Cute Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom should be able to give you a comfortable feeling whenever you sleep or spend your time there. Appearance and room design hold an important role in providing this functionality.

This is the reason you should choose the design you are going to use in your bedroom carefully. Before we move ahead, always remember, the interiors are essential, but so is sound sleep. The curtains, bedding, lights, etc. contribute to setting up the ambiance; however, a cozy bed that doesn’t get too hot while sleeping is the icing on the cake. There are lots of ways to cool your bed, simple and easy, try them out. Now moving on to the most fantastic bedroom ideas we have here.

Our list of cute bedroom ideas will help you to create bedroom that has the appearance and design you want. With them as your reference or you also can copy them, you will get the beautiful and cute bedroom. And, get ready for the most comfortable time in your new designed bedroom. Here are 45+ ideas for creating cute bedroom.

1. Cute Light Grey

Miraculous guest bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


This room use soft grey as its main color them with fade pink for the furniture and bedding. The soft grey is perfect choice to complement the neutral white on the ceiling. And, the pink one becomes the main accent to give this room a nice cute touch. And, if you change the pink part with darker and stronger color, you can make this room look cooler.

2. Cute Pink Flower Bedroom

Staggering small bedroom with couch #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Flower is another easy method to give a cute touch in your bedroom. As you can see here, it’s not only flower, but also the color. The pink flower decoration/pattern like this is perfect for a girl room. The cute bedroom ideas like this can be easily implemented without taking too much time as well as spending too much money.

3. Red and Cute Decoration

Terrific wall accents for bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Red is a sexy color. If you use it in your bedroom, it will create hot and intimate nuance. But, this room design cleverly utilizes the red to turn the room into cute room. The key point here is the pink and white color. The pink bedding and decoration softened the sexy effect. The white furniture and window frame, toned down the red intensity.

4. Blue with Pink Accent

Wonderful master bedroom decoration #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


This is similar to soft grey and pink cute bedroom ideas. Basically, the blue color here gives this room strong cool nuance. But, the pink on the bedroom curtain, bedding as well as other decoration make it milder, and create the cute nuance. We can say that pink is the key color, whenever you need to make your room become even cuter.

5. Modern Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Eye-opening master bedroom decor #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


For girl’s bedroom, the usage of many pink colors like this one is the perfect choice. If the bedroom owner also likes pink, this is the perfect design for her room. The characterized bed in this bedroom gives this room more youth feeling. Therefore, this one is perfect for teenager. If you want to make it for adult, you may change the bed type.

6. The Light Yellow

Delight minimalist bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


We call it the wall garden because the flower decoration on the wall looks like grow from the wall. This is fabulous and amazing cute bedroom ideas. And once again, this room is the proof that flower is the perfect way to give the design a cute touch. Without it, this room will be a common modern style yellow themed bedroom.

7. The Cute Purple for Girl

Astonishing design ideas for bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


It said that purple is the color of widow. That’s wrong. Purple give your room an elegance, as you can see here. However, we can only see the minimal amount of purple color used in this room. Moreover, many girly and cute decorations and furniture, the elegance of purple come together really well with that cuteness.

8. The Yellow Bedroom Ideas with Bird Printed Decoration

Brilliant bedrooms design ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The grey color here make the room looks bland. However, the designer add nice amount of yellow color to improve its look, plus nice bird image decoration on the wall. Generally, this kind of cute bedroom ideas is perfect for more mature girl. On the other hand, by changing the yellow part, you also can make it into boy’s room.

9. The Cat Themed

Awesome bedroom design ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Cat is one of the cutest animals in the world. So, it’s applicable in the cute bedroom ideas like this one. But, we are interested more to the wall behind the cat bed. It has unique heart pattern with dark background that looks like a night sky full of stars. If you turn off the light, this part will help you to relax and calm down your mind. This room is perfect for teenage girl bedroom.

10. Beautiful Green Bedroom Ideas

Spectacular how to decorate a bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


At first glance, this room seems to have many colors. We can easily call it as a colorful design. Actually, this room has two main color themes that make it looks cute. They are green and pink. The other color that gives it that colorful appearance is just a complementary color. But, this is a good way to lighten up your boring room.

11. A Simple Girly Pink

Marvelous cute room ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


It didn’t take too much time to see this room as a girl’s room. The soft pink holds important role in creating the cute nuance. However, the not-so-grand decoration style also gives it that calming and beautiful atmosphere. So, as a whole, we can imagine that this owner of this room is a girl, a teenage girl precisely.

12. Small and Cute Bedroom Ideas

Unbelievable onestop bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


It’s contrast to the previous cute bedroom ideas. This one really maximizes the luxurious and glamour decoration and furniture. Take a look at the chandelier, bed, and other things here ooze a strong palace-like feeling. Although they are all luxurious stuff, it blends well with the pink as its main color theme. The result is cute and beautiful room.

13. The Cute Rainbow Color

Breathtaking teenage bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Adding too much pink is indeed giving you more cute and sweet effect. However, if you just add one pink color tone that will be too much. This room is a good example of how to utilize the color palette to add pink color with several intensities level to create a mild and calm cute bedroom. Moreover, the green background also acts as neutral color.

