DIY Hat Rack Ideas

Talking about hat rack ideas, for those who love to wear and collect hats and caps might need to have their hat racks. Some of them can be purchased at the hardware store but some of them prefer to make their creative racks. Making a hat rack with your hands will allow you to have a unique hat rack after all. A creative hat rack is just as good as custom hats with a design. That allows you to use your creativity for the best display.

Hat rack ideas do not always require pricey supplies to build a nice one. Other than that, you can save some money and allocate it for new hat collections while having a unique rack for your hats. In this article, we have several ideas you should take a look at.

However, we will always remind you to handle the project with care because you can make or break it in the end. Make sure you have measured the existing space so the materials would fit nicely. Also, do not forget to match it with the vibe of the whole room.

The first thing you should do is measure the existing space so you know how many materials you would need. After that, you should find the racks you like to build and then choose the right material. Making hat racks can be a fun home project on the weekend. So, here are the ideas of hat racks you should consider.

1. DIY Coastline-Inspired Wall-Mounted Hat Rack

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The first idea on the list is this coastline-inspired hat rack. You can make one with wood and then paint it with ocean-blue color. To add the beach vibe, you should install turtle- and scallop-shaped hooks to rest your hat. You may need to print the main shape of the rack hat.

2. DIY Hat Rack with Clothes Pins

Terrific hat rack beach themed #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This hat rack might be a bit unique. The main structure is the cord and you will need many clothes pins to hang your hats. If you have an empty wall and need something to hand so it looks artsy, this hat rack should be a good idea you should try.

3. Flying Hats Rack DIY

Wonderful standing hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


It seems like you have flying hats on the wall. However, this style is very suitable for you who love to have a tidy and symmetrical arrangement in your home. All you need to buy is nails as many as you like.

4. DIY Steampunk Hat Rack

Eye-opening hat rack stand ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This might be one of the most unique hat rack ideas on the list. For you who love industrial and steampunk styles, this model might work for you. Instead of installing light bulbs on it, you can use it as your hat rack. Since it hangs on the ceiling, you just need to make sure that you can reach your hat when you need it.

5. DIY Beach Style Inspired Rack

Delight hanging hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you need a hat rack that could support your fast movement, this one might suit you. It is inspired by the beach because it uses a paddle that connects the hooks. Other than that, it looks so simple and airy without losing the style. Just make sure you do not crack the paddle with your hooks.

6. DIY Hat Hanger

Astonishing diy pallet hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you commonly use the pipe for your bathroom curtain, nowadays you can also turn it into a hat hanger station. You just need to prepare some hooks so you can hang your hat on the wall. Besides, it provides easy mobility when you need your hats or caps.

7. DIY Fun Hat Rack Ideas

Brilliant wooden hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


No one ever said that you should stick with black and white. You should try some colors that might brighten up your room. It would turn out great if your hat collections are colorful as well. You just need some wooden planks and hooks to make this hanger.

8. DIY Extended Hanger Tail Hat Racks

Awesome wall mounted hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The next idea on the list is this unique hat rack made of several clothes hangers. It is not complicated to make this rack. All you need is gathering the clothes hangers and stack it down from the clothes hooks like the picture above.

9. DIY Standing Trunk Hat Rack

Miraculous #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


One of the many ways you can try to connect more with nature is using a tree trunk for your hat hanger. Do not forget to provide a strong wood board for the base. Make sure the tree trunk has plenty of branches so it could accommodate your collections. It will be better if you make the color fits the whole room.

10. Corner Hat Rack

Spectacular diy hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


You can turn a construction site into a hat rack. It will give a rustic impression in your home while you can also stay with vintage style. The good news is that you can change the paint color as you like. It is important to keep the tone balanced.

11. Twig Hat Hooks

Marvelous cap rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you found a twig lying on the ground while you are walking down the street, you may take it and turn it into a useful item such as a hat hanger. You will need to tie each twig’s point and attach a nail on each end. Later, you can hang it on the wall. Besides hanging your hats, it will be nice wall art as well.

12. DIY Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas

Unbelievable wall hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This idea is another creative way to make a hat rack. You need to collect some horseshoes and arrange it on the wall as you have seen in the picture. It may require some nails to attach the horseshoes on the wall. Attach some hooks so you can hang your hats.

13. Alphabet Hooks for Hat Rack

Breathtaking coat hanger stand #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


You can choose the letter as you like and decide how many hooks you want to attach. After that, you can utilize an angling cord to make it works. Make sure you have prepared the tools needed such as cable, tape, layered telephone angling, heavy metal cable, cord pliers, and cable cutter.

14. Wall Mounted Hat Rack Ideas

Excited coat hooks wall mounted #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This hat hanger is as simple as it is seen. You can finish this piece in a short time. The tools and supplies needed are such as a wood board and some hooks to attach on the board. Once you have assembled the whole pieces into one, you are good to go. It instantly gives a rustic impression in the room.

15. Tree Branches-Inspired Hat Rack

Remarkable wall coat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The rack is made of real wood and you can customize the size as you like or as you can find branches. However, you need to make sure that the woods are strong enough so it can accommodate as many hats possible. Other than hats, you can hang your scarfs and bags as well.

