DIY Bookshelf Pallet

Heavy things can weigh up to thousands of ton. Every day, people need to move belongings and other heavy stuff. It will be difficult to lift such things by bare hands. Therefore, people create a tool to make lifting work easier. In ancient time, when there were so many kingdoms in every nation throughout the world, people used flat wood or flat iron or flat bronze or flat copper to put things on to it.

After that they can move them to another place they desire. The tool now is called pallet. You know it so well. Every tribe in every country really knows what pallet it. Interestingly. This tool has been known worldwide for more than 100 thousand years long before Lemuria ruled the world with high technology and wisdom.

In the megalithic era, people used flat stone to move heavy objects faster and easier. The stone was very durable. It was not easy to break it down. The lost technology was used to cut hard stone like butter. Some people say that the cutting technology was given by alien race from far away galaxy.

After the megalithic era, human beings lived in the iron era. Basically, it was the same. They replaced the stone with iron sheets to make a pallet. Actually, hard stone was more durable than iron at that moment. Iron can rust easily. While stone can last almost forever. Why they moved from atone age to iron age was still unknown.

Tine went by, human beings then lived in the bronze era. Iron was not used widely as mush as the bronze. They used bronze to make pallet. Bronze is better than iron. However, it is not as hard as iron. Bronze cannot rust. It is non-toxic material. They used bronze pallets to help themselves lifting heavy objects.

After the era ended, copper replaced the era. People used copper to make pallets. It is better bronze when it comes to hardness. It cannot rust. It can be shaped easily like iron. In this era, copper was broadly used by people on this planet. It was very expensive at that time. Only rich people who used it as a pallet.

In this modern era, interestingly, people do not use metal or stone to make a pallet, they use wood instead. It is because metal is more expensive nowadays than wood. Moreover, metal is not limitless in its existence. While woods can be regrown as much as we want. Wood is easy to shape, cheap, non-toxic, non-rustic, and easy to regrow.

When it comes to wood, as the new material to make a pallet, there are so many kinds of this natural material that we can get on earth. There are at least 30 kinds of common wood that people use to make a pallet. They can be found in every country on earth. They can grow in a forest or in a plantation fields.

This article will show how to make a palate with every kind of wood. You can make it by yourself. It is very easy to make one. If you cannot make it, ask a carpenter to help you.

1. Acacia Bookshelf Pallet

If you want to make a pallet out of an acacia wood, you need to make sure that the wood is legal. Buy one only from a trusted wood store. If you cannot identify which one is an acacia, you can ask a wood expert to help you.

This wood is very good to make a pallet. Storing books can work well with this one. It has bright color that is useful to see the slots before lifting it up. You can use jigsaw or handsaw to cut the woods. Nail every corner together and there you have it.

2. African Blackwood Bookshelf Pallet

Your books are valuable. Therefore, you need to store them in a great pallet. When it comes to a great bookshelf pallet, African Blackwood is very suitable. It has nice color. Moreover, it is very strong and easy to shape.

Make sure your jigsaw or handsaw is sharp to cut every pieces of the wood before you put them together by nailing each corner. You can make more than four columns. It depends on how many books you have.

3. Alder Bookshelf Pallet

This one is my favorite. Alder is very light but strong enough to hold you books in one place. Cut the log carefully so that you can have pieces of the wood. You can measure whatever inches you want. After that, prepare several nails to nail them all together.

You can see some bookshelf pictures on Google to get the idea. There are a bunch of pictures that can inspire you anytime. Actually, all you need is a jigsaw, nails, and polish. Possibly some wood glue is needed also to tighten the gap in between the two pieces of wood.

4. Apple Bookshelf Pallet

Your books are special. I know that. Therefore, they need to be stored in a pallet that is made of apple wood. This wood smells good. It is light and bright. You can polish it with satin finish. It can last almost for good.

In order to get a better result, before you cut the log into small pieces, soak them in a chemical liquid that can empower the wood to reject termites. Those animals are very harmful to your books and wood pallet.

5. Ash Wood Bookshelf Pallet

This wood is very rare. Moreover, it is a little bit expensive. However, you will get amazing bookshelf pallet. It has natural unique tater in the middle part of the wood. You cut it piece by piece.

After that, put every piece together by nailing each corner. It has bright yellow color. It looks very nice when you polish it with clear oil finish. You can paint the pallet if you want.

6. Balsa Wood Bookshelf Pallet

Balsa is amazing wood. It has beautiful pattern. It looks exotic if you make this wood into a DIY bookshelf pallet. Soak it in a chemical liquid for protection before you make it into a bookshelf pallet.

Make sure you choose the best product from a wood shop. It is available in a big wood shop in the United of America. I think it is available also in every country.

