Polymer Clay Ideas

If you think you want to make something new at home, you can consider putting a polymer clay. Polymer clay is easy to find in the market along with a variety of models and prices. Interestingly, you can also create your own polymer clay.

The list below is several cute and eye-catching DIY polymer clay ideas. For those who don’t have enough time to create the polymer clay, you can just find them at the local crafts stores.

Polymer clay is a decorative item which made of PVC or Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride. The material is soft and it is easy to form into a variety of shapes or models. You can also harden the decorative item by putting it in an oven approximately 10 to 30 minutes at 215 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another fun part is coloring the polymer clay although you are able to buy colored polymer clay. You may use acrylic paints to coloring the clay. The coloring process can be done before or after the baking process.

There are some benefits of creating decorative items from polymer clay. For example, the material is easy to shape so you can create any decorative items you love. The polymer clay ideas below are the example of cute decorative items you can try.

The price of polymer clay is affordable enough in which you just need to spend $2.97 to get a bar of polymer clay. Nowadays, polymer clay is easy to buy and it can be bought online for several trusted online stores.

Just check the example of decorative items from polymer clay below. Then, you can choose your most favorite items. You may try to create it at home if you like. The process will be fun, especially if you need a new hobby to do in your free time.

1. Cute Owl Polymer Clay Ideas

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An owl is not as scary as you can imagine. This owl polymer clay is cute. The cuteness is because of the bright color options such as blue, yellow, and purple and the way the creator designs the eye. A small tree branch is a perfect accessory to make the owl polymer clay looks real. When the clay is ready, you can put it anywhere you want such as in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or even your office.

2. Polymer Clay Modeling Beastie Monster

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This is also one of the cute polymer clay ideas you can buy or create. If you love Pokemon, you might be inspired to create this little beastie monster. The key is applying bright and contrast colors to make it looks funny and cute such as dark blue for the body and light green for the thorns. Moreover, it is also about the way you design the face of the model such as the soft pink tongue and black eyes.

3. Stitch Jumping Polymer Clay Ideas

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One of a cool polymer clay ideas is this little dragon. It seems that the dragon looks angry but who can refuse the cute face. The use of contrast colors such as yellow, green, red, chocolate, and cream work well to create a stunning dragon polymer clay. The thorns, fangs, and eyebrow make this fantasy creature looks real. You can buy or create this little dragon polymer clay as a special gift for your beloved boy.

4. Green Frog Polymer Clay Ideas

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This green frog polymer clay is a super cute decorative accessory for your lovely girl’s bedroom. It is a simple polymer clay project you can try. The challenging part is creating the feet in the perfect position so the frog can stay on the tree branch well.  The additional accessories such as the rounded pink around the cheek, tree branch, and ladybugs make the frog looks life. Indeed, your lovely little girls will love this special gift.

5. Snowman Polymer Clay Ideas

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Your children might miss winter so much because they can create a snowman outside. Now, they don’t need to wait too long because there is a snowman polymer clay to buy or create. You may as your children to create the polymer clay just like when they create a snowman with real snow. It is one of the simple polymer clay ideas because you just need white clay and little bit orange, black, and green for the properties of the snowman.

6. Car Polymer Clay Ideas

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You can ask your children to create a decorative polymer clay for their bedroom. Car polymer clay is a great idea. The shapes are simple so children can create them right away. Let them choose the colors. They will create a unique car polymer clay just like the picture above. When the car polymer clay is ready, you can let them put in their room such as on their table to accompany them while study.

7. Polymer Clay Emojis Ideas

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Another simplest polymer clay idea is emojis polymer clay. You just need to create a rounded shape as many as you want with yellow clay. The fun part is the time when you are creating emotion in the rounded clay. After hardening the clay, you can put a magnet in the back of the clay. It can be a cool and cute decoration for your refrigerator. A newbie or beginner crafter must try to create emojis polymer clay.

8. Cartoon Character Polymer Clay Ideas

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This cartoon character polymer clay is not only a cool decoration but also a good medium to tell some stories. Just create some funny and cute cartoon character polymer clay based on the story you want to tell to the children. If it is necessary, you can let them get involved in the making of the clay. It will be a fun activity for your beloved children in their holiday season.

9. Milk and Cookies Friendship Necklaces Polymer Clay

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Polymer clay is not only used for a decorative item but also for cool jewelry. The milk and cookie necklaces clay above is creative polymer clay ideas you can try. The shape and design are simple where you can finish the project in a few minutes or hours. The necklaces are great for unseparated best friends. Absolutely, it will be an unforgettable and the most special gift for your best friend or daughter.

