Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Bedroom curtain holds important function for your bedroom. First of all, if you look at many Bedroom Curtain Ideas, you can find that they are available in many colors. Therefore, the bedroom also can become decoration and even the important part that affect how your bedroom appearance will be.

Now, you understand the importance of bedroom curtain. So, it’s not too late to get new and better bedroom curtain for your place. If you plan to replace your old bedroom, you can try the Bedroom Curtain Ideas below. We have 57 ideas that can help you to get the bedroom curtain that will give you all the benefits we explained above.

1. Elegant White and Red Bedroom Curtain

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The two colors here, white and red, blend really well with the wall color, bedding as well as the furniture. This is an important aspect of choosing the Bedroom Curtain Ideas you are going to use. Match the color, and it’s done. You will have a nice and beautiful bedroom curtain. With right fabric choice, you can add elegance in it.

2. Soft and Relax

Staggering brown bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

If you think red is too strong, you can try to use a neutral color. This bedroom curtain is a perfect example. Using the soft creamy color and white as the base, it makes your bedroom feels more relaxing.

Moreover, the bedroom wooden floor is also perfectly matched the bedroom curtain. Thus, it creates natural Bedroom Curtain Ideas you can try. Just make sure you have another thicker curtain, so you can completely block the light from the window.

3. Simple and Natural Style Curtain

Terrific bedroom curtain and bedding ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

As you can see, there are two types of curtain here, the thin white and thicker green that matches the color bedroom tone of the room. They are also made of different material, which gives you different functionality. The thin one for daylight and thicker for the night.

4. The 100% Luck Bedroom Curtain

Wonderful diy bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

It said that yellow is the color of gold and the color that bring fortune. Do you also want to bring the fortune to your life? Start it from the bedroom curtain. Among many Bedroom Curtain Ideas, this one is the one that you need.

5. The Hidden Window

Eye-opening creative bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

When you close this bedroom curtain, you can cover the whole wall and of course the big window behind it. It’s perfect choice if you want to create a different view with just a bedroom curtain.

You can see that the bedroom curtain in the picture has a similar color to the wall color. Actually, you can change it. Therefore, if you change the bedroom curtain color with different color, you can change the view of your bedroom.

6. The Royal Purple

Delight bedroom blackout curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Do you want to know how does it feel sleeping in the palace? You can try to make your bedroom into the royal bedroom using the Bedroom Curtain Ideas you can see in the picture. The royal purple color with a small part of the white color makes it perfectly match the bedroom classic interior design.

7. Simple Curtain with Small Hooks

Astonishing bedroom door curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The simplicity fits perfectly with the farmhouse style bedroom. However, the hook uses the more modern design, which makes it a little bit odd but not weird at all. In fact, this idea has been used in a similar manner. The combination of two different styles creates a really beautiful design. So, you don’t need to worry if you want to use it.

8. The Sexy Bedroom Curtain

Brilliant elegant bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

We have to agree that the normal white or light color tone is kind of boring. It needs some spice that can make your bedroom become the hottest room you and your couple can spend your night together. And the dark red bedroom curtain like this one is a perfect choice. When the sunlight from outside, shines the curtain, it creates an artistic silhouette.

9. The Calming Bedroom

Awesome farmhouse bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Sometimes, you don’t need to make your bedroom looks too intimidating like previous Bedroom Curtain Ideas. Just use the dark and calm color, like what you can see on the picture, and it will create a calming effect. Sleeping inside the bedroom with this kind of effect is the best thing you can experience.

10. The Blue for Girls

Spectacular rustic bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

If you think that blue is only the color of the boy’s bedroom, you are wrong. You also can use the sweet blue bedroom curtain like in the picture for your daughter’s room. The color isn’t too dark, which make it softer and perfect for a girl. Plus, the floral pattern printed on it, we bet your daughter will feel really happy with it.

11. The Macho Blue

Marvelous vintage bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Bedroom curtain like this one is perfect for an adult man. Its simplicity and the navy blue color Bedroom Curtain Ideas create a neat atmosphere. When you return to your home after working at the office, this view will help you relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. The ceiling-high curtain also gives your bedroom a bigger space effect.

