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There are a variety of television stands on the market which makes you get confused to choose sometimes. Actually, you can start a DIY TV stand project so you can create a television stand just like what you want at an affordable price.

You just need to consider the size to make sure that you can watch television comfortably. It is better to create 42-inch height or measure it based on the height of your sofa or chairs. It is the same case with the width in which you can compare the size of the television and the width of the television stand you need to keep the television balance.

Moreover, it is also an important thing to consider the best material for durability. You may use specific materials such as wood, plywood, and metal. Those three materials are durable and long lasting so you don’t have to fix or maintain it over and over again.

The design and style are also something that you need to think before creating a television stand. In this case, you can find a reference on the internet. There are a lot of television stand images and just pick one of the best to start your project. Creating a television stand is fun if you use your creativity and imagination.

By considering those elements, you will not only have a cheap television stand but also high-quality, stylish, and durable stand at home. It might be the most unique television stand because you are using your creativity in creating it.

You may check the list of DIY TV stand ideas below to give you an inspiration. All of them are easy to create along with unique design and the best materials. Just mix and match it with the theme of your room and you will have a perfect television stand.

1. Triangle Shaped Wooden Pallet

Miraculous diy rotating tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You don’t have to use expensive materials only to create a television stand. Just use three wooden pallets. It is a brilliant DIY TV stand idea due to its simplicity. Use one of the pallets for the stand and two of them for the storage.

2. Reclaimed Wooden Pallets with Wheels Ideas

Staggering simple diy tv stand plans #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


If you want to have a more flexible television stand, this reclaimed wood pallet television stand is a good idea. The wheel is a great idea to make the television stand easy to move to your favorite spots right away. One pallet is enough to create a television stand and a cabinet.

3. DIY Wooden Crate

Terrific diy 55 tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


A Wooden crate is simple and stylish for a television stand. You just need to paint it with your favorite color and put stainless or iron for the table leg. The crate is a multi-function material because you will have a television stand and cabinets to keep important items such as books or DVD player storage.

4. Wood and Chair Leg TV Bench

Wonderful easy diy tv stand plans #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You can also use a specific used material such as a used wooden board and chair leg. Just combine those two materials into a new item, a cool television stand. This DIY TV stand is simple and fast to finish. This television stand is a good option if you only have a small room at home.

5. Universal TV Stand

Eye-opening diy tv stand 2x4 #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


This is a stylish television stand and you can create it from used wood. The best thing is in the cabinet in which it has several parts to keep important items. The use of cabinet glass door is also good so all the items are clearly seen. So, you can just open the right door if you need one of the items.

6. DIY Wooden TV Cabinet

Delight diy tv stand instructions #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You don’t have to create a big television stand only to have a stand with cabinets. You may create a long wooden television stand and divide the space into several storage. Then, add chair legs to reach a comfortable height. Just take this DIY television stand if you have a small living room.

7. Yellow Is Beautiful

Astonishing diy tv stand pallet #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


If you want to have an eye-catching wooden television stand, just paint the wood with a bright color. Yellow can be a good option to create a fresh atmosphere in the room. You can also customize the stand along with glass door cabinets and doorless cabinet. Make it simple without putting too many items and patterns.

8. Small and Red

Brilliant diy tv stand pipe #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Using a bold color is also a good option. This red bold television stand is stunning. Moreover, the design is simple along with a rectangle model. The sloppy legs give a touch of a contemporary model in the stand. The combination of the closed and open cabinets makes you have enough empty space to keep some important items there.

9. Rustic Ideas

Awesome diy tv stand makeover #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


It is another unique wooden television stand. The combination of wood and iron is perfect for those who want to have a rustic television stand. Instead of using glass or solid material, you can just use wire to cover the door. Overall, this TV stand looks strong and durable to use.

10. Wall TV Mounted

Spectacular diy tv stand out of dresser #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


This wall mounted television stand is a solution for those who only have a small living room. You just need to apply a rectangle TV stand along with three medium cabinets. Then, you can hang the stand on the wall. The most important thing is that you still have a place to put the television and some of the important items there.

11. DIY Luxury Affordable TV Stand

Marvelous diy tv stand with crates #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Wooden is a flexible material and you can use create a luxury and unique DIY TV stand just like in the picture above. The open space cabinet makes the stand looks spacious. The design is also eye-catching and a great idea for those who have a modern living room.