10. Olaf Polymer Clay Ideas

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You can create Olaf polymer clay for your beloved daughter if she loves Frozen. The character is simple to create and it is the same when you are creating a snowman. Just prepare three white roundness clay as the body and head. Then, you can create some accessories such as the red hat, scarf, and small branches for the hand. Bake the clay in the oven to keep the shape. Give this clay for your lovely little girl.

11. Cute Snail Polymer Clay ideas

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A snail polymer clay is great polymer clay ideas where you can create a collectible item from it. Try to create several different snail clay models and create it along with their characters. Then, put the snail clays in a box if you want to give it to your best friend as a gift. You can also design the clay as a cute necklace and then give it to your beloved friends.

12. Cute Lovebirds Polymer Clay

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A group of girls needs a symbol to show that they are the best friend. Creating lovebird polymer clay is a good idea. Lovebird is a symbol of love and it is a perfect symbol for eternal friendship. Just create the clay as cute as it can just like the example above. You can give additional accessory such as an envelope with a red heart and the name of the members.  If it is necessary you can add a chain and create a clay necklace for the group.

13. DIY Polymer Clay Cake Ideas

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The fun part of creating decorative polymer clay is creating a collectible item. You can use a variety of themes including a cake theme. The way to finish this clay project is easy but you need to use your creativity and patience to create a cake polymer clay similar to the real cake. Moreover, you also have to create some small parts such as fruits and colorful sprinkles for the topping of the cake. Create several cake clay in the same theme and make it as a cute collectible item.

14. Cactus Polymer Clay Ideas

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Cactus lovers need to create this polymer clay. Try to search the information about cactus species and use the image as an example. Then, you can create a miniature with polymer clay. It is also one of interesting collectible polymer clay ideas because there are a lot of cactus species around the world. The challenge is creating the clay similar to the real cactus in the form of the shape and color but the idea is worth it to try.

15. Mini Livestock Polymer Clay Crafts

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Do you want to show the type of livestock to your children? The mini-livestock polymer clay above is a good property. The cute model makes children curious to see it as well as to find out the name of the animal. You can create a cow, pig, sheep, and horse polymer clay just like the real one. You can also make a funny story or explain about the products produced by the animals to attract your children to learn about livestock.

16. DIY Cute Elephant Clay Ideas

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For those who find a unique decoration for your restaurant or cafe, you can use elephant clay as unique polymer clay ideas. Just make the clay simple such as using one color and incomplete. This simple polymer clay is a perfect option for a modern restaurant or cafe. By putting the clay you are creating a comfortable and cozy ambiance in the restaurant. The most important, you get an affordable and unique decoration for your restaurant.

17. DIY Vegetable Polymer Clay Magnet

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Showing something important to your children will be much easier if you create cute and funny models. Just like the vegetable polymer clay above. Create the vegetable polymer clay as if they have character by adding a nose, eye, and mouth. Let your children play with those clay while you are explaining the character and benefits of those vegetables. Just add a magnet on the back of the clay so your children can put it in the refrigerator door.

18. DIY Polymer Clay Donuts Charm

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Sometimes, your little girl needs a lucky charm from you. It will be great if you create the charm by yourself. The best idea is creating this donuts polymer clay. You can create this clay if your daughter loves this snack. The clay can be created as a necklace or padlock so your cute little girl can bring the charm anytime and anywhere they go. By holding the donuts clay as a lucky charm, it seems that you are always close to her.

19. Monster Party Clay Project for Kids

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Explaining about virus or germ to your children is a little bit hard to do. You just a model to make it easier. Try to find some images of viruses or germs and then create the polymer clay. Give those clay bright and contrast colors to attract their attention. It might look scary but the monster party above is an effective way to explain about virus or germ to your children.

20. Cute Cactus with Mini Pots Clay Ideas

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Do you need a more decorative item for your shelf? If it is so, creating mini cactus with pot polymer clay is the answer. It is simple polymer clay ideas, especially if it is impossible for you to take care of a real cactus at home. It is cute if you have a set of mini cactus with pot clay in the shelf. As a result, your shelf looks attracting and eye-catching to see more than before.

21. Plants vs Zombie Polymer Clay Ideas

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Plants VS zombie is a phenomenal game and it is because of the cute characters. If you really love those characters, just make it real by creating a set of plants vs zombie polymer clay. Just imagine if you have cute corn, sunflower, potato, and monster flower in your working table. This decorative item might boost your working spirit and makes your working table fresher.

