20+ Budget-Friendly DIY Bookshelf Pallet and Racks (Plans & Instructions)

DIY BOOKSHELF PALLET – Have a wood pallet or two laying around, or know where to get a few? If so, you might consider making one or more of these stunning pallet shelves below. You will find a variety of designs to choose from, to transform any room in your home. These Bookshelves use recycled and repurposed pallets to add a unique style to your home or office.

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Jenna Burger Design’s shares how she was making over her son’s room and the shelves he had currently wasn’t doing the job. She grabbed a pallet and got to work and this is what she created. I think it turned out perfect. I love that rich color in the wood.

Pallet Bookshelf

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So Made with Love that can be Felt created this really sturdy pallet bookshelf they placed in their room. I thought even though this isn’t a hanging shelf, you can totally use it like a shelf for so many different things besides books.

Rustic Pallet Shelves

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Instructables is at it again with another amazing diy project. This time it is on these fun rustic shelves. You can make a few shelves in an afternoon to transform your living space.

Easy Pallet Shelf

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Lil Luna shares how they made this easy pallet shelf for their home. With a little cutting and sanding, you can have your own homemade shelves.

Pallet Bookshelf For Kids Room

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Six Sister’s Stuff shares how they took a pallet and did some cutting and painting and transformed it into a bookshelf for their child’s bedroom. I love this idea, and you can really make it any color you want to fit the room.

DIY Bookshelf Pallet Wall with 3 Levels

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Brilliant wood pallet design #diybookshelfpallet #bookshelves #storageideas

This DIY Bookshelf pallet with 3 pockets is beautiful art piece of wooden craftsmanship which you can also copy easily. It would be highly adorable addition to your living room wall to show your items of interest and art as well.

You can also make this shelf to hold your mural and picture frames for in order to get them clearly displayed on living room wall. There are some other purposes that can be made with this shelf model. This would perfectly work as a pallet mail organizer to organize you mails and important documentations.

DIY Bookshelf Pallet and Metal Sheet Vintage Shelving

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This DIY pallet and metal sheet shelving scheme is just best to hold your books, DVDs and other important notices and records. Provide such a functional shelving setup to any of your wall area to showcase your items of interest for a flashy display.

This DIY Bookshelf pallet wall hanging will rock in your farmhouse styled or vintage inspired study room or living room and will also be a noticeable addition to your modern cozy wall areas.

DIY Recycled Pallet Bookcase

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You can divert this pallet project to any size or dimensions you want to have it personalized and just according to the space you have. The pretty rustic DIY bookshelf pallet can add a very unique and antique character to living space.

If you find this pallet inspiration really gorgeous and stimulating then it has a very simple crafting work to be tried at home. This is just an amazing piece of genius thinking and marvelous creativity and whole of pallet furniture is much light to your wallet.

Antique Bookshelf Made from Pallets

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First thing we did was the dismantling of pallets into single plank pile and then we make them reassembled again according to the plan and regenerated this pallet wood bookcase model out of it within no time. You can store very well the books and magazines it which we often need at summer afternoons.

This is one of super quick and easy wooden pallet crafts and has individually manageable construction. We have finished this bookshelf off by making it hand waxed.

DIY Pallet Bookshelf with Blue Color

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We have also tried a pair of DIY pallet bookshelf for storage needs of home. We painted them in a graceful dark blue color that makes the rustic nature more charming. To find a such a models of shelves out of pallet wood is much handy task and is just a piece of cake you can say it.

Just cut down the pallet including a one planks from any end and you are done and enjoy this honorable need for home walls for secured storage of your favorite and readable books. You can also use them for picture and mural frames for a lovely and arresting display through these dainty wooden pieces.

This is one of the amazing DIY pallet bookshelf ideas which are higher in utility and much lesser in budget and time consuming.

Pallet Wood Bookshelf

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Books are great friends of a man and should be kept neatly, to provide care to your treasure of knowledge, we have shared here very creative and no-cost solution here in shape of this DIY pallet bookshelf made only with 100% pallets! Just create some shelving levels in an original pallet boards by adding and removing some planks and just start using as a pallet bookshelf that will help you to treat your books with care!

The design is also too good to employ as a decorative unit as it provides a top mantle level to display the additional items of interest and decors along with book storage! It can be positioned as vertical bookshelf against any wall area and can also be mounted on a living room wall using according hardware hanging systems!

DIY Pallet Wall Hanging Bookshelf

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We are here with this DIY pallet little wall hanging bookshelf that is made with only a small quantity of discarded pallet pieces! This rustic piece of shelf is great to organize your books, magazines and other types of documentation and also contains a top mantle level to put your decorative stuff in a pleasing display!

You can build such a small but functional shelves in kids study room, bathrooms, kitchen and in offices to store the related stuff!

The rustic nature of this tiny pallet-made shelf will also introduce it as an antique wall art pieces to your blank wall areas and it will really be eyeful in your vintage inspired interiors with some candle lights and antiques decors over it! It can be used with unlimited possibilities can go for both accent and storage functions at the same time!

Simply DIY Pallet Bookshelf

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The bookcase is simply made out of the wide pallet board pieces with fifteen shelf boxes for abundant book storage along with some other stuff like the decor pieces and artifacts. Study room. Living room or the bedroom this lovely bookcase can be a welcoming addition to any of these spaces. With its shabby chic finish in brown and some other dark shades make it more tempting to possess instantly.

Creative DIY Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

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Explore your creative imaginations and bring the pallet boards in home as functional pallet furniture projects just like this DIY bookshelf pallet design, having multiple shelving levels! A complete pallet board has been a extended to gain some shelving levels and for this purposes some already separated apart pallet slats have been fixed! After getting perfectly sanded, the whole bookshelf has been painted in orange shade and looks mesmerizing in that!

From decorative pots to magazines and also from mural frames to books, one can display through this handcrafted shelving unit! Add a back support to make it stand individually and decide a suitable location to use it like living room corners!

This project is both money and effort saving and come with ideal statements of book shelving! Do grab the pallets and do clone this precious bookshelf design to add to your living room or to a kid’s room!

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