Baby Boy Room Ideas

It is true that your baby won’t be able to tell you how he felt about his room wall color, floor and others. But, do you know that baby also can feel stressed? Usually, they show it by crying and don’t want to eat anything you give to him. The rooms where your baby boy sleeps also can affect his mood similar to the bedroom for adult.

Therefore, it’s important to consider which baby boy room ideas you are going to use for your baby boy’s room. Fortunately, you don’t need to use professional help to decide which ideas you are going to use. You just need to use our list of 57 amazing ideas for baby boy room below as your reference. Guaranteed you will get what you need.

1. Try with A Beautiful Mural

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A baby boy room doesn’t have to be looked like a child room with many bright colors. As you can see here, a simple and minimal color tones usage room also can become a great room for your baby boy. It is relaxing and calming. Moreover, for accessories, you can make it yourself then hang it on the wall. That will save you more budgets.

2. Use Natural Wooden

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The wood material is indeed a good choice for creating natural style appearance in every room, including your baby boy room. You don’t need to use wood material for all parts in the room. Just adjust the wall paint, so it can make the wooden furniture, stand out.

3. Place A White Sofa for The Parents

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Adding a sofa or other furniture that can help you, the parents, feel more comfortable is also good baby boy room ideas. You can rest and relax your body while keep watching your baby boy in his room. It also helps you to build a stronger connection with your baby.

4. Place Bookshelf and Toy Storage

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Your baby maybe still can’t clean up his room after he plays with their toys. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t teach him to tidy up his room. Adding a bookshelf and a special box to keep their toys help them to learn about responsibility. And, teaching your baby at an earlier age is proved to be the best thing you can do.

5. The Wall Animal Pattern

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Adding a pattern on one side of the room’s wall create a nice focal point for your baby boy room. Moreover, it’s animal pattern wallpaper. You can use this simple decoration as the material to teach your baby about the name of the animals in it. It also helps them to train their ability to recognize shapes. This color combination can also use for teenage girl bedroom.

6. The Vintage Baby Boy Room Ideas

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The vintage style baby boy room ideas can create really unique nuance. You can feel the warmth whenever you enter this room. So, it’s also comfortable for you who have to stay in this room to watch your baby. This is the best solution for parents as well as your baby boy.

7. Grey and Blue Ambiance

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Blue is the standard color you can use for boy’s room. So, it’s not wrong to apply this color to your baby boy room. This example uses a good combination of the main color, which is blue, and the yellow as the complementary color. This combination also makes the room become the unisex room. So, your baby girl also can stay here.

8. The Art Gallery Baby Boy Nursery

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This room looks really alike to the art gallery. The usage of the darker background on one side of the wall has successfully made all furniture and item in this room, noticeable. It’s also a good idea to use a thin curtain to control the light power from the outside. Your baby will feel comfortable in it.

9. The Light Blue Accent

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This is another good way to utilize the blue color for baby boy room. By using the light blue that closes to the neutral color, white, you can combine it with any color and pattern. As you can see, other items seem to match naturally in the baby boy room ideas showed in the picture.

10. Small and Colorful Baby Room

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Boy room doesn’t have to use blue. You also can use many different colors like what you can see in this room. Of course, you need to use a neutral color, like white, as the main color, in order to make this many color work together really well.

11. Work The Floor Out

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If you have a problem deciding what kind of decoration or color you’ll use for your baby boy room wall, you can change your focus on the floor. Use the colorful rugs or carpet like this is enough to give a strong accent to your baby boy room.

12. The White and Bright

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This room focuses on how to create a comfortable and warm room for the baby. So, it doesn’t use too many accessories and even furniture. It doesn’t mean it’s failed to create a beautiful room. In fact, this simplicity makes the baby boy room ideas look amazing.

13. The Blue Ocean Theme

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This is another great way to use the blue as the boy room color. However, it doesn’t only apply it as the wall color or such. But, using it as the painting on the wall also removes the emptiness you usually find on the white colored wall. Plus, with blue furniture and object in the room, it creates a good blue ocean harmony.

14. The Unique Pattern Carpet

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Blue is indeed a good choice for baby boy room. However, if you only use this color, the result is quite bland. So, adding one unique item with different and contrast color or pattern will solve this problem.

This room shows you how to do that. Just using the unique carpet and this room looks more balance. Moreover, the carpet also has a blue color in it, which blends really well with the blue color theme of the room.

15. The Wooden Floor Baby Boy Room

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If the room you are going to use for your baby boy room use wooden floor, you won’t need to change it too much. You can use the wooden floor as the main part of your baby boy room ideas. Just use white or other colors that can make the floor stand out. And, you are done. The room won’t only look beautiful but it’s also comfortable.