22. Mushroom Crafts Polymer Clay

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Learning how to create decorative clay can be started by creating a simple object first. The mushroom clay is a good idea. The design is simple and attracting enough to create. You may create the clay along with bright and bold colors such as orange, pink, blue, and green. Try to make several pieces of mushroom clay and use them as a decorative item in your living room or kitchen. At least, you don’t need to spend too much time on this project.

23. Rainbow Polymer Clay Ideas

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If you think that your children’s bedroom is too plain, you can consider creating a rainbow clay as a new accessory. Creating a rainbow is extremely simple. You just have to prepare a pack of colored clay such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, and purple. Then, roll the clay and shaped into a half circle just like when you see a rainbow in the sky. You may add some white clay for the sky. Voila! The bedroom looks different after you put the rainbow polymer clay in the wall.

24. Cute Cartoon Polymer Clay Ideas

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This cute cartoon polymer clay is one of amazing polymer clay ideas for your dining table. You can create 5 or 6 cute polymer clay and then put them on the dining table. Just manage each of the clay so it doesn’t disturb your guests. Even, it seems that those clay are welcoming your guests to sit and enjoy the menu. What a simple and brilliant idea to prepare a formal or romantic party, right?

25. Cute and Colorful Turtle Polymer Clay

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What is your favorite animal? It might be a turtle. If it is so, you can create a funny turtle polymer clay as a decorative item for your room or table. You don’t have to imitate the real turtle. Just use your imagination and creativity to create a colorful turtle polymer clay. The turtle clay above is the example of a funny and colorful turtle clay you can create at home.


26. Butterfly Polymer Clay Ideas

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A beautiful animal such as a butterfly can be your inspiration to create a decorative clay. The model is simple without any complicated shape. The key is using your creativity and imagination to make the butterfly clay looks interesting to see. Due to the simplicity, you can also ask your children to help you accomplish the project. Absolutely, your children will be very happy with the result.

27. Bee Polymer Clay Crafts

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Bee is one of the popular cartoon characters and some children love it. The problem is that it is impossible for them to touch the bee. The best solution is creating a bee polymer clay. You just need to prepare some black and yellow clay for the body and head. Don’t forget to prepare white clay and orange for the wings and mouth. Put the parts of the bee together and bake it in an oven. Soon, your children are able to see and touch a bee without worrying with the sting.

28. DIY Snail Polymer Clay

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A snail is hard to find in some countries but you want to show it to your children. If it is so, a colorful snail polymer clay is a good media to show this animal to your beloved children. Indeed, it is great polymer clay ideas for teaching media where you can show the physical appearance, parts, and even the characters. To make it more interesting, you can make a new character from the polymer clay inspired by the slow snail.

29. Watermelon Clay Ideas

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Putting a watermelon polymer clay in the kitchen is a good idea if you want to add a decorative item. Watermelon is easy to imitate and it doesn’t need too much time and tools to finish the project. Soon, you can put a decorative watermelon polymer clay in your most favorite spot in the kitchen. This is a simple, fast, attracting, and affordable decorative item for a lovely kitchen.

30. DIY Worm Polymer Clay Ideas

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It is difficult to show a worm to your children because it can harm them. Try to use a creative way to show a worm by creating a worm polymer clay. You can ask your children to help the process because it is soo simple. Just ask them to create some rounded clay and let them choose the color. Meanwhile, you can prepare the accessories such as the eye and mouth. Stick the parts together and bake it for a few minutes.

31. Adventure Time Polymer Clay

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The other polymer clay ideas you can apply for your children is creating some polymer clay from the Adventure Time. This cartoon has a lot of cute and unique characters and you can imitate them to be a lump of clay. You may use your own favorite colors or just use the same colors just like the real character. This is the way to give a new toy for your children as well as decorative items for their bedroom.


You have 31 polymer clay ideas and they can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it for decorative items, teaching media, toy, and even charm and jewelry. Creating a polymer clay is also an affordable way to prepare a special gift such as for a Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, friendship day, and any kind of special moments where you want to give something to your beloved one.

The most important thing, giving a clay will be more precious and long lasting, especially if you make the polymer clay by yourself.  All of them are easy and fast to make, especially for newbie and beginner clay crafters. What you have to do next is preparing the polymer clay and start to create those polymer clay ideas one by one.

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