Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic bedroom offers a different atmosphere than the standard bedroom. Besides it’s located on top of the house, the ceiling and mostly no partition design inside this bedroom, create unique and relaxing nuance. Therefore, many people who want to enjoy their time create this bedroom.

However, you can’t just build a bedroom in your attic. That won’t give you the feel of freedom and relaxing atmosphere that an attic bedroom should have. Application of a unique or interesting attic bedroom ideas is also an important matter to consider besides various mattresses for bedroom. This factor will have a bigger role in deciding how your attic bedroom will feel like.

For starters, you can try our list of 48 unique, beautiful, and amazing attic bedroom ideas below. You can apply them as it is by copying them. Or, you can also use this list as the reference and inspiration to create your personalized attic bedroom.

1. Feminine Bedroom

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Wide area in the attic doesn’t mean you can put anything you want in your attic bedroom. Instead, use these spaces to create an area where you can move around freely. Then, choose the multifunction and minimalist furniture to complement it.

2. Try with Minimalist

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If you already have an attic with a white wall and ceiling, you can try simple attic bedroom ideas like this one. Paint one of the wall areas with black or dark color. The white ceiling will be highlighted and create a beautiful focal point. Moreover, the white ceiling also has a good effect on the bedroom lighting, especially if you use natural lighting source.

3. The Two Tones

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You don’t have to be confused by the color you are going to apply in your attic bedroom. Just like the rule in modern interior design, use fewer color tone for a better way to improve your room appearance. This attic bedroom follows that rule and with just two colors, white and brown, including the bedroom curtain, the designer has successfully created a beautiful design.

4. Attic Work Space Ideas

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Although we said that you can find attic bedroom ideas here, but it doesn’t mean you can apply our list of ideas for the bedroom only. If you want to use your attic for other purposes, such as a working room, please do not hesitate.

It’s a nice design focusing on creating a space where you can invoke the birth of many ideas. Even without partition, the different color theme on each area states the function of that area.

5. Warm Attic Bedroom

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The designer seems to focus on how to create a warmer bedroom by adding insulation and a thick rug for the floor. It does feel comfortable when you spend your night in this bedroom in the winter. So, we think the designer successfully created a comfortable attic bedroom.

6. The Old Sense

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The brick patterned wall creates a free atmosphere and nostalgic nuance in this bedroom. It is another great attic bedroom ideas from our perspective. If you only use white and monotone color, it will be boring. So, adding a pattern like this will spice up the room atmosphere. Plus, adding the dark and natural wooden floor is also the best choice.

7. The Light Binder

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Mostly, the attic bedroom uses natural light as the lighting source by using the huge opening on the roof or window. However, sometimes if the sunlight is too strong, you also need to control it. This attic bedroom is the best example of that, by using a curtain.

Moreover, it also has a metal frame on the ceiling to install spotlight type lighting. It’s another good idea to create a different view after the sun disappears behind the horizon.

8. Place A Sofa and Table

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Are you getting confused by the previous attic bedroom ideas? Try this one. It doesn’t have too much modification you need to do. Use the standard bedroom furniture, like a bed, makeup table and sofa. And, you get a beautiful and comfortable attic bedroom where you can spend your relaxation and resting time.

9. Try with Scandinavian Style

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The Scandinavian interior design style is well-known for its rough appearance. However, behind that rough appearance, you can find the artistic beauty you won’t find in other styles. So, why don’t you apply this style on the attic bedroom ideas? The result is as you can see in the picture, a beautiful and artistic attic bedroom.

10. The Sophisticaly Loner

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This bedroom is like you don’t need to have too much thing in order to become beautiful. You can be beautiful with just one bed and simple interior design style. Add warm carpet and you are done. Your attic bedroom now officially becomes the sophisticated bedroom. Spend your time here and you will feel that the world is yours.

11. Cute Attic Bedroom

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Your kids will be really happy if they got the attic bedroom for them and their only. With so much space, they can do many things in it. Of course, just like in the picture, you also need to add some of the furniture for other purposes. Adding an Oriental style hanging light also improves the overall attic bedroom ideas in it. Try it and see your kids’ reaction for this cute bedroom.

12. The Headquarters

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Working from home doesn’t have a fixed schedule. So, it’s a good idea to use this design for facilitating your activity. Whenever you need to recharge your energy, just step away from the computer and go to the back to find a comfortable bed for you to use.

The ceiling is the best. Displaying the wood frame create a farmhouse feels. When you lay your head on the bed and look at the ceiling, you can feel really relaxed.

13. In The Wood

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Do you know the best way to recharge your body and mind? Just go out and explore nature. Guaranteed, you’ll return with a better condition. Don’t have enough time to do that? Use the attic bedroom ideas you can see here.

Using the wooden pattern and material for ceiling, wall, and floor, this bedroom has a really strong natural scent. You can use real wood material. If you don’t have enough budget, use the wood patterned wallpaper.