16. The Animal Park Theme for Baby Boy Room

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Using animal as the main decoration point is also a good way to make your baby boy happy. The shape of an animal in this room will help your baby boy mental and creativity development. Moreover, if you also add animal toys, he also will have fun with it.

17. Small Baby Boy Room Solution

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Having only a small room in your house doesn’t mean you can’t use it as your baby boy room. Take a look at the picture. It shows you one of the best baby boy room ideas in using a small area for the baby room.

Using the multifunction cabinet, the designer can save more space. Then, for the empty wall behind, it’s decorated using wood blocks. And, you get a beautiful baby boy room.

18. The Tree of Lights Decoration

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A baby room is also a part of your house. So, it’s not wrong to make it artistically beautiful. This one is the best way to do that. Using the real tree like this as the base to place the lights is magnificent. If you want to use the same idea, be sure to process the tree so it won’t harm or wound your baby.

19. The Multi Function Baby Room

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Mostly, parents make a baby room for baby to sleep in that room. However, this one doesn’t only have that function. With a place to change your baby clothes and diapers, as well as a playing area, this baby boy room is basically everything that your baby needs.

20. White Themed with Navy Blue Curtains

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Creating a strong accent in your baby boy room is much easier with this room design. Using a dark blue curtain, you can make the window part become one of the noticeable decoration in your baby boy room. As one of the simplest baby boy room ideas, this is a good idea you can try.

21. Room for Parent and Baby

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The adult nuance looks much stronger in this room. And, we think it’s good if you plan to spend most of your day taking care of your baby. So, this design isn’t only comfortable for baby, but also for you, his parent.

22. Freshness

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The green color can add more freshness into your room design. But, you don’t need to use it as the main color tone for baby boy room ideas you can apply. Just use it as the accent color and you can add the fresh and comfortable feeling in your baby room.

23. A Message for Parents

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This is actually standard baby boy room ideas used many times. However, the framed blackboard with message really is piqued our interest. It is only simple text and maybe your baby doesn’t understand it. But, it has a deep meaning which could become a catalyst for your kids to grow into a better person.

24. The Yellow Solutions

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A white baby boy room will be boring and too bland. So, adding other colors like this one is a good solution. Yellow is indeed a good choice for a white background. However, it would be better, if you choose the stronger color, like blue or red, because this is a room for your baby boy.

25. The Super Minimalist Nursery Room Ideas

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This design uses only three colors for everything, which brings the simplicity concept into the next level. However, using the minimalist color baby boy room ideas like this one is another solution, if you don’t want to be confused by color choice. Just make sure you choose the right combination like shown in the picture.

26. Baby Boy Room with A Big Giraffe Doll

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We can see that this room is full of prediction of what the baby boy is going to do in the future. The boat depicts how he will love playing in the water. The giraffe doll can help him to love animal since kids. The phone shows that he will have good communication skill. You can use this idea to help reshape your baby boy’s future.

27. Get Ready for Adventure

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The elephant statue mounted on the wall is really good decoration. However, you shouldn’t be placed on top of the baby crib because it can accumulate the dust and it falls down on your baby. The tent is a really good addition. Your baby boy will have a great time playing inside it.

28. The Natural Style

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Adding a natural style artwork on the wall is a good move to create a more relaxing effect in this baby room. The colorful birds and animal in that artwork is also a good object that your baby can enjoy and see. You also can use this concept with other types of artwork.

29. Modern Farmhouse

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The whole room has a really strong farmhouse-style design. But, the modern and minimalist lamp has successfully added the modern touch in it. It’s good baby boy room ideas. But, the framed picture above the baby crib can harm your baby. So, maybe you can remove those framed pictures and use the other one as your reference.

30. Blue Stripes Baby Boy Room Ideas

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This is one of the cheapest solutions to decorate your baby boy room. You can buy all the items in one package or set, and you get a decoration to change your baby boy room appearance. You also can apply this method on baby girl room. Just choose different or girlish color stripes.

31. The Pure Blue Baby Room

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We love the combination of light/soft blue with white color furniture. The furniture matches the light blue wall and gives it a soft and pure image. It’s perfect for a baby that also still pure and free from bad things. The artwork on the blue wall, as well as the pattern, adds more depth in the room. Overall, this is the most beautiful baby boy room you can have.

32. The Native Style

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The American Native Indian has a beautiful art style that you won’t find elsewhere. And, applying to the baby boy room is also a good way to create a beautiful decoration for the room. This one maybe isn’t as strong as it should be. But, it’s enough to tell you that this room has strong Native baby boy room ideas.

33. The Green Core

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The placement of plant near the baby cribs and maybe near the place where your baby head lie down is magnificent. Among the strong orange accent color, the green from the plant leaves will give your baby a comfortable view to look that can rest his eyes. Moreover, the plant also becomes the focal point of the room because of its green color.

