The Best In-Office Aesthetic Treatments For A Well Contoured Face

Facial contouring is one of the top procedures that people choose worldwide. In fact, the 2020 cosmetic trends indicate that of the 15.6 million cosmetic procedures done, 13.2 million of them are minimally invasive ones such as Botox, filler, and laser skin resurfacing. The quest for a contoured and youthful face is one that’s shared by many. There are a few procedures which are effective for slimming or reshaping the face– here are some of the best in-office aesthetic treatments for a well-contoured face.


This is a great option for people who are trying to get rid of fat cells, particularly around the chin. As one of the top solutions for a double chin, the FDA has approved a compound known as deoxycholic acid which melts fat cells and is injected around the chin area. This will contour the area and is a great option when you don’t want to have surgery done. In the clinical trials, more than 80% of the participants reported satisfaction with their results. There will be some swelling and discomfort, but it’s minimally invasive and there’s no downtime at all.

Fat Grafting

Most of us have some extra fat, but it may not be distributed quite where you’d like it to be. Instead of using fillers, you can choose to have your actual fat cells re-used in your body. A qualified medical expert will take your own fat cells and then place them in the same area that you would use for fillers. This is often used to add volume to cheeks, fill in hollows under the eyes, or to define the jawline. It’s considered to be highly effective and permanent. Some of the fat cells may not survive, but typically up to 80% will and behave like your own cells for life.

Radio Frequency

Just like high temperatures melt fat like butter or shortening, heat technology can also be used to trigger skin tightening and actually melt fat cells away. Heat-related damage to the skin that’s done in a controlled method will stimulate the creation of new collagen. The result is that skin will be tighter over time. This can be done with paddles which are applied to the area or micro-needling. The results take some time to show up, so be patient. Expect to need several treatments over time as the contouring effects are not permanent, and you’ll need to follow a treatment schedule to get the best results.


This is one contouring treatment which is great for treating a double chin and defining the lower part of the face. It selectively freezes and destroys fat cells, and you can expect to see about a 20% fat reduction in the specified area. This only takes about 45 minutes and the side effects are mild. The results are also permanent and won’t need to be repeated, although the effects do take a while to show up on the treated areas.

Keep in mind that while these contouring treatments are great options, each person may have slightly different results. It’s best to speak to a medical professional to discuss what you want. You can then review your options and decide on the best treatment to get to enhance your facial features.

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