14. Mediation Attic

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Beautiful and calming are two impressions we get from this bedroom when we saw it for the first time. It is successfully optimizing the simplicity of color to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom. So, you can meditate comfortably here.

15. The World of Rustic

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This one is one of the exotic attic bedroom you can try. Using the rustic pattern for almost every part in the interior bedroom, you will feel like you are entering a totally different world, the world of rustic. But, this pattern makes this attic bedroom feels more comfortable. The natural freshness feeling is much stronger inside.

16. Solution for A Small Attic Bedroom

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Having smaller attic doesn’t mean you can’t change it into a bedroom. It is indeed felt cramped inside. However, there are many methods you can use to make your attic feels more spacious.

Just simply change one of the walls into different and darker color than the other wall. You don’t need to use black or monotone color. You also can use a dark pattern like a brick. That will solve the solution.

17. Place A Pair Wooden Chair

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The simple attic bedroom works only if you feel more comfortable with this style. But, if you feel that this is too much simple, you can add different material inside. In this room, you can see wood material is really noticeable. You can use the furniture for this purpose or displaying the frame of your attic as you can see. But, if you can’t do that, you can use a fake pattern.

18. The Art Gallery

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Simple attic bedroom ideas is the best solution for you who don’t know what kind of style you want to apply to your attic bedroom. However, if it is too simple, it’s not beautiful. So, adding several pieces of art is important.

The framed bird picture in this bedroom is the best example to improve your simple style attic bedroom. But, you also can use other images. It could be hand drawing or photo.

19. Futuristic Natural Wooden Accent

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Using natural attic bedroom ideas doesn’t mean you ignore or leave the modern style. Combine both of them and you will get futuristic natural style as you can see in the picture.

The wooden pattern blends really well with the simplicity of the room. The sharp cut on several parts in the room create the futuristic feeling. Overall, this one is really unique attic bedroom style you can try.

20. Gray Hues Attic Bedroom Ideas

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The color you choose also can affect how your attic bedroom will look like. As you can see, this attic bedroom has small space size. Therefore, the owner chooses the grey color as its main color. The result, it reflects the lighting perfectly and produces a wide feeling effect on it. It still needs natural lighting, though. However, with just this color, it’s enough.

21. The Combination

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If you can’t choose between modern style and natural style, why don’t you combine it like in this picture? It shows a really good combination of the modern style that you can see from furniture style and the cabinet and natural style from its wooden pattern. The other good thing is it also has classic touch, seen from the chandelier and classic metal bathtub.

22. Simple Loft Bedroom Ideas with Accent Lighting

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Without too many colors used, this attic bedroom looks really gloomy or not attractive. But, cleverly, the designer adds several accents lighting source. So, when you turn on the lighting, the gloomy and boring nuance will be gone. The accent lighting will improve the area view value.

23. Luxurious Young Style

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Creating an attic bedroom that fit for younger people is not difficult. However, combining it with luxurious style is another matter. This attic bedroom is the best example that shows the combination of those two styles. Using modern style lighting and wooden floor, with black decoration is the solution. Try attic bedroom ideas now and see what you will get.

24. The Resort with Corner Fireplace

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Do you have a big attic with a fireplace? You can turn it into a nice bedroom that is similar to the one you can find on the luxurious resort. It may need a lot of money to create a bedroom like in the picture. But, the result is very satisfying.

The fireplace will become the room focal point. Moreover, the wood pattern also gives you relaxing nuance. Both of them create a good combination for a bedroom.

25. Retro Kids Attic Bedroom

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The image displays the best attic bedroom ideas to create a room for your twin kids. Using pastel for bedroom paint color for creating a calming effect, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a boy or girl, they can use this bedroom. The bedroom that merge with the wall also create a nice appearance. It is perfect for them.

26. The Beach House

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It looks really beautiful with its Caribbean interior design. Maybe it will be difficult to add a door or veranda because the room is located in your attic. But, you won’t have a problem with the big window to let the light come in.

27. Wonderful Industrial Light

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The attic bedroom isn’t only about the pattern and furniture. But, the lighting is also important. Adjusting the placement of the light can change how your attic bedroom appearance as a whole. It won’t only illuminate your room. The arrangement also gives your room a nice accent and decoration.

28. The Orange Stripes

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This one is also another method you can use to improve your white and simple attic bedroom. Adding different and contrast color will make it more beautiful. Moreover, you don’t need to use too many of that contrast color. Like what you can see in the picture, with a small part of orange stripes, your attic bedroom looks totally different.

29. Classic Twins Attic Bedroom

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Big attic means you can use it for a bedroom for many people. This one is for twins. The good thing about this design is it doesn’t need too many accessories. The classic or retro style furniture is enough for creating a nice atmosphere in the attic bedroom. So, if you want to make it for your kids, try to find that kind of furniture first.

