Shoe Storage Ideas

The shoe storage has the main function as a place to keep your footwear. However, for those who want more, they also can use the shoe storage as decoration for their room. It is doable. We can use several unique Shoe Storage Ideas to create unique and functional shoe storage for our house.

The Shoe Storage Ideas you can find today doesn’t only help you to create a proper place to keep your shoes. The design, shape, and color also can add a nice touch to your room interior design style. In fact, some people even use shoe storage as their room main design focal points. That’s how versatile shoe storage can be if we use a little bit of creativity on it.

Now, are you interested in those kinds of Shoe Storage Ideas? Below we have 46 examples of unique shoe storage design that you can try. You can copy them as it is, or you can use them as reference or inspiration to create your own unique shoe storage. Let’s dive deeper into the world of unique shoe storage design!

1. Hanging Colorful Box Shoe Storage Ideas

Miraculous shoe rack with cover #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


It is simple. Just hang several boxes, use colorful painting on it, and voila, you have nice and beautiful colorful shoe storage. Among many Shoe Storage Ideas, this one maybe is the easiest one. You can get the box easily. Try to search in your backyard or you also can go to the junkyard and find unused box.

2. Bite the Shoes Shoe Storage Ideas

Staggering shoe shelves for closet #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Buy some wood planks and arrange it like what you can see in the picture. Or, you also can use the unused pallet that is usually used on a warehouse for moving object. What you need to do next is applying a wood finish or paints it with a more cheerful color. Now, put the shoes in the space between planks to turn this simple wooden object into unique Shoe Storage Ideas.

3. Entryway Girl Shoe Storage Ideas

Terrific white shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Do you want the simplest design for your shoe storage? This is the best choice. This one is the simple shoe storage. However, it doesn’t lose its beauty and functionality. Its simplicity also makes it perfect for a minimalist style house. Put it in the front hallway, and you are ready to make your house stylish from the first part where your guest enters.

4. Shoe Storage Made From Bamboo Crafts

Wonderful shoe racks and organizers #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The plant is a good touch of natural accent in your room. And, the best Shoe Storage Ideas to complement it is bamboo shoe storage like what you can see in the picture. The material and pattern are perfectly matched to the wooden floor and flower beside it. Use this shoe storage idea will help you to create a nice and balanced atmosphere in your room.

5. Shoe Storage Ideas with Calendar

Eye-opening stackable shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Different shoes for different days and activities. How to make it easier to prepare? The answer is simple. Why don’t you combine the calendar and the shoe storage? It creates a beautiful, unique and the most important is a useful method to prepare your shoes for a specific event. Moreover, it’s also easy to make with any chalkboard and shoe box.

6. Space Saving Shoe Storage Ideas

Delight shoe cabinet with doors #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


If the box type is too big for your room, try the triangle one. The triangle Shoe Storage Ideas like this helps you to optimize the space inside your room. Moreover, it turns into unique room decoration, with beautiful color combination and its material. The metal material is the best one. But, you also can try the wooden type for a more natural touch.

7. Mounted Hanging Shoe Storage Organization

Astonishing closet shoe storage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Have an empty wall in your room that you don’t know what you have to do to fill it? Use this idea. Turn it into shoe storage. You don’t need to renovate and make a hole in it. Just use the shoe hanger and mount it on your wall. Choose colorful hangers and you can create a unique and beautiful decoration for filling up your empty wall.

8. You’ve Got A Mail Shoe Storage Ideas

Brilliant entryway shoe bench #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The old-fashioned mailbox that you can usually find on the apartment becomes the inspiration of this shoe storage. Unique is the first impression we had when we see it. Beyond that, we can see that it’s a really creative Shoe Storage Ideas to use the unused mailbox. Moreover, the drawer is also matched with the shoe size of any types.

9. The Shoe Displayer

Awesome hanging shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


A glass cabinet isn’t the only place where you can display your figurine collection. Use it for keeping your shoes. It makes your shoes look very beautiful. Moreover, with transparent glass, you can easily find the shoes you want to wear whenever you need it. So, from a practical point of view, the glass rack Shoe Storage Ideas is a good idea.