14. Cute Pastel Green

Excited small room ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Pink is an easy way to add the cuteness into your room design. However, you don’t have to use this color for that purpose. This room uses a nice pastel green for main accent. With the light brown color on the wall, the green look stand out. And, it creates the same effect like what the pink color can do to your room.

15. Sweet Pink Bedroom

Remarkable teen girl bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The furniture and arrangement of this bedroom is so mature. But, the usage of pink color in most of parts makes it unique. We can say it as cute bedroom ideas. But, for adult, this kind of design is only perfect, if you are die hard lover of pink. If you are not, maybe you need to remove several pink parts and use the neutral color instead.

16. Cute and Small Bedroom

Fantastic bedroom ideas for teenage girls #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


We like how they use the light pink on the wall and the furniture. It doesn’t look too stand out, but it give sublime touch of cuteness. We can even say that this is one of the best bedroom designs for teenage girl.

17. Grey and Pink Combination Bedroom Ideas

Unique decoration of bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


This is another grey and pink combination. Unlike the first one we mentioned above, this one use grey as the focal point of the room. The stripes on the wall are the reason why we said that. It becomes the most noticeable part of this bedroom. We also like how the pink color is added in several parts for cuteness purpose in adequate level.

18. Cute Bedroom Design

Sensational decoration for bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


There are many toys and items from all around the world with cute design. This room uses several of those toys and items in this room’s design. The red paper lantern on the window, the traditional doll image, and knitted owl pattern pillow are some of them. It’s pretty normal room. But, those decorations make it cute and unique.

19. Cute Bedroom for A Little Girl

Extraordinary teenage bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The design like this is perfect for your daughter room. It has everything that she need. The cabinet for keeping her stuff, the table for studying, and the sofa for relax and the cute bed that we guaranteed she will love it very much. Then, add the pink color here and there, and you have a nice cute bedroom ideas for your beloved one.

20. Bedroom with Wall Decoration

Uplifting teen bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The placement of bed right in front of window is perfect. The light from behind give it a very beautiful look. However, we are talking about cute design here. Therefore, the designer also gives it a little tweak by placing the cute decoration on the wall near the wall. This cute decoration become more stands out with the light come from window.


21. Flowery Teenage Girl Bedroom

Life-changing bedroom ideas for teens #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


For girl’s bedroom, flower is a must. Of course, you can only apply the flower decoration and pattern like this, if the room owner doesn’t mind with it. The pink flower printed on the curtain here looks beautiful with the light that comes from behind. But, this is still soft from our perspective. Therefore, the addition of dark red rose on the cabinet is perfect.

22. Twin Bedding for Girl

Unbeatable bed ideas for small rooms #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The pink bunk bed here is one of the unique bed we ever seen. It’s so obvious that this room is designed for twins. Having two similar beds in pink color like this, looks really cute. However, the cool design on the wall seems out of place. But, we can see the design as the way to balance this whole pink room.

23. Pink Diamond Pattern for Cute Bedroom

Striking master bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Application of pink cuteness doesn’t have to always by painting this color on the wall. You also can use this room as cute bedroom ideas example. It uses the pink diamond pattern for the curtain, pillow and the chair. This is enough to give the cute look in this bedroom. Adding the subtle pink touch on several part, like ceiling and blanket, will give it uniform look.

24. Creative Bloody Pink Wall Painting Ideas

Wondrous decoration ideas for home #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


We can’t say that this is one of the cute bedroom ideas. But, this one is the most interesting design of all. The ways they use the brush to paint the wall with pink color create a unique patter/texture. It looks like a blood splash. On the other hand, this unique painting also creates calming pink gradation on the wall. It’s good design.

25. Cute Bedroom Ideas for Twins

Perfect decorating home ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The combination of black and pink here create nice contrast. The pink that has higher color intensity, look brighter with the black color surrounding it. On the other hand, the amount of black here is also perfect, which also make this color become the main color, instead. We can call it as the dynamic cute bedroom ideas.

26. Cute Minimalist

Epic decor ideas home #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


The light decoration on the wall is very cute. At night, we can imagine that it will create amazing view. However, it could be much cuter, if you can create particular shape using those small lights. For example, you can make a heart or flower shape using it. It will make the room become even more beautiful.

27. Cute Pink and Grey Ideas

Phenomenal decor home ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Cute bedroom doesn’t always use the fairy tale theme or bright pink color. As you can see here, it only use the combination of grey and light pink with artsy wall painting, and you get a cute bedroom with modern ambiance. Furthermore, this kind of design is perfect for all age. If you have a teenage or children, they will like to stay here.

28. The Purple

Amazing wall decorating ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


Purple is the color of many kinds of flower. Therefore, using it on your cute bedroom ideas is not bad idea. This one is a good implementation of purple for creating cute bedroom. This room even doesn’t use too many purple decorations or accessories. It just paints the wall with light purple and it’s done.

29. Cute Bedroom Ideas Dark Red Mode

Unforgettable wall decor ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas


As we mentioned above, adding anything related to flower is enough to create cute scenery. This one applies that concept in an artistic way. The rose wallpaper right behind the bed creates a focal point for this room. The good thing is you don’t need to buy the wallpaper for whole room. Just the part where you want to use as focal point.