34. Baby Boy Room with Black Stars Decoration

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The whole baby boy room ideas of this room gives a strong appearance of the minimalism. We think the designer tried to play safe here. They only used a neutral color, black and white. The design gives them more freedom to change it in the future, whether it will be used for a boy or girl room.

35. The Beach House Baby Boy Room Ideas

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It looks authentic with the wooden wall. But, we can see that that’s all a fake. You also can use this kind of trick to create a strong theme like beach house theme in this baby boy room. Of course, maybe you will need help from professional to apply the baby boy room ideas like this one. All of that for one purpose, which is the best baby room.

36. The Color Separation Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Using minimal color tone is the easiest way to create beauty from its simplicity. But, you also can apply it like this room. It separates the lower amount of color tone used in the room by making it fill up in a specific area on the wall. The accessories that mounted on the wall also complement the separation perfectly. So, in the end, it produces a great result.

37. The Classic Gold Baby Nursery Ideas

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The classic gold metal baby crib steals the attention here. You also can use these types of the crib for your baby boy room ideas. This will simplify the process to decorate the baby boy room. Basically, you won’t need to add too much decoration for the wall or furniture. You can use the simple decoration and furniture that match well with the crib. Or you can choose one of the baby cot beds from Kidsco, that are available in many different designs and colors.

38. The Grey Baby Boy Room with Yellow and White Accent

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Grey is another neutral color with more soft and mild effect for the room. Therefore, if you try to create a comfortable room for your baby boy, you can use this color as the main color theme. This room use grey as its main theme. By adding white color as the supporting color and yellow as the stronger accent produce a baby room fit for baby boy or it could be baby girl nursery room.

39. Black, White, and Green

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Black and white is the best combination if you want to simplify the baby room design. But, adding green color will give you a beautiful touch that changes the whole appearance of the room. The room in the picture is the lack of toys or baby-related items. However, the color combination is enough for making your baby feels relaxed.

40. Wild and Free Room

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The desert themed baby boy room is quite rare, actually. There is almost no one that uses this style for their baby room. But, this room is a perfect example of how to implement the unique baby boy room ideas. In fact, it is only using three items to add the strong desert theme, the cactus plant, the cactus photo, and the bone horn.

41. The Rabbit Theme for Baby Boy Room

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The big picture of cute rabbit right on the wall close to the baby crib is a nice idea for a baby room. It creates a unique point on your baby boy room that matches the color tone.

42. The Classic Nursery Room

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This is the classic American style room. The patterned wall on the one side creates a clear image of this classic style. Moreover, the furniture and baby crib also perfectly suitable for this room style.

43. The Geometry Shape Decorations

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This is one of the cheapest baby boy room ideas. The geometry shape decoration like this can be easily made by printing it from the digital image. You just need to buy the frame and that’s all.

44. The Six Members

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This room has unique decoration, which are the six pictures of the animal. This is a good way to represent your whole family member if you coincidentally have 6 family members. It like that all of them keep watching the baby boy that sleep in the crib across the room.

45. The Pink and Gray Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas

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Pink is the girl color. However, you can use it on baby boy room like this one. Just make sure to choose the darker pink, which is suitable for a boy. Also, adds some furniture or items with stronger and darker color to create a balance.

46. The Warm Gray Baby Boy Room Ideas

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The gray color also can be used to create a warm nuance. Just combine it with different material and texture, such as fur carpet and doll. Then, you place it carefully to create the warm baby boy room ideas effect.

47. The Alphabets Room Decoration

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The alphabet picture on top of the crib is really interesting. It’s not wrong to teach your baby read from an earlier age. But, with that too artistically font style, isn’t it difficult to teach him reading?

48. The Baby Boy Nursery and Family Room

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This room has some kinds of warm nuance. Maybe, it’s because of the gray color of the wall as well as thick rugs on the floor that create that effect. However, this is one of the good baby boy room ideas you can try for creating that warm effect in your baby boy room.


49. Baby Boy Room with The Grey Curtains

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50. Natural Wooden Baby Boy Nursery Ideas for Twin

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51. White, Blue, and Warm Red Baby Room

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52. White and Yellow Baby Boy Room

Excited baby boy room ideas grey and blue #babyboyroomideas #boynurseryideas #cutebabyroom
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53. Penguin Baby Boy Room Ideas

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54. Nautical Modern Baby Boy Room Ideas

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55. Glitter Paint for Wall Baby Boy Room

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56. Dark Blue and White Striped Baby Boy Room

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57. Blue Themes Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Choosing baby boy room ideas is an important matter to consider. The effect of the style will also affect your baby comfort. So, with the 48 ideas we presented, we hope that you will get the best ideas and style for your beloved baby room.


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