10. The White Pallet Shoe Storage Ideas

Spectacular wall mounted shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Another way to use pallet is by placing it backward and use the backside to place your shoes. The wood pattern seems too boring. So, paint it white and voila. You got nice and simple shoe storage for your place. Add some plant stand and you get a nice decoration for your house.

11. The Old One

Marvelous entryway bench with shoe storage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Old and classic always bring beauty and artistic side to your room. The Shoe Storage Ideas with this concept also does the same. The old and unused wooden box is the base material for this shoe storage. With little bit arrangement and addition of wheels for easy-to-move purpose, you have beautiful and artistic shoe storage in your room.

12. The Heels Shoe Storage Ideas

Unbelievable hanging shoe organizer #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Have many high heels but you don’t where you keep it? Try this heel shoe storage idea. This one is pretty simple. Using a wall-mounted stick type shoe hanger, you can arrange it so it will hang your high heels upward on your wall. That way you can save the space as well as make a nice display of your high heels collection.

13. Wine Crates for Shoe Storage

Breathtaking entryway shoe storage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Shoes and wine can be combined into a nice mix using the wine crate Shoe Storage Ideas. The way you arrange the wine crates will create a different appearance and shape of your shoe storage. If you did it right, like the picture, plus adding some extra decoration, you will have artistically beautiful shoe storage.

14. The Durable One Shoe Storage Ideas

Excited closet storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Metal shoe storage will always become the best choice for its durability. This one is made of stainless steel. It is light and strong against many conditions. We can call this shoe storage as the solution for you who are too lazy to do the DIY shoe storage.

15. The Boot Keeper

Remarkable diy shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The Shoe Storage Ideas is pretty simple. Using a plank of oak wood with many handles and then wall-mounted it. Now, you have a place to keep your boot. The best thing about it is it keeps your boot clean and in good shape. Placing the boot upside down like this will make your boot easy to wear and keep its shape for a long period of time.

16. The Hidden Compartment Shoe Storage Ideas

Fantastic shoe box storage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


It is difficult to make. So, try to find it on the local store or online store. Once you find it, this shoe storage will become a great addition to your bedroom. You can save your space. Moreover, it makes you easily access the shoe storage when you are getting ready to go to work/school.

17. Shoe Storage Under The Bench

Unique shoe rack ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The combination of bench and shoe storage is one of the best Shoe Storage Ideas you can find. It means you don’t need to find a place to sit and wear your shoes. It is all in one place. It will be much better if it also has a door or panel that can close and hide the shoe storage under the bench. The minimalist style will be much stronger that way.

18. The Mess Solution Shoe Storage Ideas

Sensational shoe rack bench #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Remember how your room can be so messed up because your kids just take off and throw away their shoes. The main reason why they did that is the shoe storage you have is difficult to reach or use. The picture shows you the solution for that mess up situation. Put it near the door, and your kids can easily put their shoes and shock in it.

19. The Pipe Shoe Storage Ideas

Extraordinary closet shoe organizer #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Nowadays, you can easily find furniture that reuses the pipe for its legs. So, do not surprise, if you also can find Shoe Storage Ideas with the pipe as one of its main material. In fact, the pipe gives it more artistic and strong looks. Use it in a room with modern style.

20. Glass Box Shoe Storage Ideas

Uplifting under bed shoe storage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


This is one of the best Shoe Storage Ideas you can try. It is adjustable and easy to arrange. In fact, you have more freedom to arrange it to shape and placed like what you want. And, this feature also allows you to use it for many purposes. The image is a great example of how to use the shoe storage to fill the space under your clothes cabinet.

21. For Skater

Life-changing wooden shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


You like to skate and you have tons of unused board. Use those unused ones for keeping your skate shoes. Hang or, if you want, mount the unused board on your wall. Now, you just need to place the shoes on top of it. The beautiful design of the board combined with the shoes creates a really beautiful decoration.

22. Cute White Pipes Shoe Storage Ideas

Unbeatable closet shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


This is one of the innovative Shoe Storage Ideas we have ever found. Just pipe and tape, with the addition of wood plank as the base, you can have nice shoe storage. Moreover, it also doesn’t take too much space. Once you mount it on your wall, you can place your shoes in it. Your shoes look like stick on the wall.