30. The Cute Bedroom Rock Star Ideas

Glorious ideas for decorating a bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


If you have daughter that love to play rock music, her cute bedroom doesn’t need to stray from what she like. Adding the guitar accessories and more darker pink is enough to create a cute bedroom for here. Moreover, with the STAR decoration on the wall, it is like a reminder of the dream that your daughter are trying to reach.

31. The Yellow and Pink

Fabulous decoration ideas for bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Adding accents is also a good method for the cute bedroom ideas you want to use. This one applies that really nice on several parts of the room. Moreover, using yellow and pink, which has strong girly image, the cuteness that this bedroom display is overwhelming? The key here you don’t need to add much. Just a little but right on the spot.

32. A Little Touch of Pink And Purple

Surprising undefined #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


This is another great example of how to use a simple accent to create a cute bedroom. Pink is a must color for cute and by adding it on the area that you use a lot, in this case is bed and makeup table, it make it look better than using on whole room. Then, adding extra color to balance the pink, in this room is purple, and you get a cute bedroom.

33. Smoother- Cute Bedroom Ideas

Incredible decorating bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Round shape and smooth surface tend to produce an adorable nuance. We see how that concept applied in the room in the picture. The less accent room is what we call this room. There is no complicated shape that makes you think. It’s simply adorable and cute. The color complements the shape and surface concept and strengthens it.

34. The Disney Themed Cute Bedroom Ideas

Astounding decor ideas for bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Pink actually is the diluted red. So, if you combine these two, you will end up with a good and nice combination. It show contrast like what you can see in the picture. However, those two come from same source, so they also blend really well. Then, adding the doll and cute decoration, and you has nice cute bedroom ideas.

35. The Contrast

Unleash bedrooms decorating ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


If using two close color tone create soft and cute combination, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with two contrast color. This one is the best example of how to use contrast color to create cute atmosphere. Remember, in order to create this view, choose the soft color, like light blue or orange. That is the key of creating cute view.

36. The Cave

Gorgeous bedroom decoration ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


This is one of crazy cute bedroom ideas. It use similar pattern on the wall, ceiling and even the floor. It gives you a comfortable and protected feeling inside this room. The green color also looks really good, because it give some natural vibe. However, we can see it become even much better, if they lighten up the green color a bit, to give a touch of clean view.

37. Fabulous Red Bedroom Ideas

Famous bedroom decorating ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Red makes a really good couple with pink. The red will looks more standout because it has contrast side to pink color and blending side as well. Moreover, the designer also gives the black wall in this room, which creates stronger contrast to the main color used in this room. This is a good cute bedroom ideas for creating strong view in the bedroom.

38. Refreshing Blue

Stunning bedroom decor ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image by: Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors


Blue is said to be the color for boy. But, this room shows how to use it for cute bedroom for girl. It doesn’t use the dark blue like what you can find in boy’s room. Using light blue create calmer and softer nuance. Then, adding accessories, like curtain, rug and cute pillow, will complete the design.

Miraculous room decoration ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


The cute bedroom doesn’t always put the color as main element. This one use the mosquito need with unique shape to create a cute design for the bedroom. The result is a beautiful, cute and unique bedroom.

Staggering room decor ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


This room chooses unique and cute decoration for its wall. Using forest as its model, it depicts the activities of cute birds. Then, to emphasize that cuteness, the light blue color is also applied.

41. The Quotes Wall

Terrific designs for bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


You also can add funny and sweet text on the wall like this one. This one uses some random words to create cute decoration. But, if you want more, try to add quote that also can help the room owner to grow and become better person.

42. The Dolls and Toys

Wonderful design a bedroom #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Girls love to play dolls. So, it’s not wrong, if you also add them in the bedroom. This kind of cute bedroom ideas is the easiest one to make. As long the room color is already girly, the dolls and toys will work really well.

43. Cute Wall Decoration

Eye-opening bedroom designs #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Making a bedroom looks cuter is easier, if you know how to utilize the wall in that room. This room uses the wall to create a nice decoration of butterflies. Plus, the cute photo frame, mirror and other on it make it look better.

44. Three Cute Colors

Delight bedrooms ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


This room use three main colors, yellow, light blue and pink/red. Those three are the standard color in many ideas for creating a cute bedroom you can find. You can apply them correct formula, to create a good result. The formula is using two colors as main color and the other one as the accent.

45. Pink on Green

Awesome cute bedroom ideas pinterest #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
Image Source:


Green gives your room warmth of classic/retro bedroom. So, by adding pink, you also can add the cute elements in it. The result as you can see in the picture is a nice cute and warm bedroom for you.


Others Cute Bedroom Ideas

Spectacular cute cozy bedroom ideas #cutebedroomideas #teenagegirlbedroom #bedroomdecorideas
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Image Source:



The key to creating cute bedroom ideas is color. The pink and lighter color is what you need here. If you can apply those colors correctly in your room, you will get the cute bedroom that you are looking for.


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