12. Pallet Box

Unbelievable diy lcd tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You don’t need to have any specific skill to create a cool TV stand. Just manage 4 wooden pallets to be a simple TV stand. It might be the simplest DIY TV stand but worth it to apply. You have a strong stand as well as open cabinets for your collectible items.

13. Striped Wooden TV Stand

Breathtaking diy tv stand plans free #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Do you want to make a stunning television stand but you only have a limited time to handle the project? It is not a problem. Just create a rectangle television stand and use black tape to create stripes. The black stripes are simple but stunning enough for the wooden TV stand.

14. Very Simple Table TV Stand

Excited diy tv stand designs #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You can apply this wooden board television stand if you have a large television. The size of the television stand and the television is balance and it doesn’t make your small room looks too crowded. It is okay if there is a cabinet on the television stand ass long as you can watch the television comfortably.

15. Rustics TV Stand Ideas

Remarkable diy tv stand ikea #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Creating a simple DIY TV stand as simple as combining two wooden boards. It seems that you are combining two tables in one. Put the first wooden table on the top. That’s it! You have a spacious stand without any separators. You can still able to put the television safely and any kind of items there.

16. Vintage Pallet TV Stands

Fantastic diy led tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


A pallet is always working on any kind of home design applications including a television stand. This DIY TV stand is using a large and used pallet. The surface of the pallet used to hang the television. The rest of the space is used as a place to put some items including DVD player, game console, and also collectible items. The interesting part is the natural texture and pattern of the used pallet.

17. The White

Unique diy vintage tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Do you have an old cabinet at home? Try to reclaim it into a new one. You can paint or finish it with varnish to make it looks like a new television stand. The design of the stand above is perfect for those who have a classic, contemporary, or modern living room.

18. The Rustic

Sensational diy tv tabletop stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


The special part of a used wood is on its natural pattern. You can use this strength to create an eye-catching television stand. The natural texture and pattern will make the design looks unique without any kind of additional treatments. Moreover, a used wooden television stand looks strong and durable.

19. DIY Rustic TV Stand

Extraordinary diy tv stand bookcase #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


The natural texture on a plank of wood is able to create a specific atmosphere in your furniture. You can try to apply this DIY TV stand. The texture is suitable for a room with rustic interior design. It looks simple and you don’t have to add any treatments. You just need to play with the custom design.

20. DIY Rustic TV Stands for Flat Screens Ideas

Uplifting diy tv stand easy #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


This rustic television stand is a great idea if you don’t have any materials except the plank of woods. You can use three wooden boards for the surface of the stand. Then, use the small one as the legs of the stand. Stack the woods without any kind of materials. Indeed, you will have the simplest and fastest DIY TV stand at home.

21. DIY Rustic Farmhouse TV Stand

Life-changing diy tailgate tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


This television is a good option for those who love a classic thing. You may take this stand from your old kitchen cabinet. The design is cool for a television stand. The most important thing is that you don’t need to change anything. Just move it to the living room and put the television.

22. Rustic Wood TV Stand Entertainment Center

Unbeatable diy galvanized pipe tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Do you have an old bookshelf at home? Don’t throw it away. Just use it as a television stand. It is a big size stand and suitable enough for a medium or large living room. You don’t have to treat the old shelf with any complicated treatment. Let the old texture because it becomes a unique style for the television stand.

23. Simple Farmhouse Style TV Stand

Striking diy tv stand corner #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


This is another simple DIY TV stand due to its design. Just manage the rectangle wooden stands in a zyg-zag position. You can use three wooden stands, especially to match the height of your sofa. The higher the stand, you will also have more empty space to put your favorite collectible items for a cool accessory.

24. White Rustic TV Stand Ideas

Wondrous diy tv stand for bedroom #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You don’t have to play with too many colors to create a fantastic television stand. You can combine white and chocolate to create rustic DIY TV stand. Even, you don’t have to create it from the beginning. Just use your old kitchen cabinet if you have it. Put the cabinet in the living room or family room and use the empty space in the middle of the shelve to put the television.

25. Simple Modern TV Stand Ideas

Perfect diy tv stand legs #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


The strength of this television stand is on its storage. There are a lot of empty spaces to keep your favorite items. There is still enough space to put a small television on the stand. It is multifunction furniture because you can use as a table, cabinets, and television stand. Due to its simple design, you can put the stand for a modern bedroom or living room.

26. DIY Natural Wooden TV Stand

Epic diy hanging tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Simplicity is one of the characters of modern design. The television stan above is simple without any varnish. The designer let the natural texture and pattern because it becomes the strength of this DIY TV stand. The design looks classic but you can still mix and match with modern furniture to create a cozy living room with television.

