Bedroom Paint Ideas and Techniques That Can Help You Sleep (Every Pro Uses)

Painting your bedroom is an inexpensive way to elevate your bedroom’s style. To give your room maximum design effect, go beyond painting the wall a selected shade. There are many bedroom paint ideas and techniques to customize your room. Here are some options that can take your bedroom to the next level:


Paint The Ceiling

Miraculous bedroom paint design ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Painting your bedroom ceiling can create a unique visual interest. For a bold look, paint your bed’s headboard wall as a continuous line that carries up to the ceiling, forming a canopy effect like the image below, or add stripes to the ceiling like the black and white bedroom below.

Wall Molding

Staggering bedroom paint color schemes #bedroom #paint #color
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Terrific room colors ideas bedroom #bedroom #paint #color
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If you’re feeling adventurous, add some depth to a wall by attaching wall molding in rectangular or square shapes before painting. The wall molding adds a unique dimensional effect to your bedroom. For contrast, choose a different paint color for the molding.

Lighting Effect

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A simple DIY project that makes a big impact in a painted bedroom is a wall dimmer switch. Dimmers are inexpensive and help create the right lighting according to your mood. The ability to brighten or dim a light on command is especially helpful if you’ve selected to paint your bedroom walls in a bold color.

Stripes and Patterns

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For a unique effect, try painting a stripe or several on your walls. Stripes don’t have to be uniform or always vertical. A stripe can run horizontally or in a pattern.

Metallic Wall Paint

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If your room is naturally dark, metallic paints add a warm sheen to your walls. They require several coats to apply but are worth the final effect. Both Ralph Lauren and Sherwin Williams sell easy-to-use metallic paints in a variety of colors. The wall in the image below is painted in a metallic steel paint color.


Astonishing bed painting ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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If you’re attracted to yellow, you’re a perfectionist and a dreamer. Highly intellectual, you have a great mind for abstract topics and business. You’re highly charismatic and make people feel at ease in your company. Choosing yellow says you need to give yourself more time to relax, think and dream.


Brilliant nice bedroom paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Blue may come in a variety of color tones, but most blue lovers have something in common: a need for peace and harmony. If you chose blue, you’re loyal, have lifelong friends and like a routine. You tend to prefer a space that is clean and organized, so if you chose blue, be sure to not only paint your walls, but also add a little extra storage and organization to your bedroom. You’ll feel more at home and rested in a peaceful, uncluttered blue bedroom.


Awesome bedroom room colors #bedroom #paint #color
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If black is your color choice, you’re mysterious and sexy like the color. Prestige and power are important to you. You’re strong, independent and in control. People who are attracted to black love privacy — black is the perfect color for the protected, intimate space of your bedroom. If you chose black, ask yourself if you need to set more boundaries in your personal and work relationships to feel balanced and in control.


Spectacular bedroom paint ideas blue #bedroom #paint #color
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Orange lovers are highly social and fearless. You love adventure, travel and meeting people. Orange bedroom walls are warm and invoke enthusiasm. It’s one of the top colors of choice in contemporary design. If you’re drawn to orange, it’s time to add some fun to your life (and bedroom walls).


Marvelous bedroom paint ideas 2018 #bedroom #paint #color
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Choosing mocha means you’re down-to-earth and honest. Reliable and confident, people are drawn to your genuine self. You appreciate the simple luxuries of life and love decorating your home. Being drawn to the color mocha may be telling you that you need to slow down and enjoy more time in nature.


Unbelievable bedroom paint ideas grey #bedroom #paint #color
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If green was your color choice, you’re easy to get along with, patient and steer clear of drama. Green is considered the most relaxing color. There are many shades of green available, all of which can create a stress-free environment. Is your life a little chaotic lately? That may be the reason you’ve chosen green. Embrace it and create a calm, zen bedroom.


Breathtaking bedroom colour design #bedroom #paint #color
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If you chose grey as your favorite, you like minimalist design and the latest high-tech gadgets. You’re hard working and need a bedroom where you can recharge. Luckily, grey is not only the top contemporary paint color shade of the moment, grey walls are soothing and restful. Picking the color grey suggests you enlist technology or new ways to help you simplify your life.


