Baby Girl Room Ideas

A baby room, especially baby girl room, has many aspects and elements you need to pay more attention to. Therefore, carefully choosing the baby girl room ideas you are going to use is essential. The types of design or style in one pack of the idea can affect how the room will look like after you finished build it.

On the other hand, when you want to redecorate your baby girl room, you also will face another challenge. How to make it look even much better than before is one of them. And, once again, the baby girl room you use will play a big role in this part. It can make it either better or worse, especially if you choose the wrong choice.

By looking at the importance of baby girl room ideas, it’s not wrong if you spend more of your time to consider which idea you are going to use. Here, we have a list of room design, style, and ideas for your reference. Use them as you like. Or, try finding inspiration from our list. One thing for sure, it’s all for one purpose, create a beautiful baby room.

1. The Tree Wall Printed Decoration

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Decorating baby girl room with natural type image like this one is the safest method to beautify your baby girl room. The natural type of decoration matches with all kinds of design and color. And, you also have the freedom to change it, such as adding more leaves or flower-like what you can see in the picture.

2. Baby Girl Nursery Ideas with Tree Wall Decoration

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This is another method to use the tree/natural type decoration for baby girl room. As you can see, you don’t have to follow the color of the real tree. Uses the colors that match the room color them. This one uses a white tree for the bluish wall color.

3. Classic Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

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The main point of this room is the baby nursery or crib. This is also what you can do if you want to decorate your baby girl room. Changing the furniture with a different style, like classic style, will also change the room into better appearance. Try it, especially if you have a modern style baby room.

4. Pink Girly Nursery Room Ideas

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The room is a baby girl room. So, it’s not wrong if you use girly baby girl nursery ideas. It is actually simple to do that. Choose the girly color, in this case, is a pink color. Then, add some flower shape decoration. And, you are done.

5. Cute Flower Wall Decoration

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The flower decoration is definitely the best choice for a baby girl room. What you need to make it interesting is changing how you place it on the wall, just like in this picture. Use the stripes as the guidelines to place the flower decoration. And, use the items that have a similar pattern like the flower decoration is also a good idea.

6. Plates Decoration

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If you have a problem to find the wall decoration for your baby girl room, use this method. Use an unused plates and draw something in it. Then, you just need to hang it on the wall.

7. The Beige Color

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A neutral color like white is a good choice. But, if you want a more colorful appearance, try to use creamy color like this beige room. The neutral color like this, match really well with other types of color. Moreover, the wooden crib also looks amazing in it.

8. Cute Hello Kitty Baby Room Ideas

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This Hello Kitty decoration is one of the best baby girl room ideas. The cute character design is perfect to create a girly room atmosphere. However, you don’t have to stick on Hello Kitty character. You also can use other cute cartoon characters for decoration.

9. Winnie The Pooh Room

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Winnie the Pooh is also the cute character you can use to decorate your baby girl room. However, this character doesn’t limit only for baby girl room. You also can use it for baby boy room. The good thing about Winnie the Pooh decoration is you can easily find it on the store. So creating a decoration like in the image won’t be difficult.

10. Classical Pink Style

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Some of us maybe think that pink and classic style doesn’t match really well. Guess what, you are wrong. As you can see in the picture, you can incorporate those two that seems doesn’t fit into a nice combination. The classic style of crib and furniture blend really well with pink decoration in this room.

11. The Playful Baby Room

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Adding a slide like this is a good idea to create an area where your baby can play. Of course, you need to watch your baby when they play. Therefore, it’s also a good thing if you use the removable slide. So, when your baby wants to play, you can install it. Then, remove it when she sleeps.

12. Favorite Animal Decoration

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Maybe it’s difficult to know if your baby girl loves a certain animal. However, it’s not wrong to use the standard girl’s favorite animal, in this case, is a butterfly, for your baby girl nursery room ideas. This is the easiest decorating solution.

13. The Colorful Wall

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This is the best solution if you don’t know where you should create a focal point of your baby girl room. Just paint one side of the wall with different/contrast color. You then have a perfect area to hang your decoration.

14. The Natural Wooden Floor

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Mostly, we install rugs or carpet in order to make the floor feel more comfortable. But, sometimes, you also can use baby girl room ideas like what you can see here. It doesn’t use a rug, and the natural pattern of wood color gives a really beautiful effect.

15. The Pink Themed Baby Girl Room Ideas

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This is another good example of how to use the girly color as the main color theme for baby girl room. Maybe it’s difficult to find all those pink items. But, if you have time to prepare for the decoration, we believe you can find all of them.

16. White Relaxing Room

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We can’t see this room as a baby room. It’s more like a living room where you can relax while watching your baby playing around. It’s very comfy with the bean chair and sofa for parents to rest their back after carrying around their baby. So, you can use any room here.

17. Animal Themed Design and Decoration

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The animal, such as an elephant or giraffe, is a cute character for room decoration. This room uses that cuteness in a clever way by adding many kinds of animal-themed items in the room. The result is cute baby girl room ideas with the animal theme style.