12. The Santa Claus Bedroom Curtain

Unbelievable teenage bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The red checker pattern creates a nice and warm atmosphere, just like the Santa Claus bedroom illustration that you can see on TV or book. But, adding some bedding with matched color create another effect. Your bedroom will feel warm and tempting. So, this is also perfect Bedroom Curtain Ideas for a newlywed couple.

13. The Tree Colors

Breathtaking simple bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The white, dark grey and yellow are the main color theme for this bedroom. Therefore, using the three colors stripped Bedroom Curtain Ideas like this one is a perfect choice to integrate it as the part of the room. Moreover, the stripes also create a nice division of scenery on the wall near the windows. Thus, the beautiful appearance was born.

14. Clean Blue Sea Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Excited shabby chic bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Blue sea bedroom curtain is the best way to calming the room atmosphere. The lights that shine through the window behind the curtain also boost its calming effect. It feels like you sleep in the room at the resort near the beach. Basically, you can feel like you are on vacation whenever you spend your time in this bedroom.

15. Let the Sunlight Shine Through

Remarkable master bedroom curtain ideas pinterest #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The main purpose of bedroom curtain is blocking the light from outside. But, sometimes, you need to let the light shine through. Using the soft thin transparent fabric helps you to create the shine-through effect. Therefore, the filtered sunlight will create a calming effect. The Bedroom Curtain Ideas like this one is perfect for a bedroom where you nap.

16. Minimalist Botanical Pattern Curtain

Fantastic green bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Sometimes you don’t like too many colors in your bedroom curtain. That’s okay. You can use this bedroom curtain. It has a neutral light blue color with dark blue botanical pattern. With these less color tone, the minimalist style and atmosphere you can see in this bedroom are really strong. This is definitely one of the best minimalist Bedroom Curtain Ideas.

17. Retro Style Curtain Ideas

Unique bedroom curtain ideas pictures #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The minimalist style bedroom curtain maybe is a great choice for giving your bedroom a nice modern touch. But, the classic style also can become a nice choice to create beautiful bedroom scenery with your bedroom curtain. This one uses the green and abstract image pattern on it, which add the retro feeling to your bedroom.

18. The White Bedroom Curtain

Sensational bedroom curtain ideas contemporary #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Natural theme interior bedroom design is actually the easiest theme that matches any bedroom curtain. But, if you have a problem to choose among many Bedroom Curtain Ideas, you can choose the white curtain like this one. White color is the most neutral color. That means you can match it with any theme of your bedroom, including the natural theme.

19. The Pure Style

Extraordinary bedroom curtain divider ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The white bedroom curtain in this bedroom has a really amazing effect, actually. The light from outside is reflected by the bedroom curtain. It can add illumination in the bedroom. Therefore, you don’t need to use too much lighting and electrical energy for your room. Of course, you know the benefits of saving more energy, right?

20. The Contrast Style

Uplifting bedroom curtain ideas for short windows #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Among many Bedroom Curtain Ideas, we can say that this one is the boldest one. It doesn’t use too much accent, pattern or color. It’s just white and black. The white bedroom curtain creates the contrast effect that matches perfectly with the darker and black color theme in the bedroom.

21. The Blue Theme Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Life-changing bedroom curtain fabric ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Blue bedroom curtain that sways around because of the wind from the window like a wave in the ocean. Watching this movement is so relaxing. But, the thicker bedroom curtain also can become the tool to prevent any sunlight shine through in your room. Now, you have good privacy protection with this blue theme bedroom curtain idea.

22. Create A Bedroom Relaxed Look with Pale Fabrics

Unbeatable purple bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Light maybe is the best choice of word to describe the Bedroom Curtain Ideas in the picture. The pastel color creates a really nice and calming effect. Although we see it for the bedroom, this bedroom curtain is also a good option for a room where you can relax. It’s a good idea to use this color, so if you get bored with the curtain color in the other room, you can replace it with this one.

23. The Chocolate

Striking guest bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Chocolate is said to be able to stimulate the calming mood hormone. We can see that concept applied to this bedroom curtain. Using the dark brown chocolate color, it makes the bedroom feels warmer. Moreover, it blocks the light completely from the outside. So, you can use the Bedroom Curtain Ideas like this one to protect your privacy.

24. The Richie Rich

Wondrous romantic bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The bedroom looks luxurious with the golden bedroom curtain. However, you also can use this kind of bedroom curtain in your room, even though you have a small bedroom. The golden color will add the elegance value in your bedroom. Therefore, you will change your bedroom into a luxurious bedroom with simple Bedroom Curtain Ideas.

