Move to Dubai in 2022: What You Need To Know About The Country and Real Estate

The United Arab Emirates is deservedly considered one of the most developed countries in the world. Dubai is considered to be the most attractive city in the eyes of foreign investors. It is chosen not only for seasonal recreation, but also for moving to permanent residence. Active development of the metropolis allows you to choose real estate both among ready-made objects and among still unreleased new buildings. Apartments and apartments are waiting for their owners in many residential complexes: Riviera (MBR), District One, MAG City – just a few of the many options. Let’s talk about the peculiarities of choosing foreign real estate, as well as what you need to know when planning a move.

Why you should choose Dubai for moving

A comfortable climate is only one of the reasons for moving. Among other advantages, we can note the following items:

  • High standard of living. The authorities pay special attention to the development of education and medicine.
  • There is practically no crime in the emirate, you can safely walk around the city even at night and not worry about the safety of things.
  • Favorable housing prices. In European countries, it is higher.
  • No taxes. Individuals do not pay tax for real estate, as they can also rent it out and make a net profit legally.

Very comfortable conditions have also been created for running your own business in the metropolis.

What you need to know about choosing a property

In the UAE, there are several forms of ownership of property. Some of the objects can be bought in the traditional form, but in some areas of the city only long-term rentals are possible. This should be taken into account before buying. In general, this approach does not restrict foreigners’ rights, as the number of areas with affordable housing is steadily growing. You can buy an apartment both in the central part of the metropolis, and on the coast or in a calmer suburban area. Real estate agencies engaged in the sale of housing stock are required to have an appropriate license, and the transactions themselves are controlled by Dubai Land Department. This makes the purchase process as transparent and secure as possible as well as this you will want to have a look at companies for removals to UAE to help move into your new home.

The most common questions about citizenship and residence permit in the UAE

  1. How to move to Dubai? This requires a resident status. You can get it when buying a property for a certain amount. You can also purchase a residence permit by opening a company in the UAE, through employment or while studying at local universities.
  2. Is it possible to obtain UAE citizenship when buying a property? No, the procedure for getting citizenship is quite difficult, but its absence does not affect the quality of life.

Our assistance in buying real estate in Dubai

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