Kids Bedroom Ideas

Designing a kids bedroom is fun. You will see a variety of cute decors, accessories, pieces of furniture, and many more. It seems that you want to put all of the items in the room. Of course, it is not necessary because you will make the bedroom looks overwhelming and it makes your kids uncomfortable. The list of kids bedroom ideas below is not only showing the interesting and comfortable kids bedroom but also some considerations while designing a bedroom for kids.

For instance, you need to consider the layout of the bedroom first. By understanding the layout of the bedroom, you know what you have to buy and or use and also what you don’t have to put in the room while designing the bedroom.

Moreover, you also need to know the type of furniture you have to put in the bedroom so it doesn’t harm your kids and they can play safely around the room. One of the interesting parts of designing a kids bedroom is deciding the color. It is better to decide the theme of the bedroom first. If you know the theme, it will be easy to decide the colors you want to use.

Besides the type of furniture and colors, it is also important to consider the lighting. Just make sure that the bedroom has enough lighting whether from the windows or lamps. The point is to make sure that your kids can do their activity safely in the bedroom whether in the morning or at night.

So, before designing your kids bedroom it is better to check the kids bedroom ideas below. We give you clear images of the outstanding and simple kids bedroom that makes your kids comfortable and love to play in the room. Indeed, you will also love to see the bedroom.

1. Make A Three-beds in One Room

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This wooden bed is perfect for those who have three kids. Instead of using bedstead, it is better to use an open space sleeping area. You can put two beds for the two kids and create one more solid sleeping area at the top of the wooden sleeping area.

Then, use a wooden stair and make sure it is strong enough for your kids. Add another space to put wall-mounted boards and create simple storage there. Put all the favorite items of your kids on the wall-mounted shelf. This bedroom doesn’t use too many colors. The combination of white, blue, black, and natural wooden color is perfect to create a cozy bedroom for kids.

2. Dominant White and Yellow with Colorful Carpet

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If you want to use bright colors, you can choose yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and cream. Just combine it with white to balance the bedroom. Just like the image above in which the bedroom is using a mixed color rug to prevent overwhelming colors.

This is one of the good kids bedroom ideas for parents who have a small or medium bedroom. The room above doesn’t use too many pieces of furniture so there is more space for the kids to play there.

At the same time, there is also enough place to take a nap or rest comfortably. The color combination triggers happy, fun and comfort feeling to anyone who enters the bedroom.

3. Colorful with Two-Level Beds

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Having a small bedroom for kids is not a problem. One of the solutions is putting  two-level beds. To make the room comfortable, you can add something colorful such as a blue wall-mounted shelf, cabinet, and bookshelf.

You can also add a colorful rug and put a small table and chair so they can play with their favorite toys there. This bedroom looks charming and balances along with the use of white, cream, blue, pink, light green, yellow, red, and orange. Later, you will have a spacious bedroom for your two lovely kids and they will love their room a lot.

4. White and Orange Kids Bedroom

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The secret of creating a cozy bedroom for kids is not using too many colors. Combining two or three bright colors are enough. Just like the kids bedroom ideas above in which it is only combining white and orange colors.

You also don’t have to use a too complicated pattern because a bold bright color is a great selection. The bedroom looks fresh with its classic design such as the use of white for the wall and orange for the cabinets.

You may add a small portion of a different color such as green or yellow. In the end, the bedroom looks tidy and comfortable enough for the kids.

5. Modern Kids Bedroom with Spider-Man Decoration

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One of the ways to get inspirations in decorating a bedroom for kids is their favorite superhero. Let say, your kid loves Spider-Man. Absolutely, designing a bedroom with a Spider-Man theme will make him happy. Remember! Don’t to make the area too overwhelming.

For a modern kids bedroom, you can use simple pieces of furniture such as a small bedroom, cupboard, and chair. You can apply the Spider-Man theme on the colors such as blue, red, or yellow. It is also okay to give some accessories which related to the theme such as Spider-Man pillow cover, action figure, painting, and many more.


