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Having a small office at your house? Now it’s time for you to create a perfect convenient room to work from home. You can make whatever type of environment that will fit the best with your personality. One of the environment’s important element is proper computer desk. It will be easier to get things done if you have computer desk that works for you. This furniture is a great investment for your home office.

There are many type of computer desks on the market that you can choose for your room. But, most of the type which have storage units, being ergonomic or distinctive design that you think will work the best for you are extremely cost a lot of money. Therefore, setting up a DIY computer desk could be the best way for saving money while getting a proper computer desk.

If you want to start building your own computer desk, all you need is DIY computer desk ideas with a little carpentry skill. If you creative enough, you might not need to buy new pieces of wood or some accessories to build the computer desk. You can make the best use of your old furniture at home and few pieces wood to set up a comfortable desk. Not only good for your savings, building DIY computer desk means that you have built own smart computer desk.

1. DIY Bookshelf Desk that Similar with Pottery Barn’s

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You want to have Pottery Barn’s bookshelf desk but don’t agree with the price tag? Then, what you need to do is creating your own similar Pottery Barn’s Bookshelf desk. This design is one of the most favorite DIY computer desk for your home office. All you need is following this instruction below and you will be a thrifty shopper.

First, you need to have two pieces of “Martha Stewart Living” bookcases as the buffer of the desk. Why choose this bookcases? Because they are extremely easy to assemble with only a screw gun so you don’t need to nail anything. Then, you will need a full sheet of oak plywood from Cut My Plastic.. The size is depend on the dimension of the desk you want to build. I suggest you to get a sturdy one so it will not sag when you work with your computer on it.

This desk with some shelves beneath the desk is perfect to make your room clutter-free. You can fill up the shelves with all the tools you have. The shelves can store many tools from the most-used ones until the rarely used ones.

2. Computer Desk with Murphy Style

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The idea of this desk is to build a DIY computer desk that will fit for compact spaces in your home. All you need is only incorporating a built-in bookshelf on the wall with fold-down desk. Whenever you done with your job and want the room space to be larger, you only need to neatly fold away the desk into the built-in bookshelf on the wall. This will turn the corner of your room into the effective home office.

When the desk is fold away into the bookshelf, it will function as the cover while the buffer of the desk will function as the border. The Murphy style offers eye-catching and practical computer desk to optimize your room space.

3. Simple Wood Pallet Table

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If you want a DIY computer desk which has extra rack but don’t want it to be bulky, you can opt computer desk that made from simple pallet. All you need to prepare is just one layer of plywood, two pairs of Vika Curry legs and one wooden pallet. This computer desk is very easy to build and make the corner of the room look bigger.

You need to place the wooden pallet on top and then put the plywood beneath the pallet. Last, two pairs of Vika Curry legs as the buffer for the desk. From this way, you can get extra rack to store all the stuffs like paper, office utensils, books or anything that fits in. Therefore, you will always get your desk neat and more spacious to work.

4. DIY Modular Table

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This modular computer desk is another lightweight appearance furniture besides simple wood pallet computer desk that we have talked before. This DIY Computer Desk will be a perfect match for someone who prefer modular workspace. This computer desk is made from X-legged which can be folded whenever you want.

There only some simple steps to follow for making this low-cost and lightweight computer desk. First, use two pairs of unused pipe for the X-legged. Then prepare a pair more of the pipe for the desk surface base. The dimension of the pipe is depend on your need whether you need more spacious desk or narrow one.

Here is one of the example dimension for the pipe. You can prepare pipe for the surface base with 65 cm length. Then, as for the X legged, prepare each of the pipes with 85 cm pipes. Make a hole on the middle of each pair of X-legged then screw the hole so the X-legged pipe can be functioned as the hinge for the desk.

To connect the X-legged pipe with the surface base, there are some ways that you can opt. You can use 90 degree pipe joint to connect the two legs with the surface base. Or you can weld the surface base and the two X-legged.

As for the desk surface, you can choose sturdy plywood or wood on the top. You can easily move this DIY computer desk in a different place. Besides, this item don’t block people’s view so it will make your room space seem more open than the bulky object.

5. Gold Leafed Desk IKEA

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This cozy and comfortable DIY computer desk will make your room visually gorgeous. Who would wonder that this cozy and gorgeous DIY gold leafed desk will cost you only a low price to pay? Here are the simple instructions to follow.