16. DIY Simple Wall Display Hat Rack

Fantastic coat hanger #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This is ide is suitable for you who want to organize your hats without making it look messy. You only need a wall display board and some hooks to install in the surface. After you mount it on the wall, you can put your hats and caps on the hooks.

17. Tree Branches Standing Hat Rack

Unique hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This one is similar to the previous idea. However, this one requires a thinner branch with several twigs. To make is stronger on handling your hats and scarfs collections, you must use a heavy rounded metal tor the base. Your room will look rustic and natural at the same time.

18. The Animal Themed Hat Rack

Sensational diy hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This idea looks cute and very creative. You need to prepare a wood board and some animal figures. You can choose the animal you like. You need to cut the animal figures until it looks like what you have seen in the picture. Later, attach the figure to the board by using strong glue.

19. Hat Rack Hook for Kids

Extraordinary diy hat rack plans #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


So, this idea is not only for kids but also adults can make this one too. All you need to prepare is a wood board and some hooks. Paint the hooks as you like and it better suits the animal you want to paint. Later, you can paint the board with animal picture from the back so the hook looks like its tail.

20. Pallet-Inspired Hat Rack

Uplifting easy diy hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


You just need to prepare a wood pallet and some hooks. To make it looks colorful, you can paint it as you like. The good news is that you can put this hat rack anywhere you like in your home. Its colorful colors make the room feels cheerful too.

21. Wooden Hat Rack Ideas

Life-changing diy hat display rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you want to make this simple yet interesting hat rack, you need to gather some wood blocks with similar length and paint it in colors you like. After that, install some hooks on it. Once everything is in place, you are ready to use this rack for your collection.

22. DIY Insulator Layer Shelf

Unbeatable diy vertical hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


To make this hat rack, you need a wood board, insulators, and some nails or screws. Sustain the insulator by using the securing tool and make sure you have cut them in the preferred size. Do not forget to make an opening on insulator so you can attach it to the base. It would be one of the most creative hat rack ideas.

23. Wall Mounted Hat Rack and Coat Hooks

Striking diy hanging hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This one is a coat hook but you can always turn it into a hat rack. It will look adorable when you can match the color of the rack with the surround items in the room. Also, make sure that the hook is installed well so it can bear the load without a struggle.

24. Chevron Hat Hooks Ideas

Wondrous diy rustic hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


To make this hat rack, you just need to prepare three pieces of wood boards and three hooks. You can make as many as you like. Later, you just need to paint the wood boards with the color you like with chevron stripes. Those would be a wall hanging art in your room.

25. Unique Hat Rack

Perfect diy coat and hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The rack is made of wood and it looks like your hat is resting very well. You need to shape two pieces of wood into a horseshoe shape. Later, you can attach it on a flat wood board before it is ready to be hung on the wall. One rack could accommodate two hats.

26. DIY Key Holder Hooks

Epic diy door hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The main concept of this hat rack is incorporating door locks as well as the handles. You can use it to hand your bags, hat collections, and so in. The locks are attached to the wood board. To mount the board to the wall, you need to use a strong adhesive.

27. Autumn Leaves Hat Rack Ideas

Phenomenal diy hat rack stand #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


Creating this rack would require screws, handles, and timber as long as a screwdriver. Repaint the timber as you like and make a hole on it to install the handles. The last part is attaching the screws and bent the handles. You will have a unique hat rack in your house then.

28. DIY Faucet Hat Hooks

Amazing diy hat rack wall #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you have some broken faucets, you may turn it into gold like the picture above. You would need a piece of wood board and some faucets. Install the faucets on the wood board and make sure that wood is strong enough. After that, you can hang your hats and coats on them.

29. Coat and Hat Racks from Tree Branches

Unforgettable diy wood hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The next name on the list of unique hat rack ideas is a rack for coats and hats. You simply need to gather tree branches from your yard and then install it on the wall. Make sure the twigs or branches you will use are strong enough to bear the load of your hats and coats.

30. Wall Mounted Rack with Black Hooks

Glorious diy hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


Things that make this unit looks good is that it looks like a tree. However, you can make it out of a wood board and cut it like a tree. Paint it with the color you like and then install some hooks. Black hooks look great here and even kids could reach and store their hats easily.

31. DIY Hat Rack from Peg Board

Fabulous undefined #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This hat rack is similar to the previous one but it has a smaller size. The good news is that you can attach as many metal hooks as you like on it. To make it looks more organized, you can frame it with wooden planks. It looks rustic with a white background.

32. Mini Colorful Hat Rack

Surprising simple diy hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This is how you stack your hat if you like something smaller and cuter. This one is made of metal mesh and one hat-stand could accommodate one hat only. The unique part of this item is that you have colorful shades on it. It will look girly and adorable at the same time for you who have a lot of sombreros and hats as your collections.

34. Reclaimed Wood Hat Rack

Incredible diy cowboy hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


It takes the look of a wood pallet. And if you adore the shade of wood pallets then you should try this one. You can even make it from a wood pallet and remove unused sides of it. Do not forget to install some black hooks so it will look crisper and more industrial.