6. Dark Hues Kids Bedroom for Boys

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Actually, you don’t have always applying bright color because dark colors are also a great option. The image above is one of the outstanding kids bedroom ideas with dark hues colors. It uses extraordinary design application such as dark blue for the wall.

The bedroom is using a bold color along with simple pattern such as lines, stripes, and round. You can also install wall-mounted whiteboards for a simple shelf so they can put their favorite toys there. Hanging an accessory such as a board with quotes is a simple thing which gives a significant impact on the room. This bedroom is really a comfortable place for your beloved boy.

7. Modern Bedroom with White Closets

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Do you want to create a modern bedroom for your kids? This bedroom image can be used as your inspiration in designing the bedroom. It looks simple and fresh enough, right?

The bedroom has a spacious area because it doesn’t use too many items. The key is choosing the most important items such as bookshelf, closet, bed, cabinets, table, and chair.

It is the same case with the color in which the bedroom only use white, bright purple, dark blue, yellow, and orange. Just use your creativity to manage the colors so it looks balanced and makes the room looks spacious than the actual size.

8. Boys Bedroom Ideas with A Toy Storage

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A kid’s bedroom is always full of toys. It makes the room looks full and uncomfortable. The best solution is creating a bedroom with toy storage. This is one of the great kids bedroom with toy storage on the wall.

You don’t have to create complicated storage. Just create wall-mounted square shelves without any cover. As a result, your kids are able to see all of their toys and take the toys they want anytime.

It is also easy for them to take the toys back to the storage. If the wall-mounted square is not enough, you can also add a basket. Choose bright colors such as orange and blue to keep the room comfortable.

9. Modern Bedroom with Nice Blue Closets

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Another modern kids bedroom ideas you can apply at home is this bedroom with blue closet. This bedroom is a perfect option for those who have a boy.

You can combine the blue closet with orange, red, and white. It is better to choose a large closet so you can put all the clothes or anything in the closet.

If you want to create a modern and spacious bedroom for your kids, just make it simple and functionalize. Don’t use any items or furniture with too many patterns. Bold and bright colors are always working for a cozy and tidy bedroom.

10. Light Pink Furniture for Girl Bedroom

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How about if you want to create a comfortable bedroom for your lovely girl? You may apply light pink as the theme of the room. Use some types of light pink furniture such a pink shelf, cabinet, and bedstead.

If you think it is not too pink enough, you can also add some accessories such as pink photo frames, mirror with pink frame, wall-mounted pink accessories, and many more. Putting a bed cover with a pink pattern is also a good option.

You don’t have to create a totally cute pink bedroom. Just combine the pink color with white, cream, and chocolate to makes the bedroom looks great without losing its girly atmosphere.

11. Modern Kids Bedroom with Eiffel Tower Miniature

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Eiffel is an iconic thing for some people. If you also have a good memory with Eiffel, you can put an Eiffel miniature on the bedroom. It is one of the modern kids bedroom ideas you can apply if you have a medium or large bedroom.

Just like the character of a modern bedroom, make the room simple with white, brown, blue, and wooden color. You may use a specific item such as a table and chair to put a laptop.

Put the table set close to the small bookshelf so they can study comfortably anytime they want. Don’t forget to put the main item, an Eiffel tower miniature anywhere as long as it doesn’t disturb your kids.

12. The Two-Level Beds for Boys

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Having two boys are challenging including in designing their bedroom.  You don’t need to get confused anymore because this two-level beds for boy above can be a good idea for you. It is a simple one and you can apply it for a small or medium size bedroom.

You may create a permanent bedroom at the top of the room and put a bedstead on the first floor. Instead of creating a parallel bed, just manage the bed in a different direction to give a clear area for each of the boys.

Use specific colors for a boy such as white, blue, orange, and black. Some accessories such as an electric guitar, table lamp, and telescope are also a good item to keep the bedroom comfortable for the boys.

