Top Small Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas You Should Copy [Tips & How]

SMALL BATHROOM REMODEL – Bathroom remodeling projects increase home values and transform large or small rooms into modern interiors. Your new bathroom design will not only look stylish and fresh, but it will improve your home appeal and your life quality. A bathroom is a functional and valuable room in your home which helps you look and feel your best. Modern bathroom design adds style and convenience to your life and brings comfort into your home.

Remodeling helps keep flooring, walls, bathroom fixtures, and lighting up to date. New bathroom features and hardware, stylish decorative materials and modern decor accessories bring the latest trends into modern homes. Beautiful accents and contemporary design ideas personalize and style new bathroom designs.

Small bathroom remodeling is of particular importance for improving the entire home appeal. Small spaces are less expensive to renovate but often more challenging than large bathrooms. Creative space saving ideas, contemporary designs, modern fixtures and accessories can transform small bathroom interiors dramatically and turn old, small, lacking interest rooms into beautiful, bright and stylish spaces.


Old bathroom faucets and pipes that are rusting out pollute the water that is coming out of them. Upgrading hardware and bringing modern interior design materials into a small bathroom turn the space into the attractive, well-functioning, and healthy room. New design ideas add style and improve the functionality of small spaces. Smart bathroom remodeling ideas can prevent some problems from becoming more expensive in the future.

Small spaces that sell homes

Small bathroom remodeling is a sure way to increase your home value. Whether for home staging to sell your property or for improving the functionality and look of your small bathroom, a remodeling project will create a better environment in your home and add comfort to your small bathroom.

Attractive, comfortable and modern bathrooms sell homes. The return on your investment will be high because bathrooms are incredibly important rooms in your house. They need to be maintained properly and decorated in a practical and elegant style. Bathroom remodeling can bring 50 to 100 percent return on renovation investments.

Metal and glass accents

Shower and tub selection and installation are important parts of bathroom remodeling. Shower enclosures bring contemporary designs into homes and offer space saving ideas for small room redesign. Glass shower enclosures reflect more light and make small rooms look spacious, stylish and luxurious. Whether small bathroom remodeling project includes a shower, bathtub, or a shower within a tub, your room will look larger and brighter with new bathroom fixtures, metal and glass accents.

Compact space saving ideas

Space saving layouts make small rooms feel airy. New bathroom fixtures, modern interior decorating ideas, light room colors, metal, and glass accessories create functional and bright decor adding a contemporary flair to modern bathrooms.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

You have small bathroom? Big design and decor opportunity! Grab inspiration from these gorgeous-yet-tiny washrooms.

Relaxed Traditional Bathroom Design

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To get this designer look, mix marble countertops, furniture-style cabinetry, and paneled wainscoting with mirror frames and flooring that look like weathered wood. Choose fixtures, faucets, lighting, and hardware that incorporate sleek tweaks into traditional lines and shapes.

Transformed Tub

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Give your tub alcove a custom look by adding a paneled side and a tiled wall niche, both doable DIY projects. Marble tiles on the tub surround add to the high-end look.

Black-and-White Bathroom Makeovers

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Create a bold new bath with these stylish design ideas, in classic black and white.

Modern Makeover

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Enhance storage with a new vanity. Brushed metal finishes complement the marble countertop and vinyl flooring. Durable Sherwin Williams paint in Naval contrasts nicely with the white border in this bathroom.

Refresh and Relax

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For a relaxing, spa-feel in your bathroom, install pebble floor tile inside of a curbless shower and a rain showerhead.

Down to Earth

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This light-filled bathroom mixes tile colors and tile types to create a soothing natural color scheme. The mocha vanity with antique-copper hardware adds vintage styling and vanity lights above the framed mirror provide task lighting.

Stylish Surround

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A basic tub surround is transformed with tile. Here, a strip of blue herringbone mosaic tile makes its way along the bathroom wall and into the tub surround for a fresh look.

Mini Makeover

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This builder-grade bath vanity gets a new life with a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet pulls. An updated vanity top, sink, and faucet complete the look.

Small Bathroom Design with Shower

Here are collection of home design photos and inspiration for the Small Bathroom Shower Ideas, for your next project.

Contemporary Bathroom

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In this small bathroom where the vanity, WC and shower are so close together, a glass divider creates an apparently recessed shower enclosure. It stretches between two walls at one end of the bathroom, giving the illusion that the shower is a sizeable area. The sleek glass panels do not visually eat into the space, so the room looks compact yet airy.

Small Space Bathroom

Built-in furnishings – Finally, if you’re looking to renovate or haven’t moved into your apartment, it’s worth thinking about built-in furnishings for your home. Recessed storage in small bathrooms will eliminate the need for a shower caddy, while built-in bookshelves in the living room are the most space-efficient way of utilising your floor to ceiling space.

The Woodshop of Avon

Tip for this idea is finding a bench the perfect size for your shower can be a challenge. If working with a cabinet maker on a bathroom vanity, consider asking him or her to include a custom teak bench in your order.

A Modern Miami Home

Of course, there is also a good case to be made for getting rid of the tub entirely – if you prefer a luxurious shower to a soak, why not just get that space-hogging tub out of there? A sleek glass shower can make any small bathroom seem more spacious. Get the guide: Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower – the Planning Phase.

Small Bathroom London Style

This all-over, dramatic charcoal paintwork is simple yet utterly striking, while the twin shower is transformed thanks to the pretty, patterned tiling. Add a sparkling chandelier into the mix and every member of the family will feel spoilt. Ways to rev up your style in a small bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Door

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Many pint-size shower stalls skimp on style. But the one in this micro home is all things wonderful from the pebble floor tile to the slate walls. The frosting on the cake is the frameless glass door. Because it does not obstruct space visually,  the glass door imparts a sense of airiness.

Upgrade a Builder-Grade Shower

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While a small, builder grade shower could work in a teensy bathroom, it can be a little blah when it comes to stylish utility. Upgrading the standard showerhead and adding a glass storage shelf as shown in this example by Mint Tiny House Company can give an inexpensive enclosure a spa-like vibe.

Bathroom Design Minimalist

The bathroom seems to collect things faster than other rooms in the house. Half empty bottles of shampoo line the edges of the bathtub, tooth brushes are tossed into a cup beside the sink, and hair products, face creams, and ointments gather in a bin under the sink.

If this all sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to transform your bathroom into a minimalist oasis. Here are six ideas to help you make the change and inspire you to declutter your bathroom.

Stick To A Neutral Color Palette

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Use neutral colors, like white or grey, for the walls and scatter other neutral tones throughout the space as accents. This keeps the bathroom feeling open and bright even if you have no windows and enhances the natural light if you have some.

Clutter Free

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Clutter is a minimalists worst nightmare. The key to achieving a minimalist bathroom is to eliminate the clutter. This means no more toothpaste tubes strewn across the counter, hair brushes tossed into overflowing baskets, or excessive decor perched strategically on shelves.

Outfit Your Bathroom Like You Would the Rest of Your Home

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If you only have one bathroom, make it count. This family’s modern industrial loft in Copenhagen showcases a minimalist bathroom that seamlessly fits in with their style. A wall-mounted mirror and a floating sink with storage from Vipp match the slim shower space, while a wall-mounted toilet completes the look.

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