Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tiles have the main function, not only as of the base for your bathroom floor. However, it also works as one of the important elements that are affecting your bathroom appearance. Therefore, the type of bathroom tile ideas that you use will affect the nuance and atmosphere in that bathroom.

The nuance and atmosphere are another matter that the bathroom tiles can create. Besides those two, the tile also can add more comfort value in your bathroom. This is important because the bathroom is the place you can use for relaxation while a dip in the warm water in your bathtub.

Now, you know the importance of bathroom tile. Therefore, you must carefully choose the right bathroom tile ideas for your bathroom. The main goal is only one. That tiles design will make your bathroom into a much better bathroom than before. And below, we have several ideas you can try to get that great effect.

Top Bathroom Tile Ideas

There are leading bathroom tile ideas:

  • Wainscoting
  • Border Tile
  • Flooring
  • Shower Tile
  • All Over


1. The Draught Style

Miraculous bathroom tile ideas images #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The checkered pattern in this bathroom looks very similar to the draught or checkerboard. This pattern gives this simple white color themed bathroom a deeper touch. Moreover, it’s perfectly matched with the black fireplace on one side of the wall. Overall, this is a great combination. It gives the bathroom a classical atmosphere.

2. The Classic Blue Tile for Bathroom Floor

Staggering bathroom tile ideas photos #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


This tiles shape and pattern are commonly found in the old house bathroom. But, it doesn’t mean this type of tiles gives some obsolete appearance in the bathroom. In fact, by combining it with a modern style bathroom fixture, it creates a nice focal point of the room. The result is beautiful bathroom tile ideas.

3. The Brick Wall for Attic Bathroom Tile

Terrific bathroom tile trim ideas #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Although we said that tile is the base for your bathroom floor, you also can use it for the wall. Just like this one. In fact, using the tiles on the bathroom walls give you a unique pattern you can utilize to create a beautiful appearance. This bathroom looks much better with this brick patterned wall tiles.

4. The Two Pattern

Wonderful bathroom tile ideas pictures #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


As you can see, there are two pattern tiles on the wall and floor. This is a good method if you plan to create a wide space effect in your small bathroom. This is one of the best examples of the application of bathroom tile ideas for small size bathroom you can use.

5. The Modern Stone Tiling

Eye-opening bathroom tile ideas home depot #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


There are many types of bathroom tiles available today. One of them is made of marble. It’s difficult to install. However, if you apply it correctly, you can see it give a magnificent effect on your bathroom like what you can see in the picture. The wall doesn’t need too many accessories because it already has a unique color of marble tiles.

6. The Grey Wood Pattern Tile

Delight bathroom tile ideas grey #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Actually, you can use a real wooden floor for your bathroom. But, the treatment and the special installation are needed in order to keep it last longer. This one is the best alternative you can use to get the wood pattern in your bathroom. You use the bathroom tile with a wood pattern. It’s much easier to install and cheaper than real wood.

7. Simple and Classic Bathroom Tile

Astonishing bathroom tile ideas lowes #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The two opposite style, simple as you can see on the wall, and classic which has a more complex pattern on the floor, create a beautiful combination. The key here is you choose the tile with a similar color theme. Both of them use the white theme as well as the grey pattern. So, it’s perfectly suitable for each other.

8. The Chic Mediterranean Style Ideas

Brilliant bathroom tile ideas white #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The Mediterranean bathroom tile ideas is always a great way to create a beautiful bathroom. There are many different patterns. The good thing about this style is you can combine any pattern you find and get the best result in the end.

9. The Chevron Tile Ideas

Awesome regrout shower tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The chevron pattern creates a nice volume, if you apply it on the bathroom wall, like what you can see here. It uses three different colors, moreover, these are the classic color type. This color combination makes the bathroom feels more comfortable.

10. The Cave Bathroom Style

Spectacular tiles for small bathroom floor #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


We can say that this is one of the best bathroom tile ideas. By using the natural stone tiles, they install it on the floor and wall. We can imagine that spending our time in this bathroom will like relaxation in the cave. It’s so fresh and rejuvenating.

11. The Texture

Marvelous tile floor for small bathroom #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


You don’t have to always use the flat and plain bathroom tiles. Adding some texture and pattern like this is also a good thing. In fact, this style gives you more artistic look that you won’t find on the standard flat bathroom tiles. Try it, if you plan to bathroom remodeling.

