9 Budget-Friendly Student Theme Party Ideas

Partying is definitely one of the things we associate student life with. They are always fun, entertaining, and vivid, especially for those who have to submit a writing assignment due the next day.

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Here are a few ideas if you plan a theme party:

Pool party

A swimming pool combined with sunshine is a great way to get any party off to a great start, but many other factors, such as good food and drink, great poolside decor, and comfortable seating, make a memorable day complete. What pool party would be complete without oversized, dazzling pool floats? If your party has a theme, pick a perfectly designed inflatable to match the theme of the day like swans, flamingoes, unicorns, or food-shaped ones. They will lighten up the mood of the guests and serve as part of the decoration.

Drinking Buddies

This theme party does not require any special outfit. You, however, as an organizer, should make sure you have stocked enough boozes to keep the party going.

The main idea is to group guests together – actually tie them together – to form drinking buddies. It’s more fun to tie opposite-sex guests who have never met before. Sometimes such friendships end up being something bigger.

Graffiti Party

If you want to add more colors to your student theme party, consider a theme that is going to boost your creativity and imagination. Your guests will have an opportunity to act on their inspiration.

Stock some paint and canvas so that you and your guests can really free their spirits and create. But do warn everyone that they should take care of their outfit. It’s likely to be irreversibly damaged after a party like this.

Anything but Clothes Party

As the name suggests, your guests should come wearing anything but real clothes. No, it doesn’t mean they should be naked. On the contrary, they should wear something far from dresses and T-shirts.

For example, some students come to similar parties covered in toilet paper. Others show up wearing foil for baking. These ‘clothes’ are relatively cheap to create but they usually bring so much fun.

The Pirate Party

Rum and an eyepatch are the two most recognizable attributes of the pirate theme. Immerse your friends into the pirate theme by announcing a competition for the best pirate costume. Prepare a prize and wait for your friends to apply all their creativity to win this fight.

The pirate theme may seem pretty common and simple, but it’s always exciting to impersonate someone you are not. This party idea never gets old.

The Apocalypse Theme

Everyone’s perception of the apocalypse is different. Let your friends demonstrate their understanding of what the end of times means.

Ideally, you should not only require your friends to get creative but also wear makeup and something apocalypse-related. Try experimenting with food so that it looks like it either had survived the catastrophe or was made after the world-ending disaster.

The Victorian Party

Many people romanticize the Victorian era. So why not turn it into your party theme? Such an outfit can indeed cost a huge amount of money, but it can also be easily created if you inspect your regular clothes. Just search for weird combinations in your wardrobe for the perfect look.

For those who cannot find a proper outfit, stores like Forever 21 and H&M offer lots of perfect combinations. It won’t put too much of a strain on your wallet. Moreover, it’s definitely worth spending some money on such a party.

The Throwback Party

If Victorian times are not the theme you want to go with, think of any other decade that might be of interest. For example, you can host a throwback party that lets your friends time travel to the 30s, 40s, or 50s. Whichever decade seems fine to you, really.

Try to find out more about the time period of your choice to experiment with decorations and food. They don’t have to be expensive. On the contrary, you can throw a great party with a limited budget. It all depends on your creativity.

Back to School Theme

College students may welcome this idea of remembering high school times. After all, for many, those years are the most exciting period of their lives. However, there might be many misconceptions concerning the theme, so make sure they get the main idea right.

Obviously, you’ll have to stock some snacks and pizzas to keep everyone full. Also, take care of the beverages and even print some fake IDs to revive the lost feeling of risk. Many students tried alcohol when they were in high school, so it’ll be fun to remind them of those times.

The Olympics Party

You can throw a party that would encourage your friends to compete for simple prizes. The umbrella term for such parties is the Olympics parties. However, they barely have anything to do with sports.

Challenge your friends with some tasks that are relatively easy and fun to complete. For example, make them drink beer or eat hamburgers. Whoever is faster wins the prize.

Final Words

Throwing a party is always fun and exciting. Of course, it requires some investment of time and money, but it’s definitely worth it. The ideas above can help you make parties even more fun.

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