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For something funky and trendy, go with a mustard tone. Use it as an accent wall or create a shining spot by dressing the bedroom in it completely and toning it down with natural accents.


Remarkable modern bedroom paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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For a muted, earthy feel try out a shade of sage in the bedroom. It’s relaxing enough to be comfortable and can have a bit of a masculine feel as well.

Tangerine Bedroom Wall Paint

Fantastic decorative painting ideas for walls #bedroom #paint #color
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If you want something that’s both bold and refreshing, why not give tangerine a good try. This is perfect if you want a pop of color as an accent wall contrasted with a more neutral tone.


Unique great bedroom colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Feminine and free, coral is a gorgeous shade to utilize throughout springtime or when your bedroom needs a face lift. It blends well with a lot of other shades too!


Sensational top bedroom colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Seafoam also has a very earthy balance that will refresh, revive and brighten a space. You can make it as edgy or as girlishly charming as you’d like as well.

Charocal Bedroom Wall Paint Color

Extraordinary wall paint color ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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This darker neutral is one of the most versatile of the bunch. Pair is with other easy foundation tones or any shade of pastel!

Aqua Bedroom Design with A Mirrored Frame

Uplifting pretty bedroom colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Aqua is one of the more fun and brilliant blues on the color wheel. It’s a happy shade that will still make you feel right at home – no matter the theme you choose to go with.

Linen Bedroom Decor

Life-changing bedroom wall paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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A light and creamy space can be quite beautiful and welcoming, and a linen-dressed bedroom can fit right into that category. Adorn the walls in this light shade and personalize it!

Pistacio Bedroom Color Masculine Vibe

Unbeatable colour combination for bedroom #bedroom #paint #color
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Green is one of the most reviving colors to use in the house, and with this pistachio you can go light and charming or a bit deeper and masculine. Take your pick!

Yellow Sun Bedroom Paint Ideas

Striking room colour painting ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Create a happy space inside your home by dressing your bedroom in a sunny shade of yellow. It’ll brighten and recharge your life with one swipe of the paintbrush.

Levender Bedroom Paint Ideas

Wondrous bedroom color scheme ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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If you want to wash your bedroom in a charming and romantic essence, try doing so with a gorgeous shade of lavender. Accent it with neutral or blush for an extra pop of personality.

Pacific Bedroom View

Perfect bedroom paint design #bedroom #paint #color
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Ocean blues can be the most tranquil and inspirational of all. Cover your room in a pacific paint that will ignite your mind and have you resting better at night.

Magenta Bedroom Paint Ideas

Epic wall painting designs for bedroom #bedroom #paint #color
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A bit more passionate than just plain pink, this rich shade has a bit of sexiness involved. And it’s perfect for accent walls and contrasting shades.

Olive Bedroom Paint Ideas

Phenomenal bedroom paint schemes #bedroom #paint #color
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For a traditional look but one that feels a bit more organic and natural, try a deep shade of olive in the bedroom. It works great on all walls or as a headboard accent.

Feminine Inspired Bedroom with A Brass Chandelier

Amazing house paint color ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Delicate and sweet, a ballet pink bedroom has the girlishness we love without all of the fuss. It’s romantic and soft, perfect for resting in the evening.

White Bedroom with Red Duved and Ceiling Fan

Unforgettable best master bedroom paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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This hazy shade of white can be quite refreshing. It’s a duller shade of white for those that don’t want anything too bright or crisp around their space.

Taupe Bedroom Color

Glorious wall paint design ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Taupe is a funny color. Is it in the gray family? Is it in the brown? Nevertheless it’s a unique neutral that can be a lot of fun when decorating.

Storm Bedroom Design with Symmetry

Fabulous nice bedroom colors #bedroom #paint #color
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This deep blue is just another way to make a unique splash in the bedroom but one that’s also quite modern and trendy too. It’s got a masculine edge but one that matches well with pastels.

