benefit of using this wooden phone stand is that you can adjust the slope level. Moreover, the design is simple enough and it is designed for people who love to use something natural. It is also a great option for those who want to use Asian style items at home or office.

31. DIY Tree Slice Phone Holder

Fabulous diy phone car holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

A tree slice is also a great material for DIY phone stand. You don’t need anything except the tree slice. Cut the middle of the slice as the place of the phone. The key is creating a fit slice on the tree slice so it holds the phone safely even without any holder on the back.

32. DIY Triangle Paper Phone Stand

Surprising diy car mobile holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

A Thick and colorful paper can be used as a phone stand. Just fold the paper into a triangle shape. When it is done, try to put the phone to make sure that paper is strong enough to hold the phone. This triangle paper phone stand is a good option for a small room or table.

33. Lovely Panda iPhone Stand

Incredible bike phone holder diy #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

For panda lovers, you may follow this cute DIY phone stand. Pick a thick paper and create a panda pattern on the paper. Then, cut the paper based on the pattern and paint it to create a cute panda. When the holder is dry, you can add specific material such as a wire or plastic to hold the bottom part of the phone.

34. Plexiglass iPad Stand

Astounding phone holder for bike diy #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Plexiglass is one of the recommended materials for a phone stand because it is easy to shape and durable enough. The transparent model creates a simple and stylish design. It is an option for a modern design. You can put the plexiglass phone stand anywhere you want such as in your bedroom, office table, working table, or even kitchen.

35. Cute Black Cat Phone Stand

Unleash undefined #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

It might be a little bit complicated to follow because you need to mold the material first. But it is also a recommended DIY phone stand, especially for cat lovers. The design is so cute. This is a perfect selection for those who concern about the function and aesthetic part of an item.

36. Cute Orange Elephant Phone Stand

Gorgeous diy cell phone charger holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Besides creating a cat phone holder, you can also create an elephant phone stand. You can use a variety of materials such as wood and thick paper in this DIY phone stand project. Paint the phone holder with your favorite colors including orange. Later, you will have a cute and eye-catching phone stand.

37. Dino Tripod Phone Stand

Famous diy wall phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

It is a unique phone stand because it seems that your phone is held by a dinosaur. It might be a little bit complicated and takes time to finish this project due to the model. But, you may apply this dino phone stand if you love to put something unique at your table. You can use this as a special gift for your lovely boy.

38. DIY Banana Peel Phone Stand ideas

Stunning diy phone card holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

A simple thing such as a banana peel can be an inspiration to create a phone stand. The stand looks like a real banana peel. The key to creating this kind of unique phone holder is selecting strong and thick materials so it holds the phone safely.

39. DIY Bean Bag iPhone Stand

Miraculous wall phone holder diy #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

The colorful bean bag is also an amazing inspiration for you to create a unique phone stand. This product might be made of fabric. To make it more interesting, you can choose bright color fabric such as red, orange, blue, and green.

40. DIY Phone Stand Made from Spoon and Fork

Staggering diy cell phone holder for desk #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

How many spoon and fork do you have at home? Just take some of them to create this amazing DIY phone stand project. At least, you need 3 spoons and two forks. The spoons are used for the head and the feet whereas the forks are used for the hands. Now, it seems that your phone is held by a stainless steel creature.

41. DIY Creative Wood Phone Stand

Terrific diy cell phone holder for car #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

A whale is another animal which you can use as the model of your DIY phone stand. Use the parts of the whale as the holder such as his mouth, dorsal, and the air hole. Wooden is a perfect material to make sure that the phone stand is durable and strong enough to hold several important items including your phone.

42. DIY Futuristic Phone Holder

Wonderful diy phone charger holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

Creating something futuristic doesn’t mean that you are creating something complicated. You just need to create around 7 thick wooden sticks. Then, adjust the sticks just like on the picture. You can glue or nail it before using it as a phone stand. The great thing about using this stand is that you can use it to hold two or more phones.

43. DIY Phone Stand Made from Natural Wood

Eye-opening diy cell phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

This natural wood phone stand is a DIY phone stand project for those who only have limited time to create a phone holder. You just use a piece of wood slice and make a hole and slice on it. The slice is the place for putting the phone. It is important to make sure that the wood can stand perfectly and it doesn’t move anytime you put the phone.

44. DIY Wood Heart Shape Phone Stand

Delight diy phone holder #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you have enough time, you can process a block of wood into a heart phone stand. You have to shape the wood and finish it until you have a heart shape wood. Give a space at the top of the heart as the place where you put the phone.

45. 3D Cute Horse Phone Stand

Astonishing handphone stand diy #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand

If you have a lot of wood materials, try to create this horse phone stand. It takes time to create the wooden horse but it is worth it enough, especially if you want to put something functional and cute at your office or working table.


46. 3d Cute Karate Man Phone Stand

Brilliant diy cell phone stand for desk #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand



47. Cute Phone Holder Designs

Awesome diy mobile phone stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


48. DIY 3D Pushman Cell Phone Stand

Spectacular diy stand for phone #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


49. DIY Country Wood Phone Stand

Marvelous diy phone camera stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


50. Phone Stand 3D Audio

Unbelievable diy phone charging stand #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


51. DIY Phone Stand – Popsicle Stick

Breathtaking diy phone stand paper clip #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


52. Clever Phone Stand

Excited diy phone stand cardboard #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


53. Clever and Simple Phone Holder Ideas

Remarkable diy phone stand binder clips #diyphonestandideas #phoneholderideas #iphonestand


So, which one of the DIY phone holders above you want to create? All of them are unique and easy to follow. The most important thing is that you can start a DIY phone stand with simple materials including unused or waste materials. The list above shows to you that those waste materials can be changed into a functional and beautiful phone stand.


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