18. Extremely Minimalist Baby Girl Room

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Without too many furniture and items in this room, we can say that this room only uses the color playing to create a beautiful decoration. Moreover, with less than four color tones used here, the minimalist style felt really stronger.

19. Air Balloon Wall Art Decoration

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The balloon wall sticker, plus the cloud, is a good choice if you don’t know what you want to add on your baby girl room empty wall. Stick it and arrange it so it can spread evenly. Now, you have a nice decoration for the room.

20. Pink and Wood

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Actually, pink and brown isn’t a good color to match each other. However, it’s different if you use the wood brown, plus it comes with the wood texture like this wooden floor. The result is amazing. The pink wall gives the girly nuance and wood floor a comfortable feeling.

21. White Themed Interior Style

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White color is the safest choice for baby girl room ideas. You can add other colors freely and use that color as the focal point of the room. This one uses a beautiful and artistic yellow painting, which give it a touch of contemporary style in this baby girl room.

22. The Happy Pink

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Your baby girl will be like the baby in this picture, happy. We think that pink color has some relaxing effect on your baby girl. So, if you use it excessively, you won’t have any problem with it.

23. Cute Nursery Room with Beautiful Wall Art

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This one uses the classical picture of nursery and baby related theme. It produces a really cute result. Moreover, the light purple color as its background also adds the calming effect in the room. It’s a good thing that can soothe your baby girl.

24. Sweet Pink Style

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This is a good example of how to use the whole pink baby girl room ideas. Maybe the wood floor is the part of this room that has a different color. However, it’s great to have this kind of room style for your baby girl room. The strong girl nuance is perfect for your baby.

25. The Wall of Flowers

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For your baby girl give her a girly decoration. And, the flower is the best choice. It doesn’t have to be a real flower or plant. You can use the flower decoration/wallpaper like this one to do that. In fact, this is one of the cheapest baby girl room ideas related to flower you can use.

26. Read and Nursery

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We can imagine that you sit on the chair reading your favorite novel while keep watching your baby that sleep in the baby cribs. This room style is clearly showing how to make you, as parents, and your baby girls feel more comfortable and relaxed when spending your time in this room.

27. The Light Red Curtain

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Curtain also can be used as a nice decoration for a baby girl room. In order to make it noticeable, use the stand out color from the red color palette. This room use light red (R255 G80 B80). This color is close to pink, which can become a great alternative for a girly image if you are bored with pink.

28. The Indian Tent

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It seems doesn’t make any sense to use a tent as decoration. But, it’s actually worked really well like what you can see here. The tent color matches the whole room grey color theme. Moreover, the tent also can become a fun area where your baby can play. You can also make it as a teenage girl bedroom.

29. The Minimalist Nursery Room Ideas

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Black creates a gloomy effect. But, if you use it as you can see here, you won’t get the gloomy effect for your beloved baby girl room. Just make sure you place it near the windows and lighting source. And, use lighter decoration on that wall to add more bright effect.

30. The Golden Accent for Baby Girl Room

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Gold color represents a luxury and premium image. So, adding it to baby girl room like this is not wrong at all. The baby girl room ideas with a golden accent like this one is actually very popular these days. Many parents try to use this style in order to show a proudly feeling for having the baby.

31. Let The Light Shine Through

Fabulous baby girl room ideas pink and white #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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It is important for every room to have enough light. And baby girl room is no exception. The design makes the room brighter which is a good thing to train your baby girl eyes. Moreover, the windows also can provide a good air circulation system, which makes the air inside the room healthy.

32. Flower Solution

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Do you want to use the flower as decoration but can’t draw it well on your baby girl room wall? Just use the wallpaper like this one. Make sure you choose the environmental friendly wallpaper and glue to stick it on the wall. It’s important to prevent any risk of a health problem that can happen to your baby.

33. The Baby Name on The Wall

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Another decoration style you can use is using your baby name. You can paint it with wall paint on the wall. But, if you want more artistic style baby name decoration and baby girl room ideas, you can use the accessories that you can see in the picture.

34. The Chandelier

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If you run out of idea for the decoration you can use on the wall or table, try to change the lighting. Chandelier light is a good choice here. It brings out the beauty and elegance of your baby room.

35. The Toys to Display

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You can actually put a toy box to keep your baby’s toys. On the other hand, you also can remove the box and display the toys on the rack. This will give the room a nice touch of the colorful display. Your baby also can feel happier because she can see her favorite toys.

36. The Name Initial Decoration

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We can say that the owner of this room is baby with letter A as her initial name. The beautiful part about the decoration is the flowers. It’s a good move because if you only use the letter, it looks bland. So, by adding a flower, the letter A also has more color and texture which give it more artistic value.