25. The Focal Point

Perfect gold bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

A focal point is a point that becomes the main attraction of a room. This bright red bedroom curtain is definitely the bedroom focal point. This is one of the best ideas you can use if you don’t know what you have to put in your bedroom. Just use the red bedroom curtain like this one, and you can have a beautiful decoration.

26. The Old House Style

Epic red bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

It looks like an old house. Cold and gloomy. However, the bedroom curtain gives it’s a warm touch. The green color adds the natural touch in this gloomy bedroom. With the nice white thin fabric for the first layer of the curtain, it becomes one of the beautiful Bedroom Curtain Ideas combinations you can try to enrich your bedroom view.

27. The Navy Blue Curtain

Phenomenal pink bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

It blends really well with the color of every decoration and furniture in the bedroom. The bedroom curtain strengthens the blue color as the main decoration for this bedroom. Although we said that the bedroom curtain in this bedroom is only supporting part, it is still an important part you must notice. If it changed, it will also change the room design.

28. The Family Curtain

Amazing childrens bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

There are four main colors tone that is used in this bedroom. And, the bedroom curtain color is one of them. This show how important the bedroom curtain really is. It completes the combination of the color to create a warm room for spending your time with your family. It’s nice and warm Bedroom Curtain Ideas choice for urban area residential.

29. All Dark Green Curtain Ideas

Unforgettable mens bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The dark color curtain like this one is the perfect color for blocking the light completely. If you are tired after working overnight and just want to sleep from morning to dawn, the dark green Bedroom Curtain Ideas like this is a perfect choice. Just close the curtain and you can have a nice room to sleep for the whole day.

30. The Girly Pink Bedroom Curtain

Glorious bedroom curtain rod ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Pink, pink and pink. Have a problem to choose the bedroom curtain for your daughter’s bedroom? This pink bedroom curtain is what you need. Try to use it on your daughter’s room, and guaranteed she will be happier beyond your imagination. Just remember to find other Bedroom Curtain Ideas when they grow older.

31. The Space Blue Curtain

Fabulous bedroom curtain color ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Do you want to experience the silence that astronaut experienced when they move in the outer space? Try the dark blue bedroom curtain like this. When you close the curtain and turn off the main light, you can feel that silence. Now, you can really relax and have a good-quality sleep every night.

32. Blue Flower Bedroom Curtain

Surprising bedroom blinds and curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Its retro/classic feels really strong here. You can imagine having a nice afternoon tea in this room. It would be perfect if the pattern of your tea set is also similar to the blue flower pattern on the bedroom curtain. This room also feels suitable for reading with its blue flower Bedroom Curtain Ideas.

33. The Sea Nuance

Incredible bedroom curtain design ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The bedroom curtain and its pattern are perfect for a beach house. This is not the beach house, though. However, adding that bedroom curtain creates an atmosphere like a beach house. So, you can feel really relaxed when you spend your time in this bedroom.

34. The Wider Effect

Astounding bedroom curtain ideas large windows #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The horizontal stripes on the bedroom curtain create the widening effect in the bedroom. It is indeed a big bedroom. But, you can imagine that if you use the Bedroom Curtain Ideas like this one, you can see the differences. Your small bedroom will feel much bigger and wider. So, you can use this idea for the solution to your small bedroom.

35. Girly Floral Pattern Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Unleash country bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

When your daughter grows older, you can use this bedroom curtain idea. It is a perfect design for helping your daughter to go through their growth from a child to a young teenager. Using a simple floral bedroom curtain, the beautiful and girly nuance oozes strongly from this bedroom design.

36. Summer Vibe Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Gorgeous gray bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Summer is coming. So, do not stop the long-awaited sunlight shine into your bedroom. This is maybe the main concept of this bedroom curtain style. The transparent fiber is used in order to welcome the summer sunlight. You may have to use the Bedroom Curtain Ideas with this concept soon.

37. The Oriental

Famous bedroom curtain valance ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Red is the lucky color for oriental culture. So, why don’t you adapt it to your bedroom curtain? Just take a look at the perfect example in the picture. The red color is perfect for the room. Moreover, the pattern on it also creates a strong oriental style that looks great for your room.