First, you have to prepare all the materials need to build this gorgeous computer desk. The primer material is Ikea Vika Gruvan desk, choose which has trestle legs. Then, you need to prepare clear acrylic spray to seal the gold leaf, paint brush, adhesive size Gold leaf, and glue brush painter’s tape. Buy four packets for the adhesive size Gold leaf and choose glue brush with 2 inch dimension with foam brush type.

Next, there are only four simple instructions to follow. First step is take the glass on top of the desk during preparation. Then, do not forget to apply painter’s tape on the tray to outline the edges.

Step two, take the glue brush painter’s tape to paint every sides of one tray including the adhesive size. Don’t touch the paint until it becomes dry and tacky for 15 minutes.

Step three, press the adhesive size of the gold leaf on the tray until all the surface of the tray is fully covered. If there is any spot that you missed, just press more gold leaf onto the spot you have missed. If there is any excess leaf on the surface, just brush it away to remove the excess. Repeat the second and the third step on the other tray.

Step four and last, to make the adhesive size gold leaf perfectly attach onto the tray surface, you have to apply the clear acrylic spray to seal the gold leaf. Spray clear acrylic spray for about two light coats to seal the leaf. Then, remove the painter’s tape on the edges of the tray and put the glass back on top of the desk.

Your gorgeous and fabulous DIY computer desk is already finish and ready to use. You can place the desk anywhere at your home since it will make your room seems more homey.

6. Adjustable Standing PC Desk

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Sitting for hours a day in front of computer without even move your body an inch is not good for your health. Therefore, many people nowadays that work in an office have a lot of health problem. To deal with this issue, having a standing computer desk in your home could be the best answer for you. The idea is quite simple. You only need to add the smaller one desk on top of the regular desk.

All you need is regular desk that you already have and smaller desk to build standing DIY computer desk. This way, you could stay healthy while allowing you to keep work adequately in front of the computer. If you want to make the desk lower, you could replace the smaller desk with the other desk that will fit with your height.

If you want to sit, you just need to replace the smaller desk and use the bigger one. You can also use the space between the smaller and bigger desk to store any office utensils such as pencils, ballpoints, books and another stuffs.

7. DIY Wrap-around Computer Desk

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Having a small space in your home is not a problem to build your private home office nowadays. To solve this problem, you can opt to create wrap-around DIY computer desk in the corner of the room. This model can give you many flexibility in doing your job at home.

To make it simpler, you can use hinge that attach directly to the wall so that the table can be folded down. This way, the space used for the desk can be maximized. It is also a great choice for you who want to have dual computer screen. You can place a chalkboard or a mirror on the other side of the table to make it more useful.

The space in top surface can be used to place many stuffs such as laptops, office utensils or standing lamp. By making it quite high, you can work with your computer while standing or sitting. You only need to buy or build long legged chair.

8. DIY Leaning Ladder Bookcase with Computer Table

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Another ideas to maximize your small space corner room is by converting it into a functional bookcase. This form will add a function to your home office while saving many floor space and clutter free. Whatever the items you use for work, either laptop or computer desktop, this ladder bookcase is an ideal choice for your home office.

What you need to make this furniture works for your home office is free wall to devote for your big ladder shelf. Then you only need few ladder desk units to create shelves as the bookcase. By creating an attractive own ladder bookcase with computer desk in it will surely make a difference on your mood. Not only books, you can also place your favorite things to make you mood boosted.

9. DIY Double Bookcase with Computer Table

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Double DIY computer desk with bookcase will allow two people to work simultaneously while keeping each privacy. Compared to traditional double computer desk with dual computers stand side by side, this idea surely will keep your privacy because there is a bookcase separates you and the other.

All you need to build this useful double bookcase and computer desk is two-sided bookcase with desk attach to the bookcase on each side. As for the desk, you can use full sheet of oak plywood. The length-size depends on the dimension of the desk you want to build. While the width-size depends on the width-dimension of the bookcase. It is better if you use sturdy sheet of oak plywood so it will not sag when you work with your computer on it.

You can store many tools inside the shelves, such as paper, book, ballpoints, pencils, rulers and even printer. DIY double bookcase with computer desk is a best choice for you and your family working at the house together while help you to get clutter-free room.