13. Small Space Solution for Boys

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It seems impossible to create a comfortable bedroom for boys in a small area. Actually, along with a little bit of creativity, you can create a cozy bedroom for your beloved boy even in a very small space.

You may buy a small bedstead along with storage under it. Another option is ordering a custom bedstead which suitable for the design of the space.

Just make sure that the bedstead has a multifunction. Then, put a mattress on the bedstead and put their most important items on the storage. That’s it! You can let them sleep and do some activities there. Definitely, you may put the idea in the list of your kids bedroom.

14. Light and Dark Blue Accent

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If you love to play with something simple and unique, you can apply the bedroom design above. This bedroom is using two-level beds. The unique part is that it is a separated bed.

The first bed is using a bedstead with wheels. The second bed is using a wall-mounted bedstead. For the color, you can combine similar colors such as light blue and dark blue. Although both of them are similar colors, it gives contrast in the bedroom.

Then, put a table set with cabinets and armless chair with wheels. The wheels make the room looks spacious and accessible.  You may use the kids bedroom ideas for your lovely boys.

15. Two Beds for Boy and Girl Kids

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It seems hard to manage a bedroom if you have a girl and a boy. What you have to is creating a medium size bedstead for both of them.

Then, use a different color to separate the area. The simplest one is using pink for the girl area and blue for the boy area. You don’t need to put a separator and let it as an open space so they can interact with each other.

This is really a good idea if you only have one bedroom but you have two kids at home. The most important thing is creating a clear separator for them through their accessories, furniture, or colors.

16. Simply Beach Themed for Kids Bedroom

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Your kid’s favorite hotel room can be a great inspiration to design a bedroom at home. For example, you can design the bedroom with a beach theme just like some of the hotel rooms.

What you need are some accessories which related to the beach theme such as a blanket, floral accessories, and many more. Just apply specific colors such as blue, green, white, black, and cream to strengthen the beach sensation in the bedroom.

The point is that the room feels just like your favorite hotel room. Indeed, your kids will love it and they can’t wait to sleep in that bedroom.

17. Playful Yellow and Orange

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The best part of using bold and bright colors for the kids bedroom ideas is that you can create an eye-catching bedroom. Moreover, it is a good option to create a clear separation.

This playful yellow and orange bedroom is a great example in which you can see clearly the bed, cabinet, and study area. The design is perfect for those who have a small or medium bedroom for kids.

Believe it or not but the bold and bright colors make the bedroom looks spacious than the ordinary size. It seems that your kids have enough space to take a rest or even play in the room.

18. Pink and Blue Beds for Twins

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This image is a good option for those who want to create a classic themed bedroom for your kids. The different color can be applied if you have a girl and a boy at the same age.

Besides using pink and blue to separate their area, you can also use a simple design such as stripes blanket and pillow covers to make the room looks attracting. You can also hang a wall-mounted board and let them fill it with anything they want.

This trick gives a territorial for each of them in the simplest way. As a result, you don’t need any separator which makes the bedroom looks smaller than the actual size.

19. Nature Themes for Kids Bedroom

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Nature is also a great inspiration for those who want to design a bedroom for kids. For an interesting bedroom, you can create a giant tree from wood or carton.

Then, put the artificial tree on the wall close to the bedstead. To strengthen the nature sensation in the bedroom, you can also add something like the sky, the sun, and a real plant.

Cute animal themed doll is also good to make the room looks cute and comfortable enough. You may also use colors which represent nature such as brown, chocolate, white, blue, yellow, orange, and cream. You can keep this idea is one of the brilliant kids bedroom ideas.

20. Modern and Simple Kids Bedroom Ideas

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People love to choose modern home design due to its simplicity. You can also apply it for your kid’s bedroom. Just think about the only things that they need.

For example, your kids might need a bed, shelf, cabinet, table, chair, and playing area. Next, manage those items in the bedroom and make sure that it is not too overwhelming. Remove some of the items if it is necessary.

