59 Creative Bathroom Tile Ideas That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

BATHROOM TILE IDEAS – There’s a reason tile is often the material of choice in the bathroom: it reflects light, it’s durable, it’s easy to clean and it freshens up the space. We’ve assembled a list of bathroom tile ideas to help you get started.

Tile is a good way to make the space look polished and to revamp a bathroom without doing a major overhaul. Keep in mind that the grout between tiles can become grimy if it’s not cleaned properly, and regular maintenance is important in preserving an aesthetic that looks fresh and not grungy.

Tile is more expensive than paint, so the amount of material and the complexity of your design will likely depend on budget. Options range from minimal use in a border, for example, to maximum use in floor-to-ceiling executions. And each implementation, of course, can be done in different materials, be it in a classic subway tile or multicolored mosaics.

It’s good to think about resale value when making changes to a bathroom, especially because white and off-white are the most popular color schemes in that room. That said, your bathroom is a space that all of your guests will likely see at some point; so if you want to make a statement, this is the place to do it. Think about it the same way you would your kitchen backsplash: You want it to be timeless and clean, and to not turn off potential buyers.

You could allow tile to make a statement and cover all four walls, or use it to create pseudo-wainscoting and paint the top half of the wall the color of your choice. Here are five general bathroom tile ideas to apply to your space.


Top Bathroom Tile Ideas

There are top bathroom tile ideas

  • Wainscoting
  • Border Tile
  • Flooring
  • Shower Tile
  • All Over

Wainscoting – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Awesome bathroom tile ideas and pictures #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Wainscoting is a decorative wall covering that extends partway up the wall. It’s typically done in wood and in spaces such as the dining room. However, it can also work in the bathroom as a way to add character. If you want to incorporate tile but are on a budget, try tiling from the floor up and then paint the remaining wall with a gloss or semi-gloss paint for easy clean-up. A potential benefit of using tile wainscoting is that it can also work as a backsplash if it extends high enough above the sink.

Border Tile – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Great bathroom bathtub tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

A border of tile lets you add your personal style without breaking your budget. It also can be a way to make a bold statement without making a huge investment (and also one that can be changed to match the taste of future buyers). Add a strip of mosaic tile or colored glass along the top of subway-tile wainscoting or let it stand alone against a painted wall to warm up the room.

Flooring – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Cool bathroom floor and wall ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Tile flooring is common in bathrooms and offers a nice alternative to hardwoods, which can get warped if they are exposed to too much water. If you decide to put ceramic tile on the floor, look for a grade of 1 or 2, a water-absorption rating of less than 7 percent and a coefficient of friction above .60, which are slip-resistant and can stand up to water.

Also pay attention to porosity; you’ll want a more impervious tile for the floor because of exposure to water. Vinyl feels better on bare feet than ceramic tile, and it’s one of the more popular flooring choices as it’s inexpensive and practical (safe, easy to install and maintain).

Shower Tile – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Beautiful bathroom floor tile designs for small bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Define zones in the room by using a different tile in the shower. You’ll want to use a tile that has a water-absorption rating of less than 3 percent (lower than what’s recommended for the floors) and has good traction (a coefficient of friction that’s greater than or equal to .60).

All Over – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Wonderful bathroom tile colour schemes #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

If budget isn’t a factor, then all-over tile can be an interesting way to merge durability and easy cleaning with style. Vary the color, shape, pattern, size and texture of tiles by using different materials on the floors, on the walls and in the shower. Using all-over tile is a good way to make a small space brighter, as the tile will reflect light.

Creative Bathroom Tile Ideas

Give your bathroom a new look with these creative ideas for walls and floors.

Travertine walls

Amazing bathroom ideas for small spaces #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Fired Earth

These “timera” travertine tiles have a slightly pillowed edge that makes you want to reach out and touch them. The cocoa brown color sets off a white and chrome vanity beautifully.

Metal backsplash

Colorful bathroom shower wall tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Walker Zanger

Metal is great from an aesthetic standpoint-it’s a rigid material that adds sparkle. “The backsplash is a perfect place to incorporate metal into the design, as it’s easy to clean and less likely to get scratched there than it would be as a countertop,” explains interior designer Terrell Goeke.

Patterned tile wall

Nice bathroom floor tile design ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Michele Lee Willson

On the wall, random-patterned ceramic tiles in five shades of green add an eye-catching element to the vanity, which is made from reclaimed Douglas fir.

Mosaic vanity wall

Lovely bathroom tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Fired Earth

Ice blue glass mosaic tiles cover the countertop and extend into a tiled wall that also includes white and ocean blue.