Green Leaf Inspired Bedroom Color

Surprising bedroom wall color ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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If you’re inspired by the outdoors, why not decorate with a brilliant shade of green. As crisp as a green leaf, you’ll highlight your bedroom in an entirely new way.

Cherry Bedroom Wall Decor

Incredible bedroom shades #bedroom #paint #color
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For a fiery and dramatic addition to the bedroom, add pops of cherry red. This too can be toned down with slight neutrals like white and creams.

Midnight Dark Color Paint for Bedroom

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Don’t be afraid to dress your room in a deep, midnight black. It can be quite luxurious and inviting when styled right.

White Brick Painted Wall

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A deeper and richer shade of red may be what you’re looking for. If you need a little passion and drama in the bedroom, go with a rustic brick red.

Vanilla Bedroom Paint Ideas

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Sweet and frothy, cover your bedroom in a bit of vanilla for something charming and graceful. Free your space of too much fuss and go with this silky shade.

Creamsicle Pastel Color

Famous popular paint colors for bedrooms #bedroom #paint #color
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Looking good enough to eat, this creamsicle covered bedroom is full of quirkiness and unique tones. It’s never harsh but it’s always quite personal!

Kids’ Green Bedroom

Stunning good paint colors for bedrooms #bedroom #paint #color
Photo By: Eric

Cheerful Purple Bedroom

Miraculous wall painting ideas for bedroom #bedroom #paint #color
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Modern Orange Bedroom

Staggering best paint for bedroom #bedroom #paint #color
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Traditional Girl’s Bedroom

Terrific wall painting ideas for home #bedroom #paint #color
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Chocolate Brown Master Bedroom

Wonderful home paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Girl’s Pink Bedroom

Eye-opening paint color picker #bedroom #paint #color
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Red Bedroom Paint Ideas

Delight paint color schemes #bedroom #paint #color
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Coral and Kelly Green Bedroom

Astonishing paint color palette #bedroom #paint #color
Photo By: Photographer: Michael Rodenbush

Pink and Purple Girl’s Bedroom

Brilliant girls bedroom decor ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Contemporary Gold Master Bedroom

Awesome how to choose paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Boy’s Blue Bedroom

Spectacular choosing paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Coastal Blue Master Bedroom

Marvelous popular interior paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Green Bedroom

Unbelievable red paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Traditional Yellow and Grey Bedroom

Breathtaking master bedroom paint ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Brown Guest Bedroom

Excited modern paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
Photo By: Eric Perry

Sage Master Bedroom

Remarkable popular bedroom colors #bedroom #paint #color
Photo By: Eric

Grey Master Bedroom

Fantastic bedroom paint color ideas #bedroom #paint #color
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Vibrant Green Bedroom

Unique purple paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
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Dare to be different with a dark colour palette

Sensational home painting ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Adrian Briscoe

Go for an overall red

Extraordinary interior wall paint #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Simon Bevan

Keep it coastal

Uplifting purple bedroom ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Mel Yates

Go for coloured furniture

Life-changing bedroom paintings #bedroom #paint #color
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Create a sunny scheme with punchy yellow

Unbeatable bedroom wall painting #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Rough up the edges

Striking bedroom paint colour ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Rough up the edges

Choose complementary colours

Wondrous best color for bedroom walls #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Matthew Williams

Bring your blooms inside

Perfect paint schemes #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Say it loud with striking pattern

Epic interior house colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Polly Wreford

Be bold with orange

Phenomenal wall color ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Tim Young

Anchor your scheme with bedding

Amazing good bedroom colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Damien Russell

Make a splash

Unforgettable wall decor paintings #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Sean Myers

Play with a tropical theme

Glorious brown paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Paper in patchwork

Fabulous house paint ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: David Brittain

Play with combinations

Surprising popular paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Rethink pink

Incredible paint color ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Tim Young

Stick to a tried-and-tested palette

Astounding master bedroom paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Liven up with lime

Unleash cool bedroom ideas #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Debi Treloar

Take a monochrome approach

Gorgeous neutral paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Mel Yates

Paint in purple

Famous room paint colors #bedroom #paint #color
Image credit: Tim Young


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