37. The Twins Baby Nursery Ideas

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Having twin’s baby girl doesn’t mean you have to make two separate rooms. Just use one room and give it two baby cribs. This picture shows you how to do that beautifully. The baby crib uses a color that is really suitable for the surrounding design.

38. White Cribs for Twin

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The baby cribs location is close to the windows. It’s good for your baby because they also can get the sunlight shine on them, which is important for their health. So, this room isn’t only successfully utilizing the beauty of white color baby girl room ideas. But, it also has a better value in health purpose.

39. Blue for Baby Girls

Miraculous baby boy nursery ideas blue #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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It is common knowledge that blue is a boy’s color. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for baby girl room ideas. Just like this picture, the designer uses blue as the main accent for the room decoration. There are some parts that use pink for balancing the blue.

40. Modern White Style for Baby Girl Room

Staggering baby girl room ideas blue #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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The stiff style of furniture shows a strong modern/minimalist style decoration. Plus the white ceramic and white wall also gives a strong simplicity concept which matches the modern style room design. However, the decoration and doll in this baby room make it more girly. So, this is actually a unique baby girl room ideas combination.

41. The Hanging Plant Decoration

Terrific baby girl nursery ideas lavender #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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The room itself uses a contemporary style design. However, by adding a hanging plant, the stiffness in the room is melted away. The plant gives it nice addition of natural touch. Moreover, the plant is located near the baby cribs. So, you also can use it as a toy to make your baby happy.

42. Light Purple Baby Room Theme

Wonderful baby girl room ideas grey #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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This room has uniform purple items which are a good color choice for a baby girl room. And, this is one of the easiest solutions you can use if you don’t know which baby girl room ideas you are going to use. Just buy one set of baby furniture like this and you get the style that you need. Maybe, you only need to paint the wall with purple color like in the picture.

43. Baby Girl Room Ideas with Natural Soft Green

Eye-opening elephant baby girl room ideas #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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Green is a special color that gives you a calming effect. This is the reason why you feel relaxed and calm when you spend your time in the park or forest. This room seems to try to create that calming effect for the baby. It’s a good idea because your baby also can get stressed.

44. Pink Chalkboard Decoration

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You can use many baby girl room ideas to apply pink in your baby girl room. This is one of the examples of that. Using a pink chalkboard, this room has a good focal point on one of its wall side.

Just remember do not use real chalk to draw those picture. The dust from chalk can be inhaled by your baby girl and it can cause some health problem. So, use paint or white tape.

45. The Eight Artworks

Astonishing baby girl nursery ideas grey #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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The eight pictures that placed in the order in this picture is one of our favorite decorations. It creates a uniformity effect, which gives the room plus point on its beauty value. However, you don’t have to use the animal pictures. If you are a big family with 8 members, you can use your picture instead. That will create more personalized baby girl room ideas.

46. The Cute Elephant Decoration

Brilliant baby girl room ideas minnie mouse #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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Maybe your baby girls still don’t understand what an elephant is. But, the shape is really cute. So, it is perfect for your beloved baby. Moreover, this unique and cute shape also helps to train your baby ability to recognize the shape and object.

47. The Cute Owl Baby Girl Room

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This is also similar to the elephant theme decoration above. The owl is also well-known for its cute and beautiful shape, especially if it’s drawn using cartoon style like this. And, to match it with the room, you also can choose the soft colored owl themed items. This one uses pink and soft yellow. You also can use light red or even light blue.

48. Yellow Bee Decoration for Baby Girl Room Ideas

Spectacular baby boy nursery ideas winnie the pooh #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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Yellow is also a good decoration color for baby girl room. However, you can’t use any yellow color for this. Use the soft and faded yellow like what you can see in the picture. And of course, if you want to add a cute character that matches this color, the bee is the best choice. The cute design bee character like this one is perfect for your baby girl room.

49. Coral and Teal Mini Crib Bedding Ideas

Marvelous baby girl room ideas purple and gray #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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50. Cute Purple Baby Girl Room Ideas

Unbelievable baby girl room ideas butterflies #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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51. Cute Baby Girl Room Ideas

Breathtaking baby girl nursery ideas with butterflies #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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52. Modern Luxury Baby Girl Room Ideas

Excited baby girl room curtain ideas #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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53. Stunning Princess Baby Girl Room Ideas with Colorful Pink

Remarkable baby boy nursery color ideas #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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54. Pastel Pink Baby Girl Room Ideas

Fantastic baby girl nursery ideas gray and pink #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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55. The Teal Baby Girl Room Ideas

Unique baby girl toddler room ideas #babygirlroomideas #babygirlnurseryideas #babygirlroom
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Now, after you know several baby girl room ideas above, are you ready to decorate your baby girl room? Just choose the idea and reference that you like and match the baby girl room that you want.

Some of those baby girl nursery room ideas maybe are difficult to make, if you do it by yourself. So, do not hesitate to ask for help from a professional. They can help you to copy our idea. Or, you can use them as a reference and create your own personalized idea.

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