Tumbled slate

Popular bathroom shower tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Tawny-colored tumbled slate provides a warm hue for the walls and slip resistance for the floors in this shower that looks onto an enclosed deck.

Glass & subway tile

Latest bathroom floor tiles images #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Interspersing a few dozen glass tiles among less expensive white subway tiles saved the owners of this bathroom a considerable amount of money.

Raised tile backsplash

Trending bathroom ideas photo gallery #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Fired Earth

Raised tiles add contrast without necessarily intro­ducing a new color.

Travertine floors

Best bathtub ceramic tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Fired Earth

Travertine floor tiles with chiseled edges have a textured surface that makes them slip resistant.

Mosaic shower wall

Awesome bathroom mosaic tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Michele Lee Willson

When you invest in a thorough mosaic tile look for your walls, you want to highlight it. Clear glass shower doors don’t obscure the tiled walls in the tub surround.


Great small modern bathroom tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Michele Lee Willson

Square porcelain floor tiles mimic slate in this bath­room but are far more durable.

Hexagon mosaic

Cool bathroom floor tile ideas for small bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Michele Lee Willson

A combination of lavender, white, and gray make this teen­age girl’s bath­room sophisticated enough to transition into a guest bath when she leaves home. Hexagon mosaic marble floor tiles give it an upscale look.


Beautiful shower wall tiles design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Michele Lee Willson

The owners of this small guest bath decided to splurge on basket-weave glass tiles for the floor, making it an unforgettable room in the house.

Clean lines

Wonderful bathroom tile ideas images #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Photo by Michele Lee Willson

No matter what type of tile you use, you want to aim for clean lines and streamlined design. In this bathroom, tiling around the mirror anchors it to the tub area. Recessed niches on either side of the faucet line up perfectly with the rim of the slipper tub.

Stylish Bathroom Tile Ideas

We’re all used to simple tile designs in the bathroom. Square and white; it gets old and dull seeing the same flooring. Instead, use tile in more interesting ways from artistic creations to bamboo materials, there are plenty of functional and stylish ideas that can and will work for your own home. Let’s have a look at 20 of the best and more inspirational, real-life examples.

Checkerboard – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Amazing bathroom tile ideas 2018 #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

A classic design will create an easy, classic look as it does in this gorgeous and spacious bathroom. And it also helps to make this area much more interesting and even more of a timeless style.

Hexagon – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Colorful bathroom tile ideas floor #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Small, hexagon tiles have the ability to create a simple and vintage feel. It’s perfect for smaller bathrooms as they add a delicacy and girlish charm without too much fuss.

Charcoal – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Nice bathroom floor tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

For a chic and modern finish, add classic tile in a charcoal tone. It’s trendy and it’s a fresher take on contemporary interior design styles than a deep, black shade.

3-Layer – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Lovely bathroom mosaic tile designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

A 3-layer design could be just want you need to dress up a simple and subtly decorated bathroom. Creamy and neutral we love the mix of white, black and neutral shades.

Teal – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Popular best bathroom tiles design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Go with color, like these teal tiles covering the floor and the shower too. Reminiscent of the ocean, this option sets the tone for a gorgeous, super chic and a bit Asian-inspired space for you or your guests to enjoy.

Flowers – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Latest bathroom shower tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Take hexagon tiling to the next level by using a color duo. This eggshell and black combination works wonders in creating a personal and charming floral accent, right on the bathroom floor!

Rainbow – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Trending white bathroom floor tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Get really creative and choose traditional, square tiles but in a variety of your favorite colors! It’ll make a splash in a room that doesn’t get as much attention as other spaces of the house!

Laminate – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Best mosaic bathroom floor tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Yes, you can even have laminate wood flooring inside your bathroom. It brings a homey, coziness into the space while still look refreshed and versatile.

Placement – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Awesome bathroom wall tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Another great idea is to pay attention to placement. A beautiful teal tile is one thing but a bit off-center in placement with a small, white square addition makes the design so much more unique and fun.

Marble – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Great patterned ceramic floor tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Another classic and timeless choice would be to go with a beautiful, sleek marble tile. It goes along with any style or color choice you decide to go with while adding a very sophisticated and posh accent.

Stone – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Cool bathroom tile decorating ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

For a chic and natural look, try out stone flooring. It creates a refreshing look without falling into a super trendy zone. If you’re looking for a no mess, no fuss and more modern style, try this out.{found on swellhomes}.