12. The Gradation

Unbelievable small bathroom floor tiles #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Creating gradation painting on your bathroom can be done easily with spray paint. However, for more artistic looks, the bathroom tile ideas like this is also a good choice. Using a different color of tiles and arrange it according to the color tone, will give you beautiful tile gradation.

13. White and Dark Red Tile Ideas

Breathtaking modern bathroom tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


It looks like that the tiles installation on this bathroom wall hasn’t been finished yet. However, that’s what makes it beautiful. The unfinished tile creates unique land that separate two main colors of the room, the red from the wall and white from the tiles.

14. The Marble Wall and Floor Tile

Excited best tile for shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Marble is the safest choice for bathroom tiles. It is durable, beautiful and elegant. Adding it in the bathroom create a nice look as you can see here. Of course, it will need a more complicated installation method to put it neatly like that. Ask professional help for it.

15. The Box of Stones

Remarkable best shower tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The simplest method to create beautiful art in your bathroom is using the natural stone tiles on the entire wall and floor. The result is a beautiful box of stone that has an amazing pattern and texture. It’s comfortable and pleases your eyes.

16. The Classic Green Tile Bathroom Shower

Fantastic large tile shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


There is a reason why you feel really comfortable when you lie down in the park. The green color of trees, grass, and plant has a calming effect. This designer also tries to create calming and relaxing bathroom tile ideas with this green tile. Moreover, the classic design makes it warmer as well.

17. The Grey Brick Bathroom Tile

Unique large shower tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Using matter color maybe seems not appealing because it doesn’t show a sparkling effect. However, it creates another effect, which is a chic and cool effect. And combining the grey and white like this, create the flat and cartoon-like color effect.

18. The Cool One

Sensational how to paint bathroom tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Darker color always creates a cool and fresh nuance. This is also what this bathroom display with its bathroom tile ideas. Moreover, matching the color of the tiles with the ceiling also creates a beautiful uniformity that increases the value of the bathroom.

19. The Pebbles Line

Extraordinary best tile for shower walls #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Using pebbles to create an accent on the wall is another good idea to utilize your bathroom tiles. It saves you more money because you don’t need to buy too many decorations for your bathroom. Just the pebbles pattern tiles and that’s enough.

20. The Floor Lines

Uplifting can you paint bathroom tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Usually, we use one type of tiles and install them to close to each other neatly. But, you also can modify it by using different color tiles and use it as the separation lines between tiles. The bathroom tile ideas like this creates order and neat looks.

21. The Turquoise Center

Life-changing tile walk in shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


You also can use the bathroom tiles to create the center of the design in the bathroom. Like the one, you can see in the picture, using a simply different color tiles work really well. Now, you have the center of attention for your bathroom floor.

22. The Farmhouse Style

Unbeatable designer wall tiles for bathroom #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Wooden floor for bathroom maybe is too common. Then, why don’t you use the wood-patterned tiles for the wall? This is good bathroom tile ideas and it gives you the natural atmosphere like in the farmhouse.

23. The Rocky Bathroom

Striking bathroom tile designs gallery #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


This bathroom is another example of how to implement good bathroom tile ideas to emphasize the empty wall on your bathroom. Using a totally different pattern, color, and even material, it gives a nice focal point on that wall. Plus, the wooden table also looks really great with the rocky wall.

24. The Royal Bathroom

Wondrous diy shower tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Do you want to feel wash your face in the royal bathroom? You can use a simple method like in the picture. Just use the royal purple tiles. Also, add some purple wall decoration pebble, and you have your own royal bathroom.

25. Clear Separation

Perfect ceramic tile shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The bathroom tile ideas in the picture creates a clear separation between the floor and wall. This is a good method to give your bathroom a strong accent. Or, if you don’t want to be bothered by decoration, you also can use this method.

26. The Light and Dark Bathroom Tile Ideas

Epic how to tile shower floor #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The stripes pattern can also be applied to your bathroom. You don’t need to use a small stripes style. Use the large area like this one and create unique stripes pattern on your bathroom wall and floor. This is also a good way to make every part of your bathroom stand out.

27. The Simple White Bathroom

Phenomenal how to tile a shower floor #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The white bathroom tile ideas like this is the common style you can apply. You don’t need to worry about how good the design is. This style will work. So, it could be a solution, if you can’t find the right style for your bathroom.