The combination of orange, white, blue, and yellow will make the room fresh and comfortable. It seems that the bedroom is full of happiness. The most important thing, your kids can do anything there.

21. Mario Brother Kids Bedroom Themes

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I bet your kids have their favorite games as well as a favorite character on the game. Let say, you kids might love Mario Brother.

Why don’t you create a room just like their favorite game? Use some items or characters on the game such as a box with a question mark, bricks, flower monster, coins, and many more. Don’t forget to put the main character, Mario and Luigi.

Use red color for the Mario area and green for the Luigi area. It is one of the fantastic kids bedroom ideas, especially if you have two boys and one bedroom at home.

22. Lego Decoration for Kids Bedroom

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Another kid’s bedroom ideas are designing the room based on their favorite toys. They might love to play with Lego. If it is so, you can just use Lego as the decoration of the room.

You may print wallpaper with a Lego brick pattern. Then, put the wallpaper on the wall. Next, you can also order custom furniture with a Lego design.

To strengthen the sensation of Lego land in the bedroom, you can apply some identic colors such as yellow, red, black, white, brown, and many more. Just add some Lego action figures if it is necessary. Soon, your kid will have his or her own Lego land at home.

23. The Disney Cars Themed

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Most kids love Disney characters. Just ask their favorite characters and apply  them in the bedroom design. For instance, your kid loves the character from the Cars movie.

There are some possible things you can do to design the bedroom. One of them is by painting the wall with the Disney Cars theme. You can paint the main character with his charming smile.

Then, you can add some accessories such as a race flag, Disney Cars blanket and pillow cover, and many more. Because of the theme, you have to use some colors such as red, blue, black and white, and yellow.

24. Hello Kitty Girl Bedroom Themed

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The other kids bedroom ideas that inspired by movie is this Hello Kitty bedroom theme. This is a perfect bedroom for your lovely girl. Just like the character of Hello Kitty, you may apply pink, white, yellow, and blue.

To make it perfect, you can also apply a heart pattern which also the character of Hello Kitty. Nowadays, it is easy to find Hello Kitty furniture.

If it is not, you can also order custom Hello Kitty furniture. Soon, your girl will have a comfortable Hello Kitty world in her bedroom. I bet that she will spend most of her days in the new bedroom.

25. Green Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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You may try to apply different colors except for blue and pink. Green is a good option if you want to create a cozy bedroom for your kids. Light green makes the room looks fresh and bright.

You can apply the green color for the cabinets, storage, bookshelf, chairs, or pillow covers. If you need to combine with the other colors, you can just mix and match the green color with brown, white, gold, and yellow.

Try to buy some accessories related to their hobby or favorite activity. This simple design will show who your kids are and strengthen their character.

26. Gray and Yellow Kids Bedroom Decoration

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Mix and match colors are a fun activity to do while decorating a bedroom including designing your kid’s bedroom. There are a lot of colors you can mix and match and one of them is the combination of gray and yellow.

This combination creates a fresh and cozy atmosphere as well as a tidy and well-managed room. The key is how you manage the proportion of the colors.

You may use gray as the dominant color and yellow as the balancing.  Let say, you can put a yellow table or use a pillow cover with yellow ornament. This simple design improves the bedroom better than before.

27. Another Lego Decoration for Kids Bedroom

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You can play with bold colors and make it charming while designing your kid’s bedroom. One of the kids bedroom ideas along with bold color is Lego themed bedroom.

The bold colors you can use for this bedroom design project are green, red, blue, yellow, and white. Even, you can use custom furniture to make this project looks outstanding. You can order a specific item such as a chair, pillow covers, and even lamp.

The iconic design is a brick design so you can order some items make them look like a Lego brick. By the time your kids enter the bedroom, the will be surprised by the result.

28. Yellow and Purple Is A Nice Combination

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Another great color combination to apply in a bedroom for a kid is yellow and purple. It is one of the good kids bedroom ideas, especially if you want to design a bedroom for a girl.