38. The Sleek Bedroom Curtain

Stunning bedroom drapes and curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The vertical stripes on this bedroom curtain create a sleek and neat effect. It matches the modern and minimalist style of the bedroom really well. So, if you have a similar bedroom style, try to use it.

39. The Zebra Bedroom Curtain

Miraculous small bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The zebra stripes Bedroom Curtain Ideas can change the bedroom look in the easiest way. Just like what you can see here, it normalizes the bright type minimalist style bedroom. So, the scenery will become more balanced and it becomes a great room to spend your time.

40. The Snakeskin-like Pattern Bedroom Curtain

Staggering bedroom drapery ideas photos #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

It is not a snakeskin pattern, actually. However, if you see it in a glimpse, you can see it has a similar pattern to snakeskin. And, that’s a good thing. The snakeskin pattern makes the bedroom looks more elegant and luxurious.

41. The Green Wall Bedroom Curtain

Terrific blue bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The ceiling-high bedroom curtain is one of the beautiful Bedroom Curtain Ideas you can see. Like in this picture, it matches the ceiling. Although it seems too contrast with the bedding, we can see that the designer try to use the bedding as the focal point of this bedroom.

42. The Flower Stripes

Wonderful curtain ideas for bedroom closets #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

It is a big flower stripe in the middle of the white bedroom curtain. The black flower pattern creates a really strong impact and appearance on the white color bedroom curtain. With that, you don’t need to use another decoration in your bedroom with this kind of Bedroom Curtain Ideas.

43. The Logs

Eye-opening bedroom closet curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Sometimes, you want to sleep in a different and unique place, don’t you? This bedroom curtain maybe can help you to get that experience. It has a unique printed wooden log pattern on it. So, when you close the curtain, it creates a really unique view when the light shines the pattern.

44. The Pale Yellow Soft Curtain

Delight bedroom sheer curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

This bedroom curtain with the hotel room curtain looks really like each other. It’s good, but if you want to feel personally comfortable in your room, you don’t need to use it. But, if you want to create the all-days vacation, try the pale yellow soft Bedroom Curtain Ideas.

45. The Crystal Pattern Bedroom Curtain

Astonishing bedroom curtain ideas pinterest #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Bedroom curtain like this one has the effect of the futuristic look. It is a good choice for the bedroom. But, you also can use this kind of bedroom curtain idea for study room. Or, if you usually study in your bedroom, that will be a perfect match.

46. The Salad

Brilliant curtain ideas for bedroom pinterest #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The green color with so many flowers and plants pattern on this curtain remains us of salad. So, it is perfect for you who want to be reminded about living healthier. Moreover, the Bedroom Curtain Ideas like this one also give you nice protection against light.

47. The Blue Ink Curtain

Awesome white bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

The blue ink color that you find on your shirt pocket is used in this bedroom curtain. It’s really cool because it matches with the brick wall near it. This one is a nice choice if you plan to have a cover for your small windows.

48. The Love Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Spectacular white bedroom curtains decorating ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment

Red is the color of love. So, with red curtain idea will boost you and your couple love. This curtain shows that. You can see that this room will become romantic when you close the curtain. So, what are you waiting for?


49. Black and White In Winter Themed Bedroom Curtain

Marvelous bedroom curtain ideas with blinds #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


50. Brown Bedroom Curtains with Italian Style

Unbelievable bedroom curtain ideas small windows #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


51. Floral Printed On The Bedroom Wall and Curtains

Breathtaking teenage girl bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


52. The Hampton Style

Excited bedroom curtain ideas small rooms #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


53. Minimalist Bedroom Curtains

Remarkable bedroom curtain ideas for small rooms #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


54. Rounded Motif In The Bedroom Curtain

Fantastic bedroom window curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


55. Royal Blue Curtain for Bedroom

Unique curtain ideas for bedroom windows #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


56. Feminine Curtain Style In The Romantic Bedroom

Sensational master bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment


57. Wondrous Green Curtains Bedroom

Extraordinary bedroom curtain ideas #bedroomcurtainideas #bedroomcurtaindrapes #windowtreatment



Those are our collection of Bedroom Curtain Ideas you can try. They are all beautiful and easy to apply in your bedroom. By choosing the right idea, you will be able to create the best bedroom for sleeping, resting or spending your time in it.

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