28. The Green Stripes

Amazing shower corner shelf tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


This one is using similar stripes style like what we explained above. However, the tile used on the wall is the smooth and less-textured tiles. It creates a soft and cute atmosphere.

29. The Big Tiles for Shower

Unforgettable marble bathroom accessories #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The natural stone tile creates a good feeling. However, if you want to create a stronger effect, try to use the big size tile. It doesn’t only cover more area. But, the big size also adds more elegance in your bathroom.

30. The Pattern Changes

Glorious tile for shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


This bathroom actually uses a simple decorating method. It uses two different size tiles. Both of them have similar color tone. However, the area where the floor and wall connected is covered by the table. It creates an illusion that the tiles naturally change from the floor to the wall.

31. The Marble Area

Fabulous bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The marble tile also is a good choice to use for showing the different area in your bathroom. This one is the best example of that. Installing in the area that you think it is necessary, is the key to create the design. However, the marble isn’t the only material you can use. You also can choose other material that you like.

32. Hardwood Bathroom Tile Floor

Surprising bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


If you see carefully, you can find out that the checker pattern on this bathroom floor is the result of a painting job. This is good bathroom tile ideas if you don’t have enough budgets to buy the tiles. Just paint it like this, and you get the tiles effect.

33. The Old Style for Bathroom Tile Ideas

Incredible shower tile paint #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The old brick style in this bathroom reminds you of the old building that was built in the 1800s. We can see that the designer try to imbue the retro/classic style in this bathroom. It looks magnificent.

34. The White Dot

Astounding painting shower tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


We like how the bathroom tiles in this bathroom were installed. The arrangement creates a unique line formation and the small area at the corner of the tiles. This area produces a dots-like shape which gives it another accent and unique pattern.

35. The Black Chevron Pattern Bathroom Tile Floor

Unleash wall tile ideas for bathroom #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


You also can use the bathroom tile ideas in this picture to create a nice blend between floor and bathroom fixtures. As you can see, the black chevron tiles match the bathtub that has a black bottom part. The result as you can see is beautiful.

36. The Rustic Style

Gorgeous tile ideas for bathroom walls #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


It looks dirty, isn’t it? However, this is the actual pattern of the tiles. If you combine this kind of tile with white wall, it won’t match. However, this bathroom uses a perfect pattern for the wall, so it blends really well with the dirty tiles for creating a rustic tile style.

37. The White Tile Bathroom Shower

Famous bathroom tile wall ideas #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Using the bathroom tiles for the entire wall in the bathroom shower area is a good idea. It doesn’t only protect the wall from the water. However, the white tile also looks great with the white wall in this bathroom.

38. White Tile and Grey Tile

Stunning tile ideas for small bathrooms #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Using black tile like this while the other areas are white is a good way to reflect the light much better. It works really well with the electric lighting as well as the natural lighting from the window. Moreover, when people enter the bathroom, they will notice the other parts more than the black tile. You can use this effect to add decoration on the white part.

39. Natural Stone Tile for Small Bathroom Shower

Miraculous small bathroom tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The small bathroom usually feels gloomy. However, there is one method you can use to make it brighter. You can use the natural stone tile for the wall and flower. Therefore, you can add the natural scent in it, which improve the relaxing effect you can get from the bathroom.

40. The Luxurious Style

Staggering tile reglazing #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


Even if you have a small size house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the luxurious interior style. You don’t have to change the whole house interior style into a luxurious style. You can change one part of your house, for example, your bathroom.

The bathroom in the picture is the example of that luxurious bathroom. Actually, you don’t need to make too many changes. As you can see, you just need to use the bathroom tiles with elegant style pattern. Then, add the chandelier and it’s done.

41. Travertine Wall Tile Ideas

Terrific tub and tile paint #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Photo by Fired Earth


This is another good example of how to apply bathroom tile ideas for creating a strong accent in the bathroom. Basically, you don’t need to use a different pattern like this on the floor. Just one part along the wall and you get what you need for a strong accent in the bathroom.

Moreover, you also need a strong pattern. This one is a good move by choosing the travertine pattern. Actually, you also can choose other patterns as long as it can be easily noticed.

42. The Puzzle Bathroom Tile

Wonderful how to tile a shower wall #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Photo by Michele Lee Willson


It feels like you are arranging puzzle when you look at the wall of this bathroom. If you do it by yourself, it takes a lot of time. But, it’s fun. You also need many colors and pattern of the instant bathroom tiles to create the puzzle-like appearance like this.

