Places To Inspire Your Dream Home Renovation

People get inspiration for their home decor from all sorts of places. Magazines, the homes of others, even the world around you can all inspire, delight, and spark creativity when it comes to designing the renovation of your dream home.

However, the greatest source of home renovation ideas and design inspiration is, in fact, travel. Discovering beautiful destinations and bringing back the best ingenuity and artistry can put an incredibly creative spin on your home decor, as well as providing personal memories of your favorite adventures built into the very fabric of your home.

So if you are planning to redecorate, next time you set off to an exotic destination, keep your eyes and your mind open. You might just find the perfect creative touch for your dream home. Here are 4 of the most fantastic places to inspire your dream home renovation.


While some of the architecture you might have seen while visiting Greece on a cruise might be slightly over the top (columns and classical temples are not everyone’s cup of tea), there are some truly amazing design inspirations to find in Greece. The Greek islands like Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini are full of gorgeous, picturesque villages bursting with amazing architecture just begging to be reproduced and reflected in your home decor.


The stunning facades of the houses of Curacao offer a wonderful idea of how you can bring a little Caribbean sunshine into your interior decor. Curacao’s distinctive Dutch Baroque architecture combines with vivid, vibrant colors to create a wonderful rainbow, perfect for bringing joy and happiness into your home.


Scandinavian design is world-famous, and Copenhagen is the pinnacle of the genre, offering inspiration for all sorts of tastes. Whether you are captivated by the traditional look of the Nyhavn, the sweeping modernism of its public buildings, or the bohemian alternative vibes of Vesterbro, Copenhagen is the ultimate design city.


Mexico might be a surprise addition to a series of home decor recommendations, but in recent years the Yucatan region, and its charming capital Merida, have been making waves in design circles for the remarkable blend of traditional, authentic Mayan culture and cutting-edge modern design. Merida’s beautiful ‘tropical minimalism’ offers some wonderful and unusual interior design concepts, and is a sure-fire way to make your home design stand out from the crowd!

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