27. Minimalist Modern TV Stand

Phenomenal diy corner tv stand ideas #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Apply a wooden board for a minimalist television stand. Just use another small wood as the leg as well as the separator. Make sure that the design is strong enough to hold the television. You may also paint the television with white color to make it more interesting. It is really a perfect TV stand for a minimalist living room.

28. DIY Vintage Pallet TV Stand

Amazing diy tv stands images #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You may recycle an old wooden pallet into a unique television stand. Just add a wooden surface to put the television. You don’t have to create an extreme improvement. Just let people see the original design, texture, and pattern. It looks natural and you will have a cool vintage television stand.

29. DIY White Wooden TV Stand Matched with Table

Unforgettable diy ladder tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You can use some of the used woods to create a television stand. To give variation, you can paint some of the parts with white color and let the rest of the parts in its original texture and color. If you still have enough used woods, you can create a table with the same design with the television stand.

30. DIY TV Stand with Stainless Pole

Glorious diy tv stand crates #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Wood is not the only material you can use to create a television stand. You can also use stainless steel to create a modern DIY TV stand. The stainless steel looks stunning and strong enough to hold your television set. You can apply this stand for a modern or black and white living room.

31. DIY TV Stand with Home Theater

Fabulous diy tv stand with drawers #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You need to create a television stand with a lot of cabinets or storages if you want to have a home theater. The DIY TV stand above is a good example because it has three different parts which can be used to install the other television sets. You can also keep some of your favorite DVDs there. The black color finish makes the stand looks elegant.

32. DIY Industrial TV Stand Ideas

Surprising diy tv stand with storage #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


The reason to apply an industrial interior model is the out of the box design. Just take a look at the industrial television stand above. The used wood lodge along with some scratches gives unique and out of the box model for the stand. It is also suitable for a contemporary or modern living room or family room.

33. Cool DIY Industrial Pipe And Wood Combo TV Stand With Shelves

Incredible diy dog kennel tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You just need two different used materials to create an industrial television stand. Those are wooden boards and pipes. Use the wooden boards for the surface of the stand whereas the pipes for the legs. Stack three or more boards if you need higher stand along with enough free space.

34. Turned Shelf Into TV Stand

Astounding diy tv lift cabinet plans #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You don’t have to spend money only to create a DIY TV stand. Just try to find unused furniture such as your old shelf. Then, recycle that old shelf into a new product which is your television stand. The top of the shelf can be used as a television stand whereas the storage can used to keep all of your important items safe.

35. Industrial and Rustic TV Stands

Unleash diy tv stand cheap #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


For those who want to combine two different themes in one, you can apply the example of a television stand above. The use of wooden boards and pipes shows industrial and rustic themes in your room. One thing for sure, the design is simple and it doesn’t make your small room looks too crowded.

36. Floating TV Stand Ideas

Gorgeous diy tv stand with sliding doors #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Floating television stand is a brilliant idea, especially if you only have a small living room. Just make it simple by using pipes and wooden boards. Stick and stack the boards and pipes together and make sure that it is strong enough to hold the television and the other items. Then, hand the television stand on the wall. That’s it! You have the coolest television stand at home.

37. Floating TV Cabinet Ideas

Famous diy tv stand on wheels #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


This is another great example of a floating television stand. The design is much simpler along with closed rectangular model. At least, there are two open spaces as the place to put something like DVD players or anything. You can also still put some of small accessories on the surface of the stand if you want. What a simple and interesting stand idea.

38. DIY Bookshelf Turned Into TV Stand

Stunning diy retractable tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


It is hard to throw away your favorite furniture, right? Instead of removing it, you can just recycle it to become new furniture which has new function. Let say, the bookshelf above becomes a cool DIY TV stand. You can repaint and refinish the shelf and then put it for your modern living room or bedroom.

39. DIY Farmhouse Style TV Stand Ideas with Black Pipe

Miraculous diy 70 inch tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


It seems that a thick wooden board is useless. Actually, it is not! For a creative person, a thick wooden board can be turned into anything including a television stand. Just mix it with any kind of used materials such as pipes. Voila! A DIY TV stand with natural atmosphere is ready to use and make your living room looks fresh.

40. DIY Rustic TV Stand with Metal Pipe

Staggering diy tv stand pinterest #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


If you want to start an industrial DIY TV stand, you can use the image above as your inspiration.  Here, you just need three different materials which are wooden boards, pipes, and wheels. It is a simple stand. The most important thing is that you can move the stand anywhere you want. The open space cabinet or shelf makes the area looks spacious.

