16 List of Exotic Animals That Start With J: Cool Pictures & Interesting Facts

Almost everyone loves animals. We share place with them on this planet. Some of them are extinct and some others are not yet. They actually have right to live on this planet without any disturbances from human beings remembering we are the descendent of primate creatures and beyond in the past. We must keep present animals alive. Love them all as we are all neighbors.

There are just too many animals that have different name in this planet. From the A to the Z we can learn each of them really carefully. Plainly there are only the cutest animals that start with the J. Hopefully after knowing each of then you can love them more. In this modern era, destruction towards their habitat goes like crazy. It is brutal and insane. Would you save them?

Life will be not right if animals are gone. Actually, some of them are really cute and lovely. This article will talk about animals that start with the J. At least there are 15 of them that still live today. You can read about them one by one. Even though the description is pretty short however, I hope that it is clear enough to know more about them. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy reading this article.

Teach our children how to love and care about animals. If we teach them about it, they can have soft feeling and can behave politely. It is like psychological teaching towards children how to love beings. Bad people or criminal have never been taught to love animals and take care of them since they were a kid. Lively kids love animals. Bad kids do not live any animals. That is true.

You can make videos about taking care of animals or how to breed more animals healthily. You can upload your videos on YouTube and inspire people. Paying with animals can relieve stress. They can make you happy and relaxed. Make sure you can tame them otherwise they possibly can harm you. Feed them regularly. Give them enough drink each day. It will be so fun? Try!

Experts have Observed Animals that Start with the J

This article is actually pretty serious about the topic. The description is made by animal experts or zoologist. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate about its credibility. Sone if the animals are birds, some others are mammal, and so forth. Actually, the big fans if animals come from kids. They live to observe anything surround them like a scientist. It is time to tell them.

These days, there are more and more animal videos that are made to tell all kids and people that they deserve to live with human beings. We can actually take their dung to make it natural fertilizer. It can be very expensive on the market nowadays. Therefore, it is very good and profitable to raise animals as a pet. Possibly you can be richer than now by selling animal dung.

Create a brand for your fertilizer, for example “Dung Dung Dor”. If you can make unique, I am sure you can sell more fertilizer. Employ more people as you business grows like crazy. Thanks to animals because of them we can have fertile soil in our homeland. It is time to appreciate animals. Great power comes great responsibility including protecting animals from annihilation.

1. Jabiru

Awesome extinct animals that start with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: audubon.org

It is like a bird. It has long thin legs. You can see this animal on wet land, farm field, river, lake, and so forth. This animal is actually a kind of crane. It has white color on its feather. It is more than 1.4 meter tall and 30 cm wide.

It eats fish, snail, little snake, eel, and other small animal. It lays eggs every 3 months. It is not scary at all. You can have it as pet. Nonetheless, be careful with its beak. Sometimes, it can peck you.

2. Jacamar

Great endangered animals that start with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: hbw.com

Jacamars are birds in the family Galbulidae. They are located in the woodlands of South as well as Central The U.S.A.. Jacamars are insectivores (i.e. they eat pests), as well as have long, thin bills for catching their target. A lot of jacamars have brightly-colored plumage.

3. Jacana

Cool dog names that start with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: birdproduct.com

This animal is actually a bird that cannot fly. It belongs to poultry species. It looks like small chicken. You can see it mainly in a rice field in a tropical country. Its dung is very good for fertilizing soil. It is really light.

It weighs more or less 1 kilogram. It is 15 cm long and 15 cm tale. If you are not skilled in observing animals, you will possibly consider it a chicken. You can have it as a pet. Be rich by raising Jacanas.

The feather is black or grey.

4. Jackal

Beautiful cat names that start with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

It is actually a combination of wolf and coyote. It is not dangerous. However, you have to be careful with its animal hunting instinct. It has soft fur. It has brown and blackish brown color. It can howl or bark. You can have it as a pet.

It can be tamed if you train it well. If you care about jackal, you can build a zoo or animal conservation site. This animal has closest relationship with dog. You can train it like a dog. It is smart too like a dog.

5. Jackrabbit

Wonderful cat names beginning with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

Regardless of their name, jackrabbits are hares, not bunnies. The six types of jackrabbit are all located in The United States and Canada. Unlike bunnies, hares (including jackrabbits) don’t dig burrows, as well as have their young over ground.

6. Jaeger

Amazing birds that start with the letter j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: en.wikipedia.org

There are three birds known as jaegers in The United States and Canada: the long-tailed jaeger, parasitic jaeger and also pomarine jaeger. All are large seabirds that breed in the Arctic. Jaegers are kleptoparasites; they steal the target of other seabirds. Jaegers are referred to as skuas beyond The United States and Canada. Jaegers have longer and also slimmer wings than various other skuas.

7. Jaguar

Popular birds that start with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

This cool animal can run very fast. You cannot win challenge it in a running competition. It has a closest relation to cat and tiger. It has strong jaws and claws. It is a carnivore that eats meat. It cannot be a vegetarian. It can die id it does not eat meat.

It has nice fur. It has dark yellow and sometime black color on its whole body. It is good at hunting its prey. You can have it as a pet but make sure you have it since a little baby. It can attack you if it is starving to near death.

8. Jaguarundi

Best birds that begin with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: Petcha.com

This one is a brother and sister of black jaguar that you possibly have know. It is basically a jaguar but with another variety. It can run very fast like black jaguar. You cannot compete this animal in running competition. It is endangered since 10 years ago.