30. The Pure White Attic Bedroom

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It is really smart to use a white color theme for attic bedroom. Mostly, the attic bedroom depends heavily on the natural light from the big roof windows. Therefore, the white color will create a good reflective surface that can increase the light power. The result is even with the small light source it can make the bedroom brighter.

31. The Tree House

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Staying at the highest room in our house reminds us about the tree house. Therefore, adding the specific accent of a tree house in the attic bedroom strengthen that feeling. And using the attic bedroom ideas like what you can see here is the solution.

The wood block doesn’t receive too much processing. It looks like a real wood or tree branch. This is the part that makes this attic bedroom looks more like a tree house.

32. All Natural Woods

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Using wood material as the main material for many parts in the attic bedroom, it really looks really beautiful with its strong nature nuance. And, we believe that it can create the fresh scent that you are looking for in the morning.

33. White Kid’s Attic Bedroom

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A kids bedroom shouldn’t be only a place for them to sleep. It should also be a place for having fun. This attic bedroom is the best attic bedroom ideas for that purpose. The stairs and hanging bed on the back give the kids adventure and nice area for playing.

34. Rustic Double Bed for Guest

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Attic bedroom also can be used for the guest room. You can put two king size bed in the bedroom. Of course, you must have a big size attic to apply the attic bedroom ideas you can see in the picture.

35. The Another House

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Add many elements in attic bedroom are not wrong. You can even make it like the picture, an attic bedroom that looks like another house on top of your house. It will create a living space where you can actually live and do your activities there.

36. The Kid’s Playing Center

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Have a big family? Just create a big attic bedroom for all kids in your family. Create the bunk bed style design and add big stairs for giving your kids more adventure. Then, they will have an area in your house that they can use for playing center.

37. The Traveler Room

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If you travel a lot, this attic bedroom idea is perfect for you. It doesn’t have too many things. You don’t need to arrange your bed and room too often. With multifunction storage box, you can easily find what you need to bring on your travel.

38. The Colorful Attic Bedroom for Kids

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Colorful kid’s bedroom is a great idea. The color will make your kids happy. And, this idea also can be implemented in your attic bedroom. The small space attic can become brighter with this design.

39. The Cool Place to Lay Down

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You don’t need to touch the attic wall with the attic bedroom ideas in this picture. Just focus on decorating your furniture, floor and other stuff you put in the bedroom. The result is as you can see in this picture.

40. For Your Daughter

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Even though this is an attic bedroom for girls, it cleverly uses light blue as the main color. It is a good thing because it will make your kids feel more relaxed and can rest well.

41. The Green Attic Bedroom Ideas for Kids

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Beside light blue, you also can use green for your kids. You don’t need to paint the whole room with green color. Just add it on several parts and you get beautiful attic bedroom for kids.

42. The Ceiling

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You don’t have enough budgets for purchasing too many furniture or new decoration? You can focus on the attic bedroom ceiling. Add the steel and noticeable frame like this, and it’s done.

43. The Classical Beauty

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Modern style is the common style for many attic bedroom ideas. But, you don’t need to stick to the standard. This image shows that you also can do it with classic style.

44. The Wood and Concrete

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This is one of the most interesting attic bedroom ideas we have found. Using two different materials for the ceiling, it creates a really unique attic bedroom. The combination of firm and flexible becomes the main focal point of this room.

45. White and Gray Attic Bedroom Ideas

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In modern interior design style, the maximum amount of color tones you can use are three. This bedroom uses two which boost its simplicity. And, it actually produces a beautiful result.

46. The Wood Block

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Small attic bedroom sometimes becomes a problem regarding its appearance. But, this one solves that smartly. Using big natural lighting source and noticeable wood block, it creates a comfortable small attic bedroom you can use.

47. The Almost Collapse

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The wood on the ceiling creates a good collapsing illusion. You feel that the ceiling can anytime fall down on top of you. However, the wood also adds the natural effect which gives you some relaxing effect.

48. Hide The Brick Wall for Attic Bedroom

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As we said before, adding different wall color will create a nice accent for your attic bedroom. But, if you are bored with this design, you can hide that different color. This one is the best example of how to hide the brick wall to create white attic bedroom.


49. Attic Bedroom Ideas with Desk

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50. Black and White Themed Attic Bedroom Ideas

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51. Brick Wall Attic Bedroom Ideas

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52. Dark Gray Attic Bedroom Ideas

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53. Pale Pink and Gray Attic Bedroom Decoration

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54. Classic Attic Bedroom Ideas

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In order to acquire good attic bedroom ideas, professional service involvement might be needed. However, those are only for those who have enough budget and limited spare time. It would be different for you who have a low budget and abundant time to spend. You can try to design or even build your own attic bedroom using our ideas.

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