How To Properly Install Zebra Blinds?

Installing zebra blinds is less stressful than most people imagine. You will only need a screwdriver, a drill, a tape measure and also a pencil. The manoeuvre is so easy, a few minutes will be enough to do the trick.

Taking measurements

To begin with, it is important to take the actual measurements of the area where you want to hang yours zebra blinds on the window. Taking measurements differs depending on whether you are doing an external or internal pose. For this effort, the same’s supports are provided to you, between two and four at most.

Indeed, it is first necessary to evaluate the depth to avoid obstacles and then, draw marks with your pencil about 3 to 4 cm from the edges of the frame. For a successful installation, the depth of the cassettes must be taken into consideration when taking the measurements.

Zebra blinds: installation on the outside of the framing

To perfectly install your zebra blind on the outside of the frame, you simply have to fix it with your drill and screws, the anchor brackets provided. Place the zebra canvas directly on the anchor supports in a flexible gesture from back to front. After that, all you have to do is mount in the framing, the tensioners that bind the small chain of the blind.

Make sure you have clean hands while handling the canvas cassette. Also, before any attempt at use, rest assured that the cassette is securely fixed in the anchor brackets. Finally, all you have to do is unroll your  zebra blind at the desired height by pulling on the chain.

Placing your zebra blinds inside the frame

There is not a huge difference in the process of installing the zebra blind inside the frame. Like with the exterior installation, you must start by screwing the “L” brackets on the window frame or once on the wall, depending on the appearance you want. To be sure to have positioned the anchor brackets at the same height, a measuring stripe or level will be required for installation on the wall.

Finally, it only takes a very soft movement from back to front to position the cassette at the supports. By taking the same gestures as during the external installation, you simply have to screw into the framing, the tensioners that connect the blind to the chain. Anchor mounts, screws and tensioners are provided when purchasing your zebra blinds. To allow you to succeed in your installation, a small leaflet is offered in the package at the time of purchase. But in case of need, our technicians are available to bring you all the expertise you will need.

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