The combination makes the room looks standout and eye-catching. There will be a clear separator between each of the areas. Just make the room balances with white color.

You can apply the purple for a rug, pillow, cabinet, and blanket. For the yellow, you can use for the accessories. Just make sure the colors don’t create an overwhelming sensation. Use your creativity and imagination to design a comfortable and lovely bedroom for your girl.

29. White Bedroom with Accent Wall Ideas

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Some of you love to use a pattern because it makes the room looks standout. Actually, you may apply a pattern in a kid’s bedroom. The simplest way is by using patterned wallpaper.

Diamond patterned wallpaper can be a good option if you want to create a classic bedroom for your kids. It is better to use soft colors such as light green and white. You can also combine this design along with a wooden floor.

The image above shows that you can separate a room into two bedrooms even if the kids are in a different age. The secret is the way you choose the accessories and how you manage them.

30. Pink and Purple Is Another Nice Combination

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Creating a girly bedroom is simple. You just need to mix and match the right colors. One of the best examples is combining pink and purple colors.

Both of the colors look similar but it creates a stunning effect to the room. The bedroom looks bright and eye-catching. The most important thing is that the bedroom strengthen the feminine sensation and it makes your lovely little girl comfortable there.

Add it with some unique items such as the V design wall-mounted bookshelves, a stair with drawers, and many more. Definitely, you can put this bedroom image in the list of the kids bedroom ideas.

31. Pink Themes for Girl Bedroom

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This is another pink bedroom idea. From the design, this bedroom is perfect for parents who want to create a luxury bedroom for their lovely girl.

The design is also suitable for those who have a large bedroom for their little girl. Instead of using soft or light pink, you can use darker pink which looks similar to purple. This is the trick to boost the luxury atmosphere of the bedroom in the simplest way.

Creating a luxury bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to put all the things once. Just apply the color for specific items such as the curtain, pillow, and cabinets.

32. Modern Kids Bedroom Ideas

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You can create a modern bedroom for your kids although you only have a small size bedroom. The thing you have to do is choosing the right furniture and items.

One of them is choosing a bed with a drawer. The use of the multifunction bed is the characteristic of modern home design. Definitely, it has recommended in some kids bedroom ideas for a small bedroom.

Just be effective by using the most important items such as a cabinet, closet, bookshelf. Just make sure that your kids still have a free space to move, play, and sleep in the bedroom comfortably.

33. The Lavender Themes

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Do you want to create a stunning bedroom for your kids? This lavender bedroom is a good idea. The use of the dark purple strengthen the furniture as well as give a clear separator for each of the areas in the bedroom.

The use of white and colorful stripes rug makes the room balance and comfort. To give a unique sensation, you can also hang some square frames.

It looks simple but you are really creating a unique and stylish modern bedroom for your lovely kids. Later, they will sleep in the most comfortable and stylish bedroom. I think you also want to have a similar bedroom just like this.

34. Kids Girl Bedroom Ideas with A Cute Bunks

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Sometimes, a girl wants to have a bedroom similar to her toys. Let say, they want to have a bedroom with a bunk. Actually, you can make her dream come true by designing a bedroom similar to the image above. The bunk is perfect with the pink bed and it makes the bedroom looks so cute.

If you have time you can also apply pink wallpaper to brighten the room. Stripes are the best pattern to use because it is simple but give a significant impact to the bedroom.

The point is that you just need to combine pink and white along with a bunk. That’s it! You are serving the best bedroom for your lovely girl.

35. Double Bed for Boy Bedroom

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You might use a double bed if you have to kids along with one bedroom. The double bed will solve the problem because there are two places for sleeping.

At least, you don’t need to design any complicated two-level beds which don’t match with the size of the bedroom. A wooden double bed can be a good option because it is strong and durable enough to use.

If you want to create a bedroom for the boys, use masculine colors such as blue and red. Make the bedroom complete with some items for boys such as a baseball stick, car miniature, and many more.