23. Cheap Shoe Storage Ideas

Striking shoe storage cabinet #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


You don’t need to spend too much money on this shoe storage. Use the old wooden box and arrange it just like shoe storage. Add some key hanger and you get not only storage for your shoes. It also can become multi-function furniture to keep your keys and place the plant on top of it.

24. The Cans for Shoes

Wondrous ikea shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


After you remodeling your room, you will end up with many empty wall paint cans. No need to throw them away. Use the cans Shoe Storage Ideas like you can see in the picture and you will have shoe storage. It saves money and it looks unique as well.

25. The Girl’s Shoe Storage

Perfect shoe bench #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


A simple stick can be used for shoe storage as well. This kind of shoe storage is perfect for keeping your high heels organized. Hang it on the stick you place across the small space on your wall. And, you have the shoe storage where you can also find the shoes that you want easily.

26. Nail Style Shoe Storage Ideas

Epic shoe storage bench #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Box or drawer is the old style shoe storage. You can try to use a different shape of Shoe Storage Ideas like this one. It uses the nail-like shape that sticks on the board that is mounted on the wall. And, you just need to hang your shoes there. You can use many of nails to keep more shoes.

27. The Warehouse Style

Phenomenal shoe cabinet #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


It feels like you are seeing the inventory in the warehouse. The pallet box adds the roughness in this shoe storage. But, you may need to fix the box, if you use the unused one. Otherwise, it will look like junk and won’t give you any boost on your room design style.

28. Bright Color Shoe Storage

Amazing shoe organizer #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


This is the best example of using old shoe storage. You can save the budget using the unique Shoe Storage Ideas like this one. Basically, you just need to repaint the shoe storage. It is made of wood. Therefore it’s easier to repaint. Plus, the natural pattern and texture also give it a nice look.

29. PVC Style Shoe Storage Ideas

Unforgettable shoe storage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Buying PVC pipe and turn it into shoe storage is only wasting your money. But, we think that if you want something artistic, spending a little bit is a fair price to pay. The result is amazing as you can see. It’s not only artistic. The PVC style Shoe Storage Ideas also gives you functional storage to keep all your shoes.

30. The Crates Tower Shoe Storage

Glorious shoe rack #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Putting the wooden crates on top of each other surprisingly creates beautiful shoe storage. It’s a simple way to use a wooden box. Moreover, it also doesn’t take too much space in your room. So, we can say this is one of the best choices you can try.

31. The Hanging Shoe Storage

Fabulous shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Another good idea to utilize your empty wall. Just use the shoe hanger on it. Then, you can create a nice area in your room to show your shoe collection. Moreover, if you use the colorful hanger, it becomes even cuter like what you can see in the picture.

32. The Rack Shoe Storage Style

Surprising vintage shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The rack Shoe Storage Ideas like this one is the easiest solution if you don’t know which style you want to choose. The most important thing is matching the rack with your room color. This one has to match the top part with the wooden floor.

33. Spices Rack Shoe Storage Style

Incredible shoe storage ideas kmart #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The countryside home usually has this kind of rack to keep many different spices. Therefore, using the same style rack to keep your shoes creates unique scenery in the room where you place this shoe storage. It’s cool, artistic and beautiful.

34. Spinner Shoe Storage Ideas

Astounding shoe storage ideas in cupboards #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The Shoe Storage Ideas that guy use is very interesting. It gives you shoe storage that you can spin around to find the shoes that you keep inside. However, if you want to make it, you need to have a carpentry skill. So, ask a pro for better result.

35. The Hierarchy

Unleash shoe storage ideas for college #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The way you display your shoe collection can be done in many ways. This one uses the ladder to show that the most expensive one is on the top part of the ladder. The best of all, the hierarchy Shoe Storage Ideas is easy to make with an unused ladder.

36. The Industrial Style Shoe Storage

Gorgeous shoe storage ideas australia #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Use any object from factory and with creativity you can create an artistic product, like this shoe storage. Actually, it’s pretty simple shoe storage. But, changing the wooden leg and supporter with an industrial pipe, create beautiful and unique storage for your shoes.