10. DIY Rustic Computer Desk

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DIY rustic computer desk is a best fit for you who want to feel calmness and pleasant environment while working at your home office. You only need to prepare one big table that enough for your computer desktop, a small desk fan, watch, speaker, keyboard and any other stuffs that you think you will need.

What you need to prepare is accessories and decorations that will suit this concept. Choose lightweight wooden desk instead of bulk wooden desk. This type of desk will make your room feels more spacious. Then, fill out the computer desk with a matching chair that made from wood if you want to devote into this concept completely.

11. DIY Floating Minimalist Computer Desk

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Floating desk could be an answer for those who look for more spacious room for minimalist house. This type of computer desk will allow you to store multitude of objects inside the drawer while you can work on the desk simultaneously.

Unfortunately, this type of computer desk may not be strong enough to hold a desktop computer because it doesn’t have any legs to hold the surface desk. But, you don’t need to be worried. Because this computer desk will work very well to hold a laptop. Therefore, you can work with your laptop freely on top of this floating computer desk.

12. DIY Ergonomic Computer Desk

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Those spend lots of time at the keyboard such as web developer, designer, animator etc, will absolutely need an adjustable and ergonomic computer desk as their essential item to work. Unfortunately, ergonomic desks is quite pricey on the market. Besides, what is called as “ergonomic” on the market, is not always ergonomic for yourself. The value of ergonomic depends on your own needs.

No need to be worried if you don’t have a professional-leveled skill at wood crafting. It is okay to do it with your basic wood skill. First, you need to build the desk legs and foundation. You can use fence post and Kee Klamp fittings to make the construction process much easier. By using this stuff, you can construct the foundation as easy as cutting pipe.

Second, you can opt any materials that fit to use as the desk top. You can use sheet of oak plywood, solid wood, or MDF (medium-density fibreboard). If you choose to use MDF, make sure that you painted and sealed all the surface sides. You have to seal all edges in order to seal in the free formaldehyde.

Third, make the model that will fit you better. As the name of the computer desk, in order to make the desk ergonomic, you have to custom cut some part of the MDF into a size of the keyboard tray.

Fourth, cut the corners of the MDF with high quality jig saw. Make sure that you use a sharp blade to avoid crack on the MDF since MDF is not sturdy as plywood.

Fifth, after you finished with cutting the edges of the MDF, the MDF surely will have a rough edge. It is better to make a nice rounded edge. For making this, you will need high quality router to pass around the edge of the MDF. This way, you will get smooth edged computer desk.

Last, you have to attach the legs with the top desk. You could use fittings from Kee Klamp L61-7 on the bottom of the MDF desktop. The, you can screw the Kee Klamp fittings with ¾ inch wood screws. Connect these fittings with the fence post that you have cut before. Measure a height that fits you better.

After the computer desk is finish you can choose whether want to paint the desk or not. But, I suggest if you use MDF as the desk top, the painting the desk is a must. Because this material can easily grain swell and put off dust. Absolutely it is not healthy for you.

You can paint the desk top in three steps. First, apply the priming with a Non Water Based. Second, you can paint with Indoor Latex Paint. The last, to provide the desk top with protective finish, you should apply a Polycryclic on it.

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13. Wall Mounted Computer Desk

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This model is little bit different from previous DIY Floating Minimalist Computer Desk. Yet, both of these styles provide you with low-cost desk while using a small space of your room. All you need to build this DIY computer desk is Kee Lite fittings LC58-7 swivel flanges, a pair of pipe, sturdy plywood or any other materials as the desk top. The best is if you use wood laminate surface as the desk top.

To attach the pipe with the fittings, you can use a simple set screw. You can opt aluminum pipe or steel pipe for the cheaper alternative. Other, you can also choose galvanized pipe. The length of the pipe depends on the angle from your desktop to the wall. Last you have to connect the flanges to the desk top and the desk top to the wall.

This method is very simple and easy. You will get a sturdy wall mounted table for your home office.


The final choice is depend on yourself. Building your own personal computer desk will give you the sense of accomplishment. Build DIY computer desk may be make you more tired rather than buy the furniture in the shop. But, let’s think again what will you get from building your own is more than the effort you have devoted into it.

You will save more money and you can make a computer desk that will suit better with your needs. You can fit the size, concept even the type of the computer desk with the room that you have in your home. You will freely choose any materials that you want to apply. You can paint the computer desk with anything color you want to try.

Just try DIYing. There a lot of surprising and exciting things that you will get.


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