35. Ruler Hat Rack DIY

Astounding diy hat hanger #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This item requires a wood pallet or an old benchmark. Re-purposing those things would make a unique look. Later, you just need to buy and attach some iron hooks as many as you like. You are allowed to paint and draw anything you like on the wood. However, if you use wood rulers for the base then you are good to go.

36. Baseball Hat Wall Rack

Unleash diy baseball hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


Are you a fan of baseball? You can gather your baseball collections and prepare a piece of wooden board. Attach the balls to the wood by using a strong adhesive. Before you install the balls, you may also need to paint the board as you like. This is nice enough to hang your hat on it. Some coats can be hung on it too.

37. Rustic Wall Rack for Hats and Coats

Gorgeous diy hat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


It requires a series of simple steps to make those hat racks. You need to prepare wood boards and let it looks natural. Attach some big nails on it. The nails should be big enough so you can hang your hat and coats comfortably.

38. Vintage Hat Rack in the Entry Way

Famous hat storage #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


You can also hang your hats in the entryway so you can just grab your hat while you take your car key. It only requires some wood boards and some hooks. You can decorate it with your favorite art on it.

39. Simple Hook Rack for Hats

Stunning hat organizer #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


As its name suggests, this hat and coat rack are very simple. You just need a piece of wood board and some hooks. Its thin model makes this rack looks so elegant. Just make sure that you choose a strong wood board after all.

40. Vertical Wooden Hat Rack Ideas

Miraculous coat rack with shelf #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


So, this rack is kind of a good way to store your hats and caps. You do not need to deal with bulky rack and hook and all you need is one rack. However, it is not easy to make this one. We recommend you to purchase it at the hardware store instead. Some of them are made of wood and the rest is made of plastics.

41. Minimalist Mounted Hat Rack

Staggering coat hooks wall mounted #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


This rack idea is made of small logs. To secure the upper part where you hang your item, you can wrap it with tape or some plastic materials. Feel free to choose the tape colors so it looks popping and modern without overwhelming the room.

42. DIY Wooden Hat Rack with Rustic Cowboy Style

Terrific cowboy hat styles #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The rustic style never fails to impress the fans. You just need to prepare a piece of wood board with a rustic look, several pieces of horseshoes, and metal hooks. To attach the horseshoe to the wood board, you can use screws or a strong adhesive.

43. Open-Shelving Hat Racks

Wonderful wall coat rack #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you have enough space at home dedicated for your hat collections, you should incorporate it wisely. Built-in open shelving units would be a nice place to store your hats and other accessory collections. Also, it could turn into a nice decorative element as well like a shoe storage.

44. Walnut and Metal for Hat Racks

Eye-opening coat hooks #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


The next name on the list of hat rack ideas is solid walnut woods with black metal. You need to make a hole on each walnut wood and insert the metal as you see in the picture. Later, you can easily hang your hat collections on it.

45. Glass Box Hat Case

Delight coat hanger #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you have snapback collections instead of hats, this storage unit might suit your collections. You can utilize acrylic sheets to make this box and store your snapbacks. It will save space and avoid the messy look.


46. Vertical Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas

Astonishing hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


Making this hat rack will require a piece of long wood board and some metal hooks. It is suitable to be located in the corner of a room. Besides making a good hat rack, this one also looks nice for home decoration.

47. Re-purposed Pipes Hat Display

Brilliant hat rack ideas home #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


If you have unused or old pipes in your warehouse, you can incorporate it in such a way to turn it into gold. You will need to provide a strong base so it would accommodate the whole weight of your collection.

48. Wooden Shelf for Snapbacks and Baseball Caps

Awesome hat rack woodworking plans #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


It requires you to saw, paint, and join each wood plank. However, the result would never disappoint you after all. This open shelf would let you grab the hat you want to use easily.

49. fabulous wall hat hanger

Spectacular hat rack plans free #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


50. folding coat hooks wall

Marvelous hat rack ideas pinterest #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


51. midcentury modern coat rack

Unbelievable closet hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


52. DIY Wall Hanger Hat Rack Ideas

Breathtaking rustic hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


53. rustic Wood Pallet Hat Rack ideas

Excited hat and coat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


54. rustic wooden wheel hat rack

Remarkable homemade hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


55. diy hat hanger wall

Fantastic wall hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


56. diy hat rack moody themed

Unique hat rack ideas diy #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


57. diy hat rack old wooden door

Sensational cool hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


58. hat rack calm style

Extraordinary hat rack plans #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


59. hat rack hipster style

Uplifting cowboy hat rack ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack


60. DIY Skateboard hat rack ideas

Life-changing hat holder ideas #diyhatrack #hatrackideas #caprack #hanginghatrack



The first thing you will get is a new yet cool hat rack that you will never find in the store. Other than that, you will get a certain level of satisfaction after you finish what you have started. On the other hand, you can match the whole concept of the room with your hat rack.

Being involved in a DIY project, especially for your home decor would allow you to collect various tools that you will never have without this project. And this is the end section of hat rack ideas you should take a look at.



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