Beautiful bathroom border tiles #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Here’s another example of a gorgeous color pairing and tile design. It’s unique, it’s artistic and bring a fresh revivalist feel to the bathroom area.

Patterns – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Wonderful ceramic tile shower ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

A eclectic mix of patterned tiles will make a definite statement in your bathroom, especially if it’s a smaller space. You can emulate this idea from using older reclaimed tile pieces!

Victorian – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Amazing bathroom tile ideas grey and white #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

This is a perfect example of a gorgeous and subtle Victorian bathroom with a subtle tile design. The browns in the flooring match and compliment the sing and the wallpaper too.

Purple – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Colorful modern tiles bathroom design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Personalize your bathroom with your favorite color. Purple may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to this area of the house but this real-life example proves how beautiful it could be.

Bamboo – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Nice decorative bathroom tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

In square tiles or slabs, bamboo is a great choice when it comes to bathroom flooring. It’s not only functional and made to be around watery atmospheres, but it’s a comfortable choice as well. {found on asaphouse}

Mosaic – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Lovely bathroom shower tile designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

A gorgeous and popping design is all you need to add a special uniqueness to your master bath or even inside the guest bathroom. Delicate designs can really make a surprising difference.

Chocolate – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Popular small bathroom designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Chocolate browns can look super chic and contemporary but without feeling as harsh or dramatic as a midnight black. Just check out these silky, smooth diamond-shaped tiles!

Porcelain – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Latest small bathroom wall tiles design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

These gorgeous, porcelain tiles are delicate and feminine. They’re the perfect addition to a room filled with femininity and youthful essence. And the dainty, scalloped edges are a wonderful accent! {found on schroedercarpet}.

Chevron – Bathroom Tile Ideas

Trending bathroom wall tiles design images #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Here’s another rainbow colored design but with a chevron finish. Slender tiles in a funky pattern bring about a youthful vibe to this bathroom that’s perfect for guests or the young ones in the house!

Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Doing renovations on your bathroom can be really exciting, but it can also be really stressful trying to decide on paint colors, fixtures, and the most important (and permanent) element – tile. Especially when dealing with a bathroom on the smaller side, the tile will either make or break your design. Shape, size, and color are all important factors to take into consideration. And while it may seem like a big decision, finally settling on tile will make designing the rest of the space a breeze. From accent walls, patterned tiles, and tile that goes from floor-to-ceiling, here are 10 ways to use tile in your small bathroom that will leave a big impression.

1. Arrange subway tiles in an unexpected herringbone pattern to get the most from basic materials

Best mosaic tile designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: Dayka Robinson Designs (daykarobinsondesignsblog.com)

Don’t feel like you have to lay your white subway tiles horizontally. Change things up and stack them in a herringbone pattern, like this space by Dayka Robinson Designs, to add an extra dose of visual interest to your small bathroom. Keep things simple with dark gray grout to maintain a modern minimalist vibe that will flow with the rest of your house.

2. Opt for small scale tiles to make the bathroom feel bigger

Awesome tiles for small bathroom floor #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: The Happy Tudor (thehappytudor.com)

Follow in the footsteps of the blog The Happy Tudor and stick with smaller tiles to make your tiny bathroom feel larger. The multiple grout lines between the black and white penny tiles trick your eyes and make you think there’s actually more square footage in front of you.

3. Save the more expensive tiles for the small details

Great wall tile patterns for bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: Sally Rhys Jones (sallyrhysjones.com)

If completely outfitting your bathroom in marble tile is out of your renovation budget, use those tiles as accent pieces instead. This bathroom uses them as a backsplash for a built-in shower shelf, but they’d also look just as chic covering the floor of your small shower. This is a classic example of less is more.

4. Choose black-on-black floor tiles to put a modern spin on a classic design

Cool ceramic bathroom wall tiles #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: SimplifiedBee.com

Update your tiny but timeless bathroom by opting for black floor tiles and equally dark grout that will help ground a mostly white palette. Choose a fun shaped tile, like the hexagons in this bathroom by Simplified Bee, for a modern spin that won’t overwhelm the small space. Add other touches of black through accessories like curtains and toothbrush holders to give the bathroom balance.

5. Create an tiled accent wall behind the vanity

Beautiful bathroom tiles sale #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: instagram.com

If you don’t have a lot to work with in your bathroom, it’s important to make a big impact where you can. Take advantage of the ample empty space behind your bathroom vanity to create an eye-catching accent wall that you’ll be able to design the rest of the room around.