Illegal hunter kill its kind for souvenir. They take its skin and head for animal skin collector. If you care about this animal, vanish all illegal hunter. Send ghost soldiers to hint them down.

9. Javan Rhinoceros

Awesome birds beginning with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: AnimalSake.com

This rhino is pretty rare. You can see this animal in Africa and South East Asia like Indonesia and Malaysia. Its name Java is actually a name of an island in Indonesia. It is endangered and tend to be extinct.

Illegal animal hunters kill them to get its horn for medicine. If you strongly care about rhino and its life, hunt down all illegal hunters until there is no more. Hunt them down like a Rambo or Special Air Force Soldier. Bang! Bang! Bang! Without mercy!

10. Jay

Great animals with j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

This one is a bird. It looks amazing. Blue is the color of this cute animal. It can produce sound of voice like never-before. You can have it as a pet. It will not attack you because it is very tamed. Kids love it a lot. It can fly tall beautifully.

It is 18 cm long and 10 cm tall. It not only has blue color but also light gray color on its feather. You can see this bird in European countries.

11. Jellyfish

Cool animals that start with the letter j #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

This ancient animal can harm you. However, it is beautiful. It can attack people in a sea or on a beach with its sting. You can die if there is no help. However, some kinds of jellyfish are not harmful but they are pretty rare to find.

Make sure you be careful when you dive in a sea or play around the seashore. It has transparent color. Sometimes, it has light-yellow or white or light blue color. It has been living in a sea for millions of years older than dinosaur.

12. Jerboa

Beautiful animals that start with jo #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: blog.nationalgeographic.org

It looks like a little kangaroo. It is way smaller than kangaroo. You can find this cute animal in Australia. It is very lovable. Kids love it a lot. You can have it as a pet. Its fur is smooth. It does not stink. It is a mammal. It is very tamed.

Jerboa is 30 cm long and 10 cm tall. It has light brown color. It does not bite. Kids can play with it safely. You can sell this animal legally with certificate.

13. John Dory – Animals That Start With J

Wonderful animals that start with ji #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: aquariumbiarritz.com

The John Dory is a predative marine fish. It has unique spinal columns on its dorsal fin (the fin on its back). On either side of its level, boring eco-friendly body is a circular marking that appears like an eye. This is made use of defensively to alarm prospective predators, and also could also confuse victim.

14. Jumping Spider – Animals That Start With J

Amazing animals that start with je #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

This little spider is harmless. It is unique and rare in nature. It looks black and dark. Sometimes, it can look brighter with brownish look. It can jump in short distance. It does not look scary compared to other spiders. Kids can have it as a pet.

It is 3 cm long and 5 mm tall. It can eat very small insect to prolong its life. Ant is its favorite food. Termites are also nice to this cute spider. You can find it in the jungle of tropical island.

15. Junco – Animals That Start With J

Popular animals that start with jac #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: pixabay.com

This bird is super cute. It looks warm and satin. It can detect subtle energy like ghost or spirit. It looks like pigeon. This is related to the ancient ancestor of pigeon. The sound of this animal like a little whistle from Norway. This bird is actually rare.

Therefore, you cam breed this animal to prevent extinction. You can feed it with caterpillar or ant eggs. Give it fresh water also if you are serious in taking care of this bird. It is 15 cm long and 8 cm tall.

16. Junglefowl – Animals That Start With J

Best animals that start with ja #AnimalsThatStartWithJ
Image source: singaporebirds.com

This looks like a chicken. It has the closest relation to chicken. It has dark brown feather. It tastes good id you fry it or toast it for food. It lays eggs every 4 months. It is very delicious if you cook it with seasoning from China recipe.

You can breed it also. It is easy to breed. You can sell it to chicken restaurant or you can build your own junglefowl restaurant.

17. Jerusalem Cricket – Animals That Start With J

This cricket is pretty big. It looks like grasshopper. It has brown color and yellowish color. It can eat many leaves or crops. It is harmful for plants. You can find it in middle-east countries like Palestine. It can eat leaves and fruits and small insects.

It can produce noisy sound. Make sure this insect does not exist in your plantation. It is 5 cm long and 1 cm tall. This animal is good food for birds. You cannot have it as homey pet. However, you can raise its colony for bird’s prey.

18. Japanese Macaque – Animals That Start With J

This monkey is very famous. It loves hot spring and sake. It love taking a bath in a warm pool. It is tamed and nice. You can have it as a pet. It does not bite However, be careful! Do not make it angry or it can scratch you with its claws like crazy. Look out!

Love it and it will not harm you. It loves to take message. It can understand if you love it or kiss it. It can understand of you stroke it on its fur. This monkey loves it. It is a mammal like human being. It gives milk to its babies.

19. Jabro – Animals That Start With J

This very rare animal is actually a rabbit. This animal is very cute and tamed. You can have it as a pet but with legal certificate. It has very soft fur. It has white and sometimes light blue color. It is very beautiful. It is like fairytale animal.

It likes to eat leaves, grass, and fruits. Kids love it so much They can okay with jabro. It is very safe to play with jabro. You can see this animal in West European you tries like Sweden, Norway, and Germany.



I hope that after reading this article, you can see more about those animal that with the letter J. If you are an animal lover, start protect them or keep them as a pet legally. All illegal hunters must be terminated by the government or very rich people that can hire elite soldiers to wipe them away. Animals need us to make them alive on earth.

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