36. Cute Kids Bedroom with Drawers

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The trick to overcoming a small bedroom is by applying a bedstead with drawers. The image above shows the brilliant way to apply a bedstead with drawers.

As a result, your kids will have multifunction furniture in the bedroom. To make the room looks spacious, you can also apply not more than three colors. Just mix and match pink, white, an purple if you want to create a spacious and comfortable bedroom for your cute little girl.

The kids bedroom ideas give a place for them to play, sleep, and study in the bedroom comfortably. You can also use big furniture as long as it is a type of multifunction and useful furniture.

37. Cozy Bedroom with Printed Animal Wall Decoration

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A cat lover family will love this bedroom. It is one of the worth it kids bedroom ideas to apply. The printed animal wall decoration looks outstanding and eye-catching.

The use of bright colors makes the cat looks real. It seems that you are entering a futuristic or modern bedroom for kids. Actually, the room doesn’t use too many colors. You will see a yellow wall, red sofa, white bed, and light green cabinet.

To give the touch of modern style, you can put a tablet and computer set there. Your kids are the luckiest kid in the world if they have this bedroom.

38. All Pink with A Beautiful Curtains

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Is it possible if you create a totally pink bedroom for your lovely little girl? Actually, you can do it. You can make the process simple by putting important items only such as a bed, chair, pillows, rug, and many more.

Then, buy something pink including a pink wallpaper, bed cover, pillow covers, curtain, rug, and anything. Try to match the theme with the color so you can buy something with flowers, nature, or polka dot if you want to have a pattern. By the time your little girl enters the room, it seems that she enters an imaginary room that might be only in her dream.

39. White Painted Wood Bunks for Girl Kids

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The best part of using white furniture is because it is easy to mix and match with any other colors. Let say, you want to create a bedroom for your little girl.

The image above shows that white furniture can be mixed and matched with girly colors including pink, yellow, red, and orange. The most important thing, the combination of the colors don’t make the bedroom looks overwhelming and uncomfortable.

As a result, your girl will be comfortable and want to stay in the bedroom a little bit longer. You just need to balance the number of furniture and the use of the colors to create a comfortable and spacious room for girls.

40. Soft Green and Yellow Kids Bedroom Ideas

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You need to introduce colors to your kids. Because of that, you can mix and match bold colors such as the combination of yellow and green.

The combination of yellow and green is not only the way to introduce colors but also to strengthen the items in the bedroom. By the time you enter the room, you will see everything clearly. These two colors are also bright enough so your kids will be attracted to the bedroom.

As a result, you can let your kids stay a little bit longer while playing, sleeping, or playing in the bedroom. The colors also create a tidy and clean sensation.

41. Small Kids Bedroom with 3D Butterfly Decoration

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If you want to introduce the animal to your kids, you can start it by designing a room with animal design. Designing bedroom with 3D butterfly decoration is one of the great kids bedroom ideas you can apply. You can put the 3D butterfly decoration on the wall and it gives realistic sensation.

To attract your kids, you can create colorful 3D butterflies. If you want to keep the butterfly decoration as the main point, just use a neutral color such as white.

The mix and match of white and any other colors will strengthen the bold colors. If you want to add the touch of colors, just use it for the rug, blanket, bedcover, table lamp cover, and pillow.

42. Pink and Teal Patterned Girls Bedroom

Wonderful kids room wall decor #kidsbedroomideas #kidsroomideas #littlegirlsbedroom
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Most parents love to use pink and teal while designing a bedroom for their lovely little girl. These two colors boost the feminine atmosphere.

Of course, it also creates a comfortable ambiance for anyone who enters the room. You don’t have to use too many pink colors. Just use it for the blanket and some of the accessories.

Then, mix and match the pink furniture with girly accessories such as wall-mounted heart design cabinet, polka dot wallpaper, and many more. The use of wooden floor makes the room looks outstanding and strengthen the colors. Definitely, your girl will have the most comfortable bedroom.