6. Go for a high-impact design with floor-to-ceiling tile

Wonderful bathroom and shower tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: Home Depot (blog.homedepot.com)

Use your limited square footage to your advantage and go big with floor-to-ceiling tile. Pick a lighter and brighter tile with variations to reflect light, like this room by Home Depot, to avoid making your windowless bathroom feel drab and dark. This is the one time you’ll be glad your bathroom is small.

7. Patterned tiles add depth to a small bathroom

Amazing bathroom floor and wall tiles design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: Room for Tuesday (roomfortuesday.com)

Even though your bathroom is small, you can still rock the patterned tile trend. Select something on the smaller side to add depth and make the space appear longer. Keep the paint colors within the same neutral tones as the patterned floor tiles for a cohesive look.

8. Extend the tile to include the outside of the tub for a built-in look

Colorful bathroom tiles for small bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: Claire Cousins Architects (clarecousins.com.au)

When purchasing materials for bathroom renovation be sure to pick up enough tile to also include the outside of your bathtub, too. By outfitting your tub in the same tile that’s on your walls, like this bathroom by Claire Cousins Architects, you’ll give the space a custom built-in look. Stick with a classic tile and grout combo for a timeless look you won’t be sick of in six months.

9. Accentuate your bathroom’s architectural details with eye-catching tile

Nice bathtub shower tile designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Credit: Jean Stoffer (instagram.com)

If your bathroom has any interesting architectural details, make them stand out! Accentuate your small bathroom’s quirkier features with bold tile to make it the star of the space. Soon you’ll be searching for fun details to highlight in every room.

Best-ever bathroom tile ideas

Lovely bathroom design ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

If you’re renovating to sell, to add some value to your home or simply to give it a facelift, experts agree that there are two key rooms to focus on – the kitchen and the bathroom.

Bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles have a major impact on the overall look and feel of the space and so it’s important to choose wisely. But walk into any tile showroom and the choice can be overwhelming, so what do you need to know to help you make the right decision?

“I usually recommend a timeless, classic approach. Bathrooms are messy and expensive to renovate so choose an aesthetic that you won’t get tired of for at least the next 10 years,” says Diana Ribarevski, head of interior design at Coco Republic.

“Consider the architecture of your home. If you have a modern home, choose a modern tile. If you have a period home, choose a traditional tile.”

White bathroom tile ideas

Popular bathroom ceramic tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

White bathroom tiles and soft grey tiles will forever remain timeless in the bathroom. Tip: Choose tiles with a softer tone and texture to create a less sterile effect in the space.

Look for white tiles with unique textures, warm finishes and small format tiling options.

Marble tile bathroom

Latest wall tile pattern ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Textured finishes avoid a ‘sterile’ effect, so think of natural materials like stone, marble and hand-glazed ceramic tiles.

Or opt for tiles with a fleck or vein through them and choose a matte finish instead of gloss tiles.

Small bathroom tile design

Trending bathroom tile replacement ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel

Small bathrooms suit small format tiles, such as mosaic bathroom floor tiles, says Diana. But keep tiles fresh and simple in muted tones so they don’t overwhelm a small space.

Tile Ideas For A Bold Bathroom Refresh


Best bathroom wall tiles design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

Create a subtle geometric effect on your bathroom wall by paring jade-green tiles with pale blue.


Awesome bathroom tile inspiration #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

A warm carpet laid over abstract tiles in shades of pink and umber lends warmth and ambiance to this chic bathroom.


Great contemporary bathroom tile designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

Go for a stellar 70s vibe with these serene green tiles.


Cool small bathroom tiles design #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

Give your shower a statement wall with these eye-catching green subway tiles.


Beautiful bathroom floor tile gallery #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

This strong navy shade, with a distinctive white border, makes a statement against the cream paint on the walls and the plain subway tile of the shower.


Wonderful marble floor tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

Perfect for any art enthusiast, a quirky paint splatter wall meets classic striped tiles for the ultimate pattern clash.


Amazing bathroom shower tile ideas on a budget #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

These pale tiles, in shades of pink and blue, pick up the mellow, relaxed mood in this sauna-equipped bathroom.


Colorful bathroom floor tiles #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

For this serene master bathroom, cement tile in shades of blue add to spa-like feel of the room.


Nice porcelain bathroom tile #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

Navy and white is a classic color pairing that makes a statement, while still harmonizing with neutral colors.


Lovely bathroom ceramic tile designs #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

This blue-green shower shimmer tile is the perfect dose of understated glamour.


Popular bathroom tile patterns shower #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileremodel
Image Source: elledecor.com

Marble floors are a thing of the past: these stunning geometric patterned tiles are a surefire fix for a dull bathroom.


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