41. DIY TV Stand for The Living Room

Terrific diy rolling tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


A television stand with open cabinet becomes a favorite design because of simplicity. Along with its simplicity, you can still get what you want. Just like the television stand above. There is a surface for the television. Moreover, you can still put some small or related items there without feeling too crowded.

42. Simple TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

Wonderful diy gaming tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You can use any kind of used materials to be a new thing including the old ladders. Just cut them into the model above and create a simple television stand. The wood creates a strong separation between the television and the electric fireplace. For a simple treatment, you just need to let the ladders original without adding any colors or finishes.

43. TV Stand with Bookcase Combination

Eye-opening diy tripod tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You can also use your old bookcase to have a new function at home. Just put the bookcase in the horizontal position. Use the back of the bookcase as the surface of the television stand. Actually, you don’t need to replace anything except the damage parts. Then, you can put some additional accessories such as a glass or ceramic vases.

44. Wall Mounted TV Stand Ideas

Delight diy tv stand with fireplace #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You may inspired by a wall mounted bookcase to create a TV stand. Just hang the television screen at the top of the bookcase. Use the rest of the space to put anything related to the television system such as DVD player, DVDs, audio system, and many more. You don’t have to cover the space to give a spacious sensation.

45. Wooden Rack TV Stand Mounted Style

Astonishing diy tv stand reclaimed wood #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


A raw wood is a great material to create furniture you love. You can also create a simple television stand by using several raw woods. It seems that you are stacking three tables. Even, you don’t need to cover the space and let it becomes an open cabinet or shelf.

46. Cinder Block TV Stand

Brilliant diy pallet tv stand instructions #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Don’t postpone your plan to start a DIY TV stand project only because you don’t have any materials. Actually, you just need to use wooden boards and solid stones. Use the solid stones as the legs of the stand. That’s it! you have a new television stand and it is ready to use right away.

47. DIY Mounted TV Stand from Wood Planks

Awesome diy tv tray stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


You still able to create a television stand if you only have thin unused woods. Along with your creativity, you can create a mounted television stand. You may add wheels so you can move anywhere you want. The simple design keep you easy to install the television system so you can use the television right away.

48. DIY Wooden Pallet TV Stand with Bookcases

Spectacular undefined #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


Just collect all the wooden pallets you have. When it is enough, you can create a television stand. What you have to do is re-positioning the pallets just like the image above. By doing it, you will have a durable television stand as well as cabinets. The nails, cracks, and natural texture are the reason why this television stand outstanding.


49. Modern Farmhouse

Marvelous simple diy tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


If you think that natural wood is too rough, you can just puree the wood first. It takes a few minutes to make the texture looks smooth but it is great enough just like the image above. Stack it in zig-zag position and you will have a great television stand. The most important thing is that you don’t lose the texture and pattern of the raw wood.

50. Samsung Studio Stand

Unbelievable diy corner tv stand instructions #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


51. Showcase for TV

Breathtaking diy tv stand for flat screen #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


52. Minimalist TV Stand Ideas

Excited diy outdoor tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


53. White Wooden Crate

Remarkable diy tv stand dresser #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


54. Simple Wooden

Fantastic diy dresser to tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


55. DIY Rustic Modern TV Console

Unique diy tv stand with mount #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


56. DIY Black Wooden Pallet

Sensational diy tv stand wood #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


57. Cool Wooden TV Stand Ideas

Extraordinary diy tv stand mount #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


58. Z Frame with Rustic Shelf

Uplifting diy rustic tv stand plans #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


59. Metal and Wooden Combination

Life-changing diy tv stand ideas #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


60. Modern Apartment

Unbeatable diy tv stand rustic #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


61. Luxury TV Table with Bookshelf

Striking diy tv stand plans #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


62. Luxury Modern

Wondrous diy tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


63. Elegant

Perfect modern corner tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


64. Wooden Modern

Epic tv stand plans #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


65. Modern TV Stand Ideas

Phenomenal pallet tv stand #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand


66. Modern Minimalist

Amazing mounted tv ideas #DIYTVStand #TVStandIdeas #WoodenTVStand



The point is that there are a variety of television stands you can create. Some of the DIY TV stands here show that unused materials can be recycled into a fantastic television stand. Just imagine that you just need to use a specific materials such as pallets, wooden boards, pipes, or even solid stones to start a DIY Television table.

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