Breathable Mattress: Why You Should Buy One for Your Baby

Quality sleep is essential to a baby’s development. Baby’s spend most of their first few months in their crib. Parents need to make the right decisions, especially on choosing a mattress for their baby’s crib. Firm mattresses can cause discomfort and lower the quality of sleep for your baby. A breathable mattress solves most of the issues common in firm mattresses. Read on to know more about breathable mattresses and why it might be wise to buy one for your baby’s crib.

What is a breathable mattress?

As its name suggests, breathable mattresses allow air to flow through the sleep surface to the interior. The porous nature of these mattresses reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS can occur when infants face downwards when sleeping and are unable to breathe properly. Parents don’t have to stay up for long hours to ensure babies sleep facing upwards. These mattresses allow a baby to breathe properly even when their nose is facing downwards.

So what are the benefits of a breathable crib mattress? Choosing a mattress that meets your baby’s sleep requirements is no easy feat. Breathable mattresses never disappoint. Below are some of the reasons why you should buy one for your baby’s crib.

1. Lowers the risk of infant suffocation

The perforations on the surface of breathable mattresses allow air to move freely to enable babies to breathe easily regardless of how they sleep. This breathable feature will enable parents to sleep better, knowing their young ones are safe whether they sleep face up or down.

2. Greatly reduces sweating

Traditional mattresses are notorious for trapping heat, leading to increased sweating which is not ideal for toddlers. Too much heat leading to sweating can cause babies to wake up from their sleep. Breathable mattresses allow unrestricted airflow between the surface and interior, therefore preventing the build-up of heat. Breathable beddings are perfect for regulating the baby’s body temperature to ensure they sleep peacefully through the night.

3. Easy to wash and maintain

Mattresses can handle a great deal of wear and tear and will eventually require replacement. Breathable mattresses are not only durable but are pretty easy to maintain too. Breathable mattresses are easy to wash and dry much quicker than traditional mattresses. The ease of cleaning comes in handy when there is spillage from food and liquids.

4. Prevents mold and bacteria build-up

Unrestricted airflow ensures breathable mattresses dry much quicker than conventional beddings. Mold and bacteria require wet conditions to thrive. A dry surface and interior dramatically reduce the build-up of mold, bacteria, and fungi, which can lead to infection in your child.

5. Environmental friendly

Breathable mattresses are made from non-toxic and chemical-free substances. Such materials are unlikely to harm your infant and the environment. Even better, most of these beddings are recyclable.


Investing in one will significantly improve the quality of your baby’s sleep. Check out sites like Naturepedic for more details on how these mattresses can benefit your kid and household.

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