43. Minimalist Kids Bedroom Ideas

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Some people apply a minimalist lifestyle because of its simplicity and effectivity. You can also apply it while designing a bedroom for your kids.

The key is using the most important items such as a bed, cabinet, bookshelf, and study table set. That’s it! Your kid is ready to use the bedroom. You can manage the color based on his characteristic. For an active boy, use bright and bold such as red, white, blue, and black.

Try not to use too many blockages or separators so the bedroom looks spacious. Indeed, you will not run out of kids bedroom ideas with this minimalist style.

44. Kids Bedroom with Modern Cabinets

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Modern design is applicable due to its simplicity. It can be applied for any size of the bedroom including for a small bedroom for kids.

The example above shows that you need creativity to create a comfortable kids bedroom. You just need to use two-level beds along with storage at the bottom of the bed. Then, you can put a large cabinet so it can use to put all the important items of your kids.

Don’t forget to put a study table along with an armless chair. Don’t use too many colors in a modern bedroom. The combination of two or three colors such as white, blue, and purple is enough to build a spacious sensation.

45. Kids Bedroom Ideas with Modern Study Table

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Kids want to spend their time in the bedroom. That’s why you have to make it as comfortable as it can. Creating a bedroom with modern study table is one of the worth it kids bedroom ideas.

By using this table, your kid can study comfortably. You can install a computer set there. Use an armless chair along with wheels so they can move without standing out from the chair.

Because you want to create a modern bedroom, just choose something simple including the combination of white and blue color. It is possible to use a two-level bed design, especially if you only have a small bedroom for your kid at home.

46. Graceful Bedroom for Girls

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You can build the feminine character of your girl by creating a graceful bedroom for her. Just use any kind of items which represent feminine such as a pink color, doll, tea set, mirror, flower, and many more.

The use of pink, brown, light blue, white, and cream makes the bedroom feels calm and relaxes for your little girl. It seems that you are entering the room of a princess.

Try to use extraordinary items such as a mirror with the sun frame design, classic tea set, and glitter wall-mounted lettering. Absolutely, your girl will say that she is entering the most beautiful bedroom.

47. Cottage Styled Kids Bedroom Ideas for Girl

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To give a great atmosphere to your girl, you can design a simple and stylish bedroom for her. A bedroom with a cottage style is a good idea.

It is a stylish bedroom design along with unique items such as an armless chair, a mushroom liked table lamp or colorful polka dot rug. It seems that you will have a classic style bedroom for your beloved girl.

Actually, the mix and match of the items make the room looks cute and it builds the feminine side of your little girl. Try to use bright and soft color such as light blue, purple, white, red, and white.

48. Watermelon Decoration Kids Bedroom Ideas

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Even your kid’s favorite fruit can be a great inspiration to decor their bedroom. This watermelon bedroom decoration looks comfortable enough, right?  You just need to apply watermelon wallpaper for a fast option.

Choose unique items such as watermelon pillow, colorful polka dot pillow cover, pink blanket. Or even a unique table with pink legs. What you have to do is using colorful items.

You will have great kids bedroom ideas, especially if you want to create a bright, cozy, and tidy bedroom for your lovely girls. Just imagine that your girls will be a totally a watermelon girl. I wondering their friends will also love the bedroom.

49. Vintage Style Boys Bedroom with Sun Wall Decoration

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50. Cute Pink Bedroom for Girls

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51. Cute Bedroom Design for Girls

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52. Kids Bedroom with Cute Snail Dolls

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53. Kids Bedroom Ideas with Modern Study Table

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54. Scandinavian Styled Kids Bedroom Ideas

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In conclusion, creating a bedroom for kids is not as complicated as you can imagine. The list of the kids bedroom ideas show that there are so many things you can do to create a stunning and comfortable bedroom. You just need to play with colors, unique items, furniture, and accessories. So, just start your own bedroom project and make your kids proud and happy.

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