7. Bamboo Bookshelf Pallet

Bamboo is well-k own across nations. It is a unique plant. Its little brother is the grass in your yard. You can get the best of it from China, Japan, and Indonesia. This plant is strong, easy to shape, and cheap.

You need a handsaw to cut it into pieces. Nail every pieces to gather DIY bookshelf pallet. It needs leas maintenance. However, make sure there are no termites that can damage tour bamboo pallet. Green is so amazing.

8. Beech Wood Bookshelf Pallet

This one is very rare. It can be expensive out there in a market. Luckily, in this modern era, you can buy something rare easily. Your books will be safe to be placed in a beech pallet. Go to nearby wood shop in your State.

Beech can be found in north America. You can awe it growing beautifully. You will have a long lasting bookshelf pallet if you use this kind of wood to make one.

9. Birch Wood Bookshelf Pallet

The patter of this wood is terrific. People love it for its pattern. It is strong and durable. You can place your lovely books safely on to a Birch bookshelf pallet. It is a little bit expensive but worth it. It can last longer than any other wood pallet.

The key of its strength is on the old age. A Birch tree must be old enough to cut down. You need to make sure the age of the wood before you buy it.

10. Blood Wood Bookshelf Pallet

The name is terrifying. However, the pattern and its color are very fantastic. You will never get a better one out there. It has the color of the blood. It is very unique and rare. You need to use your sharp handsaw to cut it down into pieces.

After that, use nails to make them attach each other firmly. You need to make sure that it is perfect and old enough. Blood wood cam be found in Africa and Borneo. It is protected by local spirit.

11. Bocote Wood Bookshelf Pallet

The pattern reminds of Neil river in Egypt. It is absolutely beautiful. It has wavy pattern. It has unique smell. You will see that of you make a bookshelf out of this wood, your reading room will look gorgeous.

You can but is in a wood shop in the United States of America. Nonetheless, I think that European countries have this wood for sale.

12. Bubinga Wood Bookshelf Pallet

This red color is very unique. This wood can be made into a DIY bookshelf pallet. It is very strong. It can hold books up to 10 books in one row. You needs a very sharp handsaw to cut it into pieces.

Some say that Bubinga is creates by God Kilola. This wood is very sacred. You need to be careful when you turn it into something else. It is protected by many Gods of Africa.

13. Butternut Wood Bookshelf Pallet

It is very soft but strong. You can make a bookshelf pallet out of this wood. It is cheap but durable. You need a little effort to change it into a new thing foe your stuff. It has bright color. It is very nice to see.

Your reading book will look fantastic if you place the pallet in it. You cam find this wood in Japan and China. Make sure you watch tutorial video on YouTube.

14. Canary Wood Bookshelf Pallet

It is my sister’s favorite. She has one. You can make a DIY bookshelf pallet out of this wood. It has very good pattern. Moreover, it is not expensive. You need your ruler, jigsaw, and nails to make a cool pallet.

If you need tutorial how to make a bookshelf pallet, I suggest you to watch some tutorial videos on YouTube.

15. Cedar Wood Bookshelf Pallet

Every American knows this wood. It is very famous among Americans. You can but it in every wood shop in every State. Look at the pattern of this wood. Cedar is the most suitable wood to make a bookshelf pallet.

It has light purple color and straight lines in the whole body of the wood. It has also a little white color in between the lines. I suggest you to make one out of this wood. You will not regret it.

16. Cherry Wood Bookshelf Pallet

This one is my father’s favorite. He has a bookshelf pallet out of this wood. Cherry is an awesome tree. The wood is easy to shape with only a handsaw. You can make one even though you are not an expert.

Prepare some nails and glue to put every pieces of the wood into a fantastic DIY bookshelf pallet. You can sell it online and get more money.

17. Chestnut Wood Bookshelf Pallet

This wood is a little rare. Some country does not have it for sale. You can buy it in California or Alabama. Those two States have this wood for everyone. It is not so expensive and not so cheap. Yes, it is so-so in the price.

Ask for help of you cannot make a good bookshelf pallet. There are so many carpenters on America. They are ready to help you do the job perfectly.


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Initial thing we did was the taking apart of pallets right into solitary plank pile and after that we make them reconstructed once again according to the plan and restored this pallet wood bookcase design out of it within no time at all. You can store quite possibly the books as well as publications it which we commonly require at summer mid-days.

This is one of super quick and very easy wooden pallet crafts and also has individually convenient building. We have finished this bookshelf off by making it hand waxed.

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Time to Get Up and Do Something

I feel that you are inspired now. DIY bookshelf pallet is very easy. You only need a handsaw or a jigsaw, ruler, some nails, and wood glue. Make sure you follow my instruction on this article. Another possibility is that you watch s e tutorial videos on YouTube about how to make a bookshelf pallet out of wood.


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