37. Pallet Box Shoe Storage

Famous shoe storage cupboard ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Once you find unused pallet box, take it and just use it for storage. With a little bit of change and arrangement, it can turn into nice Shoe Storage Ideas. Moreover, the unused top part also can be used for placing all kinds of object. Helmet, plants, keys, and others are a great example of that.

38. The Elegant Shoe Drawer

Stunning jordan shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


This is clearly made by a professional. You can search it in the stores and usually, it cost quite an amount of money. But, it’s worth to buy. The retractable drawers allow you to keep many shoes inside. Other than that, you also can easily take the shoes that you like easily.

39. The Bench

Miraculous unusual shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The first bench Shoe Storage Ideas we mentioned above doesn’t have cover to hide the shoes. This one is different. It is actually a bench with shoe storage feature in it. This is a great idea, where you can keep your shoes without showing its mess to other people. It is hidden and you keep your room beautiful.


40. The Hanging Shoe Art

Staggering shoe storage ideas dorm #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


We can only see this shoe storage as an artwork hanging on the wall. The shoe hanger isn’t too visible. Therefore, it looks like your shoe stick on the wall. It makes it looks like artwork that you can find on the art gallery.

41. The Corner

Terrific shoe storage ideas for laundry room #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Don’t have any more space in your room to keep your shoes? The corner Shoe Storage Ideas can become your solution. This is cleverly using the corner of the wall by placing wood plank upward. If you use it in the corner near the door, you can easily take the shoes whenever you want to get out of the house.

42. Moveable Shoe Storage Under the Bed

Wonderful shoe storage ideas for narrow hallways #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


This is another method to use the space under your bed. However, you need to ensure that you only keep the clean shoes in it. Otherwise, it will only give you an uncomfortable feeling when you sleep on the bed.

43. The Bedroom Closet

Eye-opening great shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


Design a bedroom closet with custom shoe shelving is also a good idea. By having it in your bedroom, it helps you to match it with clothes you are going to wear easier. So, the Shoe Storage Ideas like this one are perfect for those who really care about fashion and style.

44. Multi-function Shoe Storage Ideas

Delight shoe storage ideas front door #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The shoe rack like this one is a good choice to place in your house entryway. Moreover, with enough space on top of it, you can use it to place decoration that you like. Flower, mirror, photos and many more are good choices for the decoration.

45. Elegant Shoe and Boot Storage

Astonishing shoe storage ideas in wardrobes #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


It is not even a rack or cabinet for keeping your shoes. However, this one is perfect for you who love the minimalist style. It’s simple Shoe Storage Ideas and matches with any room style that you might use. So, choose it, if you are confused with the style you are going to use.

46. The Dark Wood Shoe Storage

Brilliant shoe storage ideas in garage #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


The dark wood color makes it looks elegant. Among many Shoe Storage Ideas we’ve seen, maybe this is the most beautiful one. It shows the high-class appearance that you won’t find on other shoe storage.

47. Hanging Arranged Shoe Storage

Awesome shoe storage ideas ebay #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


48. Pallet Boxes Turns Into Shoe Rack

Spectacular shoe storage display ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


49. Closet That Can Store A Lot of Shoes

Marvelous shoe cabinet design ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


50. Boots Garage Ideas

Unbelievable homemade shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


51. Minimalist Wooden Bench

Breathtaking easy shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


52. Shoe Rack Basics Pair Storage Cabinet

Excited easy diy shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


53. Stack Wooden Rack

Remarkable shoe storage ideas for dorm rooms #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


54. Stainless Shoe Rack Ideas

Fantastic shoe storage ideas amazon #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


55. Compact Shoe Storage Ideas

Unique shoe storage ideas for bedroom #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer


56. Galvanized Steel Pipe

Sensational modern shoe storage ideas #shoestorageideas #shoerack #shoeorganizer




Those Shoe Storage Ideas will, at least, give you an idea of the shoe storage you can use for your house. Choose one that you like and match your room style. Ask professional if necessary, if you plan to make it from scratch. Lastly, have fun with the shoe storage.

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