Just make sure, you arrange each color in a different place. Do it from the bottom part first in order to match the size of the area you want to cover with this tiles style.

43. The Mosaic Shower Tile Ideas

Eye-opening undefined #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Photo by Michele Lee Willson


The mosaic bathroom tile ideas like this is a good way to make a certain part of your bathroom looks stand out. As you can see, the bathtub and the toilet that has different color become much more noticeable with the mosaic pattern background.

Toilets come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. So if you’re going through a bathroom remodel and you plan on doing a tile mosaic, make sure to choose a toilet that has a complimentary style.

However, in order to make it work, make sure you install it on the entire area of the wall. This will create a stronger effect. Moreover, the mosaic pattern like this looks really unique on your bathroom wall.

44. The Woven Tile Pattern with Grey Vanity

Delight tile shower shelf #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The woven bamboo pattern on the wall complements the bathroom fixture. Of course, it uses the grey pattern to match the grey furniture/cabinet in this half bathroom. This combination works well for you who want to use simple decoration for the bathroom wall.

On the other hand, this bathroom doesn’t use complicated bathroom tile ideas. It’s only simple white tiles. It’s a good choice because the main menu is the wall and bathroom fixture.

45. The Weaving Tiles

Astonishing shower shelves for tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Photo by Michele Lee Willson


The weaving pattern tile looks like a rug. It’s thick and comfortable. However, if you enter the bathroom, you will realize that it’s only bathroom tiles. The weaving pattern like this is also giving a classic look in your bathroom. But, you can combine it with minimalist and modern style like what you can see in the picture if you want.

46. The Brick Frame

Brilliant bathroom shower tile ideas #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


The brick style bathroom tiles are a good choice if you want to create a classic or rustic appearance. However, it depends on how you use it, it also can create a unique appearance like what you can see in the picture.

The bathroom here uses a certain area for the brick style tiles. The placement also creates a frame shape which makes the charcoal color wall looks more noticeable. If you have a limited budget for purchasing the tiles, you can use this method.

47. 3-Layer Bathroom Tile

Awesome tile shower base #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor


It said that the most important element in creating modern and minimalist interior is you must use no more than three colors. And, this bathroom applies that method on the floor. The result as you can see is really nice.

However, it is the floor, though. Therefore, you can’t only apply the color. You also need to use a different pattern. This bathroom doesn’t use the pattern. But, that’s enough. You can try with different pattern or even bathroom tile size. And see what kind of a beauty you will get from that combination.

48. Teal

Spectacular shower base for tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

49. Flowers Bathroom Tile Ideas

Marvelous tile bathroom shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

50. Rainbow Color Bathroom Tile

Unbelievable bathroom tile shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

51. Laminate Bathroom Tile

Breathtaking rustoleum tub and tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

52. Stone Tile Ideas

Excited tile designs for showers #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

53. Patterns – Bathroom Tile

Remarkable shower tile designs #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

54. Go with Small Scale Tiles to Make The Bathroom Feel Bigger

Fantastic bathroom floor ideas #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Credit: The Happy Tudor (

55. Choose Black-On-Black Floor Tiles to Put A Modern Spin on A Classic Design

Unique paint bathroom tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Credit:

56. Create An Tiled Accent Wall Behind The Vanity

Sensational bathroom tile paint #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Credit:

57. Accentuate Your Bathroom’s Architectural Details with Eye-Catching Tile

Extraordinary tile bath tub #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Credit: Jean Stoffer (

58. Dark Green Bathroom Tile Design

Uplifting bathtub tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor

59. Vivid Multi-Colored Graphics

Life-changing bath tub tile #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Source:

60. Soft and Warm Pastel Color

Unbeatable how to tile a shower #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Source:

61. Patterned Blue Tile Ideas

Striking tile flooring ideas bathroom #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Source:

62. Blue Patterned Tile

Wondrous bathroom tile ideas floor #bathroomtileideas #showertile #bathroomtilefloor
Image Source:



Applying bathroom tile ideas for your bathroom needs two things. The first one is patience. It could be really difficult and time-consuming to create a good arrangement for your bathroom tiles. However, once you finished, you will see that your effort was worth to do.

The other things are your creativity. All the bathroom tile ideas we mentioned above is the good reference for you. You can copy them or use them to get inspiration and find your own bathroom tile style. Do not let them limit your imagination. Use your creativity to create the best and most beautiful bathroom tile style that you want.


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